Yazim Episode 3

YAZIM. Episode 3
© Amah
I called Luke the following day and ask him if he was free for us to see.
Luke told me that Ladi was taking him out to an evening d@t£.
He said I should join them.
“Who will pay the bills because me I don’t even have any money with me at the moment. I misplaced my grocery money… all the money I planned to use and buy foodstuff vanished… which was more reason why I wanted to see you…I have an important gist. guy…I would have being a dead man oo…I will tell you everything when I see you…but I don’t have money right now in case you planned to split the bills…
“Relax Yazim…Ladi have all the bills covered, she has being so supportive all this while, she has proven that not all women are stingy… tag along…we are not splitting bills… Ladi is paying for everything…
I was surprised to hear Luke say that his girlfriend was going to pay for our outing, I really do want to go out but it looks embarras-sing for me to go and sit, eat and drink while a woman will cover my bills, taking care of her b©yfri£nd’s own bills is enough but adding my own to it looks embarras-sing.
I decided not to go, I will Just stay in my house peacefully to avoid another story that t©uçhes the heart.
ever since yesterday, or let me say for years now women have being dealing with me, it was a woman that claimed my money as hers in a broad daylight.
I thought my tricks will work, by now I would have being enjoying myself and probably calling my soon to be girlfriend but she was a lying Jezebel who stole my money.
And I ran into another wicked girl, hawking water who termed me as a thief and I almost got Lynched.
I almost met my own death. Everything happened within a twi-nkle of an eye.
I’m left with injury and b©dy pain.
Now Luke is telling me to come and hang out with him and his girlfriend, she has the bills covered.
Another temptation lur-k-ing around me, well packaged and mouth watering just for me to fall into it and they will finally finish my life.
No, I overcome this one, it will not get me, I have not even recovered fully from yesterday’s own.
I quietly lie down and continue browsing with my phone.
After sometimes my phone rang and Luke was calling
“Yazim…are you slee-ping, I thought we agreed to go out..are you set..
“You and Ladi your babe agreed to go out not me and you… I’m not going anywhere because I don’t have money and I’m not even feeling so well…
“We are coming down to your place right now…so get re-ady…I told you not to worry about money that Ladi will take care of it…Wai.. hold on for Ladi.. she wants to speak with you…
I waited and Ladi started speaking over the phone
“Hello Yazim… plea-se don’t worry about the money, I have it all covered… Luke has being giving me a good treats all this while…so doing the same for him and his friend is not a big deal… you don’t have to worry about paying anything… everything is all on me… let’s go and have a good time… you will feel better after that…
And within few minutes they were at my place and that was how I decided to go with them as I kept on praying in my mind “o Lord, do not allow me to fall into temptation again, plea-se deliver me from all evil lur-k-ing around me..”.
They noticed my swollen face and injury, they wanted to know what happened but I promise to give them the full gist later as i wore my face cap and off we went.
We went to an open bar and sat around a table.
After the bar man took Luke and Ladi’s order, I was reluctant at first to say exactly what I really want to drink, I told them I’m fine I will just take a bottle water or malt.
Ladi sighed while laughing at me with my order as she ask them to bring the same thing they were bringing for her b©yfri£nd.
She ordered for pepper soup, smoked fish and fried meat.
Different things to eat and drink filled up our table.
Before you know I was in my second bottle of drink, freely eating everything on the table.
Ladi with Luke made me feel comfortable and problem free
At first it sound so embarras-sing to give them the full gist of what happened yesterday, because everything was still so fresh in my mind.
I didn’t want to say how it all happened because Luke’s girlfriend was there, but when i got to my third bottle as the drink was beginning to take effect on me I began to vomit everything that happened.
I told them how I was surprisingly saved yesterday, that I wouldn’t be sitting here with them if not for the elderly man that intervened on time and st©pped those boys who planned to burn me alive after they tagged me to be a thief because of an ordinary water that I drank.
I first told them about the dropping of the money on the ground to get a lady’s attention. I was following Luke’s footsteps and it was disastrous, they both started laughing so ha-rd .
It sounds funny but it was far more than what I have bargained for.
They pitied me and wondered why people are always eager for trouble, instead of to look for a better way to resolve the issue they resulted to beating and even plan to lynch me which was uncalled for in such a situation.
We talked about how many people might have died innocently because of ignorance, those who refused to know what exactly happened but joined others in perpetrating a crime.
The society was becoming unsafe for many.
After the whole long good evening, with enough to eat and drink the bar man c@m£ with the bills and as he mentioned the amount, I flin-ched in fear. I swallowed ha-rd and try to look away with my tooth pick stick still in my mouth.
I refused to worry since I have being told to relaxed, I wasn’t totally relaxed, I will be when the bills is all settled
Luke mentioned my name, I quic-kly turned and saw the bar man standing beside me with the bills, all the drinks cleared from my eyes as i sparked up immediately
“What… Luke, why is he standing beside me with the bills… what is the meaning of this…you people told me that the bills are covered…I.. wha…
Ladi was trying to look serious but I can see laughter curved at one end of her mouth. Luke spoke acting serious.
“Yazim… something just c@m£ up… Ladi forgot to carry the bag that has money inside, she mistakenly carried the wrong bag… so she can’t pay the bills again..and me, I don’t have enough money here, I don’t even have my ATM card here with me… so Yazim, you will have to pay more since you drank and ate more than me and Ladi…
I opened my mouth and shut it again, not knowing what exactly to say, my fear was coming back to live, is this really happening to me, I have not fully recovered from yesterday’s trauma, now this.
How I’m I suppose to pay now when they made me think all was well.
I started talking out loud as my frustration began to grow
“Aaah Women… women…I said it… women are dangerous human being…they are not to be trusted… Luke you and your girlfriend made me believe that I don’t have to pay for any anything, I told you of my pres£nt predic@m£nts..i even wanted to settle for water or malt but two of you kept on ordering for drinks and different things to eat, I was freely eating and drinking thinking that it was as you told me…now what exactly do you want me to do… you people should Just kill me…no, you have to finish me up from where those area boys st©pped yesterday… With the recent things happening to me I guess I have been destined to die… you people should kill me because even if you beat me from now to tomorrow you won’t see a dime…so, just kill me…
As I was vibr@ting and ragging angrily Luke and Ladi bur-st out laughing uncontrollable, even the bar man joined them. I wasn’t finding anything funny at all.
“This is not funny at all because I’m serious with what I’m saying…if they beat me from now till tomorrow they won’t see a penny, that’s why I suggested that they should just kill me… let me die…is not today that women started dealing with me…
They continue laughing and later the bar man left.
Ladi said
“We are only pu-lling your legs…is a joke, I have alre-ady paid all the bills, we just wanted see your reaction…the bills have being covered by me…Yazim, don’t generalised us… all women are not the same… you have probably being meeting the wrong ones… pray to meet the right one…but you gave us something to really laugh about this evening…we are not laughing at your predic@m£nts…but your attitude towards it…you crack us up with that “kill me attitude” that you pu-ll-ed out…
We later went home and when I got home I thanked God again for not ma-king be to fall a victim to unfortunate thing.
As days turned into weeks I bounced back to health and resumed my basketball pl@ywhich I started going every weekend again.
I have never forgotten what happened to me, the face of the girl that took my money and landed me into serious trouble. I don’t think i will ever forget.
I was coming back from pla-ying basketball ball when I saw her, yes, I actually saw her, she was the one.
She was cat walkin down the road and I didn’t know what to do.
My head began to spin, I checked my wallet, I have some money there.
One mind said I should drop it and see if she will pick it.
another mind said I shouldn’t try such expensive pl@yagain otherwise sorry will become my second name.
What if I drop the money again and she picks it and claim it as hers, how do I even confront her from the last time.
“Oh boy…see shape…but this girl is beautiful oo…aah… God save me from women… don’t allow me to die in their hands…I reject every spirit of confusion… she is still a thief no matter how she packaged herself…but what do i do to get her attention now…
I said to myself as I watch her catwalk down.
What exactly should I do now she is about to walk past me
I nee-d to act fast.
To be continued