When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 14

Episode 14.
Written by Amah

Timothy gently tapped her awake, she opened her eyes to see Tim staring down at her.

She stretched and looked around before yawning lazily.

“How is the file work going…is it too difficult..I guess you are tired”

Timothy asked Michelle who had fallen asleep in her office seat

“I’m sorry, I sle-pt off again…I have not started the file work yet…I feel so tired and hungry this days… sorry about that, I will start the work ones I’m done eating… plea-se let me first s£nd the office as-sistant to go and buy me food…I have finished all the food i c@m£ with… let me eat so that I will have enough energy for the file work…

Timothy stood with a smile as Michelle tries to get herself together, he un-derstands that Michelle is not as disorganised as she appears this days, eating so much, slee-ping and snoring in the office. Michelle was not that kind of woman, is only the pregnancy that is really affecting her.

He told her to quit but she asked to work for a month or two before resigning.

“Mich, I think you really nee-d to st©p work, I totally un-derstand that this is not who you are and this pregnancy thing is really affecting you greatly and also the work…we can’t work like this Mich, I’m sorry…I really nee-d you to take care of yourself at home. do you know that whenever you sleep, you snore so loudly and it echoes in all the offices… that is not professional and we can’t be effective or meet target this way… the company nee-ds growth Mich… I know is not about the pay because your husband is well to do and he made it clear that he wants you to be a full house wife but a stay at home wife is not who you are… you want to go out and explore…I do un-derstand but in this your pres£nt condition you nee-d to listen to your husband…

Michelle looked up at him with a frown

“Are you indirectly sacking meTim… you just got me fired…

“No…no Mich, don’t reason it that way… I’m giving you break… let’s call it a leave, maybe a year… for the period you will put to birth and nurse your baby. a leave without payment, you should un-derstand that we can’t be productive like this…I nee-d to replace you with someb©dy…a contract staff who will as-sist me while you are gone… I will give you till this month end. this month still has two weeks in it before it ends… so you have two weeks to think about it…

Michelle agreed to think about it, she knew that Timothy was right, she really nee-ds a break. as much as she hates to stay at home all by herself is still far better than slee-ping in the office during working hour.

James felt so excited, he was so proud of himself with the way he outsmart Mirabel.
He has not seen or heard from her for two weeks which makes him conclude Mirabel was gone for good.
He started talking to himself as he prepares to close from work

“…she must be straight from hell… Mirabel c@m£ to destroy me but I’m victorious…oh but that babe is beautiful… Mimi, I liked her but she bec@m£ a pain in my n£¢k… Michelle almost caught me but as usual I outsmart the situation and here I am…yea… thank God I’m free from her…herl-ips taste good and she is damn h0t…I won’t deny that… she’s pretty but I’m done with her… we had few flings, yea…few flings that almost got me into trouble… she really knows how to cl!pa man to herself… well, I’m done… focusing on my pregnant wife…I will never cheat on my wife again… I will stick with Michelle no matter what… pastor ones said i should find plea-sure only in my wife… and not in another woman.. to avoid punching a hole in my marriage…he said it as if he can see throu-gh me… God, I’m ashamed of the things I did… is not something to be proud of and Michelle also shared in the blame… I’m not to be totally blamed…or maybe I am…I was so impatient with her…if I could abstain throu-gh out our d@t!ngperiod…I would have still exercise patient with her since she wanted a little time…but giving her time would have turned my house into church. the way she is now i wish she was like that when we first got married, a little pla-yful and loving, not always separating herself from me, avoiding me as if I’m Satan… she really pushed me but I’m happy to be free from Mirabel… finally I feel so fulfilled and proud of myse…

The secretary c@m£ in suddenly halting James from his thought.

“Excuse me sir…I heard your voice, I thought you were speaking over the phone and when I peeped in I noticed you weren’t… hope everything is alright or do you nee-d me to do something for you..

“I’m fine, I was just meditating… thank you.

James dismissed his secretary and she left and later c@m£ back.

“Excuse me sir..

“Yes, what is it Betty…I told you I’m fine…

“Sir, that lady c@m£ again today…Miss Mirabel..

James gave a de-ep breath before focusing on his secretary.

“Yes… hope the security did not let her in.. where is she..

“They did not let her in sir, she insisted that she wasn’t going to leave until she sees you, the security called and I told them that you can’t see her… they have to f0rç£fully push her out because she was proving stubborn…I just wanted to inform you.

James was quiet and nooded, he told the his secretary that the security shouldn’t have f0rç£fully mishandled her, they should have gently asked her to leave but is all good since they were following his command.

James left the office to his car.
The moment he drove out of the gate he saw Mirabel standing outside the company gate.
He st©pped and whine down his glas-s as she approached.

“James, you have really given me the worst embarras-sment, since I was born I have never received such ill treatment that I got today… you asked the security to mishandle me, they pushed me out of the gate because you gave them the order to do so… James you…aahhh… you have biten me in the wrong place…I will not spare you… how dare you treat me like this… you promise to compensate me after I saved you from getting caught… you said you love me and promise to compensate me… well for your information I recorded it on my phone just incase you decided to bridge, I have it here…on my phone. You broke your promise to me and even after you said you loved me you hurt me this way…refused my text and call and refuse me seeing you… you are wicked, you are a heatless man but I’m not done with you…no, we aren’t done yet, we just started … you can’t get rid of me…no…I will get rid of you when I’m done…

James wasn’t moved or bothered with her threats, he allowed her to be done talking before he said.

“You want to be compensated… no problem. How much do you want…if you are reasonable with the amount maybe you will get compensated because I work ha-rd for my money and I don’t go compensating people for doing nothing…

“Let’s hang out this evening at our usual joint then we can talk about it… James, I’m giving you an option to make amend or you will not like it when I start my madness…

James smile and look straight ahead.

“Mirabel, I guess you aren’t re-ady to talk, I’m going home to my lovely wife… the days of hanging out is over… st©p throwing empty threats on me Mirabel, we both had flings of which I regret.. but that has ended…I have moved on, you should also move on… st©p coming to my office if you don’t want to be thrown out like thrash…I liked you, i can’t deny that I liked you and was captured with your b©dy and shape but you bec@m£ possessive and try to posses me too but it doesn’t work that way sweetheart… I’m not going to cheat on my wife again…I will not hurt her because of you… those days is over… look for another man, your next victim and cling to… I’m so done with you and your threats are empty… have a good life Mirabel…

James drove off leaving Mirabel standing in shock.
She quietly walked away, boiling angrily.

The following weekend Mirabel knew that both James and Michelle will be at home.

She got dressed, did her fine makeup, wore her high heel shoe, dressed in a short go-wn with long eye lashes.
She checked herself in the mirror and smile.

“Let me go and show James the real stuff I’m made off, I know how to pl@ythis game…is time to introduce myself to Michelle, his wife… hahahaha…

Mirabel said as she arranged her hair in the mirror before stepping out in style

She went to pay James and his wife a visit.

To be continued

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