Wrestle of love episode 8

Episode 8
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Ariana’s POV
I’m extremely happy that my Love returned, “what a life” I thought to myself
After clas-s yesterday, I went home and gist my mum about the actions of Mindy
My mum was glad that the spoilt br@t finally c@m£ to his s-en-ses
Though I called him when I was about to sleep, but he didn’t pick the call. I guessed he was busy
I woke up this morning feeling so cool and glad, Just as I was going to take my bath, I met my mum, and she gave me my usual early morning hvg
I took my bath, I dressed up, ate and head off to school
I just can’t wait to see my baby, Mindy.
I parked my car at the school garage and went to clas-s.
I saw the vacant sit of Cruise and felt sorry for the poor pretender ‘Cruise’
We received the first lecture and the bell for recess rang
I noticed someone coming straight to my place, I looked up and realized that it was Mindy
Ariana: Hey Mindy
Mindy: Baby
Ariana: I put a call throu-gh to you yesterday but you didn’t pick it
Mindy: Yeah, I was with my friends at club, we were preparing for tonights p@rty
Ariana: (raising my brows) you mean you are having a special p@rty this night and you didn’t bother to inform me
Mindy: I do not want to be too forward Ari, you have just given me another chance, My plan is to tell you today, and I hope it’s not too late
He said moving closer to me and ru-bbing my check se-ductively
I looked at him like a baby and shook my head in a bit to tell him that its not too late
Mindy: Thanks Ari, Should I come home to pick you or you are gonna come by yourself?
Ariana: You might want to do one or two things at the club, I will come by myself
Mindy: Alright baby, you really made me happy, If not because its clas-s, I would have planted a k!sson you
We gist for few more minutes and the bell for “recess over” rang.
He went to his clas-s afterwards
The lecture went on and on.
We closed for the day and I drove my Cadillac’ home
On getting home, I told my mum about the special p@rty Mindy invited me too, she asked If she could come along too, I had to tell her that I was the only one invited
I was conversing with mum to while away the time till it was time to go to Mindy’s p@rty.
Mindy’s POV
I’m happy that Ari will be coming to my p@rty, Just this night, If I’m able to have a recorded S-x tape with Ariana, I will become the number one in the “baddest boy site”
I’m fv¢ken happy, All I nee-d to do is to plan for her arrival at the club
Ariana’s POV
It was almost time for Mindy’s p@rty, I drove my Cadillac’ to Mindy’s p@rty
He gladly welcomed me, the p@rty has started blazing alre-ady
He took me to the exclusive VIP section.
Mindy: Hey Ari, It will be fun all night…
He said while smiling
Ariana: I’m re-ady to have all the fun
Mindy: Really?
He said l!çk!ng his lowerl-ips
He sat beside me, In a few seconds, drinks were brou-ght, he took one at the left and I took the one at the right
I noticed that Mindy carefully selected the drink
Mum has always taught me to be always smart,
“Ari, you can Love all you want, but do not trust anyone, not even I your mother” My mother will say
I remembered her words, my facial expression suddenly changed
Ariana: Baby, lets exchange our drink
Mindy: Oh! Why? Is anything wrong?
Ariana: No, I just want the one you have t©uçhed with your precious hand
Mindy smiled and drew closer to me, he pe-cked me gently
Mindy: Ari, don’t tell me that you are thinking something negative
Ariana: Of course not
Mindy: Humn, Do you trust me?
Ariana: Of course, I do
I lied.
Mindy: Prove it by drinking the wine, what is Love without trust?
Mindy said whispering s£dûçt!velyinto my ears
Ariana: Mindy, did you Love me?
Mindy: Of course yes
Ariana: Really?
Mindy: With all of my life, you see, Ari, I know I broke your heart in time past , but you still have to trust me like you did then, Ari…
Ariana: ‘If you truly love me , then drink this wine of mine
Mindy: Ari, what is the meaning of all these?
He yelled
I just closed my eye, I don’t like someone yelling at me , after all, its his p@rty, I felt like walking out of the p@rty at the moment but I do not want to disgrace him
“What if he is actually being sincere and I’m just being unnecessary suspicious?” I thought within myself
Mindy stood up and walked away.
In few minutes, the drinks on our table were packed by one of his workers.
I just stay there stranded , On a norms, it is unethical to go to p@rty and start pressing one’s phone unless I wanna take selfie or do a video record
I was getting frustrated, I brou-ght out my phone and started pla-ying games
Mindy’s POV
Amazing! I said to myself as I walked away from Ari , that daughter of a bit-ch must have being very smart, how did she carefully detect that something might be in the drink
Oh! Common, I’m not smart enough
I stood at a corner of the club to think of what I can do
I picked up my phone and put a throu-gh to Bruno’
Bruno is my personal as-sistant, he is a musician. He is very cute and handsome, he is many women’s dream
I forgot to tell you the legit business I do , I have a record label,
‘Mindy boys on fire’ is the name of the record label. MBF.
I signed Bruno some years ago, and he has so many hit songs made from the record label, he has brou-ght a lot of fortunes to the club, I loved him so much not just because he sings hit songs but because he is very loyal
He is someone I can confide him.
When I saw all those qualities in him, I decided to make him by personal as-sistant
Bruno picked the call at the instant
Mindy: Hey, Bruno, what’s up
Bruno: Boss, I’m cool
Mindy: I’m stranded, the girl I planned to destroy caught me
Bruno: He did what? Anyways, this is no time for question, where are you?
Mindy: Stranded at the Northern pole of the club
Bruno: What the fv¢k? Did you leave the girl at the sit
Mindy: yeah, I had to form vex for her so she won’t believe what she is suspecting
Bruno: Where is the girl?
Mindy: At the reserved sit
Bruno: Good. I just hope she is still there. I will opt for my other plan, Plan B.
Just get the room re-ady, prepare the be-d, set the video recorder
Mindy: I trust you man, I will be in the room.
Bruno: Alright
Ariana’s POV
I was really enjoying myself, I can’t say if it is because of the game I’m pla-ying or because of my favorite song buzzing out of the club speakers
I noticed someone come beside me, I looked up to see the figure and everything went blank
Mindy’s POV
I heard a knock on the room I was staying and waiting anxiously
I peeped first, then I opened the door when I noticed that it was Bruno supporting a lady
I opened the door clearly, Bruno helped the lady inside and l@yher on my be-d
Bruno: Boss, job completed
Mindy: Good job, tell me, how so smart were you?
Bruno: I simply went behind her, before she could look up at me, I inser-ted her with the toxic nee-dle, she bec@m£ unconscious, I helped her up and pretended to other folks in the club as if she was drun!k, in other not to draw any suspicion
Mindy: Oh! This isn’t a clean job though , what if she wakes and remembers , she can sue us
Bruno: I’m not dump man, she can’t remember anything that happens in the last twelve hours.
Mindy: Really?
Bruno: Don’t ask me, I will be waiting, once you are done destroying her , call me so I can drive her to the entrance of her house with her car
Mindy: Good job Bruno, confirmed.
Bruno walked out and I closed the door, I pressed the record bo-ttomin the set video c@m£ra.
I str!pped myself n-ked
I’m happy that I can fulfill my mission finally , I moved closer to the slee-ping girl, it was Ari.
I re-moved her go-wn and I was staring at her beautiful br@ and p@n-t, I gently turned her back and un-hooked the ‘br@ back hook.’
I re-moved the br@ and I could see the ever fresh and unpressed brea-st, It was standing firm and cool.
Deccan’s POV
I was in club with my manager and Cruise, we were attending to some statements issued by an external auditor to the club after auditing the financial statement of the club
I suddenly remembered that today was the day “Mindy, a guy from the “baddest boy site” in New York has promised to str!p me off my number one position by slee-ping with a v!rg!nlady.
I knew the whole of “baddest boy” would have logged in and would have being watching the cl!plife in the site.
I quic-kly brou-ght out my phone, I logged in and I went straight to the live streaming video from Mindy.
I saw a girl l@yn-ked, I saw Mindy str!pping himself n-ked, I wish to see the face of the v!rg!nlady that Mindy wanted to use to earn more mark than me
I zoomed it and it was …
I quic-kly called Cruise
Deccan: Cruise, It looks like I’m dreaming, come and see Ari’s life about to be destroyed
Cruise c@m£ by my side and checked my phone to view the life streaming video
Cruise: What! He shouted, who is this? Where is this? How did you get this?
Deccan: Is this the right time to ask all these questions or we should move at once to help Ari
Cruise: what else are we waiting for ?
Cruise and I entered my Chevrolet’ and drove straight to the club Mindy was , we have being able to trace the video source location”
I drove as fast as possible to save Ari from Mindy