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June 23, 2021


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Yemisi Episode 1 & 2

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EpisodeOne and two


(Awele village)

(The stream)

(Young men and women of awele fetching water from the streams,young boys and girls washing clothes by the side of the stream, some washing plates while were bathing inside the stream water)

Yemisi: (A slender beautiful fair skinned lady dressed in a typical yoruba attire with her hair styled beautifully adorned with beads and ileke’ in yoruba style beads round her waists, drags her bucket of water ,dips her clothes and picks up a local soap squeezed the clothes washing faster as someone from behind tickled her on her waist as she turns to see) eyi timofe (smiles with her set of white teeths)

Olakunle: (a tall handsome dark skinned man also dressed in simple yoruba attire sokoto and fila)adunni mi, ife mi, my heart beat ,the only woman that brings joy to my soul ,my one and only beautiful yemisi, let me wash your clothes for you

Yemisi: lakunle stop pulling my legs

Olakunle: don’t you miss me

Yemisi: I do miss you eyi ti mo fe, you know I love you too much

Olakunle: I love you more

(Both hugged eachother as omolara and omolabake two friends of yemisi clears throats

Labake: yemisi, no wonder you never wanted to her married so this is what you do behind your father’s back ,aye le o

Yemisi: ore mi ma so be’ ,am so sorry for not telling you guys any of this

Labake: you kept us in

the dark for so long

Lara: and you call us your friends .

Yemisi: please dont be angry with me ,please

Labake: ok oo ,so who is this handsome bobo

Yemisi: ore mi ,meet Olakunle, kunle they are my friends Lara and labake (points at them one after the other as they exchanged pleasantries)

Olakunle: nice to meet you

Labake: it’s a pleasure

Olakunle: I ll be on my way my love ,I love you

Yemisi: eyi ti mo fe take care

Olakunle: (exits)

Lara: at last you have fallen in love am so happy for you

Labake: hmmm well I will tell you the truth your boyfriend is not as wealthy as the suitors you get in a day ,I don’t think he is the right person for you

Lara: labake money is not everything

Labake: it is you that know supporter club

Yemisi :two of you stop acting like kids ,I love kunle and as you both have seen the both of us together no one must know about I and kunle relationship, most especially my father, please keep that secret, please

Lara :well I have no problem with that

Labake: well I will learn to control my mouth

Lara: you better do

Yemisi: the day is getting dark I think we should get going .


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all packed their clothes as they left for their various homes)

Will yemisi friends keep her secrets find out in the next episodes

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