Yemisi Episode 19,20 & 21

(Episode nineteen, twenty and twenty one)
(The following morning)
(Awele palace)
(Adewunmi room “Olori 1”)
Olori 1:(seated on her be-d as she sobs silently) hmm,my poor son died ,ohh how I wish you were alive ,hmmm what have I done to deserve all these ?ahh!
Gbenga: (enters )my queen kabiyesi wants to talk to you
Olori 1:(stands up as she wipes off her tears) what happened to kabiyesi, how is he? (holding a n£¢klace)
Gbenga: (sees the n£¢klace) isn’t that the same you wore for your dead son
Olori 1:yes but he is gone since twenty five years ago ,silly me ,I just feel like his around me sometimes
Gbenga: hmm (clears throat)lets go
Olori 1:ok !(follows the servant)
(Prince rokanmi room)
Prince rokanmi: (dressed in his agbada as Olori 2 barged in with labake by her side) mom
Labake: my prince
Olori 2:son am so sorry but she insisted that she wants to see you and that your life is at stake
Labake: my prince listen to me just once ,plea-se my prince ,
Prince rokanmi: ok what’s the matter
(Awele palace)
(Prince rokanmi room)
Labake: can I atleast get some privacy?
Olori 2:you can say whatever you want to say here in my pres£nce
Prince rokanmi: mom!
Olori 2:be careful! (exits)
Labake: (moved closer) am I not beautiful enough? Just take a good look at me ,am very S-xy than that b—h you want to marry
Prince rokanmi: hmm you not bad at all ,why didn’t I notice you, let me guess because I know you have bad attitude
Labake: my prince ,how ,you don’t know me ,I can give you anything you de-sire as long as you choose to marry me ,plea-se (whines her w@!st drastically as she che-sts out her brea-sts)
Prince rokanmi: just get out ,am getting married to only one woman and she is Yemisi, that’s the one I want
Labake: you can’t reject me ,only if you know the things yemisi does you would hate her instantly ,she’s going to reject you like she does to others
Prince rokanmi: don’t forget you are talking to the prince of awele ,she will never reject me
Labake: just you watch and see !mark my words !am leaving but soon you come back crawling and asking for my help! and I will be more than welcome to help you
Prince rokanmi: just get out!before I throw you out myself
Labake: hmmm (exits)
Prince rokanmi: what ru-bbish?hmm
Olori2:(interrupted) my son are you re-ady ?what happened between you and that stranger ?
Prince rokanmi: nothing, she nee-ded money for her ill father so I helped her .
Olori 2:hmm
Prince rokanmi: yes mom,lets go alre-ady ,we don’t want to keep our in-laws waiting !(exits with Olori 2)
(Kabiyesi chamber)
Kabiyesi: (coughing as Olori 1feeds him with the herbs)
Olori 1:huh you nee-d to drink it ,this is the only way you could feel a lot more better
(Just then prince rokanmi pas-sed with Olori 2)
Olori 1:you are just going to leave Kabiyesi here all by himself ?
Olori 2:you should take care of him since you so much care about him ,and see if you dont have anything good to say learn how to stay mute
(Awele palace)
Kabiyesi chamber)
Olori 1:well you never cared about our husband do you had you cared about him you won’t even be thinking of marriage stuffs now
Prince rokanmi: not now ,don’t you use my marriage to go against me ,mother meet me outside ,have had enough of her nons-en-se talks
Olori 1:it won’t surprise me to see that your son lacks respect because you both are the same
Olori2:ese, jealous witch !thank you ,are you done with your speech ,nons-en-se!lets go my son! (exits with rokanmi)
Olori 1:hmm!
(The stream)
(Olakunle hut)
(Olakunle, Baba and Yemisi laughing)
Baba: not only is an angel she’s also funny ,my son you have chos£n the right person.
Yemisi: (smiles) thank you ,I think it’s time for me to leave now ,am so late and my parents might be so worried
Baba: ohh I would have loved to take you fishing but oh well ,will see some other time
Yemisi: (stands up) I appreciate your un-derstanding
Olakunle: (stands up) baba I will see her off
Yemisi: bye for now sir
Baba :take care and God bless you
Olakunle: (holds yemisi hands ti-ghtly as they left) you didn’t tell me you were such a comedian
Yemisi: not everything is what you will know my dearest (sees a n£¢klace)hmm this is so beautiful! And it looks cost! where on earth did you get that from ?looks like royalty
Olakunle: well according to Baba ,when he saved me I was wearing this ,he as-sumed my mother might have gave it to me !
Yemisi: so special tho, who in the world will abandon her child like that?well everything happens for a reason !it’s time to go now
Olakunle: (drags yemisi to his che-sts) k!ssme !
Yemisi :oh really? Ok am a good girl looking for a bad boy to make me bad
Olakunle: really ,am not a bad boy o
Yemisi: you are my bad boy!(k!$$£d olakunle pas-sionately )I love you
Olakunle: love you more ,plea-se be careful
Yemisi: I will!(exits)
Olakunle: hmmm (sighs