Yemisi Episode 15 & 16

Episode fifteen and sixteen
(The bakre compound)
Baba yemisi: (dressed in a well typical agbada as yemisi steps out of the house)hmmm,you look beautiful
Yemisi: yes baami ese,so where is so important we are going to?
Baba yemisi: (walks out of the compound)follow me first
Yemisi: but baami,at least tell me the occasion and why you are dressed so formally
Baba yemisi: we are going to the palace my daughter
Yemisi: wait what!!!!!(shocked)
Baba yemisi: shhh!!!! I knew you never wanted to go to the show the Prince planned for all the eligible maidens ,but you have to go ,what if you get a chance in marrying the prince of this lands
Yemisi: but I don’t want to be f0rç£d to get married to some one I don’t love
Baba yemisi: must you love someone you want to marry ?let love wait first ,besides why is it that you don’t want to marry in this life that you come sef? Young girls of your ages are willing to marry whomever their father chooses for them ,I won’t blame you ,it’s your mother I will blame ,am not sure she teaches you on how early marriage has a better future .
Yemisi: bu….t (stammer)
Baba yemisi: you better move front and lets go !(drags yemisi hands as they exits for the palace)
(Awele palace)
(Prince rokanmi seated in his throne as the last maiden which was labake moved forward re-ady to dance,the palace was surrounded with twenty maidens and labake was the last to perform)
Prince rokanmi: (looks forward,and still tensed)hmm
Olori 2:my son ,relax ,besides must you marry that girl? What if she doesn’t like you
Prince rokanmi: no one rejects a prince mother
Olori 2:am sure you are going to like the last contestant ,she’s also beautiful
Prince rokanmi: ugh!!! No one can be compared to the beauty I saw that day and I hope she comes !
(Just then yemisi and her father joins the rest of them )
Baba yemisi: enjoy yourself ,I ll be right back !(exits)
Yemisi: (hissed) hmm
Lara: (sees yemisi as she taps her friendly)yemisi, I knew you would come !
(Awele palace)
Yemisi: I wouldn’t have come if not for my father who f0rç£d me
Lara: anyways good you are here ,labake is about to dance
Yemisi: hmm I think she would win ,but how come as the prince not seen anyone he wants to marry ,you all are beautiful
Lara: maybe he is just waiting for you (teasing)
Yemisi: plea-se st©p it Lara ,it can never happen and I can never marry the prince
Lara: well let’s watch and see
(Drummers beats the drums as labake started dancing)
Labake: (danced forward to the prince)
Prince rokanmi: hm! Drummers plea-se st©p st©p all the drumming! (Stands up)
Labake: (smiles) my prince
Prince rokanmi: listen up maidens ,am so sorry but none of you are up to my taste, I dont think I really like any of you to be my wife
Olori 2:son!!
Prince rokanmi: mom plea-se !(just then he sighted yemisi)huh! mom mom ,she’s here ,I knew she would come for me! (Walks forward to yemisi as labake stood looking very angry)my good people of awele,I have found my wife !
Yemisi: at last he has chos£n someone!
Prince rokanmi: (drags yemisi out as everyone stared) she’s the chos£n one
Yemisi: what? But but I never performed for this competition
Olori2:wow son you have made the right decision, she is not only beautiful but has a great voice, my wife ,welcome
Yemisi: hmm!!!(confused as she kneels to greet Olori 2)
Labake: (talks to herself) what is so special about her
Lara: she’s beautiful, smart and intelligent
Labake: meaning am a dullard right?
Lara: I never said so !
Labake: am out of here! (exits angrily)
Lara: hm (joins the rest of the villagers cl@pping for joy ad the drum beats )
Prince rokanmi: (smiles at yemisi)
Yemisi: (stared angrily)hm! my queen!
Olori 2:yes iya wo mi
Yemisi: can I go home?
Prince rokanmi: no ,you will have to meet the whole family!
Yemisi: I want to go meet my parents and inform them about this
Olori 2:you can go !
Yemisi: thank you my queen !(exits quic-kly)
Prince rokanmi: but mother !