When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 5

Katie went into the building and straight to Timothy’s office where noise was coming from.
She slowed down her pace and gradually moved closer to the office and stood close to the door where she can see and hear them clearly.
Timothy was saying something to the lady

“..Once the grafting is done then you move it to another shift in order not to crowd it up…Mira. Mira look at what I’m showing you, get serious with me and st©p looking at myl-ips…

Mira laugh and said

“I can’t help it, the way you k!$$£d me the other day makes me feel so good, and you still taste the same after a long time and I wish I can get more of it…maybe once in a while we can do the k!ss!ngthing again…I enjoy you k!ss!ngme Tim…

“Mira, I asked you not to bring that up…i told you not to mention what happened and here you go again. You just don’t like taking correction. No improvement in the dressing or even in your work and now you are reminding me of the k!ss…

“I’m sorry, but you make me feel so good when I’m in your arms. It feel so warm…you enjoyed it too. You k!$$£d me pas-sionately. Tim I want more of that…i can’t concentrate when we are all alone. I want you so much…don’t you want me. I know why you stay late is because you are avoiding your wife…even without telling me I alre-ady know that. Hmm…Wives this days can be annoying, terrible and lazy to their men but I’m here for you. We can always have a good time before you go home. We can’t work together and not have any inti-mate connection when we are not logs of wood. Tim, I can see it from your eye that you want me, your wife is not here. We are the only one in this building… nob©dy will know whatever we do here. The securities are guarding the gate and will alert you if you have visitors… just another round of k!ssand we are done…

Katie shakes her head sadly from her hiding, her heart was pounding and every vein in her was on fire. She swallowed ha-rd , brou-ght out her phone and started recording.
She took another peep and placed her phone to the transparent glas-s so that she can get a better sound.
 Mira t©uçhed Timothy’s bear, he turned his face away from her.
She cat walked around the table to him.

Katie saw she was almost n-ked, ex-posing her bo-ob s and pu-lling up her small ti-ght go-wn until her undies was revea-ling.
She crossed the table to where Timothy was sitting and watching her.
Mira sat on his l@ps, un-bu-tton his shi-t, rolled her hands inside his che-st and twist his n!ppl!s.
Timothy shakes uncomfortably. Mira always has the magic f!nger which she used in tuning a man on. She was good with it. Timothy struggled within him as his b©dy began to rise, Mira placed herl-ips to his.
Timothy responded but suddenly pu-ll-ed back.
 He got up from his seat, he robbe-d his palm together. bu-ttoned up his shi-t.

Mira c@m£ around to him

“Why are you struggling, you want me as much as I do. The last time we were going smoothly with it and you cut the whole fun short, today again the same thing. You still owe me Tim, for how I as-sisted you in getting back the contract…I know you paid in a way but not fully….i just nee-d one night with you for the payment to be completed

Tim turned to her angrily.

“St©p it Mira, you have to st©p telling me that I owe you. How many times do you want to get paid. I bought you a car and made you my PA. What other payment do you want? Do you know my wife wanted a car but I couldn’t buy her one because of you? The money I used in buying you a car went de-ep into my pocket and I couldn’t afford another car for my wife even a designer bag she has always wanted…all because of you. I gave you what I couldn’t give Katie…so you have to st©p reminding me of that.

“Your wife is greedy to have asked you for a car, what did she even do to deserve a car. I worked for it and I deserved it but she didn’t. She can’t just get car, she nee-d to earn it. If she thinks is by being in be-d with you… well, I can do far better than her in be-d. I deserved the car and every good thing but she doesn’t and very soon I will be changing the car to something better and I know you will not disappoint when the time comes, for old time sake. You know if I have stayed we could have being married by now but you hurt me and moved into another woman’s arm. Tim sometimes is hurt to know you are not fully mine. We can wor….

Katie who couldn’t take it again, she hit the glas-s door with a ha-rd first.
Timothy and Mira startled in fear.
Timothy shout out to the door

“Who’s there…who is that…?

Katie stepped out from her hiding c@m£ face to face with a shocked Timothy and baffled Mira. Who immediately pu-ll-ed down her dress a little which still hung above her knee.

Katie dropped her handbag on her husband’s table. She went straight to Timothy who was moving back in shock. She gr@bb£d his hand pu-ll-ed him to herself.
Timothy was confuse as Katie t©uçhed his man-hood before pushing him backward.

“So you can be this ha-rd for another woman. I thought you don’t just like ma-king out but i can see that you are b!own open alre-ady and you…

Katie turned and face Mira. Timothy tries to speak…

“Katie…I’m…I’m sorry, is not what you think plea-s….

“shhhh…shut up Tim. You don’t speak until I say so…do you un-derstand?

Katie hushed Timothy to be quiet. She moved to Mira

Mira did not move back as she stood daring Katie so that she can challenge her.
If Katie wants fight she was re-ady to fight and beat her up in front of her husband.

Katie stood close to Mira before turning to Timothy.

“Tim, Is this not Mira your ex-girlfriend, who calls you Cole which is your surname because she thought Timothy was too churchy for her but all throu-gh your conversation all I heard her call you is Tim or I’m I missing something…

Tim stammered, Mira stepped in to defend him

“Listen to me Katie or whatever you call yourself. I can call him anything I feel like calling, do you un-derstand me. I use to call him Cole but I recently noticed he loves his own name than his father’s name…so I’m sticking to calling him Tim or whatever I love to call him. He was mine before you and I still have the right to call my man whatever I so de-sires and you cannot do anythin…

Before Mira could complete her s£ntence Katie punched her left eye ha-rd and before Mirabel could get herself and retaliate back Katie ran and lifted one of the office chairs and threw it at Mira.
 Mira fell down and started bleeding on her head.
Katie c@m£ to her as she l@yshouting Timothy’s name who was scared to get close to his enraged mad wife.
Katie bent over and to-re Mira’s cloth, leaving only her undies.

“The next time you speak when I did not ask you to I will break your n£¢k…call your man to come and save you since me and you are sharing the same man…but I as-sure you Mira, he can’t save you from my hands today.

Mira tried to get up but Katie kicked her on the stomach with her shoe.
Mira gr@bb£d Katie’s leg and tried to pu-ll her down but Katie sl@pped her ha-rd across the face and didn’t st©p, she punched her face severally. Mira immediately free Katie’s leg and held her face in pain
Timothy screamed at his wife to st©p when he saw that Mira was blending from her forehead.

“Katie plea-se st©p…st©p I beg of you. She is seriously bleeding…do you want to kill her. plea-se I’m the one at fault not her. don’t kill an innocent soul because of me…plea-se.

Katie charged toward Timothy, she picked the same chair which was half broken this time.
She threw it at Timothy and before Timothy could flee the chair landed on the back of his head injuring him. Timothy felt a fluid running down from the back of his head to his shi-t, he t©uçhed it and saw blood.

The chair was on the ground broken. Katie pieces the chair with her hand.
She f0rç£fully pu-ll-ed one leg of the chair out and charged again towards Timothy who ran out of the office.
After Timothy left the office Mira started screaming for help, Katie went to her.

“So, It was you…you splashed mud all over me with the same car my husband bought for you. Babe you just mess with the wrong person. My husband bought you a car after he told me he can’t afford one for me, yet he bought you a car and you have the gut to bath me with mud, stick out your ton-gue at me. Mocking and humiliating me in the process…your name is Mira, today I will so deal with you until your name turn to mara. Not just because you are messing around with my husband but for humiliating me…I will humiliate you Mira. I will destroy that your car that gave you wings to dare me. You have the nerves to dared me… ooh I will show you what exactly I’m made off. No one mess with me and gets away with it….you are in for a real trouble. Mmmh, see your fresh b©dy…fresh th!ghs, fine girl. Just get re-ady because I will disfigure your whole b©dy. Since you decided to be a who-re I will n-ked you and cripple this your fine fresh legs. You just signed your death s£ntence with me… Mira…

Katie hit her with the stick more on her legs and ribs.
Mira kept screaming

“plea-se, someb©dy help me….help. I’m sorry…I’m sorry…don’t kill me…plea-se don’t kill me…..i’m sorry…

Katie hit her ha-rd again before saying

“No, you are not yet sorry Mira. After I’m done with you… you will be real sorry…

Timothy c@m£ in with the security men to save Mira from Katie.

Katie stationed her stick out to them

“If any of you dares comes close to me or l@ya f!nger on me I will dismantle your arms with this wood that has nails. None of you should smell close to me….

Timothy was shock to see that his wife has turned into a beast.

Katie left Mira and started going outside with her wood in hand.
The securities rushed to attend to Mira, whose b©dy was covered up with injury and blood.
Timothy followed his wife outside shouting her name to st©p

“Katie…Kat…plea-se you nee-d to st©p this. This is total madness…plea-se Katie. Wait, let me explain it all…you are taking things too far…Katie listen to me….plea-se Kat….

“Tim you are a stupid fool. so your man-hood can rise for another woman but yet I beg you every damn time to be with me in be-d instead of me you stick to your work as if it was your l@pt©p you got married to… I begged you to get me a car for easy access to work and many other places and you said you did not have the money but you got a car for your girlfriend and made her your personal as-sistant for the company also as-sistant to your man-hood. She used the same car you bought for her to humiliate me. She was the same lady I complained to you that splashed mud on me but you did nothing, so both of you planned to humiliate me right? Timothy I begged you to buy me a Givenchy hand bag you told me that you check the price online and it was too expensive for me to have. also my phone that your who-re damaged…you still couldn’t afford it. What exactly can you even afford for me Tim? You deprive me of S-x, of children and every good things of life but I watch you with your ex and saw you get ha-rd for her and that is what you do anytime you stay late in the office. You even defend her right to my face. Timothy Coleman you are a very wicked man…so heartless. You are evil. I thought you are different…I thought what you portray of yourself was all true. Haaaa…this is unbelievable. I’m in shock to know that you will do this to me. What did I ever do to you…did I f0rç£ you to marry me, if you did not want me why didn’t you leave me alone. you appeared as an angel and turned out to be a devil…

“Katie I’m so sorry…I never meant to hurt you…plea-se forgive me….Mira wanted the car for a compensation after she..

Katie hushed him to keep quiet

“Chew up your explanation Mr Coleman, I don’t nee-d it now…is not important. If you try to explain anything to me again I will throw this big stick in my hand at you. Don’t make yourself my next victim because I have alre-ady chos£n this car to be the next victim…

Katie went to Mira’s car and started smashing the glas-s, she kept on destroying the car angrily. She destroyed all the glas-s, climbe-d on t©p of the car and smashed the windscreen. A broken glas-s slashed her arm in the process and she started bleeding but Katie did not care as she kept destroying Mira’s car.
Timothy stood dumb founded, the security ran out and was shock.
 Mira was weak and couldn’t stand on her own, she kept crying
Katie dislocated her knees and arm with the wood from the broken chair which also has a tiny nail on its b©dy and it to-re p@rt of her skin off. She nee-ded urgent care before she bleed to death.

Timothy was screaming at his wife

“Katie you are going crazy…Kat…st©p this madness…plea-se.

Katie felt another glas-s cutting her leg.
She c@m£ down from the car. Satisfied with her work.
The whole place was littered with glas-s, the b©dy of the car was in ruins. Totally destroyed.
Katie was still holding her stick as she approach Timothy who started moving back.

He knew another spirit has possess his wife. He has never seen Katie as crazy as this before. Katie was a totally different person entirely.

Timothy kept moving backward from her as his wife approached with the big log of wood in her hand.
One of the security man made an attempt to come and hold her but she threw the wood at him and he flee for his dear life.

Katie re-moved her wedding ring and threw it at Timothy.
She went inside, gr@bb£d her bag. she kicked Mira who was not responding again
Katie threw spit on her before walking away.
She crossed the gate and left.

After she left the security said to Timothy

“Sir, madam Mira nee-d to be taken to the hospital…your wife broke her leg and to-re her skin open…she can’t move. She nee-d urgent help. Maybe we should call the police sir…

Timothy turn to the man that mentioned police and warned him angrily not to alert the police, it was his personal affair and he will handle it.

He rushed inside to check on Mira who was still breathing but do not have any strength to lift herself up.
One of the security lifted Mira from the ground as Timothy instructed, they carried her to Timothy’s car and he quic-kly zoomed off to the hospital with Mira at the back seat.
He was crying mid-way as he drove with speed to Doctor Ken’s hospital.
His heart was p@n-ting so heavily, his shi-t was so su-cked up, he kept praying that Mira will survive.

Pascal won the bet, beating the thirteen squad that contested with him and automatically become a rich man.

And there was only one person in his mind after he settled Lona the lady that encouraged him to pla-y.
There was another important person he nee-ded to also settle.

To be continued

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