Who loves me most episode 8

It’s been two weeks now that dora has been staying with the Jonathan’s family, chidi tried to always make out time to take dora out,as time pas-sed he began to like her ,to him she wasn’t bad after all,they could discuss on so many things,chidi always feel comfortable around Dora and loved her company,it was late in the night,chidi was alre-ady slee-ping when he heard a knock on the door,he went to the door and opened it,he was so surprised to see dora standing in front of his door.
Dora smiling )hi
Chidi:what are you doing here at this time of the night,you should be in your room
Dora :plea-se can i come in
Chidi :sure
Chidi allowed her into his room and close the door he feel something was wrong but wouldn’t place it.
Chidi :what is it
Dora :nothing really, i just can’t sleep
Chidi :why
Dora :because am feeling lonely
Chidi:you are lonely
Dora :yes
Chidi :and you decided to come to my room
Dora:you are my friend right
Chidi:yes,and you are my guest, guest are not supposed to be seen in the room of the hosts,late in the night.
Dora walked close to chidi,giving him a s£dûçt!velook,she held him round his n£¢k, chidi alre-ady knew what she was trying to do but he let her have her way,
Dora :chidi,i want you to make love to me
Chidi looked at her in disgusted
Chidi :what did you just say
Dora :come chidi,i know you want me,and i want you more,don’t you love me
Chidi smile and re-moved her hands round his n£¢k
Chidi:i don’t love u dora,i only like you because you seems nice that’s all
Dora felt sad
Dora :are you trying to tell me that you don’t feel anything for me
Chidi:no,if it because of the way I spend time with you and the way we talk,come on that’s nothing to me
Dora :chidi,i love you and i want you,i don’t know why but I always think of you.
Chidi :dora,you are a nice girl and beautiful that every man would want to have but what you feel for me isn’t want i feel for you,you are not even close to my heart.
Dora :are you trying to get me provoked
Chidi : why would I want to do that
Dora :cause I don’t get you,are you trying to say all this time we have been together you don’t feel anything for me.
Chidi :no i don’t, my heart alre-ady belongs to someone else
She got angry by those words and she sl@pped chidi
Dora :why will you say that to my face
Chidi was so shocked and the same time angry, dora was upset too,she has always gotten what ever she wanted and hate competition, chidi telling her that is like she have a raver.
Dora :that’s what you men always do,when you see a lady that loves you,you people feel too proud to embr@ce her
Chidi :does that really warrant a sl@p,you c@m£ to my room to sl@p me,are you out of your mind.
They were trying to keep their voices low because they won’t want anyone else to know what was going on.
Dora : out of my mind,well yes I am,i c@m£ down here with your parents because I felt something could work out between us and here you are telling me to my face that you belong to someb©dy ,i can’t believe
Chidi :don’t you see how stupid you are,how can you come to visit someone that doesn’t even know you exit,well thats your problem because I never asked for your love or your visit, so that’s the reason my mum insist i spend more time with you, i knew it,even if i tried to give a second thought of d@t!ngyou believe me there’s nothing that attra-cts me to you,with what you just did here,you look cheap to me,now get out of my room before i do something n@ûghty and listen to me let this be the last time you will raise your hands on my face,now get out.
Dora smile )no problem i will leave but just know it isn’t over yet
She angryly left ,chidi locked his door
Chidi:what nerve,
Chidi went back to his be-d,he couldn’t believe what just happened, he was so disappointed with his mum,he was still thinking about the whole thing before sleep c@m£ knocking..
Chidi wake up in the morning, took his bath and left for work,he didn’t bother to eat his breakfast,he has alre-ady forgotten what happened yesterday night but he has vowed to stay away from dora,there was a lot of work to do at the office,it was now lunch break,he left the office and headed down to his car,he drove down to one of the restaurant that was close to his office,he ordered for a plate of fried rice and chicken with a bottle of red wine,after eating he payed for the meal and went out,he was surprised to see maxwell resting on the door of his car,he slowly walk to him.
Chidi:why do I hold this surprise meeting and minded you,you are resting on my car
Maxwell smiled,got off from chidi car,maxwell didn’t seen happy
Maxwell :chidi,i c@m£ to warn you to stay away from the relationsh!pbetween i and amara….
Chidi interrupted him
Chidi :just hold it right there, you know the last time you payed me sure a visit i know what followed and i let it pas-s,don’t try to make same mistake again because this time you won’t have any idea what hit you,so if you don’t have anything more to say you may excuse me.
Maxwell :nice speech,do you think am scared of your words, to me it means nothing, i don’t know your problem chidi, why are you always interfering on others people business, don’t you get tried.
Chidi:no i don’t, why should I get tired when am dealing with a devil like you,you are not good for amara and she has seen it,so what’s there to talk about.
Maxwell raised his voice angryly
Maxwell :you are the one that is ma-king things difficult for her,you are spoiling everything.
Chidi :you don’t raise your voice at me
Maxwell :isn’t that what you are doing tell me,you think you are giving her a life,you are not because you are only destroying her.
Chidi is now angry
Chidi :i wasn’t the one that tried to m©l£sther you did, and you know what I don’t nee-d to f0rç£ her to love me,she gave everything to me willingly, and i will hold on to her so ti-ght this time,i won’t allow you hurt her again,now leave my pres£nce before you land yourself in the hospital be-d again maybe this time you won’t make it.
Maxwell :really so tell me, what will you do,come on hit me or better still kill me.
Chidi :if i wanted you dead ,you would have been gone long time ago.
Maxwell :well that will make us even
Chidi :i might be alot of things but am nothing like you,you are a devil and you don’t know the meaning of love and peace and i thank God that amara has know you for what you really are.
Maxwell :you feel you have won,but tell amara that she can go to anywhere she want to but she can’t hide from me i will get her,and if i don’t have her no one will , including you
Chidi :don’t try anything stupid maxwell, don’t you dare l@yyour f!nger on amara, this is a warning you really don’t know what am capable of doing,if anything happens to amara your whole family will hear from me
Maxwell :are you trying to…..
Chidi interrupted him again
Chidi :am telling you what I can do,be warned
He opened his car,entered and drove off,maxwell was angry, he didn’t care about what chidi said,he was determined to get amara back.
Amara is no longer living with her parents,she has even st©p visiting them and this got Mrs uche worried, she went to mrs ada Marcus house,they both sat at the sitting room with two glas-s of jui-ce in front of them,Mrs uche looked upset.
Mrs uche :i don’t know what is wrong with amara, she has never behave like this before,i don’t know what is that girl problem
Mrs ada Marcus :i am as surprised as you are,for amara to leave the house, ah it’s unbelievable,but what are we going to do now.
Mrs uche :i don’t know,am confused
Mrs ada Marcus :this is no time to be confuse,we have to do something to settle all this,maxwell is no longer himself, he ba-rely stays at home this days and always comes back late drun!k, the disappearance of amara is really affecting him
Mrs uche :you can’t be serious
Mrs ada Marcus :you know maxwell loves amara so much, i am scared for my son,i don’t want him to loose his mind all because of amara, i don’t want him ending up killing himself
Mrs uche :God forbid
Mrs ada Marcus now sounds worried
Mrs ada Marcus :it is not God forbid,maxwell it’s my son and i know what he can do when it comes to amara, so plea-se try and do something ,i can’t ba-re seeing my son this way.
Mrs uche felt the pain of mrs ada Marcus and she knew she had to do something not only to help her friend but to also help herself, she later left mrs ada Marcus house with the as-surance for settling the problem at hand ,later in the night that same day she c@m£ up with a idea,she told Mr uche and he agreed to it,even if she knew it wasn’t the best thing to do but they nee-d to do it because that was the only way to see amara,she called Mrs ada Marcus to inform her of the new development,Mr uche then decided to call amara first thing tomorrow morning to break the news to her.
Morning finally c@m£,and as usual chidi woke up and got prepared for work, Amara and chidi has been hanging out well,things has been moving smoothly and chidi knew in no time they will get together again,he now has no aim of going back to London, even if he is to return to London he won’t go alone, as he c@m£ out of his room he met his mother close to his door,
Mrs Jonathan :i was about coming to your room
Chidi :good morning mum,how was your night
Mrs Jonathan :it was good and what about yours
Chidi wonderful (with a smile on his face)what about dad
Mrs Jonathan :he is still in be-d ,i woke up early so as to meet up with you,you know you always leave home early and come back late this days,and i am a bit surprised about that,mostly the late coming, i know you don’t close at work that late but am not going to interfer in your personal life but I just hope what ever you are doing it should be something we your parents will be proud of
Chidi of course mum,am not doing anything bad,okey,is that why you want to see me
Mrs Jonathan :that is not the reason I want to see you,it’s about you and dora
The smile on his face suddenly disappear at the sound of the name dora,he has try not to come across her ever again in that house so why will his mother come this morning to spoil his happy mood,obviously dora might has complain to his mother,
Chidi :yes what about the both of us
Mrs Jonathan :chidi what is going on between you and dora
Chidi:why don’t you ask her,is obvious she has given you the full details,so why ask me
Mrs Jonathan :she has
Chidi :did she put the p@rt where she sl@pped me
Mrs Jonathan :yes she did and she is so sorry for her action,and she is apologising and the least you should do is to forgive her,you are really taking this too far
Chidi :i am taking it too far,well if you put it that way I have no problem with that,i really don’t want to have anything to do with her not with what she did.
Mrs Jonathan :chidi,i don’t see anything wrong with what she did,she only opened up her feelings to you,she only sl@pped you because she was provoked, every woman will do the same,even i your mother will,she’s really in love with you and you ..
Chidi:mum,i like her yes I can’t deny that but I can’t end up getting married to her, i just can’t, we can be good friends but husband and wife, hell no
Mrs Jonathan :why can’t you marry her,she is beautiful, good mannered,she is a good cook and she is well educated i don’t see anything wrong in her.
Chidi :i don’t doubt that but I don’t love her i don’t even feel anything close to love her
Mrs Jonathan :love is not the first thing before marriage,do you think I loved your father before i got married to him,no i didn’t, i had someone i was in love with and could love to spend the rest of my life with but your father c@m£ into the picture and spoilt all my plans with my b©yfri£ndthen,he stole the heart of my parents and i was f0rç£d to marry your dad
Chidi couldn’t believe his mum story, he was hearing it for the first time and he look surprised.
Mrs Jonathan :it’s the truth chidi you can ask your dad but today I am happy i obeyed my parents because your father turned out to be the best husband any woman would wish for,it is ha-rd to believe but it’s the truth
Chidi:well mum,that’s between you and dad,mine is different, i know de-ep down inside of me that dora can never be the woman for me,there is no way I can imagine myself with her.
Mrs Jonathan okey what is the reason, why can’t you just try
Chidi:mum honestly,there is nothing she can do to plea-ses me,i am in love with someone else and my heart beat only for her
Mrs Jonathan now sound upset
Mrs Jonathan :then this your heart has a problem, i brou-ght someone That i see fit to be recognised as one the Jonathan’s family and you are telling me i made the wrong choice
Chidi took her mother hand,he nee-d to calm his mum down so she can see reasons with him
Chidi :mum i am not saying that but I don’t love her,i am in love with someone else
Mrs Jonathan :are you referring to the girl that c@m£ to spend days in this house
Chidi was surprise
Mrs Jonathan :yes I know, i was told
Chidi :who told you
Mrs Jonathan :chidi this is my house, i know everything that goes on here with or without my accents and with what I heard about her,the name Jonathan can never be added to her name,she is of low clas-s
Chidi was unhappy to hear his mother refer to amara as low clas-s but it was his mother what can he do
Chidi :mum,you haven’t even seen her in person
Mrs Jonathan re-moved her hand from chidi’s
Mrs Jonathan :i don’t nee-d to see her before i know what is good for my son,so you better start thinking about dora and leave that girl
Chidi:mum are you aware that you are not talking to a kid anymore, i am a grow man now and beside you are talking about low clas-s mum with all the money I have and including the ones I will eventually inherit from my father i will be a billionaire, and you want me to also go for someone wealthy,that too much money for me what will my children be doing with all that,so if i marry some one below my clas-s i don’t see any problem with that,i am a man and i am allowed to make my own decisions, so mum this is my life and i will live it the way I choose, you should be helping me out
Mrs Jonathan :chidi i can now see you are out of your mind, what is the no you can’t marry her you don’t un-derstand,how can the only son of Mr Jonathan marry a nob©dy, don’t you know that will bring shame to this family, now listen to me if you want to have peace with me you better start using your head,you can’t marry her that should better sink into your head,excuse me
She turned and walked out on chidi,chidi in the other hand was just short of words,he didn’t know how to convince his mum to see reasons with him,the rest of his day was bad,he couldn’t concentrate at work,most of his workers notice his sad mood especially his PA who tried to find out what the problem was but chidi just told him it was a personal problem,he left work very early and went to visit amara,he knew he has to calm himself and been with amara was the best idea,but amara was not at home,he called and she told him to wait for her that she will be home soon,he then has to wait for her in his car ,