When Love is Not Enough – episode 4

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Katie stepped in and sat in the living room, Michelle c@m£ out to meet her.
James left the two ladies and went out to cool off somewhere.
he never planned for his honey moon to go this way, this is not what he bargained for but in other for things not to get out of hand is better to just let Michelle be.
anytime she is re-ady he will also be re-ady.
is better for him to patiently wait for her than to f0rç£ her against her will.
he drove out that evening, giving room for Michelle and her friend Katie to catch up.
James did not want a third p@rty in his marriage, he wish he can handle the pres£nt situation by himself but as it is now he will just allow Michelle to have her way just for peace sake.
he intend to drive around town, buy some grocery for the house, waste a little time before coming back.
Michelle and Katie sat in the living room as they talked.
while Michelle told her friend what happened, Katie was shock
“babe, i don’t un-derstand…you mean James…your husband R@p£d you…what are you talking about…how can your husband r@p£ you…is he not your husband again and you two suppose to be in a honey moon…you just got married and is not upto a month so why this…how can your own husband…the man you love and married r@p£ you Michelle…?
“this is not a joke Katie, any S-xual act without cons£nt is r@p£, he f0rç£fully did it, pining me down to the be-d, you nee-d to see how he used all his muscles and strength to subdue me…i am very serious, i’m afraid i might have made a mistake in this marriage, he does not love me as he claim, James doesn’t join me for prayers, he will pray small and get tired, he locked me inside and said i was not going anywhere, he even seized my phone…now tell me what kind of man is that…he is just beginning to show his real color…James was pretending to be nice all the while we were d@t!ngbut he just started showing his true self to me…the prayer i was doing was even for our own good…i just asked him to give me little time to conclude my few days prayer and he refused…my supposed darling husband decided to turn into a ra-pist…can you imagine such an abominable act unto God, i know even God is angry and disappointed in him…
“you mean since you got married you have being praying and you expected James to be patient for few days before the real intim-acy will commence…Michelle, you are wicked oo…i’m sorry to say that but how could you even think of such in a fresh marriage, he tried during the d@t!ngdays and respected your wish…which one is all this now again, plea-se st©p calling it r@p£…he did not r@p£ you, he might have f0rç£d you to do what you don’t want to do at that moment but is never r@p£, i even thought you are giving him all the be-dmatic styles front and back. you remember those days with Timothy your ex b©yfri£nd. it was after Timothy you repented and started shutting all your friends off, until you met James, if not that i know you way back i would have said that maybe is because you have never had S-x but you have on several occasion with your ex…
“and i regretted it…my sins has being washed away and i’m a new creature, whatever i had with Timothy was out of ignorant, my eyes was open the moment i found Christ and i promised never to go back to my old ways of life, i have stick to that until i met James, we d@t£d and now married but Timothy will never do what James did…
“st©p comparing your ex with your husband Michelle…Timothy will not even allow the first or second day to past and he will have you to his satisfaction, i know you love James and he loves you too don’t allow anything to change that, your marriage is too young to be having issues, you have to have a mutual un-derstanding with your husband whenever you want to have a quiet time and it shouldn’t be every time…we know God is first in everything but also have time for your husband and don’t be foolish because even God will want you to be wise in handling your home.
“Katie, i want to ask one little favor from you, plea-se don’t say no, James has spoil the whole prayer that i was doing by f0rç£fully laying with me, so i’m starting another one week prayer and study, i will like to go to church programs and fellowsh!ps within this period, after one week i will be done to concentrate on James, i really want to stay away from anything that will affect my prayers as i begin another serious one and James may likely disturb me and i seriously don’t want that so i beg of you can you stay here for maybe one week, just try and distract James from me, keep him busy with lots of talks, you always have some gist to spare, so try everything possible to make him not to come and distract me…some times you can even come and stay in the room with me just to avoid him coming close to me..just one week and i will be throu-gh and return to my normal routines and i will have enough time for James…
“Michelle, i just hope you are not mad, why will you ask me of such, to come and baby sit your husband while you pray…you think i don’t have my own life to live, what is all this prayer even about, i don’t un-derstand you again, ever since you repented or whatever you called it, you have automatically changed to another person, acting like saint Mary, too much of everything is bad or don’t you re-ad that in the bible, life is not too serious like you take it to be…take a break and attend to your husband’s nee-ds, he attends to yours so why are you ma-king him feel lonely when you are suppose to be his gist mate…or do you think he doesn’t have a say if he wants me in his house or not, what if i decided to do as you say but James s£nd me out, embarras-sing me in the process…whenever you are ma-king a decision is not just about you alone…James is also involve…i can’t do what you asked me to do…attend to your husband by yourself, or you can give him one week of yourself and use the following week to pray as much as you want…
“Katie…plea-se, is just one week, James does not have a problem, if you staying here will make me happy i know James will not object it, he will want to do anything that will make me happy after what he did to me, you can even decide to be coming from your house…but i nee-d you here at night so that James will not come close to me…if you want me to pay you…i will pay you Katie, just to show you how serious i am, don’t say life is not serious…this life you are seeing like this is far more than serious because the spiritual controls the physical and if you must live in it you must be spiritually strong…there is more to life, i want to be spiritually incline, i want to live this life with God and dedicate all i am to him not to the world…
“Michelle you are gradually going mad but no problem, let me think of how much you will pay for all this stress you are about to put me throu-gh …
James ran into an old school friend at the mall where he went to buy some grocery.
they were happy to see each other
“Mirabel, is being a while…i’m happy to see you…i don’t nee-d to ask how are you again because is obviously that you are doing great…
” thank you James, you have not changed much, you are everly looking young and fresh…well, i learnt you are married now…that’s good, how is your wife?
“she is fine..she is doing awesome, i just c@m£ down to get some grocery…
“that is good, my greetings to her…i’m in a haste now but we can always catch up some other time, i don’t have your contact anymore…i will like to call to say hello to you and also to your wife sometimes or st©p by anytime i come around…
James nodded and gave Mirabel his number before they waved each other good bye and she left.
James left the sto-re to his car after buying all he wanted to buy.
as he was about driving out his phone rang
“Hello James, is me Mirable, plea-se save my number.
after the call ended James drove off to the house.

To be continued

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