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March 5, 2021


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Who loves me most episode 10

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Its been two days after the encounter of dora and maxwell,so dora decided to pay amara a visit,Amara just closed from the office and was about to open the door of her car when suddenly dora drove in and almost hit her with her car,amara was scared at the same time angry, dora parked her car and came down,at seeing her, Amara started shouting at her.

Amara :are you out of your mind,you almost hit me with your car

Dora was smiling looking at amara, and amara was wondering why the smile on her face,she should be apologising not smiling at her.

Dora :well I really meant to do that and you are so lucky i didn’t break your legs

Amara was shocked and surprise at her reply

Amara :you meant to do that

Dora ignore her question

Dora :you must be Amara

Amara :and who the hell are you

Dora:call me Dora,the fiancee to chidi,the man you are having an affair with.

Amara remembered the name ,chidi has mentioned it to her,she just laughed in hearing her call herself his fiancee.

Amara :really

Dora :yeah,and i have come to warn you to stay away from him if you know what’s good for you,stop wasting your time with him cause he won’t marry you.

Amara :why can’t I just believe you

Dora of course you won’t believe me and i don’t even care what you believe,but I am telling you to back off before you get yourself hurt,i and chidi have come a long way even before you came into the picture so don’t think we are just knowing ourselves now,we love eachother so much and we are going to get married very soon,i didn’t intend to come to nigeria because he promised to come back to me when he is done here but I found out the a good for nothing girl is trying to find a place in his heart,i wont want that to happen that’s why I came down to nigeria, come on take a good look at yourself do you think you and chidi will ever be compatible, you are too low for his class,his parents won’t even look at you so baby girl wake up,you and chidi can never be,so do yourself a favour and stay away from him.

Amara was affected by her words but she holded on the tear that was gathering in her eyes and she tried not to be moved by her words,she won’t let this so call dora intimidated her,she has to fight back,with anger in her voice she spoke to dora.

Amara :look i don’t care who you are and i don’t want to know whatever you and chidi are having, that’s none of my business, you came here warning me to stay away from your man when the first thing for you to do is to learn how to keep your man so he won’t come running to me,if he is your fiancé just like you said then maybe you are not working hard to keep him,if you know what is good for you,try to stay away from me cause the next time you will try to do this again i will mess with you,it observed he sees nothing in you so that’s why he is coming to a low class girl like me,you say you are the all and mighty but a good for nothing girl is taking your precious man away from you how do that sound, now get out of my face you idiot, nonsense.

This got dora so angry,she won’t take it from Amara how can she talk back at her,she was so angry that she gave Amara a slap, amara held her cheek with her palm,she couldn’t believe what just happened

Dora :how dare you talk to me like that,do you know who I am.

Amara tried to clam herself because she couldn’t want to cause any scene

Amara :if you think I will reply your slap i won’t,i won’t behave like the mad woman that you are,but I will make sure chidi never look your way ever again.

Dora :i do hope you know how to play with fire cause I will burn you alive.

Amara :you are already burning in hell

Amara opened her car door and entered, she closed the door and drove off,dora was so angry at amara,she knew talking will not make her bend,she has to use something else,Amara couldn’t hold the tear in her eyes,she cried so bitterly as she drive, so many things was in her head and things that needed answers,she drove to chidi company ,chidi was already driving out of the company building when their cars meet, chidi was surprise and happy to see amara, he never expected to see her,he reparked his car and came down, amara did the same, he walked down to amara,

Chidi :Amara you didn’t tell me you were coming,

Amara :just hold it please

From the tone of amara chidi knows something was wrong.

Chidi :what is the problem

Amara :tell me the truth chidi who is dora really to you

Chidi was confused at the question

Chidi :who is dora to me

Amara :don’t look at me like that,i need answers,why did you lied to me

Chidi :i didn’t lie to you,everything i told you are ture,i have nothing to do with her only the fate that my parents wants me to marry her,that’s all

Amara :what am I still doing if your parents has already found someone better for you to marry


Hold her hands

Chidi :don’t talk like this it is you and no one else, whatever you heard please don’t let that get into your head.

Amara :i didn’t hear ,she told me herself that both of you have been dating for long now and ….

Chidi interrupted her

Chidi :what,you mean she told you this herself, when

Amara :few minutes ago,at my work

Chidi :look all are lies okey,it just one of her way to try and get me to look her way,please just trust me,i will do nothing to harm you.

Amara :i love you chidi,i really do,promise me you won’t leave me

Chidi huged her,he understands what she was going through, he was so angry at dora for making amara be like this,

Chidi :i won’t leave you for anything in the world ,i love you more okey

They huged for sometime before they separate, amara was now feeling more better than before,she feel relaxed now.

Amara :i should be going home now,i really need to rest.

Chidi okey,as soon as I get home i will come see you,now i want to see that smile

Amara laughed

Chidi :that’s my baby,later then

Amara okey,love you

Chidi :love you more

They both kissed and amara drove off,chidi angryly entered his car and headed home,when he got home he entered the sitting room and saw dora sitting in the couch watching movie,chidi walked up to her.

Chidi :what did you tell Amara

Dora:is that why you are shouting at me

Chidi:if you don’t start talking now i swear I will cut off your tongue

Dora saw the seriousness in his eyes,she felt a little bit scared

Dora :well I only told her what every woman that is in love will say,i told her to stay away from you,i did it because I love you.

Chidi :will you stup up,how dare you go to meet her,what for,and come to think of it how did you know her and where she works

Dora :i have my ways around

Chidi :you know your way around, i see

Dora got up trying to subdue him,

Dora :what do you even see in her,she is nothing,nothing to be boost of

Just then chidi gave her a slap that send her falling on the couch,she scearmed in pain holding her cheek.

Chidi:next time you talk about her like that i will make sure you regret it and don’t you ever go close to her again, do you understand

He hold her on her neck

Chidi :do i make myself clear

Dora was scared

Dora :yes I understand

Chidi left her and walked upstairs, dora was so scared, she had never see chidi like that and didn’t know chidi had such a temper,she quickly got up and went to her room to call maxwell to inform him on what happened, she sat on the bed and dialed maxwell number, maxwell picked up after the second time of ringing.

Maxwell :what’s up

Dora with a low tone

Dora :maxwell.

Dora:maxwell, i don’t think i can continue with this mission any more

Maxwell was surprise

Maxwell :and why is that

Dora :how do you expect me to start a battle without fighting

Maxwell :i don’t understand you

Dora:i want to do more than just talking and threatening, i need to put a little action, so that our plans will work perfectly

Maxwell :i still don’t get you

Dora :you want me to work with you but don’t want me to play by my own rules and it’s killing me,i really can’t tolerate any nonsense from that B***h that called herself amara,

Maxwell was not happy with the way she was referring to amara he quickly interrupted her

Maxwell :watch your mouth if you don’t want to have a problem with me

Dora :well I just can’t hold myself, she is really getting on my nerve

Maxwell : have u meet her

Dora :yes I did today,and you need to see what happened, that girl isn’t someone you will handle with easy hand,i need to teach her a little lesson so she will know am serious.

Maxwell :what do you have in mind

Dora:i can think of something good,and i have to do it secretly cause I don’t want chidi to suspect me,he almost killed me today when he found out I comfronted her.

Maxwell :he was aware

Dora:yeah,i think she told him,

Maxwell thought for sometime

Maxwell :don’t do anything stupid to her,i will fix her myself, you just try your best to stay close to chidi,and still continue to pay amara visits, i know amara,your continue visit will make her double minded that is all I need okey.

Dora:just pray all this work cause if it doesn’t i will do what I intend to do and you won’t blame me

Maxwell :lay your hands on her and chidi will be the one to pay for it

Dora was speechless, she knew maxwell was serious.

Maxwell :we will talk later

Maxwell ended the call, Dora wasn’t pleases she wanted to do what she wants but now she is having threat from both maxwell and chidi,she needs to act low but she intend to do something.

It was later that evening as chidi has promised he went to amara house, he knock on the door and amara opened, they were both happy to see eachother, amara ushered chidi in,chidi sat down while amara sat close to him,Amara tried to look happy but in her she knows she is not,what happened earlier on was still bothering her.

Chidi :ah,are you thinking about what happened

She looked at chidi who was looking at her with concern, that was one of the things that made her love chidi,he always knows when she isn’t okey and try to cheer her up,she smiled weakly.

Amara :should i be happy

Chidi: Amara, you do believe me don’t you.

Amara :do i really know everything,

Chidi wasn’t expecting that answer from her,all this time she still doesn’t trust him but he couldn’t blame her,chidi took her hands.

Chidi :i have told you everything you need to know about me but I still can’t figure out why you still doubt me,i don’t think there is any secret i am hiding from you, i am trying to make things work out here,all I need is your trust and confident in me,i hate it when you doubt my love for you.

Amara felt touched by chidi words she knew then that she has offended him.

Amara :am sorry chidi, am really sorry,i don’t know what is wrong with me,i know you love me so much and i appreciate that,please forgive me for doubting that.

Chidi smiled

Chidi:just know that you are all I ever want in this life,and i am always here with you no matter what happens, and i need you to promise me that you will always stick by me on whatever happened

Amara :i promise chidi,nothing will make me walk away this time

Chidi kissed amara and she response,

Chidi: i promise she won’t bother you again

Amara :she won’t even dare not after how i gave it to her

Chidi smiled

Chidi :really

Amara of course, do you really think i will let her intimidated me ‘come on,i am strong enough to take care of her,just leave that for me,even if she comes back i am ready for her.

Chidi laughed

Chidi :wow,super woman

Amara :that’s your cup of tea,do you think I will want to allow one girl that came out of no way to steal you from me,hell no,or will you watch someone else come take me away from you

Chidi:please don’t go there,i will kill that person,

They both laughed

Chidi :you are wonderful, and you are the best thing that has happened to me and i bless the day i met you.

Amara felt loved, she was happy that chidi came back to her,like what they say,whatever is yours will locate you no matter how long it takes and she is happy to be with chidi.

She later prepared something for chidi and they both ate together, they had Sex which will make it the second time,after which chidi left to his house, Amara wanted him to stay but he couldn’t because he have something important to do at home for his dad that day.

It has been up to two days and amara hasn’t seen or heard from dora,she was really preparing for her and was hoping to come across her again,it was 10: pm in the night, she was in her bedroom when she heard her door bell rang, she was surprise, who could be looking for her at this time of the night, she knew it wasn’t chidi because chidi was out of town that day and definitely not Sarah,or maybe it was the girl in the next compound who is trying to make Friend with her,it could be her because that is the only person that her Gateman will open the gate for at this time of the night,she got up and went to the door,she then opened the door

Amara :jesus

She stared at the person in front of her,fear was all over her,she then regretted ever opening her door, what am i going to do now,oh God help me she prayed, TO BE CONTINUED😢


Guess Who Was At The Door?




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