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June 18, 2021


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Wrestle of love episode 12

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Episode 12
💜🚨Wrestle of Love🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer : Feathers
Ariana’s POV
I drove my Chevrolet to school this morning, I tried to wave off what Deccan told me yesterday at the school cafeteria yesterday, but I couldn’t
The innocence in his eyes is very captivating, I still didn’t know why he tried to molest me that very night.
I like that Deccan of a guy, he is so cute but his action turned me off since that night.
As for Cruise, he saved me from Deccan, what if what happened was a plan between the two of them? What if they actually orchestrated the event to make it look like Cruise is a good guy? What if Cruise is even worse than Deccan?
Its hard to trust these guys these days, I still can’t trust Cruise, I just need to be smarter than them.
I thought deeply for a while as I sat in the car at the school garage before I finally opened the door and came out.
I got to class and I couldn’t find anyone, I wander what was going on, I then realized that I came late.
I wander around the school, everywhere seemed quiet, I then heard a sound buzzing from

a distance.
I traced the sound and realized that its from the assembly hall
I gently walked inside the assembly hall. I saw every student of Greeley Horace high school well lined up in front of the school panel.
What is going on?” I asked myself
I joined the long line of my class, luckily enough for me , the vice principal admin had just given the introductory speech.
He introduced the principal to the podium as he stepped down
Everyone honoured the principal with a decorum
Principal: Students of Greeley High school, I welcome you officially
“Thank your sir” The students echoed
Principal: Without wasting much of your time, I’m gonna go straight to the point and give diligent advice afterwards
Principal: We wanna appreciate nature, the beauty that God has made, we will be awarding the most beautiful students. We made this decision because we realized that we have not being social for the past eighteen years, as you all know, we do not permit a boy dating a girl in the school. We do not allow parties
Principal: But the panel has deliberated on these over and over, the policy hasn’t change though, but it will be
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‘The students chorused in happy murmurs and rumours’
Principal: Yeah, I know you are all happy
The students kept on whispering to one another
Principal: Decorum please?
Everywhere went silent again like graveyard
Principal: We are throwing up the party at the last day of the term, just after
you have finished your examinations.
Principal: We have however chosen the list of students for the special and only award we are giving out this term.
1)Merci Sia
2) Cardi Charlie
3) John Ella
4) Edison glory
5) White Lip
Principal: Those are the names of the most beautiful ladies we have selected in Horace Greeley High School. Just one person will win the award.
“What! Do I look ugly? ” I asked myself, I became angry at the principal, I felt like spitting at him.
The president called them out and wished them best of luck, he bade them back to the assembly ground.
I viewed and observed the five ladies called out by the principal, I might say two among them were beautiful , but the rest are rums , they looked ugly to me.
“Who chose these set of people?’ I asked myself in anger
” who in the world did these principal thought he is?”
‘Didn’t he know of Asher’s family”
“Did he just think he can ignore a whole me like that?”
I smiled as I kept on thinking on the assembly ground. I felt so bad and inferior
The principal proceeded in his speech
Principal: For the fact that you aren’t among the chosen ladies picked for the beauty context doesn’t necessarily imply that you aren’t beautiful , everyone is beautiful, these is just for the fun of it, do not let anyone take these personal or feel inferior
He said those words as if he knew what I was thinking, but his word does not have any effect on me.
As a matter of fact, I thought he might just made that comment because of me
I became angrier
“He might probably not choose me because of my baseless actions towards cruise”
I smirked as I thought
Principal: Lastly, I urge you all to be disciplined and for those of you that takes pleasure in hurting another human being just because you have the power to, please stop it. Lets Love one another…
“What!” I exclaimed audibly
Few of the people closer to me, who were right in front of me at the que focused their attention at me
I felt so embarrassed , I had thought so much that I didn’t even know when I spoke audibly
Everything went back to normal, they faced front, the president continued and concluded his speech
We were honourably dismissed off the assembly ground , everyone dispersed to their various classes
I walked like an angry dog to my class.
“The last of word of the principal just confirmed my suspicion”
“Very good, I will have to teach him a lesson”
I thought and determined as I marched to class
We received lecture, the school went as usual, I didn’t go to the cafeteria today, I don’t wanna see Deccan nor Mindy.
I really can’t wait to see mum and report that bias principal to her
I drove to the compound of our house, I hurriedly hopped down and went inside, Mum was watching TV
I greeted her with a sad face
Mum: Ari, what’s wrong?
I’m happy that she quickly suspected that something is wrong with me
Ari: mum, I’m not fine
Mum: yeah, I know, its obvious, tell me
I explained what the principal said and did to her
Mum: So, that commoner of a man who became a principal by chance refused to choose you among the beauty contestant chosen
Ari: Yes mum
Mum:Leave the rest to me, I’ll force him to replace your name with one of those commoners he chose
Mum: Don’t mind him, like you thought, he might be taking revenge for Crui… For Cruis …For…
Ari: Mum what’s wrong?
Mum didn’t answer me, she was gasping for breath.
I became scared
Ari: Mum, what’s wrong, I have to call the ambulance
She wanted to say something, but she started coughing
The cough was persistent, I was bewildered as to if I should call the family doctor to come around or call the ambulance to transport her to the hospital
I opted for the first thought, I hurriedly brought out my phone and dialled the doctor’s number.
He picked it at once
Ari: Hey Doctor
Doctor: Ari, Is everything …
I interrupted him
Ari: No, no.
I breathed deeply so I can communicate with him clearly
Ari: mum is sick, she is coughing, I don’t understand what is happening to her or shall I call the ambulance
Doctor: I’m on it please
Ari: Good
I hanged up and helped my mum sit upright, she is trying to cough out, but something in her is seizing it inside her
Mum started sweating heavily, I really can’t think now
“What can I do or use as first aid for my mum before the doctor arrived”
I thought for a while, then I quickly brought out my phone, I typed what is happening to my mum and the immediate first aid to google
Just then i heard the visitors bell, I stood up happily hoping it would be the doctor
Yes, he is the one
Doctor: Ari, I hope I came early?
Ari: please check mum and stop the question, please
I said pleadingly
He went to mum, performed some medicals on her , I was standing there staring and hoping for the best
After three minutes
Doctor: Ari, call the ambulance , your mum is losing it
Ari: loosing what?
I yelled
I brought my phone and dialed the ambulance line quick , in few minutes the ambulance arrived , helped my mum inside and drove straight to the hospital
The doctor followed them , I entered my Chevrolet and followed.
On my way, I find a parking lot to park in a bit to call my dad
I dialed his number and he picked it
Ari: Dad
Dad: Ari, how are u doing
Ari: Not fine dad
Dad: Tell me about it
Ari: Mum is sick, she is being aided by the ambulance to the hospital
Dad: I’m on it
Ari: Alright dad
I hanged up and cleaned the tears on my face, my emotion is taking over me , I really love my mum, I do not want anything to happen to her
I tried to control myself and continued driving , I got to the hospital.
I was directed to the ward she was, she has being medically lay on the bed with all these medical equipments
“But what’s the diagnosis?” I asked the young doctor standing beside her doing whatever
“Well, she had an heart attack” The cute doctor said as he smiled
“An heart attack” I repeated after the doctor
Ari: Anyways, doctor, please what are you guys doing? when will she be well?
The doctor smiled gently while doing whatever with the equipments connected to my mums body
He looked at me afterwards
Doctor: Miss, I guess she hid it from you all this while , she comes here evert month for check ups. She also has a drug she uses every month.
He said and continued what he was doing
Really?’ I asked raising my brow
“How can mum hid her problem from me?” I thought as I looked away
I faced the doctor
Ari: Hey, since when?
Doctor: She will be fine, you can ask her afterwards
Ari: But she comes for check up and she probably uses her drug regularly, what then is the cause of this?
Doctor: Well, she probably missed it .
Just then my dad entered
Dad: Hey Ari, hey doctor
Ari: dad, you welcome
Doctor: you welcome sir
The doctor finished what he was doing and excused my dad and I
My dad looked at my mum and shook his head pathetically
He didn’t say a word
He went outside and told me to follow him
I obliged
On getting to the patient reservation outside
Dad: Ari, my wife will be fine, I caused what happened to her some years ago, I cheated on her with a slut, she caught us red handed and she fainted
Dad: We hurriedly took her to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed afterwards that she had an heart attack
Dad: Since then, the terrible sickness stayed in her health, because of that, she visits the hospital monthly for check ups and drug prescriptions
I stood there addictively watching my dad lips as he said those words as though I like what he was saying
But I was just startled at the secrete he unveiled , I couldn’t scold him for what he did then because he is my father and he probably has realized what he did then as wrong
My dad looked down feeling guilty.
I hugged him to make him feel better
We went inside a restaurant to eat, I was able to talk and converse with dad very well unlike other days
Dad is always travelling from city to city, he just happens to be in town this week
After few hours, Dad was called on phone that mum is fine
He informed me and we went straight to the ward she was
Mum is now cool, she was sitting upright, my dad and I entered and greeted with smiles
My dad kissed her and she stylishly returned it
Dad: My Love, I really regret my actions then
Mum: Oh! No, baby, that is gone, I Love you
I just watched two lover birds as they exchanged words of love and kissed each other like young couples
“Meet me in my car now” I said playfully to interrupt them
In few minutes, my dad and mum joined me inside the car , we drove home
I’m happy that mum is fine now
Dad also promised to stay with us for the night and leave the following morning
My dad helped my mum to the bedroom to rest while I followed behind
My mum laid on the bed.
My dad took the duvet and was almost covering her before she spoke up
Mum: Baby, please, I want you to help me deal with that fucken commoner of a principal that is trying to punish my child by not choosing her among… Among….
She said and cough, she coughed few times and was struggling to nail the principal bad to my dad
Dad: Baby, don’t worry, I will get the full gist from Ari, If I have to deal with him, I will

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