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June 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Who loves me most episode 7

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Amara entered the sitting room and saw her mother in the sitting room, as soon as mrs uche saw amara she was so happy she ran to her and gave her a warm embrace,amara knew she has been worried.

Mrs uche :Amara, Amara

Amara :yes mama

Mrs uche :is this really you

Amara :mama it’s me

Amara was trying to force out a smile

Mrs uche :amara why will you do this to me,why did you left without telling anybody, you broke my heart,is that fair

Amara felt so sorry for her mum,she hate seeing her in distress,Amara put her arms round her,

Amara :mama am so sorry okey,i just needed to be alone for sometime, i never meant to hurt you this way

Mrs uche :you wanted to be alone but hope you didn’t go to meet that boy chidi

Amara was surprise, well she couldn’t have thought as much,maxwell would have cooked up a story.

Amara :no oh,i have been with a friend of mind and it not a boy,i have been out of town, why will you say things like that

Mrs uche :then why was your phone switch off

Amara :mama,like I said earlier, i needed to be alone, but am back now

Mrs uche :but you didn’t do the right thing at all,we were all worried about you,we even involved the police


: police, i am barely gone for just three days and the police is already involved what will you involved if i was gone for a whole year

Mrs uche :this is not something you should joke with,

Amara :mama am just coming back now and i am very tired because am coming from a far distance, i really need to rest,i want to go to me room

Amara try to cheer her up

Amara :it okey na i am back and i promise I won’t leave like that again.

Mrs uche : promise oh,i don’t want you to do it again.

Amara succeeded in convincing her parents and tried to make everything look normal,she even had to call maxwell to inform him of her arrival because that’s what her father wanted,after her supper she call chidi they didn’t talk much as chidi warn her not to call him at home you know what they say, well has earned, as soon as she ended the call with chidi she called Sandra, she was told that Sandra was at the hospital in benin but yet to return,she hasn’t have time to talk to her as emma could tell her she wasn’t allowed to receive calls,she just decided

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to call again to check on her,to her greatest surprise Sandra picked the call.

Amara :Sandra are you okey,how are you,i was told you are in the hospital what happened

Sandra :relax,yes I have been in the hospital just some pregnancy problem but am okey now

Amara :thank God ,i was so worried

about you,so hope the baby is fine

Sandra :yes everything is fine,i was about calling you later this evening,emma told me you everything that happened to you but wouldn’t tell in full details, so babe what happened.

Amara :it a long story

Sandra :you should know am all ears

Amara lower her tone

Amara:that night do you know that Maxwell tried to Molest me

Sandra screamed out

Sandra :what? are you serious

Amara :if not for God,i could have been telling a different story, i manage to run out of the house oh,i called you but your husband pick and God bless him for me.

Sandra :yeah he told me he called chidi,

Amara :chidi came to my rescue, i have been at his place since three days now,just coming back from his place this afternoon.

Sandra :hmmmmmm, and hope everything went well

Amara :yeah,he is still nice to me no matter what I did to him,chidi is turely a nice person

Sandra:thank God you have now seen it that maxwell is a devil.

Amara :Sandra there is something I want to ask you i don’t know if I can

Sandra :you know you can ask me,what is it

Amara :that day maxwell was shut,was emma your husband with chidi

Sandra was surprise at the question

Sandra :since the past five years now you haven’t asked me this question until now why

Amara :please i just need to know

Sandra :yes,he was there, he witness everything and thanks to chidi he didn’t try to implicate him even when they were looking for a witness,chidi told you everything right

Amara :yes

Sandra :amara listen to me,what ever chidi told you is the truth,he was innocent of the crime placed on him,maybe maxwell shut himself to gain pity from you,maxwell has been using you,even before the incident i was told maxwell came to chidi house offering to pay him off so he can leave you alone but he turned the whole thing around, chidi was blame because he only try to defend himself if not chidi could have been dead by now

Amara :and i was such a fool,i didn’t even gave him a chance to explain,maxwell i will never forgive him ,

Sandra :this is not the time to start talking and do nothing, you have to run away from maxwell, he will destroy your life

Amara :i know,i and chidi are working things out and i pray it push through

Sandra :just be careful okey,maxwell is dangerous

Amara :thanks dear for everything, for not letting go of me

Sandra :come on,what are friends for,you will soon be fine i can feel it

Amara :so when are you coming back

Sandra :maybe next week,emma mother won’t let me go she think am not in a good condition to leave her sight

Amara :that’s mother in law for you oh

They both laughed

Sandra:but emma will be coming back tomorrow he needs to resume work

Amara okey please say hi to him oh

Sandra of course i will

Amara :you should try and rest now okey i will call back to check on you again

Sandra okey bye

Amara :take care

Amara dropped the call, she was now convinced that maxwell framed chidi up and he was the evil all this while, she just pray to be out of this mess in no time,days passed and amara played cool with everything,but the communication between her and maxwell was not the same,she tried to avoid him at all cost,chidi and amara always communicates with eachother ,Amara was trying to play it low cause she won’t want maxwell to find out of her plans,Mr and Mrs Jonathan finally came back home,the driver went to pick them at the airport,they drove into the compound and came down from the car but it seems they wasn’t the only one that came back with them.

A beautiful fair in complexsion girl maybe on her twenty’s came down from the car,with amazement she look round the whole compound, the maids quickly help them with their luggages in the car.

Mr Jonathan :welcome to our home

Girl:wow…..it’s beautiful

Mrs Jonathan :you like it

Girl:i love it,it’s wonderful

Mrs Jonathan :thanks

Mrs Jonathan then turn to one of the maid

Mrs Jonathan :where is my son

Maid:he is in his room

Mrs Jonathan :go inform him that we are back

Maid okey ma’am

The maid quickly left to deliver the message, they all went inside the sitting room,Mr and Mrs Jonathan sat down while the the beautiful damsel keep admiring the place,complementing Mr and Mrs Jonathan who were just laughing looking at her.

Mrs Jonathan:dora why don’t you have your sit

Dora:i will,i just love to go round a little

Mr Jonathan :there will be time for that okey

Justthen chidi came down from the stairs with smile on his face, dora sat down immediately she saw chidi.

Chidi:dad, mum

Mr and Mrs Jonathan were also happy to see him,he quickly went and hug his mum

Chidi:you didn’t tell me you will be coming today

Mr Jonathan :well thanks to your mum who said surprising you was the best option.

Mrs Jonathan : it now a wrong thing to surprise my son,if you don’t want me here let me just go back..

They all laughed

Chidi of course not,am even lonely in this house, am happy you came

Mr Jonathan : oh, i know you will side her

Chidi :no dad,am equally on your side and you know that

Mrs Jonathan :your dad is jealous

Chidi sat down,dora was just lost in the conversation, her eyes were fitted on chidi who didn’t seems to notice her

Chidi:so mum,dad tell me you got a surprise for me,where is it

Mrs Jonathan looked at Mr Jonathan with a frown face

Mrs Jonathan :you told him already, how is it a surprise when you have already told him

Mr Jonathan :no i didn’t i just gave him a tip that’s all

Chidi okey guys what’s up,where is the gift

Mrs Jonathan :you and gifts

They all laughed

Mrs Jonathan :don’t worry i have alot of them just relax okey

Chidi okey i am relax

Mrs Jonathan forgive my manners,chidi this is dora,the daughter to senator okoro,dora this is chidi my son.

Dora looked at chidi seductively,chidi ignore her exchanging pleasantries with her.

Chidi :i never knew she has a daughter, am surprised,i must say you are beautiful, how come I don’t see you around

Dora :well I live in the state’s

Chidi :nice,do enjoy your stay


Chidi:mum,nice one

Mrs Jonathan understood what he meant,she just laughed

Mr Jonathan :you didn’t go to the office today

Chidi:no,just decided to stay at home today

Dora :that’s nice, so since you won’t be busy i was wondering if you could take me round the city,please

Chidi looked at her with surprised

Mrs Jonathan of course he will

Chidi was shocked to hear that

Chidi :mum

Mrs Jonathan :what

Chidi:i closed very late yesterday and am very tired,that’s why i didn’t go to the office today,and beside I will be going to an important place today,very important

Dora was a bit disappointed

Dora okey,that’s not a problem maybe some other time

Mrs Jonathan :don’t worry dora,he will take you to where ever you want to go but first you need to rest maybe towards in the evening,won’t you chidi(giving him the what’s wrong with you look)

Chidi:evening will be perfect

Dora excited )thanks

Mr Jonathan has had enough for the day,he got up and excused himself.

Mrs Jonathan :chidi why don’t you show dora to one of the guest room

Chidi knew what her mum was up to,he agreed and Mrs Jonathan took her leave.

Chidi:don’t you think its time to take a rest or do you want to sit here all day

Dora oh,sorry

She got up,chidi got up and walked upstairs dora was behind him,chidi wasn’t new to this kind of game to him his mother was being childish, why would she even think of something like this.

Amara returned from work,she parked her car and came down, took some files at the back of her car seat and went inside, she meet her father in the sitting room who was reading a news paper.

Amara :good evening papa

Mr uche responded to her greeting

Mr uche :i have been calling your number but it’s not going through,even your mother couldn’t reach you.

Amara :yes papa that’s because I’ve changed my sim card,i will later give you my new number

Mr uche okey but why the change

Amara :i was having trouble with the sim

Mr uche okey

Amara :where is mama

Mr uche :she went to the market to get somethings

Amara :there was something I want to discuss with the both of you,but I will just wait till she comes back

Mr uche :hope it’s nothing serious

Amara :not really, let me just tell you,

Amara sat down

Mr uche okey am all ears

Amara :i now got a new job as a manager,in addition i was given a house and an official car which simply means that we won’t be leaving here anymore, so I was suggesting we start parking from tomorrow .

Mr uche wasn’t sure of what to do,if he should be happy for her or angry because he was shocked

Mr uche okey,but what happened to your former work

Amara :i resigned they wasn’t paying me well so with the help of a friend of mine i got a good job and it’s far more better than the old one,you should be happy for me.

Mr uche :i am but is maxwell aware of this new development

Amara got upset the name of maxwell was the last thing she wants to hear

Amara : papa, please i am not ready for maxwell talk,i don’t want that name to be mentioned any time i am having a conversation with you,what is it

Mr uche :i Knew it,i knew there was something wrong with your head,now listen to me you better quit what ever you are planning inside that your head of yours,and stop acting stupidly, you have a good job am happy for that but to tell us to leave this house is something that can’t happen, i have spoken

Amara :i have always listen to you and have never complain about any decisions you make consigning my life but you see this one i can’t obliged to your request, am sorry I have to do what I know is best for me

Mr uche was surprise and at the same time angry

Mr uche :are you mad is it me you are talking to

Amara got up

Amara : papa, i can see you don’t want to see reasons with me,i don’t understand, what is it that maxwell has done to you and mama that’s both of you don’t even care of your own daughter feelings,you can’t see that am suffering in this relationship with maxwell and i am feed up with it and i say i can’t continue, i don’t want it any more, papa please just understand

Mr uche :what is there to understand that you want to make decisions that will destroy your life,

Amara:my life is already destroyed by maxwell,well if you and mama don’t want me to leave this house i will when you people are ready to see reasons with me just let me know

She walked to her room,her mind was made up and there was no going back, Mr uche was just dumbfounded he couldn’t believe it was amara that just talked to him,that was the first time she saw amara behave like that he knew something has changed about her,Amara in her case was happy she spoke her mind,she was even surprised at herself but she was glad she did, TO BE CONTINUED…


The Real War Is About to Start😂😂😂😂 ‘




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