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February 26, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Yemisi Episode 13 & 14

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(Episode Thirteen and fourteen)


(The following morning)

(Bakre compund)

(Yemisi room)

Yemisi: (still asleep as labake and lara rushed in)

Labake: wake up sleepy sleepy

Lara: waky waky!

Yemisi: (yawns and stretches)hmmmm

Labake: get up and go shower this afternoon is going to be massive

Yemisi: is today the jamb registration

Labake: book warm no jare I meant ,didn’t you hear the news?

Yemisi: about what?

Labake: seems you don’t know anything in the village you live in what do you think about sef?

Yemisi: my kunle!!!(smiling)

Lara: alright the news is the town crier informed every eligible girls that is not married to come to the palace ground this afternoon because the prince needs a bride

Yemisi: you are single ,both of you are single so you should go am not going anywhere !

Labake: I knew it ,yemisi please just come now ,what will you gain in staying in door and going to meet that strange lover of yours ,please nah

Yemisi: ok you guys can go I will come join you

Labake :are you sure ?

Yemisi: trust me a bit na I will come I mean it but I might take long o but I will come

Lara: we are leaving to go get dressed, I hope you come !(exits)

Labake: come oo!

Yemisi: I said I will

Labake:ok (exits)

Yemisi: cumcola, abeg !!(lays back to sleep)

(The bakre compound)

(Living room)

Baba yemisi: (reading a newspaper as mama yemisi serves him hot tea) hmm thank you ,where’s yemisi?

Mama yemisi: she went to the stream to fetch some water

Baba yemisi: why is she always going to the stream everytime dosent she knows that the prince invited all maidens like her to the palace?

Mama yemisi: hmm you know our daughter very well ,you know she isn’t a kind that loves those kinds of gathering

Baba yemisi: but at least she might be the prince choice

Mama yemisi: ehh drink your tea ah

(Just then yemisi enters)

Yemisi: (carrying a pot of water on her head)

Baba yemisi :ehm yemisi, go drop the water and go get dressed

Yemisi: why ?

Baba: don’t ask me why ,go and dress that’s what I told you and make sure you look very beautiful

Yemisi: ok (murmurs as she left)

What is Baba Yemisi up to?



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