When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 7

Episode 7.


Katie went back to the reception and sat down, Pascal joined her.
Katie looked at the cheque in her hand and the car key and sigh sadly

“You don’t look happy with the gifts… do you want a different type of car or you have something else in mind. Just tell me and I will make your wish come true for you…

Katie looked up at Pascal who was sitting very close to her now.
She sighed again before saying.

“I don’t know if I can accept all this, is just too much for me. How did you get the money Pascal… money for the car and this hvge cheque. How come…I know you don’t have this money back then, you will collect from me or ask me to s£nd to you which you use in gambling… and all your gambling never pays much…

“Katie, it eventually did. This is the clear result. All my years of betting games finally paid. The last money I begged from you which you later s£nt to me…I used it to compete for a hvge game and I emerged the winner among other contestants. Katie the only person on my mind after I won was you because without you i wouldn’t have made it. You believed in me and stayed even when I had nothing. You travel all the way down to see me, buying different things for me. I promised you marriage when I know I wasn’t serious with you, you believed and was urging me to make it official but I kept dribbling you, I was terrible…I know. I did many thin…

Katie looked at him angrily, she interrupted him.

“You gambled with my money and my emotions Pascal. Took me for granted, insulted me. Trashed my love…

” I’m sorry, really sorry. I de-eply regretted everything and I’m not giving you all this to buy you over, I’m not giving you this to pay for everything you sacrificed for me, I can’t pay you for your time, money or love. I’m doing it because you deserve it and much more, I don’t have a better way of saying thank you than this. I carelessly allowed you to sli-pped off from my hands. I will regret that for the rest of my life. is a little token Katie plea-se accept it. Don’t turn it down plea-se…

“Give me time to think it throu-gh, is shocking Pascal but I appreciate the car and the cheque but hang onto them for now. I’m going throu-gh some stuffs at the moment, I nee-d to clear my head. I nee-d time to think about everything…

“Alright Katie, i will be here, I’m not going anywhere soon. My room is upper wing C. That’s the name. What’s your room name.

“Ceramic B. But don’t come to my room unannounced. I nee-d a quiet time and I will appreciate if you keep your distance. If I nee-d to speak to you about anything I will either use the h0tel intercom or my phone.

Pascal nodded, Katie stood, handed the cheque and the car key over to him before leaving.

The next day, Katie s£nt email to her boss, asking for a month of sick leave.
The woman was kind enough to grant her the leave because she knows Katie has never joked with her job and she has being p@rt of the company for years.

After James left for work, Michelle waited for Katie to call but she did not.

Timothy drove to the office to foresee things and also to email his overall boss who left the country for years after handling the company over to him to take charge and he has always done that.
Timothy emailed him telling him he was going on emergency leave and has appointed someb©dy to take over while he was gone.
His boss approved it and wished him well.

Timothy st©pped at Katie’s office to know if she was at work but he was informed that Katie took a sick leave and won’t be in the office for some time.
The MD asked him if she wasn’t home, Timothy lied to cover up his wife before leaving.

He got home and called Michelle to find out if Katie later called but find out she didn’t.
After three days Katie did not call and her phone was switched off.

Timothy was at James’s place, he couldn’t concentrate in anything, all he could think of was his wife.

While James was at work. Timothy stayed home with Michelle. the kids were in school.
Timothy picked at the food that Michelle offered him. He has no appetite for food.

“Tim, you nee-d to eat. I believe Katie is fine. Me and James have being praying for two of you. God will take control over your home. Katie said she was going to call and is being four days now she have not and her line is unreachable…

“Maybe she hurt herself, something bad might have happened to her. Oh my God…I can’t believe this is happening to me. Mich, Maybe we should report to the police for a missing person…

“Katie is a strong willed woman. I don’t think you un-derstand your wife. Katie has always crawl back to her shell anytime she is hurt. She hates to relate much with people, she likes being alone and hates to be bothered in such period. Take a look in the past when Pascal her ex hurt her, she kept away from everyone, you were even asking of her then and later decided to visit. So that is her kind of person. I just feel she want to be left alone and will call when she feels like doing so.

“What if she goes back to her ex. Mich, I’m afraid. I have hidden so many things from Katie and she may eventually leave me if she finds out. I never meant for any of this to happen, never. I know I didn’t pay much attention to her or her nee-ds, nothing to justify my wrongs or the secrets I kept away from her.  she threw her wedding ring at my face Mich. The ring is in the house now.  I know the things I fear most may eventually happen…

“Tim… you have to calm down plea-se, Katie will return to you and when that happens try to straighten your path and mend the damaged wall of your marriage. Katie will never return to her ex. That guy hurt her de-eply. She loved him and he betrayed her love. She was heart broken when you showed up in her life. things worked out for you two and you got married so she remains your wife. What exactly is your fear… why are you afraid Tim..

Timothy pushed the unt©uçhed food backward, he held his head in his hands for sometime before sitting properly.
Michelle watched him in silence and felt pity for him.
Timothy was going throu-gh alot of things. He felt battered
Michelle shut her eyes and said a quiet prayer within herself.
Timothy looked at her, breathed loudly before saying.

“There are things I couldn’t tell Katie because I was afraid. I felt guilty and ashamed. yes… many times I watch her and guilt eat de-eply into me. one of the hvge secrets I kept away still hunts me every damn day.  the truth is that I also wanted kids just as Katie. I know right from time she wanted children but I told her I wasn’t re-ady. Mich, the sad truth is..is that I’m not sure if I can truly father a child…

Michelle looked at him with a puzzled face, she was shock to hear him say that but urged him to continued.

“…many years ago,  After you left me. I d@t£d other ladies before Mira. I got infected from one of them. I did not take it serious until it bec@m£ really bad. It was so terrible but I was shy and ashamed to go to the hospital or find a solution. I screamed whenever I’m urinating, the pain sometimes was excruciating. I was in serious pain and when I couldn’t take it any more I decided to visit the hospital. The doctor that attended to me said the infection has damaged alot of things. That i could have tackled it when I noticed it early because del@ycan be dangerous. He said my del@yhas caused eternal damage to me because I may never be able to pregnant any woman and will also reduce my urge for S-x. He said I will have erection anytime I’m with a woman but I won’t be able to pregnant any. he treated me and later asked me to come for a fertility test of which I did. I watch him shakes his head after the test before saying my chances of getting any woman pregnant was very slim. Hmmmm….Mich, since then my heavy urge for women reduced. Katie likes us ma-king out but I don’t always have urge for it and I can’t tell her why I don’t always have the urge. Mira left me because she thought I was cheating on her but I wasn’t is just me having a low libi-do.  After I got married I silently pray to have kids, I wanted some kind of magic to happen so that Katie will conceive but  after several try I have to lie and tell her to wait after two years because of finances. After two years of marriage, things become okay with us and she kept disturbing for a child, I told her to wait for another extra year or for sometime let me get myself together. All this is just to escape from my secret predic@m£nts. If I was fertile, Katie should have conceive by now. I lied and told her that I took an injection that will make my sp-erm not to be active during the period of waiting but I will neutralise it when I’m fully re-ady for babies. She believed me and agreed to wait until I’m re-ady. I did not take any injection Mich, I just couldn’t tell her. How will I even tell her such… hmmmm. Maybe I wasn’t suppose to get marry at first but I love Katie. Mich, I do love her and I never deliberately hurt her. Katie has hvge appetite for S-x but I don’t. I don’t always have urge for it ever since the sickness. I wanted to discuss adoption with her but I swallowed my word because it may raise a question which I may not be able to answer. I know I lied, deceived her, make her feel I’m not re-ady but it was not intentional. I have kept other secrets like when James gave me money to support my personal business and many other things but none is as heavy as the first. Katie will eventually leave me if she finds out but I wouldn’t blame her if she do. I deserve whatever life throw at me after now. In my early youth I was rou-gh, changing girlfriends without care until I got infected which I will carry the shame and guilt forever… I’m sorry. You May see me as a terrible person to have kept that away from Katie…but I just don’t know how to reveal such to her.

Michelle couldn’t believe her ears, Timothy bent his head in shame. Michelle was speechless for sometime.
She took Timothy’s hand into hers and said.

“I don’t believe the doctors report of you not being fertile. Tim, I don’t believe the doctor that said you will never be able to pregnant a woman. I boldly believe the report of God which said you are healed, You are free, his report said you are victorious. You nee-d to st©p believing in what that doctor said to you many years ago and renew your faith with what God said. Timothy Coleman you nee-d to start believing. Rekindle your faith in God and trust in him for a miracle not for a magic. Miracle happens to those that believe… you nee-d to let Katie know, no more secrets. I don’t know how she will take this news because is heart wrenching. You know she thought you don’t like kids, she thought you don’t enjoy ma-king love to her. Katie really wanted to have kids but still nee-ded to wait until you are fully re-ady. Is going to really break her down if she finds out that you have being keeping so many things away from her. Is painful but she deserves to know and you nee-d to commit to God and trust in him to do that which no man can do…

Timothy was quiet for sometime before nodding his head.

Doctor Ken was ma-king sure of Mirabel’s survival. He was mostly by her side attending to her.
He also stationed a nurse to watch over her and attend to her nee-ds. Mirabel was recu-perating fine.
Doctor was glad the way she was responding to treatment.

Katie was watching television in her room when her intercom rang.
She knew is from the Pascal.

“Hey, are you slee-ping… couldn’t sleep and haven’t seen you since yesterday. I wanted to respect your privacy and not intrude. I try reaching your mobile but is off… being thinking of you all day and decided to call to know if you are alright…?

“I’m fine Pascal, thanks for checking up.

“plea-se  Katie, don’t end the call yet. If you don’t mind we can go for a movie together or I take you for shopping spree. you will get to buy some disgners. Gucci shoes, Prada wears or Givenchy bags. We can do Chinese food after the shopping…is just an innocent offer. I just wish to drive round the city with you, I won’t bore you with questions or trouble you with anything…

“Let tomorrow come first, I can’t decide what I really want. I may want to remain in this room or feel differently. Anyway, this afternoon one of the room service lady brou-ght in some food for me, She said is from upper wing C which I guess you did the ordering. Thank you for the food but next time ask me first before ordering so many delicacies.

“Alright, I will do that. My apologies if you feel offended. I hope to see you tomorrow. Remember your cheque and car key is still with me. Good night Katie… sweet dreams…

James heard the big secret that Timothy has kept away from everyone including his wife.

He was also shocked in finding out but took it upon himself to help Timothy both medically and spiritually.
He engaged him in a Bible study, prays non st©p with him.

Michelle always join in whenever she was free with chores.

After a week Katie called Michelle, asking her to come to the h0tel she was lodging.

Katie asked Mich to come alone but Timothy really wanted to go along with her.

Despite it was against Katie’s wish Mich agreed to take Tim along with her the following day while James will watch the kids.

Michelle prays within herself that Katie will not be angry on seeing Timothy coming along and she will forgive him if she later finds out the secret Timothy kept to himself all this years.

To b continued

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