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Who loves me most episode 6

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Amara returned back from Sandra’s place after both of them has gone around the whole town,Amara drop Sandra at her shop at about 4pm in the evening, amara headed back home she was now feeling better than in the morning,she entered the sitting room and met Mrs ada Marcus sitting in the couch.

Amara smiling )mama good evening, you came to see us

Mrs ada Marcus :yes oh…I came to see your mother

Amara okey

Mrs ada Marcus :you must be coming back from work

Amara :no mama,i didn’t go to work today

Mrs ada Marcus okey,i wanted to see you oh,i was even going to send a message through your mum to try see me tomorrow but thank God I met you today

Amara :hope nothing is wrong

Mrs ada Marcus :no

Amara sat down she already knew what mrs ada Marcus was going to say but she just pretend not to know.

Mrs ada Marcus :i want to ask a question and i need the truth from you,i know i have asked you this before but am asking again,do you love my son

Amara :mama maxwell knows i love him

Mrs ada Marcus :then what is holding the both of you from getting married, i have also asked my son who told me that he was waiting for your decision, so that’s why I want to ask you again,don’t you want to marry my son

Amara knew that she has to pour out her feelings out

Amara :mama the truth is that am not sure

Mrs ada Marcus surprised )you are not sure

Amara :yes,i am not sure because of his attitude and behaviour

Mrs ada Marcus okey what is the problem tell me

Amara upset)maxwell is a womaniser, i have caught him on different occasions ,and i even caught him today at his house, and the funny part is that he won’t even bother to apologise for what he has done,maxwell is not the man i knew back then

Mrs ada Marcus was a little surprised to hear that,she knew amara was hurt cause it was written all over her face so she then try to calm her down.

Mrs ada Marcus : it’s okey,if he has been doing all this why didn’t you report him to me

Amara :i don’t know,i just don’t know, i can’t marry maxwell like this,we are not even married and this is already happening what if we finally got married only God knows what he will bring to our home.

Mrs ada Marcus :it alright, i will talk to him,you know sometimes men always thinks what ever their doing is the right thing because they feel they are in control but we women are the one to bring them back to their senses, i will talk to my son and if i am done things will be okey again,okey

Amara :i hope he listens to you

Mrs ada Marcus :he will okey just give him time to rest his head okey

Amara :he has all the time in the world

Mrs uche entered the sitting room and met them talking, Amara greeted her mother,Mrs ada Marcus got up as she saw Mrs uche, they were both going to their women meeting, mrs ada Marcus gave amara the assurance that all will soon be fine and Mrs uche and ada Marcus left the house,Amara went inside her room,who told her things will ever be okey between the both of them,she knew she had to find a plan to end this fast because she can’t ever dream of becoming maxwell wife….


Emma parked his car close to a black gate and came down he knock at the gate,a soldier open the gate,emma greeted him and told him he has come to see their boss son chidi,he was asked if he was on appointment but he wasn’t but he told the soldier to inform chidi that he is looking for him,the soldier asked of his name and emma told him,he close the gate and in less than four minutes he opened the gate for emma to come in,he met chidi waiting for him at the entrance of the house,he admired the building,it was really a big house and there was a lot of soldiers seen around the whole compound, the distance from the gate to the entrance door was like a five minutes walk,they both greeted themselves and chidi ushered emma in,emma was sitted still admiring the place this was the first time he was coming to chidi house since they have been friends.

Chidi sat down )what do I offer you

Emma :anything soft will do

Chidi called one of the maid to get a juice for emma,the maids return with a tray,juice and one glass cup was on it,she place the tray on the small side table that was close to emma, she opened the drink and poured it into the cup,she then left after doing that.

Chidi :so what’s up with u,and how is Sandra

Emma :she is fine,and how is work

Chidi :cool,

Emma :you have a great place

Chidi :it’s my father house not mine but all the same thank you.you didn’t call me to inform me you were coming

Emma :yeah I was actually in the neighbourhood when I realised I have a friend who live around it wasn’t that difficult to get directions to your house you know

They both laughed

Chidi :yeah

Emma :i could have come to your office but I just decided to come see you at home,i want a favour from you,and please i will be very glad if you can help me out.

Chidi sat up right

Chidi okey if it within my power i will help,so what is it

Emma :i want to start up my own business, i want to be boss on my own,

Chidi okey what business is that

Emma :supplying of goods,i will buy goods from China and then sell it on wholesale, i won’t open any store for now i will do the dealing from the warehouse, after I have gathered alot of clients then I can think of something else maybe build a company, i know that will take a long time but that is my plan.

chidi smiled

Chidi :i love the idea,so how do I come in

Emma :i know i shouldn’t be asking you for this but there is no one that will help me out in this

Chidi :just tell me

Emma :i have already made the necessary requirements about the goods from China but two things are still lacking, the goods i inquire for is a large quantity and i need a company that will sign for me, i can’t use mine because its a great risk i really don’t trust any one,

Chidi :you want to use my company name,so that it will be more easily for you

Emma :yes,and one more thing my money isn’t complete,i still need to borrow some money from you.

Chidi :you want to me to also lend you some money

Emma :please i know it will be difficult for you but please you got to help me on this,i just need to do something for myself and i know in time i will make it please.

Chidi thought for a while

Chidi :that’s not a problem,so how much are we talking about

Emma :a hundred million

Chidi was shocked

Chidi :what? ,are you mad,how can you start up a business with such a huge amount of money.

Emma :there’s a lot of profit in this,you will still benefit from it believe me, have i ever lied to you

Chidi :i know you haven’t, but come on you are a business man and you should know how this goes,are you really confidence about this

Emma :i know what you are afraid of but trust me i have been working with this people for a very long time, they are actually one of our suppliers in my company, that is why i need your company name to do it for me.

Chidi was confused,

Chidi :this is risky,i will help you out but on my conditions,

Emma okey which are

Chidi :you will give me every details about the suppliers,i will contact them myself, then I can help you take a loan from the bank, when the goods arrived you pay back the loan i took from the bank and then keep your profit.

Emma was excited

Emma :you mean you can help me out with this

Chidi :i am doing this for old time sake,hope you didn’t take any loan in the bank

Emma :no,i and Sandra has been working on this for a long time now,sandra help me borrow from her siblings and other family members, with the ones we gathered it was all forty million naira

Chidi :you better keep that money safe,this is what you will do,when the goods arrived, i am going to help you with the complete money of course they will ask for interest i will settle that too,we are going to pay back the bank,when the goods arrived use your profit then to settle who ever that lend you money,then aquire for another supply but this time without taking a loan from the bank and about my money you will pay me back sixty percent and keep the remaining forty

Emma was so surprised to hear that,he thanked chidi so much,

Chidi :come on emma you are my friend and if i can’t help you out in this it won’t be fair of me,i want you to be more than what you are today,and i believe with this you can push through, so stop all this,you have always been my back bone and you have risk your life for me back then in school i think this is the time to pay you back.

Emma was very grateful,he didn’t know how to appreciate what chidi was about to do for him,who could ever thought that the good you did in the past could still be remembered…

Chidi went to amara house the next day,emma advice him to go and also gave him the address, he parked at the side of the house,he came down and went to knock on the gate the gate man opened the gate.

Gateman :good morning sir

Chidi :good morning,

Gateman :who you be and who you dey look for

Chidi:am looking for amara,

Gateman :you dey look for madam, she dey inside,come inside

Chidi:don’t worry just tell her am waiting for her outside

Gateman :waytin i go tell am say your name be

Chidi :emma

Gateman okey oh,wait make i call her

He close the gate and went to call amara, not less than two minutes amara opened the gate and saw chidi,she was shocked to see him she actually thought it was emma,she walked to where chidi was standing

Amara :chidi what are you doing here,don’t you know if…..

Chidi interrupted her

Chidi:if maxwell see us together, he will get mad,he will get angry or crazy

Amara :i mean i don’t want….

Chidi :you don’t want me to hurt him again

Amara got upset

Amara :stop involving maxwell to our conversation

Chidi :i know you are trying to avoid me but why,why are you pushing me away from your life ,you are treating me like am an outcast in your life.

Amara:chidi,what do you really want from me

Chidi:i want you

Amara :chidi we can never come back together again, you know am engaged and it won’t be right if people sees us together, else they will start thinking otherwise

Chidi:do you really think i give a F**K what people say

Amara :well I do,and if they start talking it will get to the ears of both maxwell and my parents,i don’t want to destroy my wedding

Chidi laughed and amara was surprise to see him laughing

Chidi :your engagement with maxwell is at the blink of collapsing, so what makes you think my involvement will make it end

Amara :what is the meaning of that

Chidi came closer to her

Chidi :i know you are not happy with maxwell, so don’t even try to pretend because it is written all over your face,i can see it in your face and i can feel it in your breath.

Amara was now feeling uncomfortable because she knows where this was heading to

Amara :chidi you need to start going now

Chidi :you want me to leave because am saying the truth

Amara :no,i just want you to leave you are causing alot of problems around me and i don’t want that,i want you to stop all this

Chidi :you want me to stay away from you

Amara :yes,please

Amara couldn’t stop her tear to rolling down her cheek

Amara :since your absence i have been doing fine,your presence is hurting me,just leave me alone

Chidi :no amara i can’t do that,do you really want me to go away (Chidi held her by the arms)look into my eyes and tell me you want me to leave you alone

Amara looked at him but couldn’t say anything, does she really want him to leave

Chidi :i love you Amara so much that I can’t stay without you,do you have any idea how i have been all this years,i missed you so much (and he hugged her amara was speechless she didn’t hug him back)i am sorry for what I said the other time at the party i was just angry at myself because you should be wearing my ring not his,if only I didnt travelled all this couldn’t have gone this far,i am sorry for leaving am so sorry for everything, i have missed you so much.

Amara couldn’t do anything,she just cried,they were hugging so passionately, they were brought back to reality when they heard a voice behind them,Amara quickly remove herself from chidi,chidi was just smiling looking at maxwell who was so surprised and angry to see chidi and most especially the fate that they were hugging.

Maxwell :you

Chidi :yes me,are you surprised, so you really think i won’t come back,are you shock to see me,don’t tell me you are scared

Maxwell :you must be a big fool if you think I am scared of you,what are you doing here

Chidi :what does it look like i am doing

Maxwell :now you listen to me,Amara is mine and let that get into your head the better for you

Chidi :and who is dragging her with you,don’t tell me you are insecure, oh I know why because of me

Maxwell :i know why you are here,you want to try to stop us from getting married but let me tell you nobody can stop us from getting married.

Chidi :don’t be too sure

Maxwell walked close to chidi

Maxwell :don’t dare me chidi, don’t try to play a game you can’t finish

Chidi whisper in his ear

Chidi :we started this game Long time ago and guess what I came full prepared, and you know i can beat you to it this time, do you want to know why because you and i know who her heart truly beat for.

Maxwell angrily pushed chidi, chidi began to laugh because to him getting maxwell angry was fun,maxwell was now at the top of his voice

Maxwell :you will never win,not in this life or the next life,i rather die to allow it happen.

Chidi :don’t say it out loud,the walls have ears and you know your wish might come to pass.

Maxwell :you are crazy, you fool

Chidi :you have a nice day maxwell, till we meet again

Chidi looked at amara and walked to his car and drove off,he was really satisfied and he was happy that he got what he wanted, as soon as he left maxwell turned to amara, Amara was already scared because she don’t want any problem from maxwell

Maxwell :this is it right, standing in front of the house i bought with my money hugging another man,is this how to thank me for all i have been doing for you,answer me.

Amara knew where this was going to,she quickly ran inside the house and lock the gate, maxwell wanted to stop her but she was very fast,maxwell began to hit the gate

Maxwell : open this gate amara, i said open the gate,you don’t want to right,no problem but you better don’t come out,you better don’t.

He was still hitting the gate shouting , mrs uche came,she was so surprised to see maxwell angrily hitting the gate.

Mrs uche :maxwell, maxwell

Maxwell :mama,amare is really getting me angry,she is driving me crazy.

Mrs uche :calm down,don’t worry what ever the problem is it will be settled, where is she

Maxwell :she is inside,she lock me outside

Mrs uche went to the gate and knocked calling out the gate man name

Gateman :mama,is that you

Mrs uche :will you open this gate

The Gateman opened the gate

Mrs uche :why didn’t you open the gate for him

Gateman :sorry mama,but madam say make i know open the gate for am

Mrs uche :now go and open the gate for him so that he can drive in

The gate man went to open the gate for maxwell, mrs uche pleased with maxwell to drive in which he did and they both went inside, amara was already in her room but Mrs uche called her,mrs uche tried and settled the problem, mrs uche later left them in the sitting room,Amara apologies for what happened and maxwell had to calm down,he later left amara house but was very determine to act fast,he has come this far to let chidi spoil his plans,


The relationship between maxwell and amara change after that incident, amara no longer have time for maxwell, she was always busy and most of the time come back late from work,maxwell knew about the changes but he couldn’t do anything about it,five days has passed since they last they saw each other, maxwell knew he was losing amara,he needed to act fast,it was last in the night when amara heard knock on her door,she walked to the sitting room,

Amara :who is that

Maxwell : open the door it me

Amara recognised the voice it was maxwell, she was surprise,what will he be doing at her house at this time of the night,she opened the door.

Amara :what are you doing here at this time of the night

Maxwell entered and close the door

Maxwell :is it a crime to visit my fiancée, be it morning or night

Amara :please maxwell don’t start i only asked a question but it seems like you are not ready to answer

Amara wasn’t happy to see maxwell and wasn’t ready for his trouble either, she left him and went to her room and lied on her bed,maxwell entered her room few minutes later

Amara :don’t tell me you will be spending a night here

Maxwell he sat down)where is your mum

Amara :she is not around, she went for all night at her church, you haven’t answered me,and why will you be asking about my mum,if you came to see her you could have come earlier.

Maxwell :and your dad

Amara :he travelled,so

Maxwell :were you expecting me to drive home this night

Amara :why are you answering me with a question,God

She sighed and turned to sleep,not up to ten minutes maxwell lay close to her and began to caressing her body,she remove maxwell hand and sat up

Amara :what is wrong with you,look am really not in the mood for your troubles, because it seems like you want to start your problems this night,so please if you don’t let me be you can use another room.

Maxwell upset)you have been avoiding me

Amara :i have been busy that’s all

Maxwell :have you been seeing him

Amara :who

Maxwell :chidi

Amara :look i have been busy at work you go and confirm it yourself.

Maxwell thought for a while

Maxwell :i want you

Amara :i thought we have talked about this,i really need to rest i have a busy day tomorrow, i think you should go to the other room to sleep(maxwell didn’t even make any move)i think i should leave here for you

She got up to leave but maxwell forcefully push her back on the bed and he got up.

Amara :what was that for

Maxwell began to unbutton his long sleeve,he drop his wristwatch and necklace on amara dressing mirror, amara was looking at him confused, then make started to open his belt

Amara :you are not getting Unclad in presence of me are you

Maxwell :i wasn’t joking when I said i wanted you,and i really don’t want to do it the hard way.

He sounded so serious and this got amara scared

Amara :maxwell, behave yourself, if this is some kind of a joke just stop it

Maxwell :stop saying that,do I look like a joker to you,what is your problem,is there anything wrong for me having sex with you,ah

Amara : (scared )stop maxwell please, what have come over you

Maxwell :you have, and listen i will have you today and right now

Just then amara tryed to run but maxwell hold her back and push her back on the bed,he was now on top of her trying to take off her nightgown she was putting on,Amara screamed and begged him to stop but she was pleasing on deaf ears for maxwell was determined to do what he want,amara took her laptop that was at the side of her bed and hit it so hard on maxwell head.

Maxwell :ahh, Shit my head

Amara push him away from her body ,she took her phone and quickly ran out of the house,maxwell immediately ran about her,she opened the gate and ran out,maxwell cease her bit amara was a fast runner,maxwell gave up when he knew he couldn’t get her,he turned back and went to the house, Amara stopped running when she discovered that maxwell was no longer after her,she was breathing heavily, she looked around so scared, everywhere was so dark and scary not even the sound of a car is heard,she took her phone and called Sandra, about the fourth time, emma picked the call

Amara panicking )hello

Emma sleepily )yeah Amara

Amara :please emma where is Sandra

Emma :she is sleeping, you sound worried anything the problem you can tell me

Amara :i need your help

Emma :yeah what is it

Amara :can you guys come and pick me up

Emma surprised )where are you

Amara :you know that secondary school that is very close to my house

Emma :yes

Amara :that’s where I am pleased come and help me

Emma :why don’t you just go home

Amara :something bad happened in my house, i am scared please go pick me up

Emma :i and Sandra are out of town,we are in benin as am talking to you now,we left this afternoon

Amara okey my God, what am I going to do now

She started crying,emma notice she was crying

Emma : calm down,just stay where you are i will send someone to you right now okey

Amara okey thank you ,i will be waiting, please be fast

Emma okey

She ended the call,fifteen minutes passed and no response from emma she was already freaking out,she then heard the sound of a car approaching but she couldn’t tell from what direction, just then she saw the car light and the car was driving to her direction the car stoped the light of the car couldn’t let her see who it was,she thought it was maxwell because it was coming from her house direction,she was about to run when a voice called her she turned and saw chidi,amara was so surprised to see chidi,chidi quickly came down from his car ran to where amara was and embrace her.

Chidi :you got me so worried

Amara :how did you know i was here

Chidi :emma called me saying you needed help,i drove down here as fast as I could, i couldn’t have forgive myself if something bad has happened to you(chidi notice amara was colded,he pull off his jacket and wore it on amara )it will keep you warm

Amara :thanks, i am really tired i need to rest

Chidi :do you want me to take u home

Amara :no no,take me anywhere but not my house

Chidi didn’t bother to ask why because he felt amara wasn’t in the mood to talk,he took her to the car open the door for her and she entered chidi did the same and they drove off,chidi tried to find a hotel for Amara but all the hotels in that area were all full because it was weekend.

Amara :what are we going to do now

Chidi:if you don’t want to go home now we could just sleep in the car and in the morning i drop you at home

Amara :i really don’t want to go home now

Chidi okey do you trust me that much to follow me to my house

Amara :as long as you won’t hurt me

Chidi laughed

Chidi :i can’t do that and you know that,so is that a yes

Amara :i think so

Chidi started the car again and headed to his house, they arrived at his house and chidi took amara to one of the guest room,she gave amara one of his sister nightgown to wear and wish her good night,morning came chidi woke up and quickly got ready for work he didn’t bother to go check on amara because he thought she could still be sleeping,but he ordered the cook to prepare something nice for Amara incase she wakes up,he and emma later talked and he was greatful that emma called him now he is able to do something nice for amara,it was in the afternoon in his office when his father called him

Chidi :hello dad

Mr Jonathan :how are you

Chidi:am fine dad and you

Mr Jonathan :we thank God

Chidi :what about mum,Judith and the new baby

Mr Jonathan :they are all fine,so how is business

Chidi :business is making progress

Mr Jonathan :that’s good to hear,we will be coming back this weekend

Chidi : that will be great am already feeling lonely in that house

Mr Jonathan :don’t worry and your mother has a surprise for you

Chidi :you know i like surprises

Mr Jonathan :you are in the office now

Chidi:yes,i will be having a meeting like (looked at his wristwatch) now

Mr Jonathan okey let me leave you then

Chidi:i will call you back as soon as I am done with the meeting

Mr Jonathan :you take care

Chidi :you too

Mr Jonathan huge up,while chidi got prepared for his meeting…

It has been two days now,amara parents are worried about her where about, they have gone to the police to lay a complain,Mr and Mrs uche,Mrs ada Marcus and maxwell were all sitted in the sitting room of amara,mrs uche has been crying her heart out and Mrs ada Marcus couldn’t do nothing but to console her.

Mr uche :this is unbelievable, she has never done this kind of thing before, so when did she start all this,leaving without informing anyone

Mrs uche :Amara,Amara where are you please come back

Mrs ada Marcus :it’s okey i know where ever she is now she is fine,maybe she don’t want anyone to disturb her that’s why she switch off her phone

Mrs uche :but that’s not a good reason na,okey who is disturbing her,who that will make her leave just like that

Mr uche :i still don’t understand maxwell did both of you had a fight

Maxwell :no,i really can’t explain it,it was really funny, you know amara and i haven’t been seeing each other for some time now, so I was invited to a party that night and i thought i wish to go with her,i called her to inform her,she agreed and that was when I came to see her that night but she behave as if we nevered had any agreement, i tried to question her and she got angry telling me to leave the house i told her I can’t, she left me in the sitting room and i stayed there,it wasn’t up to 20 minutes she came out looking all dressed,she didn’t tell me where she was going i asked her but I was talking to a deaf ears,i only saw her entered a car parked outside and they left, that’s all I know so I don’t see anything wrong in what i did,i recognised the car it was chidi car,ever since she met chidi she has been behaving weird

Mrs uche :is it not that same boy that you saw them together the other day outside

Maxwell :yes mama that’s the boy

Mr uche was confused

Mr uche :which boy are you talking about

Mrs uche :it’s about five or six days ago I was coming back from market when I saw maxwell outside the gate shouting, when I asked him he told me Amara locked him outside because they had some misunderstanding, well I opened the gate for him and we both went inside, i settled everything that day ooo,

Mr uche :that still don’t answer my question, who is the chidi

Maxwell :chidi was the guy i saw hugging amara that faithful day outside the gate,i got angry and wanted to do something stupid but she quickly ran inside and lock me out.

Mr uche was shocked

Mr uche :is this true but why didn’t i hear of this

Maxwell :we felt it wasn’t necessary, i have forgotten about all that,now the important thing now is to find her

Mrs ada Marcus :what if she is at that chidi place right now and we are here killing ourselves

Maxwell :i have thought about that but amara will not go there

Mr uche :but you said it was the boy that came to pick her that night

Maxwell :yes but i trust her she won’t sleep at the boy place

Mr uche :and what makes you think so

Maxwell :amara knows what she is doing,she won’t stay at the boy place because she knows we will find out after all she knew i know who came to pick her,probably she is in a hotel,let just hope the police find her.

Meanwhile amara was still in chidi house,chidi tried everything possible to make amara comfortable, chidi wasn’t always at home but the little time he has he spent it all on amara, chidi and amara became friends again, Amara was in her room (the guest room)she was reading a novel that chidi bought for her,chidi knocked and amara told him to enter, they both look at each other smiling,chidi sat on the bed close to amara

Chidi :don’t you get tried of reading

Amara :you know i love reading, it’s one of my hubby

Chidi :yeah I know ,so Amara

Amara :yes

Chidi :it’s not like am asking you to leave but don’t you think its time for you to go back home your parents will be worried

Amara was now unhappy

Amara :i don’t want to face them now,they will never understand

Chidi :i know about that but you can’t stay here for long, my parents will be coming home very soon and if they met you here,i don’t know

Amara :but why

Chidi :i am not in the habit of bringing women home,and if they see you they might think otherwise, you know what I mean

Amara:but I don’t want to go home now,okey I could just stay in an hotel

Chidi :no amara you will not,what is really the problem, why are you running from your home,i have been asking you this question since you came here but you are refusing to tell me,what really happened that night and i won’t ask again,

Amara started crying and chidi tryed to console her

Chidi :amara talk to me,i might be of help

Amara :he tryed to Molest me

Chidi was confused

Chidi :maxwell tryed to Molest you or wanted s*x and you wasn’t in the mood,was that why you had to risk your life that night

Amara :you don’t get do you,he tryed to force himself on me

Chidi :maxwell is your fiance and i don’t see anything wrong in a man wanting his woman but he could have just let you be till you are in the mood, wait, or maybe just maybe you haven’t had sex with him yet

Amara was silent, chidi saw the answer in her eyes,it was just there,chidi felt pity and pain for her

Chidi :amara i don’t understand you,if maxwell is hurting you why did you still put up with him,why did you leave me for him,why

Amara :after all what you did,i needed to pay him back for almost losing his life all because of me, i thought dating him could make me forget all about you and love him but I have tryed but it isn’t working

Chidi :are you trying to say you still don’t love him then why are you still with him

Amara :maxwell has done a lot for me and my family, he made me who I am today,he has everything i own,the company i work for belongs to his uncle if not for him i couldn’t have had a job now,my car,the house all belongs to him,the allowance he gives to me is even better than my salary, my parents are having a better life all because of him,you caused it chidi it was all your fault,you gave me no choice

Chidi held her knee

Chidu:amara,am sorry for all what you have went through just because of my mistake, but you never gave me the chance to explain to you the last time we saw each other, the only regret i have was leaving you,i could have stayed and fight for you,i didn’t mean to hurt him that faithful day,maxwell blocked me on my way coming back from a party, two other guys was with him,i had to protect myself, yes I beat him up but didn’t shoot him i swear,i and emma left after that

Amara :wait you and emma

Chidi :he didn’t tell you Emma was there,emma killed the two boys he did that trying to defend me

Amara :if emma was there why didn’t you say so if what you are saying was the truth

Chidi God amara, do you think Emma won’t go to jail if i implicate him,i was even glad maxwell didn’t mention him,the only reason I was free was because of my dad and the money my dad payed to keep maxwell mouth shut

Amara looked surprised

Chidi :he didn’t tell you that also, oh you thought he just decided to let me go after he has caught me in his neck.

Amara :what about the finger print on the gun

Chidi :i touched the gun when I took it from him and throw it away, it might be possible he shut himself.

Amara :he couldn’t do that

Chidi :are you sure of that

Amara :but why

Chidi :you still don’t get it do you,he wanted me out of the way,and he had to make you get me out of your mind and becomes his,and his plan worked,you easily fell for it,you see all this he is doing for you is to keep you all to himself,i know figures everything out he tryed raping you because seeing me back was something he wouldn’t take and maybe if he had s x with you or you got pregnant you will quickly marry him and there won’t be a chance for me then.

Amara felt like killing herself she couldn’t take all what chidi was telling her,she cried her heart out

Amara :how can he do this to me

Chidi hug her

Chidi :ah ah stop it,you should be happy you haven’t married him yet,now you can start all over again

Amara :but how, what do I do now

Chidi :do you really want my advice

Amara:yes please help me

Chidi :amara i will help you but you have to be clever, maxwell is a very intelligent person when it comes to games like this,you have to pretend nothing happened

Amara wipe away her tear

Amara key

Chidi :you will go home, accept any things they say okey,just try to make peace with your parents and please try not to make maxwell suspicious, when you are done with that,let me know

Amara :and then

Chidi :just relax work on this first and in no time all will be fine.

Amara smiled

Amara :thanks you very much for everything

Chidi :shhhhhh,enough of that,so are you okey now

Amara :i think so

Chidi h you look more beautiful when you cry

Amara laughed

Amara :really

Chidi :yeah,you will always be that queen to my heart

They both starred at each other

Amara felt safe for the first time in many years,her mind was now determine to end the relationship with maxwell but she has to play by the rules of chidi,she got prepared to leave chidi house the next day and by the next day afternoon chidi dropped her at home,they promised to keep in touch, amare saved chidi number in code because she couldn’t want maxwell to know she was talking with chidi,





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