Who loves me most episode 2

Maxwell and Amara were always on each other, maxwell was always on his phone either chatting or talking to Amara, there was not a pas-sing day that he won’t go to visit her,maxwell rented a place in port-harcourt close to the university so that it won’t be difficult to reach or see her.it was a Sunday evening Amara didnt go to church that day because she wasn’t feeling to well, maxwell later c@m£ to see her that day,maxwell was in the sitting room while Amara was in the kitchen preparing dinner, princess, Sandra and annabella walk into the sitting.
Maxwell smiling )hi ladies
They were all surprised to see a guy sitted comfortable in Thierry sitting room.
Princess :who are you
Maxwell :am a friend to Amara
Annabella : oh I see (s£dûçt!vely)
Just then Amara entered the sitting room
Amara :you people are back
Sandra :yes we are (they all sat down)oh Gosh am so tired.
Amara :tired? was the service bored today
Princess :no it was okey ,we all left this morning without breakfast,is there anything in the kitchen (taking off her shoes)
Amara :well thank God for you guys because have just finished preparing something
Annabella excited )you are a life saver.
Amara :you guys c@m£ back late today .
Sandra :yeah after service we went to see a friend of ours ,so won’t you be so kind to introduce us to your friend.
Amara laughed )oh sorry, this is maxwell, he’s my childhood friend,maxwell these are my good and lovely friend,.
Annabella :nice meeting
Maxwell :me too
Sandra :you are welcome to our home
Maxwell :thanks
Princess :Amara you have never mention him to us how come
Amara :well he left for UK when we where little,it has been for a long time,he just c@m£ back some weeks ago that’s why you are seeing him now.
Princess :that’s great,so hope you won’t be leaving soon
Maxwell :not really
Sandra :Amara where is the food ne
Amara :I was about dishing it out
Sandra :una still dey here abi make it go eat (she got up )
Princess :i join oooo(she followed Sandra to the kitchen )
The next day was Monday Amara left very early in the morning to school because she wanted to re-ad a little because the day lectures will start, she was heading to her clas-s when she heard her name been called at first she couldn’t recognised the person until she gave a closer look and found out it was emma friend.
Chidi smiling as he approached her, hi beauty
Amara smiled back)hi
Chidi:how are you doing
Amara :am fine thanks for asking
Chidi:that’s nothing, exactly is was in the cafeteria when I saw you pas-s(pointing at a small bar where food and drinks are been sold)
Amara :you must be enjoying yourself this early hours of the day.
Chidi:not really just doing some paper work,where are you off to.
Amara :clas-s
Chidi:this early
Amara :yeah nee-d to do somethings
Chidi :if am not disturbing you,if could love to have some few words with you.
Amara :isn’t that what we have been doing
Chidi laughed )of course (waited for a while )if you don’t mind me asking, do you have a b©yfri£nd
Amara was shocked with the question.
Amara :no, I don’t
Chidi :would you love to have one
Amara smiling )that’s if I see someone in like and will be faithful and honest to me, now why are you asking.
chidi take a cool breath )Amara, I know this will sound so crazy to you but the truth is that from the first day i set my eyes on you i liked you and ever since then I didn’t know how to express it to you,I really want you,I can’t promise you gold or silver but the only thing I can promise is that I can try my best to make you happy,I will never try to do any to hurt you (Amara sighed )I see you as a gentle girl and I will keep it that way,your emotions will not be pla-yed with that in any way i swear with my life, just give me the chance to be in your life.
Amara :it is easily said than done,you know that.
Chidi :that’s why I said I will try my best to keep my promise.
Amara :but promises a day are meant to be broken.
Chidi :not for me
Amara and chidi starred at each other, chidi heart was beating so fast cause he wouldn’t want a wrong answer.
Amara :I will be sincere with you, am not really into this thing called relationsh!p, it’s not about the heart breaking thing,it’s just that too much problems comes with it.
Chidi :it will give you time to think about it,i don’t want to rush you,maybe when next week, i see you will give me an answer, how about that.
Amara :alright
Chidi :let me walk you to you clas-s
Amara :no thanks just continue with what you were doing
Chidi:are you sure
Amara :yeah I am
Chidi: okey if you say so
Amara :I will be on my way now.
Chidi :you take care or yourself till we meet again
Amara gave a quic-k smile and went her way,and fierce the day lectures amara went home, she took her bath ate the food and went to be-d,she was waken up by the vibr@tion coming from her phone she looked at her well clock it was few minutes pas-s eight,she didn’t know she has sle-pt for five hours, the phone rang again she took her phone to see who the caller was,it was maxwell,she sat upright on her be-d and picked the call.
Amara :hello maxwell
Maxwell :hi, how are you
Amara;:am cool and you.
Maxwell :am okey, hope am not disturbing you
Amara :no, not really.
Maxwell :I thought you were busy cause I have been calling for a long time.
Amara :I was slee-ping, but I am awake now,cause I have to re-ad my books later when am done talking to you.
Maxwell smiled )always with her book,hope you do rest
Amara :I do rest,but I have to be very serious with my studies so that I can be successful in life,I want to be able to give my parents comfort when they grow old,I want to have enough money to take good care of them.
Maxwell :that’s good but what if you get married to a wealthy man,you know like it ,you don’t nee-d to work ha-rd for money then.
Amara (laughed )oh maxwell don’t be silly but in any case that happens that won’t st©p me from working,now let st©p imagining things that won’t happen.
Maxwell :what can never happen
Amara :you and me getting married
Maxwell :but you know sometimes good things do happen
Amara :talking about marriage, when are you getting married because you haven’t told me about any one that is in your life or don’t you want to get marry
Maxwell :I love to but she is not re-ady yet
Amara happy )that means you have some one alre-ady.
Maxwell :not really, we are just close friends and I believe one day she will un-derstand my feelings and she will see how much I love her and she will know that I can go to any length to get what she de-sire.
Amara :you talk about this girl with so much love,if you love her the way you say , why don’t you let her know.
Maxwell sad)am shy
Amara :you have to try
Maxwell :i know, I see her almost every day but don’t have the liberty but I just can’t tell her
Amara :you have to,she will un-derstand you.
Maxwell :Amara, will you un-derstand, if you will un-derstand then I will take a step.
Amara shocked and confused )me
Maxwell :yes you are the one no one else
Amara:maxwell, you know i love you only like the brother that I never had.
Maxwell :and I love you more than my sister
Amara was now speechless
Maxwell :i just thought I can make you un-derstand, you have never left my mind,you said she will un-derstand but you are wrong, you can never know how it feels,I shouldn’t have said this out yet because I know you wasn’t re-ady but am glad I did,goodnight amaretto sweet dreams(he hvge up)
Amara was so confused, she wouldn’t imagine what she just heard ,she was doing lost in thought,how can her best friend be in love with her,what is she going to do,she alre-ady thinking of what chidi told her and now this,she la!d there on her be-d wandering in thoughts.
It was week end, chidi went home as he normally do most of the time,his father Mr Jonathan who was a full time business man,Mr Jonathan wasn’t always around because he is always travelling from one country to another on business,Mr Jonathan was in his sitting room re-ading a news paper as he always does each time he comes back from a trip to know what has been happening in the country.
Mr Jonathan with a loud voice )Mary,mary
Mary c@m£ into the sitting room)yes sir you called me
Mary was the s£nior maid in the house,most times you will mistake her as the older sister to chidi because of the way she dresses, she is beautiful down to earth and her english is very neat.
Mr Jonathan :where is my son
Mary:he is in his room sir
Mr Jonathan :go tell him I want to see him now
Mary okey sir
She left to call chidi,not long chidi walked into the sitting room
Chidi :dad you s£nt for me(he sat down on the couch)
Mr Jonathan dropped his news paper)yes I did (he cleared his throat) report c@m£ to me while I was still in China that you took a loan of one million naira from first bank and you didn’t pay back,I had to pay with my own money to save other embarras-sment that my own son will take a loan from a bank when I am capable of more than that,if I may ask what did you use the money for.
Chidi:I won’t ask you how you found out because I know it was that stupid P.A of yours that told you.
Mr Jonathan upset)are you stupid,I just asked you a question and am still waiting for an answer.
Chidi :I just nee-ded money for some things you wasn’t around and mum wasn’t too
So I did what I thought was best.
Mr Jonathan :what happened to your allowance, I put five thousand naira into your account every month so that you will not lack anything, you are not the one taking care of your school expensive, so tell me what was the money for.
Chidi:dad,you are taking this issue too far,I didn’t collect the whole bank just one million naira.
Mr Jonathan angrily )will you shut up your mouth, shut up look at you,all you know how to do is to spend money on alcohol, cigarette, women and p@rties, you are wasting your youth.
Chidi upset)dad,it my life and I will do with it the way I plea-ses.
Mr Jonathan : oh,then not with my money,chidi I am warning you be careful or else you will regret i been your father, nons-en-se.
Chidi:am sorry dad,it won’t happen again
Mr Jonathan :yes sorry, that’s what you always say,till you go out there to spoil my repetition, you know who I am,why can’t you behave like your younger sister,you are brilliant and that is why I am even trying to advise you,you don’t have any common s-en-se.
Chidi:I will try,can I go now
Mr Jonathan :leave my pres£nce
Chidi got up and left
Amara was coming out from her clas-s when she saw chidi close to her clas-s, she was surprise to see him standing there looking at her smiling, she walked up to him.
Amara smiling )what are you doing here,if I could remember you are not in my clas-s.
Chidi :no,I was waiting for you
Amara :I thought as much
Chidi :here (handing her a package )I bought this for you
Amara greatful )you bought this for me
Chidi :yes and I know you will like it.
Amara took the package from him)thanks ,am impress,I have not been seeing you around.
Chidi :yeah,I went home,I just c@m£ back yesterday, so how about my proposal what do you say.
Amara :chidi,you are a nice guy no doubt but I nee-d some more time,why don’t we just be good friends for now.
Chidi disappointed )I don’t want to be friends, if I wanted to be your friend i could have asked for friendsh!p, I want you to be my girl and I believe you can give me an answer, just tell me yes or no,if you don’t want me i will let you be (took her by the hands)look into my eyes and tell me you don’t want me and I will let you be (both starred at each other and Amara was speechless )I will make you happy in promise you.
Amara :I want you but I just nee-d a little time
Chidi okey,you want time and time you will get (smile )you must be famished, let’s go to the restaurant and have some thing to eat.
Amara nodded,chidi place his hand around her shoulder and left.
Emma c@m£ back from school as he opened his room door he found Sandra on his be-d,he was shocked and surprise
Sandra smiling )hello baby
Sandra got up and embr@ce him
Emma:you didn’t tell me you were coming (placing his hands round her w@!st)
Sandra :were you expecting someone
Emma laughed )plea-se don’t be ridiculous who will i be expecting (left Sandra and drop his school bag and books on the table)
Sandra :you must be tried
Emma :no am not
Sandra :why don’t you take your bath while I prepare the table so that you can eat i cooked something for you.
Emma :mmmmm good housewife, always taking care of me
Sandra :i am not your housewife
Emma :very soon you will be
Sandra okey sir let that time come
Emma :that time will soon come (Sandra got up and was about leaving )how is Amara, princess and annabella
Sandra:they are all fine.
Emma :chidi and amara are getting really close and it was so fast,they even talked today.
Sandra surprised )when was that
Emma :this afternoon after lecture, I was with him waiting for Amara before I left to my other lecture, I later called him and he said they had lunch together, but she still haven’t given him any replies.
Sandra : oh maybe she doesn’t like him
Emma :i doubt that,chidi said she confess of her likeness for him and wants to be his girlfriend, he said maybe she is bothered with some thing
Sandra :i don’t know but I feel I should tell you
Emma :what is it
Sandra :well there’s one guy his name is maxwell, she said he is her childhood friend that just c@m£ back from UK,but believe me they are really close, I think their relationsh!phas pas-sed beyond friendsh!p, everytime I see them together in always observe the connection between them and the guy eyes are full with love and pas-sion,it is written all over him.
Emma thought for a while
Emma:do this for me,try to ask her if she is in love with this guy and any thing she tells you let me know.
Sandra okey I will,now go take you bath am coming.
Sandra walked out of the room,and emma took his clothes off remaining his bo-xer, he took his towel and went into the bath room,
It’s been three day since maxwell talked with amara, he was upset about the replied he got from amara. He travelled back to lagos where his mother is staying to cool his head for a while,he was inside his room browsing on his computer when his mother knocked on the door.
Maxwell :come in, the door it not lock (his mother entered )hi mum
Mrs ada m smiling )you and this your l@pt©p (she sat down on this be-d)can I have a word with you.
Maxwell :sure (close the l@pt©p )
Mrs ada m:maxwell tell me ,are you okey
Maxwell confused )I don’t un-derstand the question
Mrs ada m:since you c@m£ back from port -Harcourt I have been observing you and I noticed something is wrong with you so tell me what is the matter.
Maxwell was not use in keeping any thing from his mother, to him his mother was his best friend,he spend more time with his mother more then any one else.
Maxwell :you are right mum everything is not okey with me
Mrs ada m:so what is the matter
Maxwell :it’s amara,she won’t just un-derstand me,i have tried so ha-rd for her to see reasons with me but it’s not working out.
Mrs ada m:you have told her about your intention
Maxwell :i have and all she could tell me is that she only have a brotherly love for me
Mrs ada m:when was this.
Maxwell :few days ago,I called her to let her know how I feel about her but she turned me down.
Mrs ada m:and I know you haven’t called her since then cause you are angry with her.
Maxwell :yes mum.
Mrs ada m:that’s wrong,if you nee-d something you nee-d to work ha-rd for it,you don’t expect her to say yes at once,come one she is a lady and have her pride to protect, try and call her or better till go and see her and talk things over with her,if you sit here down and explain better she will un-derstand you and in no time she will come around, can you do that.
Maxwell okey I will try.
Mrs ada ,:that’s much better, so cheer up ,okey I will you now to continue with what you were doing (she got up)
Maxwell :alright mum thanks
Chidi and amara are now getting really close, they could go to school together, re-ad together, help each other with as-signment,Amara c@m£ to find out that chidi is very brilliant un-dermining his behaviour,Amara haven’t given chidi her answer yet but chidi is patiently waiting for her,at least now he is buying her trust. Chidi went to see amara at her house and found her with a small travelling bag,he was surprised.
Chidi:where are you going
Amara :am travelling
Chidi:to where
Amara :to the village to see my parents, it been long since I left them
Chidi:your parents live in the village, you never told me
Amara :you never asked
Chidi :sorry, you mean you grow up in the village.
Amara :what, you don’t like a village girl
Chidi :no not that,you don’t look like a village girl to me,am just saying.
Amara laughed )that’s because most of my friends are from the city
Chidi:so when will you be coming back
Amara :i don’t know for now but I know i won’t spend up to a week,you know i nee-d to help my parents with somethings
Chidi :so if I haven’t met you now I couldn’t have know you were travelling and you call me your friend
Amara :well that’s because I don’t have your contact
Oh I forgot to mention, chidi and amara were always around each other but they don’t have each other numbers well I know you will be wondering how come, chidi always knows the time she leaves the house and go to meet her in her clas-s after lectures, he was pla-ying a gentle guy and probably forgot asking her for her digit, how does that sound.
Chidi smiled )are you asking me for my number
Amara :plea-se st©p it am just saying .
Chidi:well you are right why don’t you give me your number
Amara :your phone
Chidi brou-ght out his phone from his side pocket and handed it to Amara, she took it and type her number on the phone then gave it back to chidi,he collected his phone looked at the number and smiled, in his mind he knows his plans are working
Chidi:hope it not a wrong number
Amara laughed )no and how can I give you a wrong number, is that what you think of me
Chidi :just kidding, I will give you a call later today
Amara key no problem
Chidi :let me be nice and drop you at the motor park (help her with the bag)
Amara :thanks
Amara got to the motor park and boarded a bus going to improve state, after some hours she arrived at her village, she had to take a taxi that will take her to her house, when she arrived she found no one at home she tried calling her mum but the number was not going throu-gh, she went inside dropped her bags and went outside to wait for then, it was close to an hour but yet none of them has returned just then it occurred to her that her mother might be at the farm, she then decided to go to the farm to check on her getting there she found her mother standing at the side of the farm, cas-sava were planted on the farm .
Amara :mama
Mrs uche excited )look at my daughter oh (embr@ced her)when did you come back
Amara :am just coming back now I c@m£ to look for you here because I found nob©dy in the house
Mrs uche :yes oh I just c@m£ to check on the farm.
Amara :mama hope you are not over working yourself
Mrs uche :no oh,you remember maxwell your friend ,the one I told you I gave your address to
Amara :yes ,what about him
Mrs uche :God will bless that boy for me,do you know that he has been paying some boy to work on this farm,he told them to always keep it neat,that they should be maintaining its until I harvest my cas-sava.
Amara looked around with surprised
Amara :maxwell payed for all this.
Mrs uche :yes ooooo,ever since he returned,he has been a life saver he always bring provisions for us when ever he comes to the village.
Amara :hmmmmmm, that’s very nice of him,so mama what did you cook
Trying to change the discussion, she knows her mother,if you don’t end the t©pic she is re-ady to say it till night falls and beside she don’t want the issues to go dee-per because her mum might start asking questions she won’t be able to answer .
Mrs uche key i forgot ,you must be hungry, let’s go home so I will make something for you to eat
Amara key
They both headed home,Amara kept wondering why maxwell could do all what her mother said but didn’t let her know, she felt hurts inside of her that she didn’t even bother to call him ever since that day they talked on the phone, she knew she had to do something about it fast,chidi later called that night and they both talked for some while before he ended the call,then she went to sleep..
It was the next day and max decided to go look for Amara at her house since her line wasn’t going throu-gh, ever since he left amara house they haven’t spoken to each other ,he was driving to her house when he saw her along the road ,he park his car.
Maxwell :Amara, come in
Amara entered the car and he continued driving, maxwell was happy to see her,it doesn’t even seen like anything ever happened,Amara on the other was just not re-ady to face maxwell but now that she was with him, she have no choice but to explain everything to him.
Maxwell :how have you been
Amara :am okey and you
Maxwell :i have been trying to reach you but it not going throu-gh, why
Amara :well I changed my line
Maxwell :why
Amara :nothing, just didn’t want to use it any more
Maxwell : oh okey.
Amara :maxwell, am really sorry about what happened the other day,and for the way I walked out on you,am really sorry.
Maxwell smiling )it’s okey, that was nothing, i have alre-ady gotten over that
Amara relieved )does that mean we are good
Maxwell : of course we are,you know i can’t get mad at you.
They both laughed, Amara was now happy that at least maxwell un-derstood.
Amara :maxwell, there is something I nee-d to tell you.
maxwell :what
Amara :that guy the other day,he is my b©yfri£nd
Maxwell heart was now beating so fast,and made him feel like exploding
Maxwell :then why did you lie to me
Amara :no i didn’t lie to you, i actually accepted him yesterday
Maxwell mistakenly hit the break of the car and the car st©p,Amara was so scared while maxwell was looking at the wheel confused, he couldn’t believe what just happened, he looked at Amara who was starring at him too,suddenly he gave out a loud laugh
Maxwell :look at you face,hahahahaha
Amara gave a de-ep breath )you got me scared
Maxwell :am sorry, so you finally have someone
Amara surprised on his reaction )won’t you get angry
Maxwell :no i mean why should I, or aren’t you happy with him
Amara :yes I am
Maxwell :if you are happy so am I. Okey
Amara :thanks
Maxwell start the car and drove off,maxwell was boiling inside but he really nee-ded to stay clam,not for long they arrived at Amara house.
Amara :thanks for the ride and your un-derstanding
Maxwell :isn’t that what friends is all about
Amara :i will call you later with my new line okey
Maxwell key I will be waiting
Amara key you take care now
Maxwell :you too (they both hvged)you have a nice day
Amara c@m£ down from his car
Maxwell :make sure you call me
Amara :i will.
They both wave good bye and she entered her house and close the gate,maxwell angrily hit the starring of his car screaming out loud in pain,he rested his head on the sit breathing heavily.
Maxwell :i must have you back, i must,i swear to God i will kill him,fuc-k
He starts his car again and angryly drove off,maxwell was trying so ha-rd to control himself, he was driving very fast and countless time hit the car starring, he arrived home and parked the car,he entered his sitting room and went to open a bottle of drygin and started drinking up,his b©dy was on fire ,he was so lost in thought, he didn’t know what to do,he pick up his phone and called his mum.
Mrs ada m :hello maxwell
Maxwell :mum mum (shouting) mum
Mrs ada m was so confused and worried
Mrs ada m :maxwell listen to me,why don’t you clam down and tell me what the problem is
Maxwell :mum,Amara is daring me,she is so pushing me
Mrs ada m knew from the tone of his voice that he is really angry and maxwell has a bad temper that he can’t control, he can end up breaking things or even kill.he has been hospitalised for lost of control, he is now going throu-gh medical treatment, and he is also on medical drug that can help him to maintain his metal balance.
Mrs ada m:maxwell relax okey
Maxwell :mum i am relax
Mrs ada m key now tell me what happened
Maxwell :how could she choose him over me,is he better them me
Mrs ada m :choose who over you
Maxwell :you know i told you everything that happened at amara place the other day,that is the guy am talking about, she told me today that she has accepted him as her b©yfri£nd,mum amara now has a b©yfri£nd, that fool.
Mrs ada m :hope you didn’t do anything stupid to her
Maxwell :mum i tried mum,i know i did (he began to cry)but how can she do this to me,you know i love her,mum.
Mrs ada m heartbroken )maxwell that shouldn’t be a problem, Amara will be yours okey just relax and everything will be fine
Maxwell :mum come on she is leaving me mum,and i can’t let her go.
Mrs ada m :maxwell are you in your room
Maxwell :no
Mrs ada m :get up and go to your room ,okey just go to your room
Maxwell did as he is told
Maxwell:am in my room
Mrs ada m :now I want you to l@ydown and have some sleep.
Maxwell :mum,i don’t want to sleep
Mrs ada m :i know but trust me on this okey get some sleep and when you wake up you will feel much better,i your mother knows what to do, just sleep.
Maxwell clamed down a little bit,he la!d down on his be-d ,just few minutes he sle-pt off,Mrs ada m later ended the call,she was not happy about what happened,she knew she nee-ded to do something to help her son who is madly in love with amara, she knows she has to act fast before he losses it,

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