when we fell episode 18 & 19



(Forever yours….)

CHAPTER 18 & 19


Written: By, Succy j




Genre{s}: Dark Romance, forbidden love, high school story.


Angelo eyes widened in shock but he took the opportunity immediately, and kissed her more roughly, wrapping his hand tightly around her waist.

They both kissed passionately not minding the fact that people were staring at them.

Mike frowned In annoyance as he stared at them. That feeling that he had long forgotten was brought back.

He was damn so jealous.

Isabella tried to pull away from him buthe didn’t allow her, as he bite her lower lip harshly, almost drawing out her blood.

His hand moved to his blouse, and he touched her br***t softly, making her gasped… and that was when she forcefully unlock from the kiss.

She stared around shyly only to see people staring at them, and some were even taking pictures of them.

🗣️”Awwn, aren’t they just so cute”

🗣️”It seems her boyfriend is the romantic type that always want to show the world she belongs to him”

🗣️”They are such a perfect couple” The people kept whispering to themselves, as they stared at them.

The both couldn’t help but blush.

All this while mike kept staring at them with a smirk.

“If I say I am not surprised then I am lying. With the way you have always pleaded with me to come back to you, I always think you were going to stay single forever but then you are already in a relationship” He scoffed.

Angelo huffed.

“She is already stuck with me dude and you cannot get her back..and if you do”. He smirked. “I will leave the rest for you to witness ” Angelo said in a serious tone that even scared mike.

He grabbed hold of isabella hand, and they both walked out of the mall while matilda rushed after them.


“Let me go” Isabella yelled and pulled her hand away from his.

Angelo scoffed, and turned sharply to look at her, making her gulped down.

“Do not tell me you use me as a bait to get back at your ex… because if it is what it is… ” He scoffed.

“That’s what it is kid. What were you thinking? That I will kiss you because I wanted to get into a relationship with you. Am sorry dude but like I clearly say you are not my type and i just kissed you to get back at him. That’s all” She said rudely, and he just scoffed glaring at her.

She tried to walk away from him but he pulled her to himself harshly.

He scoffed, and then he let out a creepy smirk that scared the hell out of her.

He was up to something and it was clearly not a good one.

He suddenly let go of her.

“You know what miss isabella…I think you are the type of woman who clearly don’t like nice men, you are the type of lady who is damn so stubborn…well I don’t plan to play nice anymore” His expression turn to that of an angry one.

He grabbed her arm harshly, and pulled her closer to him.

“Do not expect me to be nice to you from now on. Get ready for me because seriously you wouldn’t like what I will do to you” He smirked evilly as he moved away from her.

Isabella gulped down as she watched enter the car with that same dangerous smirk.

Isabella sighed softly.

She turned around only to see matilda staring at her.

Matilda sighed softly.

“Don’t even think of saying anything about this” Isabella said to matilda who just rolled her eyes.

“Babe give that kid a chance….I mean..”

“Can you please stop telling me that” Isabella cut her off.

Matilda sighed and raised her hands up as a sign of surrender.

“Okay fine…am not going to say anything concerning this issue…but just so you know that kid seem determine to get you, and eve if he have to do something terrible to you… That kid might not just be Inlove with you but he is also obsessed with you and when it is gotten to that stage, trust me that is the dangerous aspect of it all” Matilda said.

Isabella sighed softly…but she just rolled her eyes.



He sat down in front of the mirror, staring at himself as he smoke from the cigarette.

Don’t be surprised…he is spoilt to that extent.

He Scoffed, and hit the mirror harshly, making it crash to the wall.

He turned to look at the big frame hanged on the wall and then he smirk.

He stood up softly to the frame, and touched it softly with that dangerous smirk plastered on his face.

“Awwn miss isabella. You are trapped with me and now there is no escape” he whispered while staring at the picture.

The door opened revealing a man dressed in suit. He bowed down as he got inside.

“Boss Baby k is here to see you. Do I let her come in?” He asked.

Angelo scoffed and nod his head.

The man bowed down, and walked out.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing a young girl. She was dressed in a blue strapless Gown, that stopped below her knee exposing her perfect thigh.

Just by staring at her, you could tell she was a Rich kid because her all belongings were expensive.

Her make-up were lit but it suited her perfectly, making her look pretty.

He turned sharply as he rolled his eyes as his eyes met with hers.

“What are you doing here…why are you back in the first place?” Angelo asked rudely, and she just scoffed.

“Is this how you are going to welcome me.” She said annoyed, and he just rolled his eyes.

“Welcome katrina.” He said, as he sat down on the bed, staring at her, expecting her say something.

Her eyes moved to the frame, and then she scoffed.

“So this is the bitch I heard you are in love with” She said, staring at the picture with hatered.

“Mind you word katrina, except you want your tongue to be cut off” He said dangerously, scaring the shit out of her.

He was a man that means his word, that is what katrina as learnt to know about him.

Wondering who she is? Well we will find out later.

“Am sorry… but, she is not fit for your world. I have kept your secret of you and your family just like how you expected of me, and I alone deserve you or do you think when she discovered everything about you, she is going to like you” Katrina yelled angrily.

Angelo glared dangerously at her, and she gulped down, her heart beating widely as he stood up and started taking slowly but dangerous step towards her.

He smirked.

“Tick…let that be my worry, and also I don’t fucking care anymore I she accept me or not because I have had enough of her…I am taking her forcefully” He said seriously, and katrina just sighed.

“But….” She tried to say something but angelo cut her off with a wave of his hand.

Something was off about him? What was the secret of his family? These questions are still mystery to us.

Almost immediately the door opened and josh walked in.

“Guess your second half is here” Josh said, as he sat beside him, but he just ignored him as his eyes were clearly fixed on the frame.

Josh stared at the picture, and stared at his friend back before letting out a smile.

“Hmmm…are you really serious about adopting her?” He asked.

Angelo turned to look at him, and let out a smirk.

“Tonight she belongs to me” He said seriously with that same smirk.

Josh sighed, and click his tongue.

“Guess it was a wrong choice having a one night stand with you” Josh Said, and chuckled.

“Well I was trying to play nice to her, infact I tried really hard to keep my darkside away from her but guess she is not an easy type, and I am tired of playing the nice guy to her so I am taking her by force” He said, as he smoke from his cigarette.

Josh just strugged his shoulder.

“You are now obsessed with her dude. Your behavior towards her is becoming scary” Josh said.

Angelo let out a creepy laughter.

“Well I was trying to make her fall inlove with me while prentending to be the cool guy but guess it didn’t work…I don’t intend to play nice anymore if she dare refuse me” He said with a dangerous smirk as he drink from his glass cup.

Who was he at the moment? Was he still the high school kid or he was something different right now….

He was the dangerous right, and his words can scare someone to death.

His mind were not intact as all he could think of was how to make isabella his.

He was obsessed.

What is obsession? Obsession is something that you can’t let go of and you are ready to take risk just to make sure that thing belongs to you.

His level of love is risky at the moment because it has turned Into obsession, and it was dangerous.

The feeling to make her his, the feeling of possessing her has taking over him and his taughts about getting her was damn so risky.

If only she knows what was going on right now, she will he ready to fly back to australia.



She gulped down softly as she walked out of the office, heading to the classroom.

Her heart was beating widely, because she was going to see angelo again, the same person she was hiding from.

If only he was not her student.

She felt guilty for yesterday rent though but she just wanted to make it clear to Mike.

Her phone rang and she smiled when she saw the name “Soul sister” Which was matilda.

“Hey baby girl. Are you at the airport already?” She asked.

“Yeah…am In the plane already” Matilda replied.

Wondering what happened?

Matilda got a call from her relative, that her mother was seriously sick so she took the morning flight to australia.

“Call me when you get to australia okay. Trust me your mum is going to be fine” She said.

Matilda sighed softly, and cleaned her tears off.

“Take care bestie. Gonna hang up now, the plane is about to take off” Matilda said, and immediately she hanged up.

Isabella walked around the long passage with some books in her hand, when she sighted Angelo with a girl, kissing and she just scoffed.

For some reason she was damn so angry.

Her eyes met with angelo and she quickly looked away.

She could swear her heart hurt right now just by staring at them.

She remembered yesterday incident and sighed.

‘Maybe he got angry and decided to forget about me’ She taught and then sighed.

“Are you jealous?” Someone asked from behind, and she turned sharply only to realize it was angelo.

She hissed, and continue walking, while he just scoffed.

“Who cares about you kissing another girl…after all that is what I wanted anyway” Isabella said but still, she didn’t trust her words.

Angelo huffed, but he didn’t say a word.

Isabella was kinda surprised because by now they are supposed to be arguing.

“You know what miss isabella if I were you, I would probably be running, because from this moment onward, you will wished you never met me or never came to san Francisco” He said.

Isabella Scoffed, as she stared at him in confusion, while he just smirked.

“See you tonight” He winked at her, and entered the classroom leaving her standing in taughts.

“What was that?” She asked herself but got no reply.

She sighed softly before entering the classroom as well.


As isabella head back home, she noticed a black car following her.

She has that feeling that the car was after her.

She gulped down softly.

Something kept telling her that she was in danger.

A cab stopped, and she quickly entered, not caring to look at the car.

She sighed in relief as she entered…but then her eyes widened when she saw Angelo seated beside her with few men dressed in black suit and one could tell they were dangerous.

She tried to open the door but it was already too late.

Isabella gulped down while he just let out an evil smirk.

“Hello miss isabella” He called huskily.

“What the yell are doing kid?” She yelled.

“Yell at me one more time, and I will fuck you right on this car” He said seriously, and she kept quiet immediately, her heart beating widely.

“Drive” He commanded, and the car take off immediately.

“What the hell is going on you bastard. Let me out” Isabella yelled, hitting the glass.

Angelo pulled her harshly to him.

“No one is letting you out of here…I did warn you isabella, you are stuck with me” He let out an evil smirk.

Isabella eyes widened.

“What the fuck! You are an asshole” She yelled angrily.

“Well is better I let this easy” He said, and immediately a sharp needle pierce into her skin, making her groan in pain.

Almost immediately she suddenly feel sleepy, she tried to open her eyes but the darkness took over her.

Angelo placed her head gently on his shoulder.

“You are stuck with me. Letting you go is my death” he whispered, and kissed her forehead.

Indeed the sexy teacher was stucked with the most hottest dangerous student…

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