When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 5


That night as James went into the room and met his wife re-ading her bible, he did not talk or even disturb her. he went straight to be-d and sle-pt off till the following morning.
Katie c@m£ just as Michelle has suggested to keep James busy while she prays but James was not interested in Katie’s talk or gist and asked her to st©p coming often and on so that he can have some time with his wife alone.
“I don’t un-derstand why you are here Katie, you c@m£ yesterday and here again today, talking none st©p, i don’t get it, you are supposed to be with Michelle your friend not sitting here with me, she is in the room, quietly doing her study, call her whenever you are coming to know when she will be free to sit and talk with you…we don’t have anything to talk about Katie…this is my house and I nee-d all the peace and serenity I can get, if I want to gist I will do it with my wife….I’m sorry if I sound harsh…I’m just trying to be real to you and not paint words…no ha-rd feelings but I will like if you can just give me some breathing space…and let Michelle know whenever you are coming so you can have all the time to gist and laugh with her…
Katie quietly stood up felling so embarras-sed and insulted at same time but she tried not to show her true feeling as she replied James
“no problem James, I will do as you say, just thought you will be feeling lonely since Michelle is having a quiet time, but I’m glad you express your disapproval over this, Michelle should be your gist p@rtner not an outsider like me…thank you anyway…I will take my leave now…
James nodded as Katie picked up her hand bag and left.
When Katie got home she decided to call Michelle.
“Hello Michelle…hello…can you hear me…okay good, your husband s£nt me out of the house today, embarras-sing me in the process and that is exactly what I was trying to avoid, he said that i should call you first before coming and not come unexpectedly and try to engage him in a conversation which doesn’t make s-en-se to him… Michelle I told you this will happen because I know James is your husband and he also have a say in his house but you said James wants your happiness and will not object to whatever that will make you happy now look at where it got me…I feel so insulted today…I will not come to your house again, after today’s insult before I step my feet into your house again it will be very ha-rd …
“Katie…James really did that…seriously, I’m sorry…I did not know that he asked you to leave. I sincerely apologies, calm down it has not gotten to that. You are my friend and I don’t know who to ask for such a favor…I’m sorry Katie…i will speak with James…
“speak to James about what…I don’t really blame him because he is right, you are supposed to be his p@rtner in everything, James is a nice guy, he did not even paint word as he said it, he just went straight to tell me exactly how he feels, I was angry and embarras-sed but as I think of it again he is fully right and I blame you for the insult I got…create time for your husband and don’t call me over irrelevant things. I seriously don’t know the kind of prayer you are doing that is ma-king you to avoid him…or don’t you love him…I just don’t un-derstand you Michelle…I’m tired of talking….
Katie ended the call.
After ma-king dinner that day, Michelle and James sat in the dining to eat, Michelle raised the t©pic of Katie but James said he doesn’t want to talk about it.
Michelle ignored him and went on talking, asking him why he has to insult her friend and s£nd her out of the house.
James ignored her as she rage on and on and after he was done eating he went straight to be-d.
James went to a separate room to sleep but Michelle was not having it, she followed him to the room and kept talking. James pretend to be asleep as he totally ignored her and started snoring.
Michelle thought James was asleep, she climbe-d the be-d and sl@p his back to wake up. He can’t just ignore her like that.
James sat up and said to his wife angrily
“Michelle what is it…I want to sleep plea-se, leave me in peace just like I have left you in peace…st©p disturbing me because I’m not disturbing you…
“this is equally my house James and I have a say. why will you s£nd my friend Katie out of the house, you should have come to me and tell me you don’t want her and there is a way I could have asked her to leave instead of insulting her and asking her to leave your house as if you are the only occu-p@n-t of this house, you did not even care about my own feeling…what kind of man are you…
James sat up properly from the be-d and face Michelle
“You are asking me what kind of man I am….well, I’m the kind of man that loves his wife and do not nee-d a third p@rty in my early marriage. Michelle, I’m the kind of man that decided not to f0rç£ his wife to do what she doesn’t want to do despite her attitudes is affecting the marriage, I’m the kind of man that nee-ds my wife at night, and even all day, having some good intimacy, cudd-ling and loving up but my wife has practically turned into something I don’t know…cudd-ling her bible to her che-st all the time instead of her husband…while I try to endure all of this madness I really do not know how much I can take but I will try because I’m into this alre-ady…no going back…I signed for it when I said I do on that alter of God. When I said I love you I meant every word of it but sometimes love is not even a enough in some circu-mtances just as this one…because is ha-rd to love a woman who do not care about her husband feeling at all…
Michelle sparked up towards her husband
“Ooh…I know your pain, because I said I don’t want anything intim-acy for now you decided to transfer your frustration on my friend…all because of worldly plea-sure. James just because of worldly plea-sure that will pas-s away one day. I am so disappointed in you… you claim to be a child of God but spill all this ru-bbish with the mouth that God gave you…
James tries to leave the room for her but she blocked the road, and asked James to wait until he hears the real bitter truth from her.
James stood watching her mouth move continuously as Michelle talks on and on.
And just when she never expected it James cu-mpped her face with his hand and lockedl-ips with her
She kicked and fought ha-rd but he was not letting go of her and after sometime James re-leased her and she was out of breath.
Breathing so ha-rd and couldn’t talk again, he went to her again and try holding his wife who was struggling to get air into her lungs.
She did not push him away as James held her to himself and quietly led her to the be-d.
And Michelle did not struggle or fight when he started with the r0m@nç£.
James had a good night and was happy as he woke up the following morning and try to continue the action, to continue where he st©pped last night but Michelle rebuked him.
He started laughing and they both laugh.
Michelle spoke out
“if this is what you want to be doing every day then you will just kill me before my time, just look at you grinning like a child, smiling from ear to ear just because of worldly plea-sure that cannot take you to heaven….now you made me to cancel all my ha-rd prayers that I was doing, it was just remaining tomorrow for me to finish up and now I have to start from the beginning again, one more week of prayer and no intim-acy of any kind…you will have to get re-ady for that long marathon because this time around I will not come down for anything…even if I have to lock the door and keep you away I will do it.
James who was still smiling as he lie down beside his wife turned towards her and said.
“I’m not against you praying my love, I love my wife to be a praying woman but I also want her to have time for us…maybe you should make it two or three days for your quiet time and I promise I won’t disturb. not one good long week, Since we are still new in this marriage, one week is too much my love. Just tell me the truth…did you not enjoy last night…that is what you have being missing all this while…a full pack of enjoyment with me…
“There is nothing to enjoy in this world because everything is vanity…the bible called it. Vanity upon vanity…this world will pas-s away but the word of God will never pas-s…it is forever true and sure. I can’t go on just three days quiet time. It must be one week load of enjoyment with my bible and a quiet time with my creator. I wish you can join me but I won’t f0rç£ you because heavenly race is a personal thing…I’m running mine you should also run yours…I will have time for you after my prayer and study is over…
James later resume work after his honey moon was over. After work one day he got a call and it was from Mirabel
“Hi James…how are you doing… since the last time we met at the mall you did not even bother calling…I called and even s£nt a message last week to check up and you did not still respond to my message or call…that is so bad of you…is not right…
“I’m sorry Mirabel…I was probably busy with my wife when you called…
“what are you trying to say now…robbing your wife to my face…that is the meanest thing to say to me right now…reminding me that you are married…I know that alre-ady, you should be smarter than that…being married does that mean you can’t keep a friend, so those of us that want to be a friend should just disappear because you are married and you are always busy with your wife and won’t have time to attend to other people…alright , I have heard, no problem…I just wasted my good time for nothing…
Mirabel ended the call, James quic-kly called her back.
“Mi…Mirabel…plea-se calm down…that is not what I meant and I’m sorry if my tone sound insulting, I’m sorry okay…
“If you are truly sorry, then you have to prove it to me by taking me out one of this days and buy me a drink…and with that I will accept your apology…
James was quiet for some time and told Mirabel he will think about it, also check the day he will be free and might even come with his wife.
James knows that his wife will not want to go hanging out with him but he wanted to scare Mirabel away who wasn’t looking scared as she said okay.
Michelle started going for fourteen days fasting and praying program in a church where she was an invited guest.
She was going to perform and take the singing with the choir.
She couldn’t stay at home any more, James sometime drives to the church which was far from his office to pick up his wife so that they can go home together.
He knows if he doesn’t do that Michelle is re-ady to even sleep in the church.
One day they had a quarrel because of that.
“my love we can’t keep doing this…we can’t be having this argument all the time…I nee-d my wife home not spending time out there…plea-se, for the sake of God whom we both serve…have a rethink and st©p ma-king me to feel like I married a stranger. when last did we make out…you practically made it weekend thing now and I can’t be with my wife during the week days because she is always occu-py and will not want me close…did I offend you in any way…tell me let me apologies but st©p doing this to me…st©p punishing…
“James…I made our intim-acy weekend thing and you are still complaining you should be grateful that I did not deny you totally. I did that because I’m trying to fulfill my obligation as a wife, let it not look like I’m S-xually starving you…and here you are complaining, why are you like this, is serving God now a crime…you want me to make out with you every day is that the reason why God created me…God did not create me to devote all my time in be-d with my husband…the bible said there is time for everything and we have time to be together and time for me to attend to my spiritual nee-ds…you better get used to it because very soon I will go on three weeks or a month marathon to enrich myself spiritually and you will have no choice than to wait until I’m done. Another thing I want to address is…st©p coming to pick me from the church, after work go home and allow me to take my time and finish up with service instead of rushing me up, don’t you know anytime you come to take me home I have to just cut short all I plan to do…st©p it, since you can’t come in and join me then don’t bother coming at all, do as you want to do with yourself, allow me to do what gives me joy after all we will both answers to God…
James tried as much as possible to avoid quarreling with her and try not to argue again, after work he will drive home and wait until she comes back.
One day after getting Mirabel’s message, reminding him about their outing.
James tries to call back but couldn’t do it, he tried testing but deleted the message, he doesn’t want to offend his wife or make her have something to accuse him of infidelity.
But Michelle was busy with programs of her own and doesn’t have his time again, he have being enduring and almost use to the whole thing.
Chilling out with a female won’t be bad, is just a drink and nothing else is involve.
If he goes home after work it will be to an empty house where he have to wait for Michelle to come back and watch her go to be to sleep.
James decided to call Mirabel.
They hanged out that evening after work and had drink and few other things to eat.
It was getting late while they sit out to talk and laugh, James checked the time and stood up, he told Mirabel he has to go, James paid for everything, dropped Mirabel at her closest bust©p and quic-kly drove home.
He was worried that his wife was probably home and waiting up for him.
When he got inside Michelle was not back, James bec@m£ so worried and quic-kly called Michelle, after three missed call Michelle picked up.
There was singing and noise in the background and he waited until Michelle went to a quiet place.
“My love, where are you…I’m back from work and you are not home… what happened, you are still in church by this time…should I come and get you..?
“James…no…no…don’t come, we are doing all night revival, sorry I didn’t call to let you know…the revival just started today and will last for five days, but I will be home tomorrow. James this program is fire for fire…you nee-d to hear testimony and what God has alre-ady started doing in the life of people…you are really missing a life time enjoyment here…
They later said goodnight and James freshened up and went to be-d.
A message c@m£ in and it was from Mirabel and he quic-kly replied her.
James later called her to ask her if she got home safe and they talk half of the night before he sle-pt off.

To be continued

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