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A story by Amah

He walked up to her with his car key and said.

“I nee-d to fuel the car, do you have any money with you and also the money for the registration I have being asking you to loan me… I really nee-d money to fuel the car right now…

She looked up from the plate of food which she was feeding her son and angrily replied him.

“Yesterday was money to fix the car engine, today is money for fuel. You Just want to close down my business with this your excess demand… you don’t even care about the drugs I told you I nee-d to buy for our son…

“plea-se, don’t start now. The business you are complaining of, I opened it for you… It was my money. I boast it up to a big standard Just incase of raining days there will be somewhere to run to. You have two workers un-der your care and the business is doing well. You know I don’t have money, if our son nee-ds anything you go and take it from the business money. St©p bothering me with irrelevant things. I said I nee-d money for fuel Lona…

“You are not even ashamed of always asking for money. I know you opened the business for me after you almost exhausted all the cash you won. Buying exotic cars and designers wear… even after i told you not to pl@yagain rather you should invest your remaining money you still went ahead and lose all your money to another game. I fell for you even before you won the betting, I believed in you and supported you. You did not want to pl@yI encouraged you until you run around for Cash which you used to pl@ywith the other h0t contestant and won…

He quic-kly interrupted her.

“Don’t sit there and act like I didn’t settle you. I showed my gratitude before traveling out of the State to also thank Katie, my ex who out of foolishness sli-pped out of my hand. She was my biggest supporter. If she hasn’t given me the money I used to pl@yI will never be able to win and when I offer her appreciation gifts she turned it down… despite how mouth watering it was. She refused to collect it. Katie really shocked me. And since I lost hvge amount to games I only have that car which has being given me issues recently. The upcoming game that is worth so much I’m thinking of pla-ying … let me try one more, I may probably win again. I asked you to loan me the money to register but you refused…I wish to ask Katie again to help me with some cash…

Lona screamed his name in anger which made their little boy to startle in fear.

“Pascal don’t you have shame… your ex is a married woman. How can you be calling another man’s wife and be asking for money. Where is your self pride… why are you so shameless. I have adviced you as my husband to either get a job in the engineering company since you have idea in that field or register your car for uber. Using your car for uber or taxify is better off than just staying idle and looking for who will give you money to pl@ygames. After your big win which has being many years now how many times have you win again, despite how you pl@yyou keep loosing. If you have invested p@rt of that money to something good you won’t be crying for money now. I will not allow you to run down my business because you gave me money which I used in opening it… that is the only source of income in this house. I don’t care if it was the money you gave me I used, I don’t care. All I’m saying is that i will not allow you ruin my life, my child’s life or even my business… never Pascal.

They went on arguing.

Pascal who refused to work or use his car for uber because of what people will say. “A millionaire who later bec@m£ an uber driver”.
He refused but Lona kept on persuading him and after few weeks of not having a choice he decided to ask one of his friend who he helped in the past to connect him to an engineering firm.
After few months he got the job.
The pay wasn’t what he wish for but is better than nothing.
In that way he will take care of his family in his own little way and try to quit pla-ying betting games totally since it has not been favouring him.

Lona was happy as her husband st©pped asking her for money all the time and bec@m£ busy.
She supported him because his salary was not much and she later gave birth to their second child, a girl.
Pascal was happy and put in more effort than before in taking care of his family.

Katie conceived again and gave birth to a boy.
She and Timothy can’t thank God enough for his mercies.
Having two lovely children after so many years of crying and waiting. God decided to wipe their tears away with a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. it can Only be the Lord’s doing which they will never take for granted.
Their clos£ness with God tripled up. They sometimes host fellowsh!pin their homes and bec@m£ a source of encouragement to many who are trusting God for one miracle or the other.
Their relationsh!pwith Michelle’s family grew.
After two years of Katie birthing her son Michelle also gave birth to her fourth child, a girl.
Michelle was alre-ady calling Katie her in-law, saying her first son will marry Katie’s beautiful daughter or Katie’s son will marry her last daughter and everyone will laugh over it.

They looked forward to beautiful future, training there children in the ways they should go so that when they become old they will never dep@rt from it.

Katie and Tim also attend fellowsh!pat James’s house. Doctor Ken and his family with few other family are always pres£nt. Their fellowsh!pwith God grew mightily and they all bounded together in love.

James and Michelle had four kids. A girl, two boys and the last one was a girl.

One night they were in be-d talking.
Michelle said she was done with child bearing.
James laughed and say

“I told you I was cable even if is a dozens of children…. the bible said we should multi-ply and replenish the earth. Being fruitful is God’s gift and I’m so re-ady to fire on… hahahaha…

Michelle laugh with her husband for a while before saying

“Darling, I know you are everly capable but is time to focus in bringing up the children the Lord has given us in the right way. God has blessed us with so much and I’m forever grateful for all his gift which makes us rich and add no sorrow…

James nodded in agreement to what his wife said.

“You are right my love and I will forever love and cherish you. God hand picked you specially for me, not only to be my helpmate but also to support me both spiritually and physical. My love, thank you for the past years, thank you for completing me in everything, being a super Mom to our children and a fantastic wife to me. You are my biggest blessings. We will grow old together and watch our children grow from stage to stage and bringing grand children to us who will bless our old age…I love you.

Michelle lifted her head and pe-cked her husband’s cheek. He cu-mddled her up to himself, lowered his own mouth to her forehead and placed a warm k!ss.
Michelle said

“I Love you more darling and thank you for loving me too much. I’m so glad that God all by himself mended the crack not just only in our home but also in Katie’s and Tim life, in Mirabel who God finally blessed with a family of her own and to many other families whose testimonies will shake the devil’s kingdom because it will be so loud. At the end all glory will be to God, our father in heaven who made it all possible and gave us reasons to smile. Even when Love wasn’t enough in our relationsh!pand our walk with God, he did not allow any of us to break ap@rt but glue us together in his warmness…

James and Michelle knelt beside their be-d that night, holding hands and thanking God for his numerous blessings upon their lifes and also upon their love ones.

Mirabel was married to Raspa and they were blessed with a son.

Mirabel opened another shop and asked her sales boy, Daniel who has grown into a fine trustworthy young man, to manage the two shops.
He employed able workers for as-sistance.
During Daniel’s birthday Mirabel hand a key to one of the shops to him and also a cash support. He bec@m£ one of the shop owners and still manages Mirabel’s own with other workers.

Few years he expand the two shops, bought his first car and got married.
Mirabel and her husband, Raspa attended his wedding.
He was grateful to Mirabel for believing in him.
Mirabel thanked him for being faithful in his dealings.

“A faithful servant is a blessing to his master. If he can handle little with sincerity when he is entrusted with much he will not disappoint”..

She said to an excited Daniel.

Steve got a job which he used to support his wife and kids but when his job wasn’t paying well he c@m£ to Daniel seeking for employment.
Daniel later employed him to be the warehouse manager.
Steve was so grateful to Mirabel’s boy who has become well to do. He was respected and trustworthy.
Steve was determined to do better. Following the footsteps of his boss in being trustworthy.
He regrets his pas-s life and was re-ady to live upright.

Mirabel with her husband and children, Her son and step daughter traveled.
Raspa took his family to visit the country where he was born.

They drove round while Raspa show them different places.
Mirabel turn back and looked at her children, she looked back at her husband who was driving .
She breathed in de-eply.
A tiny drop of tears roll down her cheeks, she quic-kly wiped it off.
She looked up to the blue sky and smile.

“Thank you… thank you so much God for this blessings. Anytime I look around me all I see is you. I thought I was going to end up sad, lonely and bitter but after a long wait you gave me a family to call mine. I got married and had a son when I was almost turning forty years. You did it in your own time. Your name is yaweh, Elohim… thank you for Michelle, you used her to to set my feet on the right path. Thank you so much for remembering me and not allow my pas-s sins to be a hindrance to my joy. I and my house will serve you Lord for even in darkness you showed me light…

Raspa interrupted her.

“Honey.. honey look… that was the Colledge I attended. It wasn’t like this back then… they have renovated everything in there…

Princess spoke from the back seat excitedly.

“Wow… the school is so big dad. I love it here can we stay for three months before flying back… pleas-sss… Dad…

Mirabel’s little son Jon, who was six years joined princess in pleading.

Raspa smile and turned to Mirabel before saying.

“Princess, you and Jon knows Mom has to determine that first. We can stay but Mom may not want to…

They all turned to Mirabel and Raspa joined the kids in pleading in a funny way which made everyone to laugh.
Mirabel laugh and said

“Ok…okay…we can stay as much as we want. We are on vacation and won’t be rushing back soon…

Princess hvgged Michelle happily from behind.

Raspa who later parked at a museum pe-cked his wife cheek before they c@m£ down from the car.

Raspa guide them to the museum which was filled with tourist.

Princess who c@m£ with her c@m£ra started taking pictures of different things as they tour round the whole place happily.


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