Wrestle of love episode 1

Wrestle of love episode 1
Ariana’s POV
It was very early in the morning, the weather was very soft and cool, I was enjoying the breeze airing throu-gh my diamond squee-zed 🕶 glas-ses.
I was tossing and turning on my be-d,I was very reluctant to stand up, I felt like slee-ping more.
Then, I heard a knob twist, I knew that it’s definitely my mum, so, I pretended like someone still asleep.
“Ariana? Mom called out
I remained silent.
” Ariana? She called out again
I pretended as if I was just waking up
I sluggishly muttered…yes mum”
“You have resumed a new session, Oh! You are probably still thinking that you are on holiday.” My mum said mockingly
“Mum”…I retorted like someone feeling sleepy
“Common stand up baby, go and take your bath.” My mom said twisting my hand and helping me up.
She stared to my face and gave me my usual early morning hvg.
I Love my mother ⬇ so much, she un-derstands me so well, I do not have any friend, my 👪 mother is my only friend.
Since when I start to know the difference between right and wrong, I have start to experience her de-epest 💕 love for me.
My mum will gently wake me when I was young, help me to the bathroom, bathing 👗me while saying sweet words.
After helping me in brushing my teeth, she will k!ssmy forehead.
She will discuss issues with me, like what happened in her work place, I used to be her gist p@rtner even till d@t£.
My mum will come to my room every morning to give me an early 🌄 morning hvg.
The hvg meant so much to me and I value it. She knows I love her 🤗 hvg, so she 🏝 is encouraged to keep at it for years.
The friendsh!pI had with my mum doesn’t afford me the time to engage others or probably make friends with them.
As for my dad, He is the owner of the second largest str!p ♣ club in New 🍾 York city.
He is a direct competitor of Deccan’s family.
Deccan’s Father was the owner of the first largest str!p club in New York before he handed it over to Deccan.
You can call my mum Mrs. Asher and my dad Mr. Asher
My dad doesn’t stay at home with us, he travels from 🏙 city to city.
After I hvgged my mum, she looked me into the eye and told me that she loves me. I always blus-h.
That’s the more reason why I don’t get flattered when guys tell me such.
We loosed ourselves from the hvg, my mum went out smiling, I smiled stylishly and stretched my hands very well, I did a little press up and bu-tt exercise.
I’m a slim girl, don’t say I’m skinny, I hate to hear that, I went to the bathroom and took my bath.
I did all my 🌄 morning duties, dressed up and went to 📤 dinner.
I waited for a while to finish with whatever she is Doing in the 🏝 kitchen and lets eat together.
I’m the only child of Mr and Mrs. Asher. So you can imagine how much Love they showered on me.
I dare not eat without my mum, I have never tried it before, I guess that food will definitely be bitter.
🐚 She joined after some seconds, we sat together and we ate without saying a word to each other.
Yeah! The Ashers’ have table manner, we don’t talk while eating
I ate up before she did, I pe-cked her and told her I’m heading to school.
She said she will miss 🍖 me though and bade me goodbye.
I entered my car and drove straight to school.
I got to the school as 🌐 early as possible, I followed the map I had with me to my new clas-s, I was in grade 3 before, I’m happy that I’m in my 4th grade now
I dance-walked to the clas-s because I had no worry, The teacher for the period is yet to 🏠 come around.
Just as I sat down, the mathematics teacher c@m£ in, he introduced himself and went on teaching.
Oh! Common, I hate mathematics, I muttered audibly while bringing out my note 🗒 pad.
Really? Someone asked from behind
I looked back and saw a very cute guy, his 🐸 dimples are like that of a star fish. His eyes glows like a shining light
I used my eye to do a quic-k survey all over him in few seconds, I smiled without replying and faced front.
After the teaching, there is recess
‘Recess is a very short break after clas-s’
It has being my habit not to keep friends, “my mum is enough for me” I always thought.
I stood up in a bit to go to the cafeteria when someone faked a cough from behind, I looked back and it was the same guy.
He might be trying to make friends with me, I thought to myself while facing front, “he is cute though” but I did not 🎅 want to be friend with anyone.
I took a step forward, he followed me, this time around, I got pissed off, I looked at him with an eye 🌕 full of fury, I could see fear in his face.
“My plan worked, I thought to 🏵 myself”
I walked away
I got to the cafeteria and went straight to the VIP section to avoid all those commoners of a guy that 📤 will always request to join you when they see a beautiful girl alone.
I got there and I could see few people there, I really didn’t recognize anyone, so I took a sit and requested for the kind of drink I 🎅 want.
In a jiffy, I was enjoying myself. ‘Its really 🆒 to be single’ I thought to myself.
I went to the VIP section to catch some fun with some bit-ches.
Yeah, I don’t do that love $h!t, no no no, I just ride a lady once and that’s all.
The Deccans’ don’t fv¢k pvzzytwice. A lot of babes who know me in school always want me to have a taste of them
Yeah, you can call me a proud guy, but I don’t give a fv¢k
I spend my fv¢king money, and enjoy myself.
I walked straight to the VIP section, I went straight to them bit-ches, those motherfv¢kers were smooching and drinking.
I sat down and I laughed to the jokes of one of those mother fv¢kers
My eyes went straight to a gentle and cute lady sitting down and drinking alone.
‘She must be expecting her b©yfri£nd’ I thought to myself
I could have gone to meet her but pride wouldn’t afford me the chance.
Ladies comes to the Deccan’s not the other 〰 way round.
I was trying to focus my attention on my crazy 🛣 nigg@s who were just ranting, and cracking dry jokes.
I felt like standing up to meet her, who the hell is the girl? I asked myself
In a jiffy, I saw 🙉 her stood up and went straight out. That 🏪 was when it dawn on me that recess is over
Ariana’s POV
I c@m£ out of the cafeteria and went to clas-s, the next lecture, applied art’, my favorite subject
The lectures went on and on, I stood up to leave the clas-s after we have closed for the day, but I realized that I couldn’t find my ✒ pen.
I was searching for it, at some point I got frustrated, I looked back and saw that guy bowing his heads on his desk.
Hey commoner? I called
He rose his head up in surprise.
And who is the commoner here? He asked.
🌱 You of course, you look poverty stricken, see your fake wristwatch, you couldn’t even afford the money to buy an expensive bag..anyways, did you see my ✒ pen? I asked proudly
Well, Thanks for the insult. He said and smile
And is that your fv¢ken answer you poor as-s hole? I asked him furiously, I really don’t know why I’m like this to this innocent boy, maybe because he looks and sounds poor, I hate poor people, I hate to as-sociate myself with them. They are crazy commoners that always find rich people to extort
I yelled at him in anger, Get me my pen thief, you stole it because you knew its expensive
The whole clas-s 📄 focused their attention on him.
I could see that he felt embarras-sed.
He stood up with tears running down his eyes.
“Your pen is right at your collar” He said, stood up and walked away.
I checked my collar to confirm, and surprisingly, I found my pen.
I felt bad, so bad.
I went out humbly, went straight to my car and drove off.
On getting home, I went straight to my room giving my mum a no concern greeting.
I 🗣 heard footsteps behind me while I was hurrying to my room in guilt.
“And what’s that about?” My mother asked me on getting to my room.
I remained silent, she sat beside me, she gently patted my back and gave me a soft k!ssat my cheek.
Ariana, did you care to share what’s wrong? My mum asked.
No mum, I just want to be alone for now, I said and turned my face to the opposite.
“Alright, Its okay if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m available anytime u nee-d me” she said pathetically and stood up.
Before she could leave the room, I called her.
Mum’ don’t go’ I said surprising her
She looked back and c@m£ to my place.
Mum” I’m overwhelmed with guilt. I’m feeling so bad
“Tell me my baby, what happened? ”
“I explained what happened to her and before I could finish, tears 😯 gushed out of my eyes.
My mum cleaned the tears in my eyes and sighed.
” my daughter, I despise the poor too and I’ve always told you to stay away from them. But you should have searched for your golden pen well before accusing him. 😯
Ariana, don’t feel bad for what you said, at least, it will keep him at his place and he and just any other commoners will not want to as-sociate with you” my mother said 🍽 looking intently at my eyes.
“Mum, did you think I should apologize to him”?
Why will you? She retorted squee-zing her eyes
“See, Ariana, he is just a pathetic commoner, a low life, destined not to be great, Ignore the mother fv¢ker and let him go and fv¢k himself”
“Alright mum”. I said and placed my head on her shoulder
In a jiffy, I wander off to dream 🛬 land.
I woke up the next day feeling guilty still, the words of my mum seems not to be having effect over me.
I think I nee-d to see him and apologize, I thought.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Watch and see what Ariana will do in the next episode
Guesser challenge: Who did you think the commoner is?
Question: Did Ariana’s mum give the best advise as a mother?