Wrestle of love episode 9

Episode 9
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Ariana’s POV
I woke up sluggishly on my be-d. Oh! Its a new morning, my mind raced to the last incident that happened before everything went blank only for me to find myself in my room
I could remember that I went to Mindy’s p@rty, then, he left me, then, I saw the figure of someone standing beside me
That was all I could remember. How did I get home? What happened? Did I faint?
I bec@m£ very curious.
“Mum should have the answers to all these questions” I murmured to myself
I hurried downstairs to the sitting room, I can’t find my mum, I ran straight to her room, I still can’t find her.
What the hell is going on? I asked myself frustratingly
I shouted my mum’s name, but all to no avail.
Maybe I’m dreaming, I sat down on the couch at the living room and hope I will wake up to reality
Unfortunately nothing is changing.
“I don’t care whats going on or whatever prank this is, I’m gonna call the cops” I sad loudly to myself
I picked the cell phone to call the cops and I could hear the sound of a visitor’s bell.
I quic-kly dropped the cell phone and hurried to the entrance, I didn’t bother to peep to know who it was, I just hope and long that it would be my mum
I opened the door and I saw Deccan, Cruise and one other guy
I raised my brow in total confusion, I shifted back as if I was seeing ghosts, the pres£nce of Cruise made me overwhelmed with guilt, I felt like running to my room
I just signaled them inside with my head and followed them inside
I sat down and they did too
They were all staring at me, I nee-d someone to explain what happened last night at Mindy’s p@rty to me and what happened to my mum.
Deccan: Ari, good morning
Ari: ‘I looked at him like a sheep, I expected him to say something that will quench my thirst for answers and he is here greeting me’
Deccan: Ari, you aren’t answering me.
Ari: Where is my mum?
Cruise: Your mum?
‘He said stunningly’
Cruise looked at the face of Deccan in total confusion
Ari: What’s all these drama, will you provide my mum for me or I call the cops
Deccan: Hey Ari, we did not know anything about your mum, we c@m£ here…
I interrupted all of a sudden
Ari: You c@m£ here for what?
I asked standing up, I went straight to the cell phone and dialed the cops
Cops: ‘On phone’ You are now connected to the American cops, how may we help you?
Ari: My mum has being kidnapped by some bunch of fools
Cops: plea-se be more clear ma
Ari: Those that kidnapped my mother are here to kidnap me too, hurry so you can save me
Cops: We are on it ma
I c@m£ back from the cell Phone corner and met the three of them standing up
Its obvious they knew I called the cops
Deccan: Ari, we didn’t kidnap your mum, we c@m£ here for…
‘I interrupted him again’
Ari: You c@m£ here to kidnap me, I alre-ady call the cops, I can see that you wanna take revenge for Cruise, It’s better to produce my mum and st©p all this drama
In other not to converse with them any longer, I c@m£ out of the house
They followed me too
They were staring at me and feeling pathetic
But who cares, I just wanna see my mum.
In few minutes, the cops were around
They saw Cruise, Deccan and the third guy
They signaled for them to enter the police van, I joined them too to give my own statement and we head off to the station
On our way to the station, my phone rang.
I looked at the caller and it was my mum
What the hell! I exclaimed audible enough for anyone inside the van we were to hear
“Its mum” I said. Before I picked the call
The second cop that sat at the owners sit looked back and faced front
Deccan, Cruise and the third guy were indifferent , they did not react nor speak to me
I picked the call’
Ari: Hello mum
Mum: Hey Ari, how are you?
Ari: Mum where are you?.
Mum: Your dad called me early this morning to attend to an urgent issue that happened at his club last night, A fight break loose at the club yesterday, the cops c@m£ to arrest the instigator of the fights and those involved in the violence, they bade and aided every one home leaving the club empty
Mum: The cops has requested to see the owner of the club and you know your dad isn’t around at the moment, so he said I should fill in for him
Mum: I c@m£ to your be-droom in the morning to tell you but you were fast asleep , I guess its because of the incident that happened at the club, thanks to your friend, Cruise and Deccan
Mum: So, I just pe-cked you and went out to see the cops.
Ari: Mum?
Mum: Is everything alright?
Ari: Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, I will handle it
Mum: Handle what?
Ari: see you at home mum.
I said and hanged up
Just as I hung up, we got to the station.
I knew I acted foolishly.
As soon as we entered the station, I explained to the cops that my mum is not kidnapped and that I misun-derstood their pres£nce
One of the cops: who are these gentle men to you?
Ari: They are my friends at school
One of the cops: Why did you accuse them wrongly?
Ari: I wasn’t myself, I’m sorry
One of the cops : Gentle men
‘He faced Deccan and co’
Will you like to sue this lady for slander
Deccan: Of course not, just re-lease us and let us go
One of the cops: Sure, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
Deccan: Its alright.
Deccan said and walked out with Cruise and the third guy
I didn’t even know how to apologize to them
I walked swiftly to catch up with them outside the station
Ari: erm… Deccan, Cruise
They were indifferent as though I did not exist
I could see Deccan calling someone to bring a car to where they are and drive them to hell
I do not even un-derstand what he meant by hell
Nevertheless, I stood in front of them and made my face looked like one that wanted to cry
Ari: I’m sorry for the false accusation, mum said you helped me yesterday, how true is that?
Deccan moved gently away from me and stood a distance.
I wanted to move to where Cruise was and to my surprise , he followed Deccan
I stood there embarras-sed, I almost cried.
I picked my phone and called my mum to come and pick me at the place I was
She didn’t bother asking why, she c@m£ in some minutes time, I could see Deccan and his friends still waiting for the car he s£nt for
I hopped into my mum’s car and we drove home
When we got home, before my mum could ask, I explained everything that happened to her and how I try to apologize to them and their indifferent reactions
Mum: Ari, you should have confirmed what is happening first, nevertheless, you shouldn’t have begged them .
Mum: Who doesn’t make mistake? Anyone can be wrong of course, just leave them and let them go and fv¢k themselves
Mum: Though, I really liked what they did yesterday, they brou-ght you home that you were drun!kand that someone was trying to take advantage of that to lure you into S-x, so they intervened and helped you home. And of course, I welcomed them gladly
Ari: But I wasn’t drun!k!
Mum: Really?
Ari: yeah
I explained the last thing I remembered at the club to my mum
Mum: Well, its confusing, was Cruise and Deccan at the p@rty you went?
Ari: Of course not
Mum: well, I guess the whole truth lies in their hand, but I’m sure they really helped you.
Ari: what do I do now?
Mum: You once told me that Deccan has feelings for you, beg him to get the truth out of him and if he doesn’t, you know what to do
Ari: What to do, what?
Mum: s£dûç£him
I was perplexed, I just nodded my head, but I was crazily longing to know the truth
I picked up my phone and logged in on the school site , my intention is to go to the applied art chart room which is my clas-s and leave a message of my abs£nce and the reason behind it
But something caught my attention, it was a sub t©pic written un-der school gist.
It re-ads
‘Careless nûd£ student leaked’
I cli-cked on it and the page was loaded, I saw the absolute nûd£ picture of a lady
What the fv¢k? I felt so irritated. I saw the glaring pvzzyand the firm brea-st.
I cli-cked on back immediately because I hate useless gist like that.
How can a lady be so careless to let her nûd£ pic out.
I realized that I didn’t even check the lady’s face, I was more concerned about the pri-vate p@rts expo-sed
I cli-cked the t©pic back and I zoomed the face, It’s me
I shouted like someone inside a furnace, I smashed my phone on the floor, I cried out loud
I could here a footstep hurrying to my room, It was my mum
Mum: Ari, what happened
She said, moving closer to me. She held me firm
Ari: Mum, I saw my nûd£ on the school site
Mum: Your nûd£? How is that possible?
Ari: mum, I don’t know
I said and bur-st out crying heavily
My mum left me gently and sat on the be-d while I was sitting on the floor crying
She took my smashed phone, fortunately, the pouched and screen guided Phone was still intact, the page was still there
She unlocked the phone by scrolling up and saw my nûd£ staring at her
For the first time in my life, I saw my mum cried
Tears gently rolled down her eyes, she didn’t make any sound.
She gently dropped the phone and stared at the wall while tears were gushing out heavily
I was manhandling my hair with my hands, the more she looked at me in agony , the more she cried