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When love just happens 2 finale



The nurses took the babies from them, and asked Jeffery to excuse them so Jane could be cleaned up.

When he got outside the labor room, he decided to call his mother and inform her about Jane’s safe delivery.

“Jane has alre-ady given birth?” His mother screamed into the phone.

“Yes mum, two beautiful girls” Jeffery proudly announced to her.

“Oh thank God”

From the background, Jeffery could hear her dancing and singing.

“quic-kly, text me the hospital’s address, I’m on my way….” She kept dancing and singing.

“All right mum” he ended the call laughing.

Jeffery texted his mother the address, and called Dele and the rest to inform them too.

un-der two hours, the Ademola’s alre-ady flooded the hospital with their pres£nce and gifts for Jane and her babies.

“Sharp shooter! Only once, and you scored two goals” Michael hailed Jeffery.

“Hahahahaha” Jeffery laughed at Michael’s comment.

“Congratulations man” Michael shook Jeffery’s hand.

“Thanks man”

“Congratulations bro, I’m happy for you” Dele hvgged Jeffery.

“Thanks, hope you are re-ady for godfather duties?”

“Ever re-ady, wait until you hear the places I plan on taking them for vacation once they are of age” Dele [email protected]

They all laughed at Dele’s comment.

*One month later*

While Jane was pregnant, she made sure to re-ad all the books she could [email protected], that were about pregnancy and how to take of the infants, once they were born. But no amount of re-ading had prepared her for the sleepless nights, she has been having for the past one week. Just the same way, no amount of re-ading prepared her for the labor pains she had in the labor room.

The girls were growing well and healthy, but lately they have been waking up at night, and feeding almost throu-ghout the night, when she complained to their pediatrician, she told her it was normal for infants.

“There is nothing normal about brea-stfeeding two babies all throu-gh the night” she had argued.

Thank God for Jeffery, who is always awake with her, and helping her to rock the babies to sleep whenever she gets tired.

They were both named Kylie and Millie, and because of their identical nature, Jeffery had a wristband made for them with their names on it. He did this after mistaking Kylie for Millie.

Jane had laughed at him when he ordered for the wristband to be made for the girls, but now, she is grateful for it, because it has saved her the trouble of having to tell visitors which baby is Kylie or Millie.

“Hey….” Jeffery gently woke Jane up. “Wake up, it’s time for breakfast”

Jane opened her eyes and saw a tray of food by her be-dside.

“Good morning” she sat up yawning. She ba-rely sle-pt a wi-nk last night as the girls kept waking up to feed, she was finally able to sleep by 5am, when they st©pped feeding and sle-pt. Her eyes felt like they had sand in them.

“Good morning” he k!$$£d her. “No need asking how your night was, because I know you didn’t sleep, that’s why I decided to prepare something for you before leaving for work”

“Awww breakfast in be-d, aren’t you the best husband ever?” She smiled at him.

“And I have the best wife” he placed the tray on her [email protected], and opened the plate to reveal omelette, and some toasted bre-ad, beside the plate was a mug of steamy h0t chocolate drink.

“Thank you so much Jeff, I don’t know how I would have been able to survive these past month without your constant support, you have been such an amazing husband and father”

“What are you talking about? You are the one who has been staying awake almost every night tending to the girls, you deserve some spoiling girl”

“I love you so much”

“And I love you too, now eat up, while it’s still h0t”

Jane who was famished, started eating while Jeffery got re-ady for work. Kylie and Millie were still slee-ping, and if she is lucky, she might be able to nap a little longer after eating, before they woke up.

She has a nanny that comes to helps her with the girls when Jeffery is away at work. Her mother inlaw comes around to help sometimes too. While Vivian Jane’s mother, practically lives in the house because she comes visiting almost everyday, when she is not at work. And she spends quality time with Jane and the girls, ma-king sure Jane doesn’t get too stressed out catering for them.

When Jane commented about this, she told her she alre-ady missed out on her life, and she wasn’t re-ady to miss out on her granddaughters’ lives as well.

Later that evening after work, Amaka went over to Dele’s house.

For the past one week, he has been away in India, where he went to open a [email protected] of his fast food restaurant. He got back that afternoon, and Amaka couldn’t wait to see him. So she hurriedly finished her work at the office, and rushed down to his place.

“Hello pretty” he flashed her his beautiful set of teeth, as he opened the door for her.

She threw her arms around him, “I have missed you so much”

“Me too baby, me too”

Amaka noticed he was talking funny, so she pu-ll-ed out of the hvg, to look at him.

“Why are you talking like that?”

“How do you mean?” Dele asked.

“I don’t know, but something about the way you speak seems different”

“I think I’m talking just normal”

He held her on her [email protected]!st, looking straight into her eyes.

“I love you babes”

“I love you too”

Slowly, he bent and claimed herl-ips, k!ss!ngher. Their ton-gues dancing to a rhythm, Amaka felt something strange enter her mouth, so she pu-ll-ed out from the k!ss, and spat out what was in her mouth into the palm of her hands.

To her utter surprise, it was an engagement ring.
She looked at Dele, he was smiling at her. She tried speaking but no words [email protected]£ out.

Dele took the ring from her palm. “People fall in love in mysterious ways, falling in love with you wasn’t planned, but it happened anyway, I can’t imagine my life without you, because you make my life complete, you are my world. plea-se would you marry me?”

“Oh my God….. Dele are you sure?” She whispered, for fear of breaking down in tears.

“Baby if I wasn’t sure I’m going to marry you, then I wouldn’t have been with you this long, I am very sure”

“Oh Dele” she was alre-ady crying.

“Will you?”

“Yes…” She stretched out her left hand to him, and he sli-pped the ring on her middle f!nger.

“I love you so much” he k!$$£d her.

Later that night, Amaka called Jane to inform her about her engagement.

“Amaka this had better be important, because I was alre-ady slee-ping” Jane grumbled into the phone.

“I’m getting married!” She screamed.

“What! Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious, Dele proposed this evening”

“Awwwww….. Congratulations girl, I’m so happy for you” Jane teared up as she spoke. For long, she has been praying for her friend to find happiness and love, just as she did with Jeffery.

“Thank you, so get re-ady because we have a wedding to plan”

“I have been preparing for this, longer than you can imagine”



They say; when you are really desperate to have something, you would go to any length to get it. This was the case of Amaka, ever since she and Dele got married six months ago, she has been to different places looking for a solution to her childlessness.

Their wedding was everything Amaka wanted, as Dele made sure to give her the fairy tale wedding, she always dreamt of having while growing up. It was a destination wedding in Paris, with all their friends and family in attendance, after which they went to London for their honeymoon.

Since she [email protected]£ back from her honeymoon, her mother has taken her to different prophets and prophetess, who would ask her to do strange things, all in the bid for her to be able to have a child.

She and Dele have been to several hospitals, both home and abroad, and still no solution. So she decided to go completely spiritual.

One of them, took her to bath in the river at the middle of the night. While there is another one who locked her up in a room, and asked her not bath, nor brush for a whole week.

Amaka had to run for her dear life, when she started developing skin rash and eczema, her mouth was smelling so bad, that by the time she opened her mouth to speak to Dele when she got home, he had to cover his nose.

After that, he warned her never to go for any so called spiritual cleansing, or prayers. But Amaka kept sneaking off to other prayer houses whenever Dele was out of town.

The last one took her to the beach at mid night, claiming Amaka had a spirit husband, and that they needed to go to the beach at midnight for her to ask him to leave her alone, she needed to denounce him

“Is this not far enough?” Amaka had asked, after stepping into the water.

“No you have to keep going further, this is your spiritual husband we are talking about my daughter, you need to go a bit further so you can be able to connect with your spirit husband and have him leave you alone” The prophetess urged her to keep going.

It was then it dawned on Amaka that it was either she left, or she was going to get drowned in this sea, all because she is looking for a child.

Besides she can’t conceive because of the abortion she had years back, not because she has a spiritual husband, if she truly has a spiritual husband, then how come she was able to get pregnant back then?

She [email protected]£ out of the sea and started walking to where she parked her car.

“Where are you going? Go back” the prophetess said to her, but she didn’t answer her, she got into her car and drove off.

After that night, she swore she wasn’t going to have anything to do with any prophetess or prophet ever again.

But here she is again in another house of prayer, with a man who claims he specializes in solving fertility problems.

Her mother insisted she [email protected]£ down to the east, to meet this [email protected] man of God.

“He has helped several women who were childless to have children” her mother had said to amaka, when she refused on going to see the man.

“Daughter of Zion, there is nothing the Lord cannot do, I treated cases worse than yours, and I can @ssure you that once we are done with all the prayers and spiritual cleansing, you will carry your baby in Jesus name”

“Amen” Amaka echoed in faith, believing what the man of God said.

He told Amaka to kneel down, while he la-id his hands on her head and prayed for her.

After one hour of intense prayers, and speaking in ton-gues, the man of God asked her to stand up.

“Daughter of Zion it’s almost over, one more session and it’s done, I can feel it in my spirit” the man of God closed his eyes as he spoke.

“Hallelujah” Amaka waved her hands.

“Oh give Jesus a wiper, for he has done it”

Amaka continued to wave her hands.

“Now it’s time for the final session of our prayers, this session seals and supercedes every other prayer that we have made, so you have to take it seriously”

“Okay man of God” Amaka nodded her head vigorously.

“Very good, so now this [email protected] requires that you have S-x for it to be effective”

“Oh okay, no problem”

“Good so let’s go to the inner room”

The man of God started walking towards a door at the extreme of the church auditorium.

“Wait, I don’t un-derstand” Amaka st©pped the man of God.

“We are going for the second session of the prayer” The man of God explained.

“Why can’t we do it here? Must we go to the inner room to do it?”

“You want to have S-x out here in the open?”

“Ehn? I beg your pardon? Who is going to have S-x? Because I don’t un-derstand what you are saying” Amaka asked, clearly annoyed at the supposed man of God’s audacity.

“Which one is you don’t un-derstand again? This session requires you to have S-x for it to work”

“And I will have S-x with my husband when I get back home”

“No it has to be done here, it has to be done this minute, infact it has to be done by me”

“You and who is doing that one?”

“You and I of course, or don’t you want to have children?”

“Not on your life will I sleep with you” Amaka quic-kly picked up her bag, and started to walk out of the auditorium.

“I would suggest you think about it before leaving, so many people have been here before you, and they did what I’m asking you to do, today they have their children”

Amaka didn’t even st©p to answer him, she just continued walking, until she got to the nearest bus st©p, and took a taxi to the airport.

She didn’t bother going back to see her mother, and give her feedback like they had earlier discussed she would. She would have to call her, and tell her everything that had happened, when she gets home.

When she got to the airport, she took the next available flight to Lagos.

All throu-gh the trip, Amaka couldn’t get herself to st©p shaking, how on earth did she get to this point? Is this what her life has become? For how long is she going to continue like this?

“I’m done, no more! No more tests, no more visiting prayer houses, if I can’t have a child because of some mistake my mother made in the past, then so be it! Because I am done!” She said to herself, not minding who was watching or listening.

The man sitting by her side, was staring at her in a very strange manner.

When her plane landed, she took a cab to Dele’s office, and the moment she got his office, she went straight to where he was standing and enveloped him in a hvg crying. Not minding that he was in the company with one of his staff.

“plea-se excuse us” Dele dismissed the man, who was confused at Amaka’s reaction.

“Baby what’s going on? Why are you crying? I thought you were supposed to be visiting your mum?”

Amaka didn’t reply any of Dele’s questions, she just continued sobbing into his shi-t.

“Babes, what’s wrong? Talk to me, you are ma-king me worried”

Amaka finally cleaned her tears, and told Dele everything that happened.
He was calm for a long while, looking at Amaka.

“Dele plea-se say something” Amaka pleaded.

“Let’s go home, this is not what we will talk about in the office”

He rang his manager, and told him to take care of things in his abs£nce.

All throu-gh the ride back to their home, Dele didn’t say a word to Amaka, until they both got home.

“Dele plea-se talk to me, I know you are mad at me for what I did but…”

“Like hell I’m mad! Amaka first of all, you went against something I asked you not to do, and not only that, you lied to me just so you could achieve your plans”

“Dele I’m sorry”

“Amaka you told me your mother was sick, and you needed to see her, only for you to go visit some fake man of God!”

“I didn’t know he was fake, I’m sorry”

“How am I supposed to believe you next time? Babe you looked me in the face and lied to me!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I only wanted to find a solution to our problem” Amaka cried

“And our problem is a medical one, not spiritual!”

Amaka went to him, and wra-pped her hands around his [email protected]!st.

“I’m sorry Dele, plea-se forgive me, I promise I will never lie to you again”

“And you will st©p visiting these prayer houses?”

“Never again”

“Babes” he held her face in his hands. “I know you are doing all of this because you want to give me a child”

“Yes, I just want you to have your own child and…..”

“But I’m not complaining, am I? Look at you, you have lost so much weight all because you are looking for a way to give me a child, I don’t like seeing you like this babes, plea-se you have to st©p.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m done I promise”



“Have I told you I’m proud of you?” Jeffery asked Jane as they both la-id down to go to be-d, after putting the girls to sleep.

“You tell me that almost every day” Jane replied as she placed her head on his che-st.

“Well, I’m saying it again, I’m so proud of you”

“Awwwww thanks” she k!$$£d him.

“I am proud of the woman you have become”

“And I [email protected]£ that woman with your help”

“I ba-rely did anything, you have always had that zeal in you to grow, it’s one of the things I love about you”

“That’s so sweet” Jane k!$$£d Jeffery on hisl-ips, and just when he wanted to de-epen it, they heard their be-droom door, they both turned to find Millie standing at the door with her teddy.

“Daddy…” She called out.

“Oh no” Jeffery muttered, for he knows, she was going to be slee-ping in their be-d, meaning no show for him.

“I’m so happy for Erica” Amaka said to Dele as she sat on her dresser applying her face moisturizer.

“Yeah me too, I’m so glad she is helping women who have been throu-gh similar situation as herself”

“Me too” Amaka finished applying her moisturizer, and climbe-d the be-d to join Dele. She sat crossed legs facing him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dele asked, suspicious of the way she was smiling at him.

“Nothing” Amaka replied, still smiling.

“What do you have behind you?”

“Shhh” Amaka shushed him as she looked at the wall clock in their be-droom. It was only a minute before twelve midnight.

“What is it?” Dele asked as he traced her gaze to the clock.

The moment it clocked 12, she turned and looked at Dele.

“Happy birthday”

“Oh…. Thank you” surprised was acting strange because she wanted to wish him happy birthday.

“Close your eyes I have a gift for you”

“Hmmm okay” Dele closed his eyes.

Amaka took out a box from behind her, and placed it in his palm.

“Now you can open your eyes”

“What’s this?” He asked.

“Open it, and find out”

Dele opened the box, and found a Michael Kor wristwatch in it. “This is nice, thank you” he hvgged and k!$$£d her.

“Okay close your eyes again, I have another gift for you” Amaka said grinning from ear to ear.

“There’s more?”.

“Yes, now close your eyes”

“I am liking this” he said smiling, as he closed his eyes for the second time.

Amaka leaned in, and then k!$$£d him gently on hisl-ips, before whispering into his ears.
“You are going to be a father”

Dele’s eyes immediately sh0t open, “what did you just say?”

“I’m pregnant. We. Are. Pregnant” she said with tears in her eyes.

“For real?” Dele placed his hands on her belly “you are really pregnant?” He asked in a very low voice, as if scared to say the words out loud.

“Yes” Amaka nodded, tears alre-ady streaming down her cheeks.

“Oh my God!” Dele screamed. “I’m going to be a father!” He punched his fist in the air.

“When did you find out”

“Last week, you remember I wasn’t feeling too well, and went to the hospital thinking it was malaria?”

“You actually said the doctor confirmed it was malaria” Dele responded.

“well it wasn’t. I was actually four weeks pregnant and I didn’t know”

“Oh my goodness, why didn’t you tell me?” Dele kept tou-ching her tummy.

“I wanted to tell on your birthday, as a birthday pres£nt”

“So I’m going to be a father? Where is the test result? Show me”

“Yes you are, I never believed this day would come. I actually went to three different hospitals just to know it’s actually real, it is. Dele we are having a baby” Amaka cried, as she gave the three different test results to Dele, including a pregnancy test str!p, she used in taking the test at home, after she gotten back from the hospital.

“Oh I love you so much, this is the best birthday gift ever” he hvgged her.

“I love you too, there is another gift”

Dele pu-ll-ed out of the hvg to look at her, “seriously? Another one?”

“Yes….” Amaka slowly got off the be-d, and started to s£dûçt!velytake off her night wear to reveal a S-xy lingerie un-derneath.

“Is…it safe with your condition?”

“Yes, the doctor confirmed it’s safe” she s£dûçt!velycrawled back into be-d.

“Then with all plea-sure my love”

Dele gently la-id his wife down, and made love to her.



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