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When love just happens 2 Episode 60



Later that day, Dele was able to reach Jeffery and [email protected]£d him on everything that has happened. Of course Jeffery was very pissed, just like he expected him to be, but what he didn’t expect to happen was for Amaka to show up at his door angry.

“What the hell were you thinking?” She asked angrily, the moment he opened the door.

She walked past him into the house.

“Baby what are you doing here?” Dele asked surprised to see her.

“What am I doing here? Oh my God Dele look at your face” she [email protected] as she examined his bruises.

“It’s nothing” he walked past her and sat on a sofa.

“Did you just say it’s nothing? You call getting into a fight only a few months after coming out from the hospital, nothing? Dele do you have a death wish or something?”

“He hit my sister, and this is not the first time he is doing it, what were you expecting me to do? Sit back and watch? She just had a life changing surgery for God’s sake! Now tell me if she were to be your sister, would you be calm?”

“I know baby but…”

“Even if she is not my sister, he is not even supposed to beat her at all, no woman deserves to be beaten”

“Babe you should have just called the police on him, instead of taking the laws into your hands”

“Well sometimes, when it comes to saving the ones we love, we don’t think, we just act”

“Baby plea-se I need you to promise me, you won’t ever get into a fight again?”

“Babe I can’t promise you that, if anyone tried__”

“You have to promise me Dele, that you won’t use your fist to talk, no matter what!”

Dele raised his head to look at Amaka, and he found fear in her eyes, and that broke his heart. He stood up and went to where she was standing, took her hands in his.

“plea-se promise me” she pleaded, her voice shaky. “I can’t stand the thought of anything ever happening to you again, not after you almost lost your life, plea-se…..”

“Shhhh….” He placed his f!nger on herl-ips.

“baby I’m so sorry” he drew her to himself, and placed her head on his che-st. “I promise I won’t fight again, I’m sorry I made you scared”

“When Jane called to tell me, you were involved in a fight with Erica’s husband, I almost lost it, plea-se promise me you won’t get into any fight with anyone for any reason”

“I promise, now will you st©p crying? plea-se?” He hated to see her cry, and if promising her he wasn’t going to fight is what will make her st©p, then he would do it.

“Are you really promising me that?” She raised her head to look at him.

“I cross my heart” he made a sign of the cross on his che-st.

“Thank you” she hvgged him ti-ghtly.

“Now can I get a smile?”

Amaka raised her head, and gave him a smile.

“That’s my baby, I would have k!$$£d you right now, but I have a brokenl-ip” he said smiling.

“We will just have to do with a pe-ck for now” she leaped and gave him a pe-ck on his cheek.

“If you continue pe-cking me like that, my bruises would heal in no time” he smiled at her as they both sat down on a sofa.

“So you took out two of his teeth huh?” Amaka asked with a smile on her face.

“He is lucky to still have the remaining ones”

“By the time I’m done with that Desmond of a fellow, he would regret the day he ever la-id a f!nger on my daughter” Mr. Ademola fumed with anger, as they got home later that day.

“Daddy plea-se, I think the beating Dele gave him is enough, I’m very sure he must have learnt his lesson by now” Erica pleaded with her father.

“Which one is the beating Dele gave him is enough? That man deserves to be taught a lesson, one which he would never forget in a hurry, when next he sees a woman, he would know better than to [email protected] hands on her” Mrs. Ademola was equally furious like her husband.

“It’s because of this same pleading of yours, that’s why he had the nerve to be beating you up at every whim. If you had allowed me to deal with him ever since, all of these would have been avoided”

“Mummy plea-se I beg you, don’t do anything to him, just let him be”

She turned and faced her father. “Daddy you too, plea-se don’t do anything to him, just let him be, no need to teach him any lesson, plea-se”

“Erica I’m not going to inflict any physical injury on him, or any thing of sort. I just want to shake him a little, at least withdraw the contracts he got throu-gh my connection, and…”

“No! Dad plea-se don’t do it, I beg you”

“Why are you so bent on protecting someone who doesn’t even care about you but himself?” Her mother asked in disbelief, she can’t believe her daughter is trying to protect a man who almost killed her.

“Because this same man we are talking about is the father of my son, and no matter how badly we want to punish him for the wrongs he did, we still need to have it at the back of our minds that he is Jonathan’s father, and he is going to need his father to be a p[email protected] of his life, if we make him suffer now, and loss everything he has, how do you think Jonathan is going to look at us when he grows up to know what we did to his father?”

“And you think Jonathan is going to take his father [email protected], when he grows up to find out that his father almost s£nt his mother to an early grave with his beatings?” Her mother fired back at her.

“Ronke let’s leave him, if that’s what she wants” her father said, even if it was evident he really wanted to teach his son in-law some lessons.

“Are you falling for this too?”

“Ronke plea-se, let’s leave him, that’s what our daughter wants, so let’s respect her decision”

“But what of__”

“That’s enough on this matter plea-se, Erica go and get some rest” Mr Ademola dismissed them.

Mrs. Ademola who looked like she was going to bur-st from anger, just huffed and left the sitting room.

“Baby are you sure you are going to be fine on your own?” Jeffery asked, as Jane tried to push him out of the house.

“Jeff, I’m only pregnant not an invalid” she placed her hands on her [email protected]!st.

“That’s not what I meant babe”

Jane’s delivery [email protected]£ was alre-ady close, and Jeffery has been finding it difficult, leaving her alone all by herself in the house. In as much as Jane loves him being around, she was beginning to get irritated by his constant asking her if she was having contractions, everytime she makes any sound, or complains of any pain. He was going to drive her crazy, with his constant questions, if she doesn’t s£nd him out of her house.

“Jeff, I’m very sure I will be fine, for the few hours that you would be gone, besides you need to go to work”

“I mustn’t go to work, I can work from home and___”

“Jeff just go to work, if I as much as get a slight pain, I promise to call you”

“You will call me without hesitation all right?”

“Yes I will, now get going, it’s not good for the CEO to show up late”

Jeffery gave her a lingering k!sson herl-ips, before pu-lling [email protected] “I love you”

“I love you too”

Jeffery k!$$£d her on her forehead, before leaving the house, his driver was alre-ady waiting in the car to drive him to work.

After Jeffery left, Jane decided to get some work done on her business, she intends starting it after putting to be-d.

After two hours of being on her [email protected]©p, she decided to stand up from her chair, and take a walk around the house, so she can stretch her alre-ady aching back.

She was outside, taking a walk by the poolside, when she felt a sharp pain on her lower back. The pain was so intense she had to st©p walking, holding her [email protected]!st for support.

The pain disappeared as quic-kly as it [email protected]£, and she continued walking.

She was alre-ady back inside, back to what she was doing on her [email protected]©p, when she received the same sharp pain again. This time more intense than the first. She gr!pp£dthe edge of the table, waiting for it to [email protected] Not being able to concentrate on what she was doing anymore, she decided to go lie down a bit. When she stood up, she saw water trick-ling down her legs, she also noticed her dress was w€t. It was then it dawned on her that her water has broken.

“Jane calm down, you can do this, ahhhh…” She screamed as another intense contraction [email protected]£. She bit her bottoml-ip, waiting for it to be over.

When it was over, she slowly climbe-d the stairs to the be-droom.

For the first time she hated the fact that they lived in a duplex, because the steps seemed unending, and the be-droom so far away.

She kept encouraging herself and taking de-ep breaths, until she got to the last step, and then went into the be-droom, where she cleaned herself up, and brou-ght out her delivery bag.

She decided to call Jeffery to come take her to the hospital, that was when she realized she had forgotten her phone downstairs.

“So I have to climb that staircase again?” She almost cried, upon realizing her mistake.

She summoned strength, and decided to go back downstairs, giving herself all the pep talk she could think of, until she got downstairs, and took her phone.

As she dialed Jeffery’s number, she got another contraction, ma-king her [email protected], and breath heavily.

“Is someone missing me alre-ady?” Jeffery said pla-yfully as he answered the call, but there was no response.

“Hello babe? Are you there?”

Jane was too busy concentrating on holding herself from screaming until the contraction [email protected]

Jeffery could hear her breathing heavily “Babes are you okay?”

“My. water. just. broke” she said in between breaths.

“Oh my God, I’m on my way now, I need you to calm down okay? Babes don’t panic, you can do this”

The panic on Jeffery’s voice make Jane to laugh, because it was evident he was more of trying to encourage himself and not Jane.

“Are you laughing?” Jeffery asked surprised, as he got into his car.

“No I’m not, I just realized how lucky I am to have you as my husband”

“No I’m the lucky one here, I can’t believe we are about to welcome our babies into the world”

“Me neither” Jane smiled as she sat on a couch.

“I love you so much Jane”

“I love you too Jeff, now plea-se come take me to the hospital before I give birth to your children in our sitting room”

“I’m alre-ady on my way baby”

After they arrived at the hospital, Jeffery stayed with Jane in the delivery room, holding her hands, and encouraging her, telling her she could do it. And after three long hours of constant pushing, and screaming, Jane was delivered of two beautiful baby girls.

When one of the babies was placed in Jeffery’s arms, he couldn’t st©p smiling and staring into her face.

He is now a father, this is his flesh, and blood, he took [email protected] in ma-king this beautiful human. He didn’t know he was crying, until a tear dropped on the cloth the baby was wra-pped with. He laughed at himself as he wiped the tears away.

“Daddy doesn’t usually cry, he is just happy to see you and your sister” he explained to the baby, who kept putting her fist in her mouth.

“Our girls are here, you did it babe” he whispered into Jane’s ear, she smiled at him as she held their second daughter.

She was still weak, and still felt pains from their birth, but the sight of her babies, and she holding them in her arms, made the pains seem insignificant.

“We did it” she said to him, her eyes not leaving the baby in her arms.

“I love you” he pe-cked her on her forehead.
A word/prayer for this new family.



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