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June 15, 2021


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Wrestle of love episode 13

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Episode 13
Wrestle of Love
Writer : Feathers
Cruise POV
I can’t imagine that I won’t be writing my exam, I will have to repeat the class.
I feel so bad, I’m already making cool cash at Deccan’s club, but I must complete my grades.
Despite the fact that I saved Ari from Deccan that night, yet, she chose to forget about me like some shits
I have just supervised everywhere in club to confirm that everywhere is well kept, clean and tidy.
The club is always empty by day, I simply find a table , get a drink for myself and started thinking about my life.
Ariana’s POV
I was driving to school with my dad, I Had explained everything to dad yesterday.
That was why he decided to see the principal.
My mum is getting better.
I was just questioning my dad about many things about him as I drive, he sat at the owners sit and was replying me respectively.
We finally arrived at the school, we came down from the car and went to the principal’s office
The principal gladly welcomed my dad and I
Principal: You welcome sir, Ariana, how are you?
Dad: Thanks
Ariana: I’m fine sir
Dad: My child informed me that you chose beauty contestants in school and she wasn’t chosen, why? Isn’t she beautiful enough ? Are you punishing her for

what she did to Cruise?
The principal smiled and spoke
Principal: Of course not, I wasn’t even the one that chose the contestants , we set up a panel for it, the panel only submitted their names to me after they have carefully selected the most beautiful girls in he school
Dad: Alright.
My dad stood up and left without saying another word
“Why is dad not saying anything?” I thought within myself
I followed him to know why.
He was just walking straight to the garage where my car was parked
I joined him at the garage and stood facing him
Ariana: Dad, why now?
Dad: Did you even have a conscience?
I raised my brow in shock
Dad: Did you think the whole life revolve around you? Who in the world did you think you are? You think so high of yourself
Dad: Did you even know why I don’t stay with your mum and you though I love her ?
I shook my head which implies no
Dad: Ari, think! You are getting matured. Wealth got into your mother’s head and she thinks she controls the world
Dad: There are thousands of people richer than our family yet they are humble
Dad: With all what you told me yesterday, All I see in your words is pride.
Dad: You made sure that Cruise was suspended even though you later discovered that he was innocent , yet you never try to help him back to school
Dad: He
is a commoner right! He doesn’t have any power to fight you? Isn’t it?
I shook my head feeling damn guilty
Dad: Ariana, did I need to narrate to you stories of wealthy people who became poor because they became proud ?
Dad: Ariana, Don’t be like your mum, your mum has her strength though, but her weakness is much
Dad: Ari, change your ways and get that boy back to school ,show him the Love he deserves.
My dad concluded and entered the car, I drove him back home, we were silent all through inside the car.
I dropped my dad at home and I returned back to school
Everything about Cruise started coming to my memories, from the first time I made him cry because I accused him wrongly of stealing my golden pen.
I thought so much about him while I stay in class.
As the bell for the long break rang, I excused myself from the class, I put a call through to Cruise
He picked it at the instant
Ari: Hey Cruise
Cruise: Hi
Ari: Cruise, its Ari
Cruise: So?
Ari: Awwn, Cruise, I’m so sorry, you have being good to me a number of times, please, forgive me, I’m gonna speak to mum to have you back to school
Cruise: Okay
Ari: Erm…Cruise
Cruise: Yes?
Ari: I said I’m sorry, you sound so cold towards me
Cruise: I wanna attend to something very important now, bye.
Cruise hanged up.
I didn’t know when tears started dropping from my eyes, I quickly cleaned it because of passerby , his reactions on phone really hurt me.
I was confused, I didn’t know what to do.
I went back to my sit in a sober mood.
After a while, I decided to text him
Ariana: Hey Cruise, I need to see you, can you go to your place this night, I’m gonna join you at your home
I kept checking my phone till the bell for break over rang, I felt bad that he isn’t replying me.
I tried hard to listen to the subsequent lectures, but I know that I didn’t grab anything being taught.
We closed for the day and I went feeling so bad to my car.
I hopped in and placed my head on my steering , just then I heard the sound of a text on my phone
I quickly checked to know who it was.
It was Cruise.
I anxiously opened the message bar
Cruise: I have being granted permission to skip this night at club, so yes, I’m gonna be at home by night, I’m gonna be expecting you.
I read it and an unconscious smile appeared on my face.
I was happy, I drove home with the anxiousness that I will see Cruise this night.
I’ve waited for the remaining hours of the day, hoping that night time will clock so I can head off to Cruise’s please
Yeah, the time has come, I drove straight to Cruise’s place
He gladly welcome me
I felt like hugging him but I can’t, I did not even know if he has forgiven me yet
Cruise: You can have your sit Ari
Ariana: Cruise, I’m so sorry, please forgive me for everything, I wanna…
Cruise: Ari, Its alright, I’m cool with you, when am I resuming school?
Ari: Next week Monday
I spoke to my mum in the afternoon about Cruise, she picked up her phone and called the principal instantly to call off his suspension, I was glad.
Cruise: I’m happy. Thanks
Ari: Cruise, I wanna tell you something
Cruise: What?
Ari: I have Mindy and Deccan on my neck presently, they wanna have me. But I didn’t like them
Cruise: I thought you once love Mindy and for Deccan, you have once said he is cute , so what suddenly happened ?
Ariana: Not after what they try to do to me, In fact , I think my virginity is not safe , what If I’m trapped again
Ari: Cruise, I need you to help me
Cruise: How?
Ari: Do you have any feelings for me ?
Cruise: How can I have feelings for an arrogant rich spoilt brat
Ari: Oh my! Cruise, you referring to me
Cruise: I only described you, the truth is hard to accept
I was really hurt with his words
Ari: Cruise, I’m gonna change , I promise
Cruise: Okay
Ari: Did you have any feelings for me?
Cruise: Did you mean to ask if I love you?
Ari: Maybe?
Cruise: No
Oh my!” Cruise words are getting harder on me, The guilt is gradually converting into anger, but I didn’t express it, I wanna be friends with Cruise by all means.
Ari: Cruise , I Love you
He looked up at me like he didn’t hear what I said
He smirked and looked down
Ari: What would you say? That you didn’t love me right?
Cruise: Of course, Ari, I’ve never thought of loving you , I just see you as my friend.
Cruise: And by the ways, how am I sure that you love me ?
I’ve being expecting that question from him, I went straight to the bedroom and stripped myself naked.
I lay there naked on the bed.
After few seconds, I guess Cruise was wondering what I went to do in his bedroom
He came to the bedroom and saw me lay on the bed naked
Cruise: Ari, what are you trying to do?
Ari: I could have loosed my virginity cheaply to wicked Mindy or crazy Deccan .
Ari: Please take it
Cruise: You want me to have sex with you
Ari: Yeah, take my virginity, that’s the proof that I love you
Cruise: I’m scared though
I seductively stood up and seduced him to the bed
I stripped him naked and I told him to go ahead and fuck me
Cruise hesitated for a while , he placed his charged dick at the entrance of my pussy and gently inserted it in
After four pull and push, my hymen broke and blood spilled out.
It was a bit painful , but I told him to ram me hard like the blue films I watch
He obliged and fucked me hard, even though, it was my first time, I still enjoyed it.
I stood up to clean myself and came back to see the tired Cruise lay on the bed
Ari: Cruise, did you Love me now
Cruise: I believe Love is a choice and not a feeling , I have chosen to Love you Ari.
Cruise: I Love you
The word came like a relief of the pains and guilt I’ve being carrying all about
“This is the beginning of my relationship with cruise.
Then End
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