Yazim final episode

® Amah
I told the man everything that happened right from the beginning, he was shock and he even have to laugh at some point as I was telling my sad story.
Amanda was just looking at me as if I was talking too much as I told her father how she picked my money and made me to run into trouble that day.
Amanda never said anything throu-gh out.
The elderly man later said
“children of this days…whaaat…why on earth will you do such a thing just to get a lady’s attention, why not walk up to her and talk to her instead of dropping money on the ground and pretending all throu-gh…that was just so unnecessary Yazim…you could have being killed that day…it wasn’t Amanda’s fault…and I totally condemned what she did.
The man turned to his daughter with a frown, Amanda looked at me and gave a heavy sigh before bending her head as her father scold her.
“Amanda, I brou-ght you up to be better than that…why will you even claim something that wasn’t yours…let’s as-sume that the money was not from Yazim…an enemy of yours decided to drop the money just to get to you and you picked it…claiming it as yours, do you know what could have happened?…What if you bent to pick the money and turn into a chicken, if you turn into a fowl while picking what is not yours… your enemy will put you into his bag and make meat out of you, you will go into his pot of soup and straight into your enemies belly…Amanda….
Amanda started laughing, I also wanted to laugh with the way the man was describing the whole thing just to scare his daughter but instead of becoming scared that she would have turned into an animal by picking something on the road she started laughing, I held myself from doing the same, but Amanda was laughing uncontrollably as the elderly man looked on, and with her laughter I end up giving in to mine as I joined and started laughing until the man said
“this is not funny at all, I don’t know what two of you are laughing about…but this is the fact, you could have being killed Yazim and Amanda wouldn’t have being here if you happen to be a ritualist that plan to get her with your money…
Amanda pause from laughing before saying
“Dad, I stepped on the money before picking it, I thought stepping on money before picking it nullifies it’s power…well, I know he was the one that dropped the money maybe to get my attention because the money was not there when I walked pas-s…and I never even know he was the same guy all this while not until now…I also never knew it was his last cash and he almost got lynched…I don’t know Dad, I’m sorry…I promise I won’t do that ever again…and thank God he wasn’t a ritualist…and the sad thing is that I actually spent all the money that night as I used it to buy something for that stupid Jack, that ungrateful Jack and he later broke up with me…but, all that matters is nothing happened to me and he didn’t die because of his foolishness…
The elderly man insisted that she apologies to me, she was reluctant at first but later did.
“Yaz…whatever your name is…sorry o.
She just throw the sorry at me like a garbage to a waste bin, her father was not satisfied as he stood his ground and asked her to give a good apology by moving closer to me and looking straight to my eyes, the elderly man asked her to say it like she truly means it. It took a long talk and persuasion before she agrees to do it.
I was just standing there looking at her as she rolled her eyes at first before coming to stand in front of me, she was really beautiful and my heart began to beat fast again as she stood there with a frown to her face looking at me without saying anything, I looked at her eyes then down to her mouth, my eyes travels down her b©dy, I forgot all the pain she caused me and just stare.
She suddenly turned to her father shocking me
“Dad…do you see the way he looked ta me, he is undressing me with his eyes…he doesn’t deserve an apology, he is really undressing me with his eyes, he doesn’t worth it Dad…is has always being foolish, he is a very stupid boy…I will not tender any apology to him, he has alre-ady gotten all the apology he nee-ds by looking at me that way…
I started defending myself immediately that I wasn’t thinking of such or even undressing her with my eyes as she has accused me, the man was even tired of us.
But he nee-ded to make his daughter do his bidding and st©p being arrogant.
“Amanda, do as I say. if it was Jack that was looking at you that way…I guess you won’t complain…so just make the apologies quic-k and leave…st©p standing there and wasting time so that he won’t look at you the way you don’t like…mention his name is Yazim… address him well and apologies…
She breathed de-eply and turned back at me, this time I try to look at something else so she won’t feel I’m undressing her with myself.
“Ya…yazink…whatever… sor…rry. Try and be smart next time…what you did was absolutely foolish and s-en-seless…you could have walked up to me…the highest I will do Is to insult you and walk away…why will you be dropping money on the road to attra-ct me…it served you right because you thought I’m a bingo and I proved that to you…nons-en-se…I mean sor…ry…mtcheeewwww.
She walked away and her father just shakes his head and apologies properly on her behalf and I thanked the man, and spent that evening talking about other things with him before leaving. He said I shouldn’t st©p coming because of his arrogant daughter, I should make sure I come around during weekend when I will be free and I agree to do so.
I went visiting him again and going down there to see him was always worth it
He was not around one weekend, but he said I should wait for him he will soon be back
So while I was waiting, Amanda was also in the sitting room watching television and never paid any attention to me neither did i.
I was alre-ady picking so much interest in her but it was better I stay away to avoid her trouble. I really wanted to talk to her but she may react negatively which was my greatest fear and may even report me to her father.
I waited for sometime as the day was turning dark and when the man wasn’t back I decided to leave a message with one of the boys as I also intend to s£nd a text message to the man whenever I gets home.
As I was leaving, after crossing the gate, I heard my name and I turned and it was Amanda.
I wondered what she want to say, or she probably want to warn me to st©p coming to there house.
So I waited, I acted all normal as if I feel nothing for her of which I de-eply do.
But I pretend as she stood close to me, she stammered with her first s£ntence and after sometime she started apologizing with the way she has being acting towards me.
She said she was going for a birthday p@rty by weekend and asked me if I will like to come with her.
I wasn’t going to act as if I have being praying and hoping for that opportunity to come, hoping to when she will speak to me nicely. I was going to pretend and act like I don’t really care.
So when she asked if I can come to the p@rty I acted as if I got something very important to do.
I was waiting for her to plead to me but she did not instead she said okay, she will look for someb©dy to go with instead, or she will go alone.
I quic-kly changed my previous s£ntence as I told her I will be available, I will suspend whatever I was doing and go with her, she collected my number to call me.
She smile and thanked me before walking back inside.
I stood there pinching myself just to be sure that Amanda really spoke to me in a very good manner.
I went home excitedly, and even told Paul over the phone about the progress on Amanda.
On the main day, she called me and told me where to meet her and I dressed up and left.
We went to the p@rty and after the p@rty we did a little hang out and that was how our friendsh!pkicked off.
We bec@m£ very close, as I call her every second, she visits me and I fell de-eply for her
I did not want to do anything stupid with her because of her father, going behind his back to d@t£ his daughter was not right. I will be disrespecting him and I will never want to do that.
I don’t want to do seek and hide love game with Amanda because of the relationsh!pI alre-ady had with her father so I told the man one day of my clear and good intentions with his daughter.
He did not approve at first as he said we should take it slow by studying each other first and after a month if we still want to d@t£ is fine by him.
He also ask me if I can cope with Amanda’s trouble, knowing well she can be troublesome and I totally agreed that I can.
And after a month, the man gave us a go ahead and we officially started d@t!ngand Amanda was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Our fate met when we never expected it and she prove to me in many ways that she loved me as much as I do.
She is sometimes crazy and I alre-ady know her and un-derstand her personality.
And after a year of d@t!ng, I proposed to her and she said yes.
A loud yes to me, I’m just the happiest man alive right now because we are getting married and I will become a son to her kind father who took me as one even before knowing me.
I’m happy as I looked forward to ma-king Amanda my wife.
My story with Amanda is a short one, but it holds a de-ep lesson.
My foolishness and disappointment has landed me the woman I have always wanted.
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THE END. (plea-se comment)