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June 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Who loves me most episode 11

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Maxwell stood there smiling looking at Amara

Maxwell :hello Amara

Amara wanted to close the door but maxwell push the door open,went inside and stup the door,This made Amara move backward,maxwell came closer to her and began to admiring the sitting room.

Maxwell :nice place

Amara was angry and scared

Amara :what are you doing here,leave this intents,right now.

Amara was really frightened and maxwell could feel it in her voice

Maxwell :and if i don’t, what will you do,call chidi i suppose,what were you thinking that i won’t find you,i told you I will fish you out didn’t i,you are mine and mine alone.

Amara :i can never be yours,i belong to chidi now,i don’t want you,now leave my house.

Maxwell smiled

Maxwell :Amara

Amara :don’t you dare call my name,i don’t want to hear you say my name,i can’t be with you no matter how hard you try,it won’t work,try and understand.

Maxwell raise the tone of his voice aggressively

Maxwell :i don’t want to understand

Amara :maxwell please leave

Just then maxwell notice the ring on her finger,well chidi has proposed to amara previous day,maxwell look at the ring in shock

Maxwell :i know that’s not my ring you are wearing, don’t tell me that belongs to chidi

Amara was silent

Maxwell :Amara where is my ring

Amara was now so scared, she try to think of what

to do

Maxwell :you dare remove my ring,do you really think it’s over

Amara :maxwell you need to leave now or i will call the police

Maxwell :you will call the police and tell them what

Amara :just leave

Maxwell :am going no where Amara.

Amara quickly pick up her phone, she has took it earlier on when she was coming to the sitting room to open the door,she wanted to dial the police number, maxwell angrily took the phone from her and throw it to the floor.

Maxwell :you really want to call the police on me,right

Amara looked at him with fear

Maxwell:i am going to ask you one last time,did you take my ring off your finger and replace it with that thing there,

Amara was still speechless

Maxwell :i see you don’t know what to say,right

Amara :get out of my house

Just then maxwell gave her two heavy slap on her face,Amara fall on the floor, tear drop down her cheek

Amara : maxwell please, just leave, i don’t love you and can’t love you,i had to remove it because it wasn’t important to me anymore

Maxwell :shutup your mouth ,you don’t love me and you are telling me now,now Amara

Just then amara phone starts ringing, maxwell was curious to

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know who was calling so he went and pick up the phone but it was an unknown caller,he ended the call and was about to switch off the phone when the screen saver appeared,it was the picture chidi took when amara peak him on his cheek,chidi was the one that
put it as screen saver and amara accepted it, this got maxwell more angry

Maxwell :you now kiss him,even saving him as your screen saver, tell me has he had s*x with you

Amara knew things has gotten out of hand and worse, she try getting up

Maxwell :don’t you dare stand up

Maxwell drop the phone and walk back to where amara is.

Amara :you have to stop all this, doing this won’t make me love you

Maxwell :stup up your mouth

Kicking amara on her stomach, amare cried in pain holding her stomach, she then wish someone would come to her rescue, where was her Gateman,she had no idea.

Maxwell :stop telling me that,you have no right to say that

Maxwell kneel in front of her trying to kiss her

Maxwell :you are mine you belong to me

Amara push him away and sat up

Amara :stop this,please

Maxwell stood up and started unbutton his belt,Amara at once knew what he was up to

Amara :maxwell don’t do this please, i beg you don’t,

She started moving backward,she was still feeling pain in her stomach.

Maxwell :this time there is no escape for you, your so called Gateman will be fest asleep by now because of the sleeping portion i gave to him,so if you want to pull this house down be my guest.

Amara tried to run but maxwell got her and put her back in the floor and started to tore her nightgown

Maxwell :stop trying to resist me cause you can’t

Amara was crying and shouting, she was trying to fight back.

Amara :maxwell, maxwell, stop,you are hurting me,stop,jesus

Amara bite his hand

Maxwell scearmed in pain

Maxwell:ahhhh….,you bite me

Maxwell began to slap her

Maxwell :the more you try to resist me the more pain you feel

Amara tried her best to fight back but her power was no March for maxwell, after a little struggle maxwell succeeded in having his way on her,even if amara had have sex with chidi twice she still felt the pain,she keep pleading but it felted on deaf ears cause maxwell was busy enjoying himself on her,after some minutes maxwell was done.

Maxwell got up and sat on the floor, he checked his back pocket and brought out a packet of cigarettes,he light one and started smoking, Amara never knew he smokes but that wasn’t her problem now, Amara was still on the floor couldn’t believe what just happened, it feels like a dream to her,she looked at maxwell with hatred, she was still crying bitterly

Amara :i hate you

Maxwell looked at her smiling,

Maxwell :sure you do

Maxwell got up and started dressing up.

Maxwell :you are so good,you know we should do this again,it will be fun don’t you think so,don’t worry i am not angry with you.

Maxwell bend down

Maxwell :even if you have gave chidi the pleasure of having you first, after so many years of dating you never allowed me,well don’t worry when I finally kill him i will then know what to do with you.

Maxwell stood up

Maxwell :don’t think this is over,because it is just the beginning sweetheart, and for the record, you are the sweetest pussy i have ever tasted

Maxwell laughed and left,Amara cried there bitterly, she was so in pain,she regretted ever knowing maxwell and she curse the day she met him.

Two weeks passed and amara was trying to pretend nothing happened to her,she didn’t tell anyone but kept it to herself,she was Still scared that maxwell might come back,so she had to stay in a hotel,she felt it more safer there,she even try to avoid chidi because she was now more scared for chidi life,and this got chidi so worried, she so much miss him but she had to do this maybe if maxwell find out that she and chidi are no longer seeing eachother he might forget of hurting chidi,chidi even try to see her at her work place but never succeeded, and sometimes try talking to her but she always gave him cold replies, to her that was the only way.

Amara was in her office when her secretary called telling her that Sandra wants to see her,it took some time before she agreed because if she declined to see her Sandra will be very angry with her and that she won’t want because Sandra was a very good friend to her,Sandra enter the office, she doesn’t seem happy,she sat down looking at amara.

Amara :please stop looking at me like that

Sandra :tell me one reason why I shouldn’t, Amara what is wrong with you,i tried calling you but you were ignoring my calls,amara

Amara :am really sorry, it just that i have been passing through a lot and i didn’t want to disturb you with my problems

Sandra :and have i ever complained

Amara :and sorry okey

Sandra :my husband said chidi told him that you have been acting weird lately, giving him excuses when ever he wants to see you,he said you no longer stays at home,and each time he comes to your office he is always told by your secretary that ú are not around which he knows you are,so Amara what is coming on.

Amara look sad

Amara :nothing serious

Sandra :i know you are ignoring chidi but why

Amara :i really don’t know, but I feel if he is close to me his life will be in danger

Sandra was now confused

Sandra :i don’t understand you,what is really going on with you,we are friends right,so you can tell me everything

Amara stood up and walk to her window looking outside the window

Sandra :Amara talk to me please

Amara :maxwell paid me visit two weeks ago

Sandra was shocked

Sandra :maxwell came to your house, but how come

Amara :i have no idea,he just came

Sandra :and you let him in

Amara turned to her

Amara :i never knew he was the one, it was late in the night when I heard my door bell rang,i actually thought it was that girl in the next compound because my Gateman wouldn’t have allowed any one in except her.

Sandra okey then

Amara :i opened the door and found maxwell, he forced himself in,

Tears fell down her cheek, sandra was now curious to know the reason why she was crying

Sandra :amara why are you crying, what did maxwell do to you

Amara :he was so mad to hear that i accepted chidi proposal,he was even more mad when he saw this

Showing Sandra her phone, sandra looked at it,then got up,she knew something bad happened, she went to try and console her

Sandra :what happened

Amara :he hit me so hard,i could barely breath,i thought then he could kill me,i was scared.

Sandra felt the pain she was going through, she hug her

Amara :i begged him to stop,i pleaded with him,he was so hard on me.

Sandra :shhhhhh…..,don’t speak further, i now understand what he did to you,am so sorry.

Amara :i hate him Sandra, i really do

Sandra :but why didn’t you call me and tell me.

Amara :you were out of town and i didn’t want to tell you on phone

Sandra is now angry

Sandra :that fool,no he must not go unpunished, we need to involve the police.

Amara :please no

Sandra :what is wrong with you,what is the meaning of no

Amara :please i don’t want this to get to anyone ears,it should be between us,please,

Sandra was speechless, she went and sat down

Sandra :so what about chidi,you can’t keep suffering him like this,you need to set things right with him before he starts suspecting something.

Amara :Sandra,maxwell is obsesse with me,he wants me at all cost,he even threatened to kill chidi,i am so scared Sandra, what if he comes to look for me again, what will I do,i don’t want anything to happen to chidi,i can’t bear to see that happens.

Sandra :and you think avoiding chidi is the best way,come on amara,you have to be strong, sharing your problem with him will lighten up the whole thing.

Amara sat down,her head was full with so many things,how did she got herself into all this mess..

Its been two days since sandra visited amara and amara was still ignoring chidi,she hasn’t really have the courage to be with him ,chidi tried everything possible to get to her but it wasn’t working out,chidi was in the garden, he has been calling amara but she wasn’t picking up her phone,mrs Jonathan came to meet him,she has been observing him from the balcony,from the way chidi was behaving she knew he was trouble.

Mrs Jonathan :what is going on with you

Chidi turned and saw his mother, he was so deep in thought that he didn’t know when his mother came.

Chidi:nothing, (trying to force out a smile )

Mrs Jonathan :don’t tell me that,because I have been looking at you from the balcony and i know you aren’t yourself, so what is it.

Chidi:i have been trying to reach someone but she is not responding, i don’t know why.

Mrs Jonathan :it’s she doing something for you that you need to reach her badly

Chidi :am talking about my fiancee

Mrs Jonathan was now confused

Mrs Jonathan :your fiancee, which fiancee are you talking about.

Chidi:mum,i have a fiancee, i was going to introduce her to you and dad very soon.

Mrs Jonathan :are you referring to that girl you told me about


Mrs Jonathan immediately got angry

Mrs Jonathan :what is the matter with you,why don’t you always listen to me,so you are still on this girl issue, i thought we have talked about it

Chidi:and i made it clear to you that I don’t love dora that i already have some one i love and i will want to marry.

Mrs Jonathan :you will never marry her

Chidi is now upset

Chidi:mum,i don’t understand you,i will be the one to live with her not you

Mrs Jonathan :look at you,do you know the difference between wife and girlfriend, i am only doing what is best for you.

Chidi:i think i am in the right position to know what is best for me

Mrs Jonathan oh please keep quiet, now look at the way she is messing you up

Chidi:she is not messing me up,please am ready not in the mood for this maybe some other time.

Chidi was ready to leave

Mrs Jonathan :and where do you think you are going

Chidi:to my room,since you don’t want me to have peace here,i will just go to my room.

Mrs Jonathan :so now to you i don’t know what am saying ,don’t worry let me first see that girl here then you will understand what am talking about.


Mrs Jonathan :yes.

Chidi looked at her one last time and walked away,his mum problem is the last thing on his mind,chidi later called sandra to beg her to help him out,sandra felt sorry for chidi and decided to try her best,she came up with a plan, the next day she called amara and ask her to meet her up in a restaurant close to her super market, she also called chidi and told him the same thing, sandra was in the restaurant sitted waiting for them to come,not up to ten minutes amara walked in,Amara saw her and went to meet her,they huged and sat down.

Amara :you sounded serious on the phone hope no problem

Sandra was now laughing

Sandra :relax okey

Amara : what do you mean by relax,you called me that you want to see me and it’s serious, and now you are laughing, don’t tell me it a joke cause I will kill you.

Sandra :sorry,i just needed to bring you here,but there is something I want us to talk about.

Amara :what is it

Sandra :calm down,we are not yet complete

Amara :and who are we waiting for

Just then chidi walked in and saw them,chidi was surprise to see amara because Sandra nevered told him that amara was also invited,when amara saw chidi she was shocked, she looked at sandra who was just smiling, chidi stood his sit,he was staring at amara but amara just put her face away.

Sandra :i know both of you are surprised to see each other and i know without been told you already know the reason for my action,seriously i don’t like the way things are going between the both of you,i don’t know if I should be interfering but I will appreciate it if you guys do the same for me if i am in your shoes,so now i want both of you to settle yourselves out,now.

Chidi was pleased and was also happy for what sandra did,he never really expected it.

Chidi :Sandra, thanks for doing this am really greatful,you know i don’t have anything against amara here,so the question should be directed to her,Amara, what is the matter with you,why have you been ignoring me,if i have done anything wrong to you , u should let me know so I can apologies instead of doing this to me..

Amara wasn’t ready to answer him,this wasn’t the time for her to explain things to chidi,she got up to leave but chidi quickly held her hand and he stood up

Amara :let me go please

Chidi was confused, he didn’t understand the meaning of her words

Chidi:i should leave you alone

Amara looked at chidi with tears in her eyes

Amara :no chidi,i just want to be left alone for now please

Chidi:what are you saying,what have I done

Amara :you haven’t done anything wrong believe me

Chidi:then why do you want me to let you be for sometime

Amara :nothing

Chidi was not upset

Chidi:Amara are you trying to leave me

Amara :no

Chidi raise the tone of his voice

Chidi :then why are you doing this, i don’t understand you,is it because of dora, i thought we have settled it,what more do you want me to do

Chidi hold her by her shoulder

Chidi:amara please stop doing this to us,you are killing me,please

Amara tried to force out the words from her month but it wasn’t coming out,she wanted to explain everything to him but she just couldn’t she was too scared to do so,she removed chidi’s hand from her shoulder.

Amara :chidi just stop,stop please, i just need time,just give me time

She walked away,as she was getting to the entrance door she felt dizzy,she tried to balance herself but she was too weak to do so,she just collapse, chidi and Sandra quickly ran to her,


Chidi was trying to wake her up ,chidi and sandra was very scared,they didn’t know what was wrong with her,they quickly rush her to the hospital,the doctor immediately start treatment on her,not less them 30 minutes the doctor was done,he came out of the room where amara was,chidi and Sandra was worried but the doctor gave them the insurance that amara was fine,they all went in to see amara,amara was already awake,Sandra and chidi was happy to see amara.

Chidi:doctor mike what was the problem

Doctor mike:it was nothing serious

Sandra :then what happened

Doctor mike:she was only stressed out,you know in her condition she needs alot of rest.

They were all confused

Amara :doctor there is nothing wrong with me,i am not sick.

Doctor mike:then you are not aware

Sandra :just say it please

Doctor mike:we run some test on you and we discovered that you are two weeks and some days pregnant

Sandra, amare and chidi was shocked

Chidi:did you run the test very well

Doctor :sure,i did it myself

Sandra :are you sure there isn’t a mistake

Chidi:he is our family doctor,there is no mistake in his work,thanks doctor Mike

Doctor mike:no problem, i will leave now

Doctor mike left the room,

Sandra :chidi,why don’t we all clam down and try to slove this problem

Sandra was trying to calm him down,amara was still shocked, she was already crying,chidi looked at her with anger in them,


He screamed out,this got amara scared

Chidi:you better start talking,if you don’t you will know i have a temper

Amara :chidi please

Chidi shouted at her

Chidi :i don’t want to hear my name on your lip,don’t

Chidi was so hurt,and you can tell from his voice

Chidi:who is the father,who… is… the… father….

Amara interrupted

Amara :maxwell, maxwell is the father,

Chidi was so shocked and at once he felt weak to say a word, he felt he was dreaming,at that point he was confused he didn’t know what to do,Amara in the other hand didn’t know when she said it out but she knew chidi needed answers, TO BE CONTINUED…


Chai This Story Has Shattered my heart😭😭So Painful.

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