Yazim Episode 1

YAZIM. Episode 1
She was everything I wanted in a woman, she was so real, no faking and pretense, and I like her.. all I wanted was to be her friend if only she will let me, the first time I saw her was on my way back from basketball training, I sighted her from afar walking toward me.. I try to wear a captivating smile, as I got closer to her is as if my smile will be a wasted one because she wasn’t even re-ady to look at me despite all my effort, as she try to walk past, I nee-ded to act fast, I nee-ded to do something to get her attention, and if I say “pretty one, how are you..” she may probably snub me and I will feel humiliated.. I don’t want that…
I remember Luke my friend telling me how he got a lady’s attention and it all ended up in laughter and they are still friends till d@t£.
The lady’s name was Ladi, Luke told me that after an effortless try to get Ladi”s attention but no avail… he met her one day after he intentionally left some cash on the ground, where she usually pas-s, he approach her “hey, excuse me, are you the owner of that cash over there? Guess it fell out of your bag, Ladi turned immediately and started moving back while searching her bag when she sighted the amount on the floor she turned to Luke,
“Is not from me, who knows who could have been so unfortunate”
”Not from me either I actually thought it fell from your bag, why don’t we drop it for the street beggars…that way it will be useful…what do you think?
Fine by me…am actually going home, not rushing… but what if the owner shows up?
That maybe his/her last…
‘There’s every possibility of that” interrupted Luke. You wouldn’t want it to get into the wrong hand’ so… let’s make good use of it. The money returned back to Luke’s pocket at the end.
Well the rest was a history… that’s how they bec@m£ friends
As I remembered the story I quic-kly dropped good amount of cash on the floor, which some of the cash was actually my transport back home while the rest i wanted to buy some grocery on my way home, I risked it knowing well she may be scared to t©uçh it…so at the end it will still return to my pocket just like Luke my friend did.
so I pretended to be on phone as she pas-s after like 3 minutes I turned and quic-kly called her attention to the money, it took her a minute to walk straight to the place. she was so fast as she saw the cash on the floor. I told her that as I turned I sighted the cash and it must have fallen from her or someb©dy else, she quic-kly agreed that it was hers to my utmost surprise, she actually said that the money was belongs to her.
She first stepped on the money then bend down and pick it up, she counted the cash, smile and put it straight into her bag.
She looked at me and silently muttered a thank you with a sheepish smile as she walked away.
I did not realize that my mouth has been open all this while as I watch the drama… I don’t know if I should run after her and collect back my money I was dumb founded.
I watched as she disappear like tin air, she only turn back ones and gave me a wi-nk..
“whaaat, this is not happening to me, oh my God…this girl has just taking both my transport and feeding money… what am i suppose to do now?….