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Michelle sle-pt off after her all night prayer, while her newly wedded husband, James angrily sle-pt in another room till the following morning.
James woke early the following morning since he was suppose to be on honey moon with his wife he decided to make breakfast as he tries to forget their last night misun-derstanding which wasn’t suppose to happen since they just got married.
He made a nice breakfast and carried it to Michelle who was still asleep.
James gently tapped her awake, she stretched and turned from end to end and almost kicked off the breakfast tray without knowing.
James was quic-k to secure the tray, as he stood with a smile and watch his wife sat up.
“A wonderful good morning to my precious wife…my one and only…my sweet heart, an amazing woman…my great help mate…
Michelle hush him to st©p praising her too much, she spoke out, trying to correct James
“James, plea-se st©p calling me “wonderful, amazing or great”…those titles belong to only God…I’m not in any competition with God…so don’t do that…you are being so disrespectful to God…
James looked at her, he was not in the mood to argue with her, he apologies and pres£nted the tray of breakfast to her.
Michelle stared at the food with a frown before saying.
“aah…James…you could have asked me first before ma-king this food…I am fasting today, I am having a quiet time with my God…and I won’t be eating until 6pm today and I also suggest you do the same…it will help us to grow spiritually in this marriage…and I really do not like wastage…is a big sin…and do you know you have committed sin by wasting all this food because I won’t eat it and when I’m done fasting I will be eating fruit and some other things but definitely not this…you should be careful in other not to sin against the holy spirit who intercede on our behalf…God frown at things like this…we really have to be careful in all that we do so that we become perfect just like our God is perfect…
James shakes his head again. all his early morning cook to plea-se his lovely wife is all going to go down in drain, he did not even get a “thank you” from her, she condemns all his efforts which he still try not to take to heart.
James un-derstand that if he has to live with Michelle he have to un-derstand her better, avoid those things she doesn’t like and stick to things she likes. He straightened as he tries to correct Michelle
“My love…humans are not perfect, we are imperfect being, only God is perfect and we are not God and can never be…we are….
Before James could say anything further, Michelle interrupted him
“James…James, hold on…wait let me straight this out with you…even the bible said that we are just like God…we are gods, in psalm 8 vs 5 the bible said God created us a little lower than angels, putting all things un-der our authority, the animals and everything that moves and crawl in the land and oceans…do you even un-derstand what that means…we are suppose to be holy just like our heavenly father is holy…we should not mix up with unbelievers because their ways of reasoning is an abomination unto God…if the bibl…
James knows that if he doesn’t leave now Michelle may go on and on arguing over God and the scripture and he hates to argue with her, so is better she win in all argument for peace to reign.
He nodded at everything Michelle was saying as he lifted the tray of food and started moving away gently while still nodding to Michelle as she kept talking.
He quietly returned to the kitchen, and since he has not taken his own breakfast he decided to eat the breakfast that Michelle rejected.
He was still eating on the dining table when Michelle c@m£ out and saw him
“James we are suppose to be fasting…why are you eating…I told you earlier that we suppose to be fasting today…this is not right James…Is so wrong of you…
James pause from eating as Michelle rage on and on before walking away. After she left James went back to eating. When he heard Michelle coming back again he pause from eating until Michelle walk past.
He decided to take the food to the kitchen so that he can eat in peace.
As evening approach that day, he tried to avoid getting into Michelle’s trouble.
she spent most p@rt of her day re-ading bible and praying, James remained in the parlor watching television and waiting for night to come maybe he will have a chance with his wife.
James was all nice that evening as he did everything Michelle will love, he even as-sisted her in ma-king dinner and they sat together on the dining and ate, while Michelle talks about prayer and word of God James do not agree with everything but he tried as much as possible to avoid showing his disapproval.
he try to agreed with everything Michelle was saying as he listened and ate in silent while nodding to Michelle’s talk just to show that he was listening.
After they retired for the night, Michelle started re-ading her bible of which James joined her and they study together, when it was time to pray, James told Michelle not to bother praying, he volunteer to do the prayer for both of them.
He knows that if Michelle starts praying it will be none st©p, because she will love to pray till dawn or st©p whenever she feels tired.
James told his wife that he will take the night prayer, before Michelle will start arguing James started praying and Michelle has no choice than to shut her eyes as James prayed on.
Michelle felt disappointed when the prayer suddenly c@m£ to an end. She told James that the prayer was too short and he did not really mention some areas or point that God nee-ds to address.
She told James that she will redo the prayer by mentioning those points that James missed.
James told her that she can do that by morning that they nee-d to sleep.
Michelle was not going to listen as she ignored James and started another prayer because she felt James did not pray very well.
James was not going to have it but he patiently waited and hoping she will st©p praying soon but Michelle looks like she won’t st©p anytime soon.
James sat on the be-d, he was sad as he stare at Michelle firing prayer upon prayer.
James later left the room again and sle-pt in another room.
And this continued with Michelle for days and on the fifth day, Michelle left the house that she was going for a church program.
James nodded as he went back watching the television, and later pick up his phone and started browsing just to while away time.
He wondered how much more he can take from Michelle, they quarreled last night over it and he even have to remind her about the marriage counselling that they attended before getting married. They were told a lot of things, which includes satisfying each other S-xually in other not to create a vacuum. Michelle is not even putting any of that into practice.
Michelle told him that having a time with God was all she was after, her b©dy is not just for S-x or r0m@nç£, she want to give God more of her time, and she is fasting that week and did not nee-d any distraction.
James knows that his wife will always have something to say and he will have no choice than to let it all go.
But he was not going to take all this for long, he has served his time during his singles days, now he was married and want his wife but she is not even re-ady, she behaves like she was still single.
He doesn’t care if she is a v!rg!nor not all that matters is that he wants his wife and it doesn’t suppose to be a big deal but Michelle will not want to hear of it.
Michelle c@m£ home late from church that day and James was not happy that she has to spend her whole day in church, and even c@m£ back late again.
He complained to her that he doesn’t like her coming home late, because she got him worried but Michelle started preaching to him again and he has to dropped the t©pic and let her be.
When it was time to sleep, Michelle started her usual prayer but that did not discourage James as he has alre-ady planned to wait for her until she was done.
He took a strong coffee so that he will remain awake until Michelle was done with prayer.
When he was tired of saying Amen continuously, he quietly l@yawake, waiting for his lovely wife to be throu-gh with her prayer.
He was not going to take a no or her usual argument as an excuse this night.
he will make sure all this things end to night.
He can’t endure anymore, Michelle was punishing him and he was not going to let her continue with that.
He waited and watch the time as it ticks 2am, Michelle was still praying.
3:11am she was tired and l@yon the be-d to sleep.
James was watching the time and knew that Michelle will still get tired and will l@ydown to sleep.
And immediately that happens, James moved closer to her and started tou-ching her, Michelle sl@pped off his hand and tried to leave the room but James pined her down on the be-d and f0rç£fully had his way with her.
Michelle cried as she accused James of ra-ping her and said she will never forgive him.
She planned to go and report James to her pastor that her suppose husband is a ra-pist and James is begging her not to do such thing to him but she was not taking any apology from him.
James was confused and didn’t even know what to do as his wife kept on calling him a ra-pist and he so much detest such word from
Michelle has not st©p crying ever since it happened.

To be continued

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