Yazim Episode 4

YAZIM. Episode 4
© Amah
I checked my wallet again, as I thought of what to do. “If I drop the money in my wallet and she picks it and claims it as hers again how will I go home….and how do I collect my money from her…what I’m I suppose to do now before she pas-s me.
I can’t risk it again, I can’t drop the money in my wallet. i nee-d to confront her from the last time and with this thoughts going throu-gh my head I alre-ady knew what to do.
Immediately she was about to walk pas-s I called her
“Excuse me…hey…plea-se excuse me…
She looks at me like I don’t exist and slowed down her pace, so I walked up to her.
“Yes, what is the problem…how can I help you… she said with a frown plastered on her face as if she just finished fighting with someb©dy.
“Don’t you remember me…don’t pretend not to know me…
“From where…who are you…and what do you want…I don’t have time to waste…who are you?
She looks at me angrily. Acting all pissed up with every pas-sing second.
Well, I could have allowed her to carry her problem and walk pas-s but I refused, i nee-d to tell her to her face that she is a thief.
Just remembering what happened to me, I could have being a dead man. With everything I suffered that day all because of her makes me even more willing to confront her and tell her exactly what she nee-ds to hear, I don’t care if she had a fight with someb©dy before now, I don’t care if she is pissed or not all I know is that I will tell her exactly how I feel.
“I’m the guy that…that you stole his money…you picked my money and claimed it as yours…you are a thie…
“wai…wait…hold on…who did you say you are again…from which planet…I have never seen you before…what are you talking about…?
“You haven’t seen me before but you have seen my money…you are a fat liar and a thief…do you know you almost got me killed…you stole my money…what kind of woma…
She sparked up angrily at me, cl@pping her hand at my face and as I move back to avoid her getting physical she follows me. attra-cting attention and that is exactly what I do not want, people may not un-derstand what transpired between us and will want to come and attack me because she is a lady and a beautiful one at that.
She continued to insult me
“you are a big fool…you are so useless and you don’t have common s-en-se…do I look like your old haggard girlfriend that might have stolen your money…are you insane…have you ever seen this face before…not even in your dream because I don’t talk to confused boys like you…I think you are going crazy and you really nee-d to check in into a psychiatric home…you are probably a frustrated human being looking for who to pas-s your frustration on…old fool like you…get lost…nons-en-se.
A guy driving down the road parked his car and walked upto us and started saying ru-bbish. he did not even know what happened he was just vomiting trash.
“What is going on here…what happened…baby calm down, some guys doesn’t worth it…guy why are you attacking this fine babe…is it by f0r磅if she doesn’t want…you leave her alone…why are you embarras-sing her…having a girlfriend is not by f0rç£ o…it does not favor every man…what is your problem…if she is your sister will you allow a guy to treat her the way you are treating this pretty lady…why are you getting her all angry…eeh…
I was just weak to my knee, I don’t know if I should attack this stupid guy taking her side without really knowing what happened. The girl spark even more as she saw the guy.
“Don’t mind the useless fool, even in his next life he can not have a girlfriend like me…he left his br@in at home and c@m£ out with his empty skull looking fro who to pas-s his frustration on…can you imagine…this wretched looking thing calling me a thief…that I stole his money…instead of him to say exactly what he want…he c@m£ at me…just take a long look at me…do I look like someb©dy you can feed…I’m a clas-sic babe and I don’t nee-d ugly poor boys like you…nons-en-se…
She washed me down with her mouth and I totally felt lost wondering if she was the same person or did i mistake her for the lady that took my money.
I looked at her again and I was certain she was the one.
With the way she washed me down It would have being better if she just sl@p me and go in peace.
The guy who has his own personal motives, continued supporting her as he lash out more insults at me.
“…after looking at how beautiful and clas-sic that you look he accused you of stealing?…how much do he even have that someone will steal…people that have money do not make noise but all this chewing gum boys with small change will be ma-king noise up and down…baby…you nee-d smart and caring guys like me…men like me that are re-ady to showcase your beauty to the world…men like me that will love you till eternity…not broke guys like him…he is damn broke and will spoil this your golden finest if he comes into your life…stay away from broke guys…just forget him…let me give you a ride to wherever you are going…come let me drop you off…men like me treat our babes right…you should not settle for less…look at who is accusing you of stealing. fine girl like you do not nee-d to be angry or walked up because of some broke boys…come let me give you a ride, I will treat you like a queen that you are, make you the woman of my empire…you are sweating alre-ady…I will high the air condition in my car for you…so that it will cool you down…baby you nee-d a man like me in your life and I will prove that you because you deserve better things in life…I have never met a sunshine like you before…come, let me take you to the moon and make you walk on golden stars…you will never nee-d to compete with anyone because I don’t have any woman in my life so I’m opening the door of my heart to you to come and dwell…come with me baby…
I was just watching the drama, as the guy now turn the whole thing to his favor by stylish asking the girl out and calling me a broke boy. The stupid guy was using me to his advantage to shine in front of the lady.
But my greatest joy c@m£ when it unexpectedly backfires on him.
The lady turned to the guy angrily, shocking both of us.
“oga…st©p trying to patronizing me…I’m not selling crayfish… who do you think you are even talking to…do you see me as a secondary school girl?…you must be high…all of you men are the same…plea-se, you people should leave me alone…go and find your square root…you are not my type…having a car does not qualify you to be in life…you are still among the broke guys because you lack common s-en-se…s-en-se is not expensive yet you can’t afford one for yourself…which means you are a broke as-s boy…two of you should get the hell out of my sight….ru-bbish….
I held my mouth from laughing out even though the laughter was pushing so ha-rd to come out and it finally succeeded, I bur-st out laughing at the guy who stood looking so frustrated.
The lady was cat walking away, the guy started swelling up angrily like a loaf of bre-ad as he throws insults at her.
“See this useless girl o…I was even trying to help your life…ugly girl like you…do you think you are fine…you are not even up to my girlfriend…if you see my girlfriend you will hide your face…with this your attitude you will grow old in your father’s house…continue cat walking, that is how you will catwalk into old age when your skin will wrinkle all over and you will start begging for attention…by then it will be too late…I was even trying to help the stupid girl and she fires back at me…useless girl like you…
The lady ignored him and walked away, the guy angrily turned to me
“Guy…get your broke as-s off from my way…I would have allowed the girl to insult the hell out of you…I was even trying to help you…. now look at what my kind heart got me…human being can never be satisfied…mtcheeeewwww…
He started walking to his car and I dropped few insult behind him as walk to his car.
“Next time try to mind your business, you wanted to take me and shine in front of the lady…ntoor…look at where it got you…next time if you see two people arguing find out what happen before judging…see the way she just disgraced you now…hahahahaha….
The guy entered his car and before he zoomed off he gave me a sign with his hand “waka” and drove off.
I went home. the fact still remain that I did not get the girl or my money back instead I got heavy insult, well, I plan to let it all go.
She is a frustrated human being and I don’t nee-d her or the money anymore. My greatest joy is that the guy who c@m£ to add salt to my injury got more than he bargained for.
My plan now is to make legit money and pray to get a girl like Ladi, Luke’s girlfriend. Who has a good s-en-se of humor, homely and fun to be with.
Until then I will remain focus and not fall victim to unwarranted circvmstances.
And that was my prayer until I met this same girl again.
To be continued