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Wingless and beautiful episode 6 & 7

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If before, Chaise was pestering me, pretending to be cute

and teasing me around school, he was now staying away. I

could still see him watching me during lunch or on the

grounds when he was hanging out with some friends and I

happened to pass by. I couldn’t make out the expression on

his face. He looked genuinely hurt… or pissed.

“Did you do something to Chaise?” Denise asked me

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one time during lunch. I was sitting with her at the far

corner of the cafeteria. Chaise was in the center table with

all the other popular boys and girls.

When I looked at Chaise, he was staring at me. He was

wearing a red jacket over his hooded sweater.

I stared at Denise for a while and then I shrugged.

“You know… ever since he came to school, he was

always watching you. He looked really interested.”

“Seriously?” I asked Denise. “Have you looked at my

face lately?”

Denise rolled her eyes. “Yes! And I say you’re pretty!

Prettier than most girls in this school. Prettier than Chelsea

and her gang. And they didn’t have the scars you have.”

“Exactly! I have ugly scars.”

Denise sighed. “You’re beautiful, Alice. And when you

cover your scars with your hair like that… no one would

actually guess you weren’t flawless,” she said. “Chaise must

have seen what I am seeing. Don’t you want to give him a

chance? Wasn’t he nice enough to help you out with your

job at his aunt’s shop? Maybe he really does like you.”

I shook my head.

“It’s still that guy, isn’t it?” Denise asked, looking at my

necklace. “H?”

I looked down at my pendant and remembered Hunter.

Yes. It will always be Hunter.

“You don’t know what happened to him,” Denise said.

“Maybe he’s not coming back. Has he even called you since

he left? Emailed or snail-mailed you? If he’s serious about

making you wait, he would have at least given you hope

that you are waiting for something.”

I bit my lip. I hate to admit it, but Denise had a point.

Where was Hunter? If he had a treatment, or a transplant, it

would have healed by now. If it was unsuccessful, then he

would have returned to the center. And if he’s back, he

would have called me, right? After all, Meredith’s contact

numbers were still there. He had a way of reaching me. But I

had no way of reaching him.

Has he given up on me? On us?

“Maybe it’s time you give some other guy a chance,”

Denise said. “What if Chaise was serious about you? What if

he was sincere? He knows about your scars… and he’s still

making an effort to reach out to you. Don’t you think that’s

reason enough to give him… a chance? Just get to know him

at least?”

“I don’t think so, Denise,” I said. “I don’t think I’d be

dating soon.”

“You won’t,” Denise said sadly. “Because you weren’t

even trying. Because your boyfriend… who may never come

back… still lives in you. You’re not even giving another guy

a chance. I hope you think about this. Before it’s too late.”

That night, I closed Alibri thirty minutes later than usual

because of last minute customers. Good thing, Meredith

wasn’t in town tonight. She wouldn’t like me getting home

later than ten-fifteen.

As I double-locked the doors, I turned to look at the

corner street and something caught my eye. There was a

guy standing behind the post in the corner. He was wearing

a dark gray hooded jacket. He looked like he was waiting for


Dismissing him, I began to hike. After I walked a block, I

turned to look behind me, like I always did. I saw the hooded

guy walking about thirty meters away. He walked a normal

pace… his strides didn’t look suspicious at all.


I turned the corner again. After a few steps, he turned

up the same corner and walked on the same direction. This

time, I kept a faster pace to increase the distance between

us. He didn’t make an effort to walk faster. I turned the last

corner leading to my house. I ran to the porch and inserted

my key. I quickly got inside and double-locked the doors. I

went to the window and took a peek. The guy walked past

my house, looked at it for a couple of seconds and then

walked away. I didn’t catch a glimpse of his face. But his

form looked like he was just a teenager.

I know it isn’t possible, but suddenly, I had a strong

feeling that it was Chaise.

But why?

I couldn’t help remembering that the last time I spoke to

him, I gave him a power slap on the face.

What if… he was following me and finding the right time

to attack? What if he couldn’t accept the fact that I rejected

him and he was thinking of avenging his ego?

The next day in school, Chaise was still the same. He

never made an attempt to talk to me anymore. But boy, if

looks could kill, I would be dead already. He kept his eyes on

me. Watching me. Sometimes, even glaring at me.

That night, I saw that guy again. He was standing in the

same corner as last night. And when I started walking, he

started walking too. My heart pounded in my chest and I

could feel all the hairs in my body rise.

I took a few short breaths and reached out for my bag to

grip my pepper spray. I took a different route tonight. Just to

see if he would still follow.

After walking a few blocks, I looked behind me and to

my dismay, the guy was also there. But he kept his distance. Sometimes, he walked much slower, making no

attempt to close the distance between us.

Was it still a coincidence? Or was he really following


When I reached my porch, I turned around to look

behind me again. I saw the boy standing at the corner street

about thirty meters away from me. He just stood there and

watched me go inside the house. Once I was safely in, I

peeked through the window. I saw him turn around and walk


Now, that was really creepy!

The next night, I saw him again. I walked slower this

time, still keeping my pepper spray within reach. I held my

breath and looked behind me. There was no one there. I

sighed in relief. He didn’t follow this time. Maybe the last

two nights were just coincidences. Maybe I was just being

paranoid. After all, what could he want from me?

I kept looking behind me. I didn’t see him. I was alone,

walking the deserted streets towards my house. For the first

time in days, I felt myself relax.

I went inside my house and locked the door behind me. I

felt relieved. No one was stalking me. I had nothing to worry


But just as if it had become a habit, I couldn’t resist

peeking through the window, just to check. My heart

dropped to my toes, I forgot to breathe and all the hairs in

my body rose to attention when I saw the familiar hooded

guy walking on the sidewalk. He turned to look at my house,

slowed his pace down for a little bit… and then jogged away.

I leaned against the wall and took a couple of deep

breaths, trying to calm my hammering pulse.

When I wrote to my diary that night, I told Hunter how

scared I was because I suspected that the boy was stalking

me. I told him it could be Chaise, the same guy who stole a

kiss from me.

It took me a moment to realize that I was rambling in

what I was writing. But I thought that if something

happened to me, Meredith would find my diary and read it.

So, I had to make sure I leave enough clues about my

suspicions. If it wasn’t Chaise, he’d be able to prove his


I paused from writing. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

Crazy, even.

Yes, I’m crazy for thinking that Chaise Anderson was

stalking me.

I sighed and looked at the diary before me. Maybe I was

even crazier for thinking that Hunter would get to read this

diary someday.

I touched his necklace. He said he loved me. But why

hasn’t he come back for me yet?

Is there still hope for Hunter and me?

The next day was the same as any other day. The

corridors still went abuzz about me when I walked to my

locker, girls still slipped in snide remarks intended to insult

me when I walked past them during lunchtime. Denise and I

still sat at the far corner looking like a bunch of outcasts.

“Chaise didn’t go to school today,” Denise said.

I gave her a weird look and then a teasing grin. “Okay…

that’s bordering obsession.”

“No, silly!” She giggled. “I kinda miss watching him

watch you. It’s really entertaining.”

I rolled my eyes. “For the last time, Denise, he’s not

interested in me. If he is… then it would be for scary

reasons.” I almost shivered at the thought of the boy, who I

suspected was following me every night. He had the same

height and built as Chaise. If he was Chaise… then I should

really be scared of his intentions… especially since I bruised

his ego.

That night, I closed up quite late again. I wouldn’t

usually mind the last minute shoppers. They were good for

business. But then they were making my walk home a little bit more dangerous. By nine in the evening the streets to

my house would still be well-populated. In other words, safe.

However, past ten, it was almost deserted, to the point that

you should actually beware of the people who walked

around you… especially those that regularly followed you,

pretending to keep their distance, waiting for the right

moment to attack.

I looked around the streets before I started my journey.

No one was around. A car or two passed by, but I didn’t see

the hooded boy lurking in the shadows.

I walked two blocks in safety. However, when I turned

the corner, I saw two guys leaning by the light post. They

were wearing shabby clothes and it looked like they were

smoking pot. My heart pounded in my chest. There was no

way to avoid them, unless I turned around and walked back.

They were blocking the sidewalk. I calmly stepped out of

their way and walked past them, not making a sound, not

even breathing, praying that they wouldn’t notice me.

I managed to walk two or three steps away when I heard

somebody ask, “What’s a pretty miss doing here at this time

of the night?”

I heard their footsteps behind me. I increased my pace,

trying to keep my cool, quietly reaching out for my pepper


“Hey! We’re talking to you!” I felt somebody grab my

arm and pull me back.

“Please!” I managed to say. “I’m just passing through. I

need to get home.”

I saw their faces. They looked older than me and they

stank of pot.

“Come on. Sure you can spare a few hours of fun.”

I shook my head. “Sorry. I have to go.”

I yanked my arm away and tried to escape. But soon the

other guy grabbed my arm again.

“Not too fast!” he said. They both blocked my way and

stared at my face.

“Wow! This one’s a looker,” one guy said.

“Aren’t we lucky?” the other guy grinned maliciously.

“Please! I don’t want trouble,” I pleaded. “I need to get

home. Let me go.”

“Why would we do that? Seeing as you are hot and…

alone,” the guy said, stepping closer to me and pulling me

to him.

I reacted on instinct. I raised my hand, the one holding a

pepper spray, and started spraying on his face. He released

me, giving me time to push him away, finding that little

space I needed to escape.

I prayed to God that I would make it home in one piece.

I prayed that they weren’t runners. For the second time in

my life, I wished I had a guardian angel who will protect me

and save me from a certain doom.

“You, bitch!” I heard one of the guys shout. “You will pay

for that!”

I heard their footsteps as they ran after me.

Unfortunately, their strides were longer than mine, and they

were able to close the distance on me within seconds. I felt

somebody grab my jacket and then my arms.

“Help!” I shouted as loud as I could. I struggled to get

away from them, but there were two of them and one of me.

And they were a lot stronger and taller. I flung my arms in

every direction, tried to spray on them again, but one of

them got hold of my hand and the pepper spray. My only

defense now was to shout.

“Help!” I didn’t give up shouting. They pulled me to

them, getting hold of my arms. I sat on the ground, making

it a little difficult to pull me.

Suddenly, I saw a blinding light, and then I heard a

screeching of tires. A car stopped by near us.

“Help!” I shouted once again.

One of my attackers was pulled behind by a strong

force, and the next thing I saw was his body falling to the ground. As he struggled to stand back up, the other guy

released me and went for their attacker.

I was free. That’s when I saw the guy who came to my

aid. He had his back on me. His head was hidden under a

gray hood. But I couldn’t have mistaken it. I know it was

him. That boy who followed me. The one I called my stalker.

He was driving a black Porsche this time. He fought off my

attackers almost effortlessly.

I turned to grab my bag and started to run. I heard a

sharp scratching sound. I stopped to look behind me and

saw that one of the guys was down on the ground now. But

the other one had a knife with him and he purposefully

scratched the hood of the car of my rescuer.

“Fuck!” I heard somebody curse. It could be my rescuer

when he saw what the guy did to his Porsche. Panic was still

gripping my senses. I did the only sensible thing I could

think of at that moment. I ran.

I ran without turning back. I ran without checking if the

boy who helped me made it through the fight scathe-free. I

didn’t even stop until he finished the fight, so I could thank

him. I was so scared. I didn’t have time to think logically. I

only did what I thought would save my life… or my virtue, or


Only when I was safely inside my house did I realize that

I hadn’t been breathing properly. I double-locked the doors.

Then I turned on the lights and checked if all the windows

were also locked. When I peeked through the front window, I

saw a black Porsche pass by. It slowed down in front of my

house and then it sped off.

I breathed in relief knowing that he made it out of the

fight alive and well enough to drive away.

I lay on the couch and hugged myself. I was thankful

that Meredith still wasn’t home. If she knew about this, she

would panic, or worse blame herself.

I allowed myself a moment of weakness. As I wrapped

my arms around myself, I let all the tears out.

When the tears subsided, I replayed the moments in my

head again. I remembered the first night I saw that car. I

walked past it, and I knew the engine was on and somebody

was inside. Then as I walked the streets, that car was there

until I safely got home. Then the following days, the hooded

boy was following me, keeping his distance, but now… I

couldn’t help thinking that he was watching me… making

sure I would get home safely, knowing I would be walking

the streets alone.


I’m sure it was him. Same height, same built… same

black Porsche he drove to school.

He was protecting me even though I made it clear that I

didn’t want him, didn’t need him. Even though I believed I

didn’t need somebody to protect me or come to my rescue

when I meet danger face to face.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I realized that I owed him

more than an apology for treating him the way I did. Now, I

owed him my life. And I would always be thankful that he

was there… he protected me… he saved me… he risked his

own life for mine.

I felt both guilty and grateful that he had been there for

me this night and every night before. I underestimated the

danger around me. I thought nothing worse could happen to

me after that night I lost my parents. I thought I didn’t need

a protector. But God knew I did! And even though I didn’t

know it, I realized that I did have a guardian angel after all.

And because of him, I’m still alive… whole… scathe-free and



The next day in school, I was pretty quiet. Denise was

rambling about not being able to get a good night’s sleep

because of some chaos in her house. Something about her

father and some relative staying over. I wasn’t listening to her. I was still pretty shaken up about what happened to me

the night before.

I wanted to tell her. But I didn’t have the courage. And I

didn’t want to burden her or scare her. But I wanted to talk

to somebody… somebody who would understand what I

went through.

I was on the lookout for Chaise all day. I sure hope he

was alright. I hope he didn’t sustain any injury at all.

I was sitting under a tree with Denise. Our last period

was literature. Our teacher wanted us to write an essay. He

thought it would inspire us to be outdoors.

I worked on my essay fast. Writing was effortless for me.

I practiced every day writing to Hunter. I took my diary with

me to school today and decided to write on it again. I told

him everything… from the way the guys attacked me, and

how that boy from school came to my rescue.

I knew Hunter would want to know every little detail

about this event. And even if he didn’t get to read it at all, I

wanted to remember everything that happened so I could

read about it in the future, and know that during the times

my life was an utter misfortune, God always sent a guardian

angel my way.

I heard Denise cough beside me. She nudged my arm

with her elbow. I turned to her. With her head, she motioned

for me to look up.

I looked over at my left side and saw a guy looking down

at me. I shut my diary and hid it in my bag. Then I stood up

and faced Chaise. He was wearing a gray hooded jacket

again, much like the one he wore the night before.

He looked down at me quizzically through narrowed

eyes, as if he was studying my expression, searching my

face for answers to questions he didn’t even ask.

Finally, his expression softened. “Are… are you okay?”

he asked in the gentlest tone he could manage.

Immediately, we both knew we were talking about the

same thing. I felt my knees tremble and the brave façade I wore all day began to crumble.

I nodded. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Chaise reached

up and wiped them with his fingers.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “You’re safe now.”

I tried to laugh in spite of my tears. I was so thankful to

him for saving me… protecting me. And I knew I would

never be able to repay him for what he had done, so

instead, I leaned forward and hugged him. I buried my face

against the lean muscles of his chest. I felt him enclose me

in his arms.

“Thank you,” I said in between my tears. “Thank you. If

you weren’t there… I don’t know what would have

happened to me. Thank you for saving me.”

It took him a whole minute to answer. He took a deep

breath and he whispered against my ear. “You’re welcome,”

he said in a weak voice. “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

I nodded against his chest. “Because you were there to

save me, nothing happened to me.” I pulled away from him.

He stared down at me and looked like he was reading

my thoughts… trying to decipher the words I couldn’t say

out loud. And then he smiled. “I told you. I’m not such a bad

guy, if you only gave me a chance.”

I smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“So does this mean you’ll be nicer to me from now on?”

he asked, grinning.

I gave him a short laugh. “I am not making promises.

But I sure will try.”

He nodded. “Well, maybe that’s good enough for now.”

I stared up his handsome face and his genuine smile. If

in the previous days, he looked gloomy, now, the

playfulness returned to his face. Maybe Denise was right.

Maybe he really only had good intentions for me.

I stepped away from him and I realized that almost half

of the kids around us had stopped whatever they were

doing to watch us. A blush crept to my face, as I remembered that I hugged Chaise and he hugged me

back… in front of all these people.

I took another step back again and nodded at Chaise.

“I’ll see you around.”

Chaise raised a brow at me. “What? I thought we’re

okay now.”

I nodded. “We are. We’re okay enough for me not to…

be mean to you anymore.”

He shook his head. “Oh no. I just risked my pretty face

to save you, princess. You at least owe me a date this time.”

My eyes widened in disbelief.

A date? Is he serious?

I shook my head. “I’m grateful. And I probably will owe

you for the rest of my life. But I’m not for sale, not even in

exchange for my life.”

He frowned but then he nodded slightly. “Would you at

least consider a friendly date? No pressure. You can even

bring your friend if you want.”

I looked at him skeptically. First, he helped me out with

my job. Then he stole a kiss from me. Then he stalked me

and scared me half to death. And then… he saved me from

sure tragedy and maybe even a possibility of death. And

now, he wanted to go on a date with me.

“What do you want from me, Chaise?”

He shrugged and smiled at me sheepishly. “You really

have no idea, rock princess?”

I shook my head.

Instead of answering, he said, “Okay. Friends.” Then he

smiled and added, “Now, can I get your phone number?”

“What for?”

He shrugged. “Friends call each other, you know. And

you said I could be your friend.”

He got me there. Reluctantly, I gave him my number. He

fished his phone and pressed the buttons on it. After a few

seconds, my phone beeped. Chaise grinned at me and then

he turned to leave.

I sat beside Denise again. She was giving me a weird

look. So were the other kids around us. Some girls were

even glaring at me, including Candy and Chelsea, who were

sitting on a bench nearby.

“Okay, care to tell me what that was about?” Denise

asked. I could see the excitement on her face.

“Don’t get your hopes up. You heard what I said. We

could be friends. Nothing more.”

“Okay. But why? Why the change of heart? You said you

don’t want anything to do with him.”

I nodded. “I did. But that was after…” I sighed.

I guess I really have to tell Denise even a little about

last night.

“Well… I owe him. Last night, I sort of ran into some

weirdoes. He… happened to be in the area…” Stalking me

maybe, I added in my head. “And he sort of saved me from

being… assaulted.”

Her eyes widened. “Allison Elise Harley! That’s serious!

You realize that you will walk those streets home almost

every day until you quit your job, right?”

I sighed. “I know. I was hoping that was a one-off deal.” I

wasn’t hoping. I was desperately begging God to make last

night the last scare of my life.

“And you’re still showing up to work tonight?”

I nodded. “I need this job, Denise.”

“But how are you going to get home… safely?!”

I shrugged and then I flipped my phone open

remembering Chaise’s unread message.

Chaise: Pick you up after work tonight… friend. 😉

Relief washed over me. I guess I will be safe for one

more night.




The minute I locked Alibri’s door that night, I saw Chaise

standing in front of his pickup. He usually drove his Porsche

to school, but I didn’t really have to ask what happened to

that car. He must have sent it to the garage. I could only

imagine the sharp dent my attacker left on it with his army


We didn’t speak on the way home, like I didn’t know

what to say to him. When he stopped in front of my house, I

thanked him and he smiled at me. He didn’t leave until he

was sure I was safely inside.

The next day, he sat with me and Denise in the

cafeteria. Denise looked at him as if he grew an extra head.

“Seriously, leave so we can talk about you,” Denise said


I glared at her.

Chaise turned to me with a smug smile. “So… you talk

about me?” he asked.

“No!” I replied a little too defensively. That was true.

Denise talked about him. I was an unwilling participant in

the conversation.

“Like, really? Why are you here?” Denise asked him.

He shrugged. “Alice is my friend too, Miss…” he trailed

off. “What’s your name again?”

Denise glared at him.

“Anyway…” Chaise continued. “I want to sit and have

lunch with my friend. Even if it included other less nice

people within her circle.”

Denise was about to retort back with something but I

stopped her. “Guys! Do you want me to leave? You can do this all day by yourselves. I think you got it covered. You

don’t need me here.”

They stopped talking at once. We ate in silence for the

first five minutes. Then Chaise asked, “How’s your Lit paper


“Practically writing itself,” I replied.

Denise groaned. “I haven’t even started mine.”

Our teacher asked us to write a review of the bestsellers

tackling the controversies in religion. I already picked out

The Da Vinci Code. I have read that book about a thousand

times. Chaise and Denise both said they were lost. They

hadn’t even chosen a book to review yet.

“Why don’t I go to the bookshop with you today?” he

asked me. “I can read there while you work and do your


That did sound like a good idea. I had a feeling he would

insist on picking me up again anyway.

So why don’t I do him a favor and help him write his


“Can I come too? I still don’t know what to write about,”

Denise said.

I smiled at her excitedly. “That would be a great idea!”

“It was a great idea until five seconds ago,” Chaise


“I heard that,” Denise said glaring at him. She turned to

me. “I’m okay to go, right?”

I nodded.

“No,” Chaise said.

“Says who?” Denise asked.

“Says the nephew of the owner of the bookshop,”

Chaise replied evenly.

“She’s okay to go,” I said. I turned to Chaise. “Says the

night manager of the bookshop.”

“Fine,” Chaise said in defeat.

Denise smiled triumphantly. Then she gathered her tray.

“I have to go to my next class early. I haven’t done my homework yet.”

“Last minute?” I asked her in disbelief.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I couldn’t concentrate in the

house. My menace of a cousin brought some trouble home

again. But nothing interesting. I’ll catch you later.”

I turned back to Chaise. “Mr. Anderson… you promised

you will be my friend. And that means you should befriend

whoever I am friends with.”

“Seriously? Her?” he asked.

I raised a brow at him. He sighed. “Fine. I thought I could

get some alone time with you, so you could get to know


I bit my lower lip. “Chaise…” I started. “Why are you

doing this? I mean… look around you. Plenty of girls are

glaring at me right now because you’re sitting here having

lunch with me. You can have your pick. Why are you

insisting on my company?”

He shrugged. “Is it not obvious?” he asked.

“I’m… naïve. Stupid even,” I replied dryly.

He smiled at me sheepishly. “I… like you.”

I stared at him like he lost his mind. “Have you… seen

me? My scars? And how horrible they looked?”

“I’m naïve. Blind even,” he said with a grin. “You look


The familiarity of his words struck me like a thief in the

night. My hand involuntarily went to my pendant and I

clutched it tightly in my hand.

I see you… and you… look unbelievably beautiful to me.

I looked down on my tray, tried my best not to let the

tears well up my eyes.

Chaise reached forward and tilted my chin up. I pulled

away from his touch.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

I shook my head and took a deep breath. “Thank you,” I

said, keeping my voice steady. “But seriously, Chaise…don’t get your hopes up. I am not looking for a boyfriend.

But I mean it… I would like you to be my friend.”

He stared at me, trying to read my thoughts and then

he nodded. “Okay. No pressure. I will be your friend. But

don’t question me every time I call you or want to hang out

with you. Or if I want to pick you up at nights from work, so I

can make sure you’re home safely. Friends do that, you


I smiled at him. As long as he was okay with being

friends, that would be fine. Because the thought of going

out with him on a real date actually made me feel like

something was wrong… like I was cheating.

That evening at the bookshop, I worked on my novel

while Chaise and Denise raided the shelves for a book they

could read. For the first time in many months, I felt relaxed,

and happy. For the first time since Hunter left, I didn’t feel

alone. I could smile for real. Even the constant bickering of

Denise and Chaise made me laugh genuinely.

I may be an orphan, I may be poor and scarred and my

quasi-boyfriend may never come back, but I guess for now…

I could live one day at a time… with Meredith, who patiently

loved me all these years… with Denise, who gave up a

glamorous high school life to be my friend… and now with

Chaise, who may have wanted more from me, but was

willing to accept my friendship instead.

Instead of working on my essay, I took my diary from

my bag.


Dear Hunter,

I would give anything just so you would be with me…

here… tonight. In the company of my friends. You will like

them. Well… maybe not Chaise so much.

You see… Chaise was the guy who saved me the other

night. He had been following me home… making sure I was

safe each night after I go to work. Then when my luck ran

out, he was there to rescue me… like a guardian angel God sent to make sure I won’t have new nightmares to escape


He told me he liked me. But hey! Look up! I already told

him we could only be friends. I still can’t date anybody.

I sort of told this perfect guy I would wait for him. And

I’m still waiting. I still believe that one day… I would see him

again… touch him… kiss him… hear him say the words he

should have said to me before he left… so I could say them

back to him.

Come back to me, Hunter. It’s still you. It will always be


I finished my letter just as Denise went up to the

counter. I immediately closed it and hid it from her view. But

too late, she already saw it.

“Writing in your diary again?” she asked.

I just shrugged. “Just documenting my life.”

“Take care of that. Somebody might get hold of it and

take it to a Hollywood producer. Your life… is epic.” She

smiled at me. And I know she didn’t mean that in a bad way.

“So have you chosen your book?”

She nodded. “Chaise is battling me for it, though.”

“Toss a coin.” I grinned at her.

“Doesn’t matter,” she said. “He can choose the same.

I’m sure I would write a better review than him anyway.”

I closed up at ten. We all headed to Chaise’s pickup.

“Where’s your Porsche?” Denise asked as she slipped

into the backseat.

“Ahh… garage,” Chaise replied. His voice told me he

didn’t want to talk about it. And I knew why. I didn’t want to

talk about that night too.

I smiled at him, my eyes telling him how thankful I was

for the sacrifice he made.

“I’m starving,” Chaise said. “Can we all grab a bite

before we go?”

“Best thing you ever said all night,” Denise agreed.

We went to Burger Inn. As the waitress served our

orders, I thought about the times I spent in this place being

made fun of by the kids at school. I could say that it was

only a couple of weeks since the day Don Winston poured

ketchup all over me, but my life was undeniably better now.

I not only had a better job, I also gained a new friend.

We dropped Denise off her house. It was the first time I

saw where she lived.

Damn! She was rich!

Her house was at least three floors high with a huge

garden in front.

“Goodnight, guys,” she said chirpily. Then she turned to

Chaise. “If you ever lay a finger on her, I swear I will call a

hit on you and your body will be found lifeless in the


“I might do that just to call your bluff, you know,” Chaise

said in a challenging tone.

“If I’m bluffing, that is,” she said. Then she turned to

me. “Call me as soon as you’re home.”

Chaise and I drove in silence for a couple of minutes.

Then he asked, “You okay?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Thank you for doing driver duties.”

“Don’t mention it,” he replied.

“I never asked you where you came from before you

came here.”

Chaise told me that he was born and raised in Germany.

His father took a job in town, thus they all had to relocate.

“I didn’t know if I was going to fit in,” he said. “I told my

mother I’ll give it a year. If I don’t like it, I’ll go back to

Germany. How about you? Any college plans?”

I nodded. “I was hoping to get a scholarship in a


“Why do you have to work after school, if you don’t

mind me asking?”

“I don’t have parents who would work for me,” I replied


“Who do you stay with?”

“My aunt,” I replied. “But I can’t really make her work

for everything. She has her own life too. Like me… she was

also forced into this… setup.”

He fell silent for a moment. “I’m sorry. I heard about

what happened to you.”

I took a deep breath. “I’m sure the kids in school didn’t

waste time before filling you in with the gory details of my


“I’m glad they did, though.”

I stared at him and raised a brow.

“Well… when I first saw you, I thought you were pretty.

And you have this mystery that envelops you. Kids may

make fun of you or insult you every minute they get, but I

saw how you never let that bother you. You looked tough

and I admired your spirit. I heard about what happened to

you and I thought I’ve never known anyone stronger than

you are.” He paused for a while and then he added, “One

day, I went to Strung with my uncle to pick up a gift for my

sister. I saw you there. You were playing the guitar like a

rock star and you sang too. I thought… damn! What a girl!”

“That was why you were calling me ‘Rock Princess’?” I

asked. “You heard me play before?”

He nodded. “I liked you from that day. And I like you

even more whenever I see you stand up for yourself and

never let the kids at school get to you.”

“People at school can be so mean sometimes. They

make me their target because they know I could not

retaliate. Or I would not have the means to fight back.”

“The guys were just jerks,” he said. “The girls were just

plain jealous.”

“Jealous?” I echoed.

He stared at me for a moment. “I’m not the only one

charmed by you, you know.”

That struck me as a joke, I actually laughed.

Chaise shook his head. “Your scars are not that bad,

Alice. When boys talk about you in the locker rooms, they

don’t mention your scars at all. And this is inside

information. Believe me.”

“Even if I believe you… I don’t care, Chaise,” I said. “I

just want to be out of this place. Go to a university in a city

where no one has read the headlines about me.”

“You have less than a year left, and it will all turn

positive for you.” He smiled at me reassuringly.

“I hope you’re right.”

Chaise dropped me off in front of my house. I got down

from the car and waved goodbye to him.

“Thanks for the lift,” I said.

“I’ll be doing the same tomorrow.”

I shook my head. “Nope. Tomorrow, I get off at six. It’s a

weekend remember?”

“Then I’ll pick you up at five-fifty-nine,” he said, flashing

me a charming smile.

“Okay, whatever gives you the kick.” I laughed.



A week later on a Monday, I walked the corridors to my

locker. I felt like something was different. I didn’t feel like

anybody’s attention was on me at all. Like something else

captured their fancy and I was old news. I was able to put a

smile on my face for a change. I felt invisible.

When I reached my locker, I saw Denise. She had a

frown on her face.

“What’s wrong with you today?” I asked her.

“Everything!” she said in a frustrated tone.

“Okay, can you at least name one?”

She sighed. “My cousin.”

Over the last few months, she kept mentioning about a

troublesome cousin, but she never really wanted to discuss it. Now, I wonder what happened that gave her a foul mood

on my first good Monday morning.

I felt an arm around my shoulder and I didn’t have to

guess who it belonged to.

“Good morning, ladies,” Chaise greeted us in his usual

cheerful attitude. For almost two weeks now, the three of us

looked like a threesome. Wherever Denise and I were,

Chaise would follow. He never missed an opportunity to try

to charm me. But nothing had changed. I still liked him as a

friend and I told him that every day. But I had ~grown

comfortable with him. I had started trusting him. I found

that we operated on the same wavelength most of the time.

He could make me laugh and I realized nobody dared insult

me when he was around. If somebod~ y did, he would not

hesitate to scowl at them and his murderous stares alone

were enough to send anyone running the opposite direction.

Some kids in our school regarded him as some sort of

royalty. “How are my girls today?” he asked both of us.

“I’m happy,” I said smiling up at him. “For the first time

in what seemed like years, I’m not the talk of the town. I’m

a fly on the wall. Nobody cares about me. And that’s the

way I want it.”

Chaise and I both stared at Denise. She sighed and said,

“Yeah. That’s because there’s a new talk of the town.”

I raised a brow at her.

“My cousin decided to live among the lesser mortals

again,” she said.

I stared at her blankly. Chaise also didn’t look like he

knew what Denise was talking about.

“If gods live among us, he would be one of them. And he

knows it. Unfortunately, so do my parents and everyone

else around me.”

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Chaise said. “We still don’t get


Denise sighed. “Prepare to be dethroned, Chaise

Anderson. Somebody just checked in to the campus who’s a bigger king than you are.”

Chaise rolled his eyes. “As if I care,” he said. Then he

turned to me. “As long as I’m the king in your world, I don’t


I faked a cough. “Nothing’s changed, Anderson,” I said

“Better luck next time.” I laughed and took Denise’s arm.

“Come, we’ll be late for our class. I’m feeling positive today.

Remind me to thank your cousin later.”

All throughout the day I had been hearing about a new

guy’s arrival in our school. Apparently, he was swoon-

worthy, mysterious, snob, really rich and totally hot.

I didn’t understand why Denise wasn’t happy or proud

about that. I never had any cousins. I’d always wanted one.

I wondered why she thought he was a curse to her.

Denise was nowhere to be found during lunch, so I

shared our table only with Chaise.

He sat on the chair beside me. We were both facing the

window, our backs facing the rest of Leighton High’s

population. I preferred it that way. I didn’t want to see any of

my schoolmate’s face when I ate.

I ate my lunch in silence. I didn’t mind Chaise beside

me. His arm was slung at the back of my seat. He was

comfortable to be with and he learned how to sync with me.

He knew there were times that I enjoyed my thoughts to


“Freaking hooootttt!” some girl behind us said. The

other girls with her agreed and they all sounded like they

were drooling.

Yep. High school drama. Soap opera every day!

Chaise rolled his eyes.

“I don’t think they were talking about you, you know,” I


He chuckled. “I know. It’s the new guy.”

“I hope your ego’s not hurt, though.” I hadn’t seen

Denise’s cousin yet. But I’d been hearing a lot about him.

Many of the girls who had seen him already fancied

themselves in love with him.

Chaise put an arm around my shoulders again and gave

me a gentle squeeze. “Of course not! The prettiest girl in

school is still sitting here beside me. He should actually be

jealous of me.”

I gave him a gentle push. I know he was teasing. But

words like that actually helped build a little confidence in

me. For a few seconds, even with my scars, I didn’t feel like

there was something horrendous about me at all.

Before I went to class, I decided to make a stop by my

locker. I was hoping to see Denise and ask why she wasn’t

able to join us for lunch. Chaise decided not to walk me to

class today, which was fine by me. I was positive no one

would harass me along the way. Even if somebody did… I’d

perfected the skill of ignoring them. This was high school. I

was just passing through.

But apparently, some people just couldn’t resist. I know

these kids hated me and they liked to make fun of me. And

seeing me unprotected by either Chaise or Denise was just

too good for them to resist.

As I walked down the hall, a few meters from my locker,

somebody deliberately put their leg on the way, causing me

to trip. Sometimes, I forget that I was clumsy.

Shit! I knew I was going to fall face first on the floor. I

braced myself for the pain that would follow. But just as I

was about to lose my balance, I felt something wrap around

me, catching me, preventing my fall.

I caught a whiff of sweet, masculine perfume as strong

arms held me tightly, securing my balance. The hall seemed

to have frozen, and I was sure that all eyes were on me and

the person who caught me.

The first thing I saw was a red jacket on broad

shoulders. It was a guy who caught me. He kept his arms

around me, and they felt so warm… so safe… and in a weird

way… so familiar.

I dared myself to look up his face and what I saw made

my heart stop beating at once. My breath caught in my

throat and I fought the urge to faint right then and there.

He was looking down at me with those beautiful blue

eyes that felt like they could see through my soul.

An eternity seemed to have passed us by. Everything

stopped moving. I couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t see

anything. Only his handsome face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I couldn’t find the courage to speak. I fought the tears

that threatened to well up in my eyes.

He settled me on my feet. The moment he released me

and stepped away from me, I was taken back to reality. I

stared at his familiar face, which now has a frown on it.

Somehow, something was wrong. He looked… annoyed. At


I stared back at him with a confused expression on my


“Take it easy, okay?” he said in a cold voice. And with

that, he walked away, stealing a sideway glance at the girl

who tripped me deliberately.

I didn’t understand what just happened. He looked right

at me, but somehow, I felt like he looked right through me. I

stared at his back as he walked down the halls, oblivious of

the sighs of the girls around him, careless of the way they

were staring at him with hopeful eyes. He was walking a

perfect straight line with absolute precision and confidence.

No… Hunter Vaughn was not blind anymore. But

somehow… he made feel like he could not see me at all.



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