Wrestle of love episode 2

Episode 2📀
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
🌄Ariana’s POV 🏕
I dressed 🚨up as early as possible that same morning, I did the necessary’ at home and head off to school .🏇🏽🏇🏽
While I was majestically walking 🎣towards the clas-s, I could perceive that someone was staring at me, I stylishly turned left and saw one strange guy looking at me, Its obvious that he is lost in thought .🧛🏻‍♀
“I wonder why he is staring at me, this one looks rich though, but he better not try to be friends with me because he will regret the day he was born” I silently muttered to myself
I smiled and walked straight to clas-s.
Deccan’s POV
I have just parked my car at the school garage when my eyes suddenly met with the beautiful damsel I saw at the cafeteria yesterday 💞
I wanted to head off to clas-s, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her till she noticed.
‘She looked at me and smiled’ could that be a positive signal? I thought to myself.
Well, I wouldn’t still go and meet her. I know she will come to me. I smiled in pride and confidence and head off straight to my clas-s.✈✈
Ariana’s POV
We have just finished the first lecture, after which is recess, I knew the guy I insulted yesterday was behind me. I felt like apologizing to him, but that will make me look weak, he will think high of himself.”
“How can a rich girl like me even stoop so low to beg that fv¢ken commoner.”
“I would never beg him, let him go and fv¢k himself just as mum said”
“I’m really not hungry today, so, going to the cafeteria isn’t an option”
“But wait! Who is that guy that was sheepishly smiling at me, he was even standing beside a Chevrolet, could that be his car? Who the hell is he? He must be a spoilt rich kid..
Just as I was silently soliloquizing, someone c@m£ and stood beside me
I rose my head up and saw the boy I insulted.
I looked up but I couldn’t talk, I was scared, I don’t even know why.
” Beautiful damsel, a misun-derstanding transpired between us yesterday, I apologize”. He said softly
“Apologize for what”? I asked him raising my brow.
plea-se don’t raise your voice madam! He said majestically.
I calmed down and spoke up again, this time softly, I couldn’t look at his eyes again, something in him is just so positive , he is so calm and cool.
” well, I’m not madam”, I said like a kid.
“You can call me Ari” I said facing down like a baby.
“Oh Ari, Ariana right?
“Yes Ariana” “and you?”
“Call me cruise”
“Oh cruise, Its nice meeting you”
“Its my plea-sure”
Cruise POV
Yes, I’m the commoner, I’m the poor guy, she is not lying, I mean Ari is right by calling me a commoner
I’m a young guy that has suffered so much discrimination from the rich.
They see poor people as nothing, I suffer inferiority complex every now and then
I’m the only child of my parents,luckily for me, my mom and dad are alive. My mum is an investigative journalist while dad is a mechanic.
We are the family you can call average Americans.
I have woke up many days without hope of food to eat, many people thinks people don’t suffer in America, but there are poor people in every country, we happened one of them.
My dad and mom pu-ll-ed all their financial resources to s£nd me to high school. They advised me not to pick any street job and just focus which I gladly obeyed.
They really want me to come out in flying colours in my SAT, get a good job and set the family free of poverty.
As for my school,Horace Greeley at New castle town in New York. It has a lot of policies, one of the most outstanding policies is that no one should be in an inti-mate relationsh!pwith one another, such as b©yfri£nd, girlfriend. The penalty of disobeying such rule is rustication.
My mum has warned me severally to abide by the rules, they have spent money earned from their sweat of labour on me.
I do not want to ever disappoint my parent, I have focused on my studies and abide by the school rule ever since.
I was disappointed about the way the new girl that sat in front of me behaved yesterday, she was so rude, uncultured and does not even have any manner.
I’m always positive, I did not allow her negativity to change who I am.
With what transpired between the two of us yesterday, I expected her to come straight to me and apologize, when I realized that she is proud and wouldn’t want to be humble and apologize
I decided to stand up from my sit to apologize instead.
I did not have any feelings for her but I can say she is the most beautiful in our clas-s
She is slime, yellowish in complexion, smooth face, s£dûçt!vesmile, flattering dimples, her noodle-like leg can drive a mortal man crazy. Her voice is like that of a river goddess and her hair, that one is like a smooth wool.
After we exchanged plea-santries, I get to know her name.
“Ari’ you mean Ariana”…
Oh! Ariana.
I can see that she feels guilty with the way she is sheepishly looking down
She probably felt more guilty that instead of her coming to greet me, I did instead.
“Are you going out this recess? I asked her.
No, yeah, I mean…she said stammering
I picked the signal, I told her that if she doesn’t mind, we can go to the cafeteria together
Before I could finish my statement, she nodded like an eager someb©dy
Arian’s POV🚴🏼🤽🏽‍♀🏊🏼
Immediately he requested If he should take me to the cafeteria, I can’t wait for him to finish the statement.
To be sincere, this commoner got me flattered with his positive act.
We went straight to the cafeteria, I knew he is poor, I wasn’t surprised when we sat at the commoners table. Well, I wasn’t disturbe-d, since I’m with a guy. He ordered for snacks and drink, I wanted to pay but he refused, he insisted on paying the cheap drinks and snacks he bought for the both of us
Well, I ate it, its being a while I ate commoners food.
We discussed for a while, discussed some stuffs about ourselves.
He is really fun to be with, the bell rang and we went back to clas-s.
Deccan’s POV
As soon as I heard the bell of recess after my first lecture, I quic-kly ran straight to the cafeteria, to the VIP section to have a clear view of that beautiful girl, I waited for long, I couldn’t find her, where the hell has this bit-ch gone too, why didn’t she just show up. The bell rang, I walked out of the VIP section only for me to see her back view with a strange guy.
“Maybe her b©yfri£nd” I thought.
So she has a b©yfri£nd, Oh! really? I asked myself
There is nothing too ha-rd for the Deccan anyways.
I traced her to her clas-s and that was when it dawn on me that she is in grade 4 together with that boy.
After the school closed for the day, I ran out of my clas-s and went straight to her clas-s, I couldn’t find her,
“could it be that they finished early and they are gone” I thought
I hurried quic-kly to the school garage, I saw the strange boy waving at her as she entered the car.
Oh! This boy must be a commoner, I thought in myself, he doesn’t even have a car, I quic-kly ran to where they were , on getting there, I slowed down as if I was searching for something
I realized that the girl noticed me , gave me that s£dûçt!vesmile, and drove away
I went straight to meet the strange boy who was still standing.
Hey bit-ch? I called
What! Do I look like a bit-ch to you? He asked confidently
It seems you did not know who I am, I said circling him while looking at him with my evil eye.
I really want to succeed in oppressing that fv¢ken commoner .
“Who the hell are you”? he asked after trailing me with his eyes as I move round him.
Well, I’m Deccan white, the owner of the largest str!p club in Ney York city, anyways, who are you? I asked him mockingly as I win-ked.
I can see fear in his face, exactly what I want, the poor are not even suppose to live in the same city with the rich, I thought.
He was probably too scared to talk because he didn’t even give me an answer.
Well, motherfv¢ker commoner, are you the bit-ch b©yfri£nd? I asked proudly
Don’t you dare call her a bit-ch. He retorted like someone in love
I laughed ha-rd , I placed my two hands on my wrist, I looked him straight in the eye.
I’m happy to see him being oppressed.
“Just tell me, are you d@t!ngher” ? I asked gently and win-ked at him
“No, I’m just a friend to her, that’s all,” he replied fearfully, It seems he has heard a lot about Deccan White
“Well, since you aren’t the b©yfri£nd, can you help me speak to her that I want to have an audience with her tomorrow.” I said
“Why?” He asked
“Aren’t you just a friend, why are you asking as if you are jealous”. I said proudly.
“Okay, fine, I will speak to her, can I go now”, he said
“I’m not st©pping you, but plea-se, let it stay at friendsh!p, If you move further than that, then, you are re-ady to eat your cake and have it”, I said threat-ing him
He walked away afterwards and I drove home.
I couldn’t take the lady’s thought from my mind, why did her beauty stay glued to my eyes like this? I asked myself in frustration
I really don’t want to fall in Love with anyone, It makes us weak in our family.
My father has thought me to stay away from Love. The enemies can use it against me .
And by the ways, who is this girl? I asked myself, she must be rich though, for her to come to the exclusive VIP section
I thought while tossing to and fro on my be-d till I wonder off to dream land
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