When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 4

“You won a ticket to pl@ythe next raffle draw. thirteen people are qualified to pl@ybut there will be only one winner. The money is hvge and will change your life forever Pascal….

“I don’t have the amount you mentioned earlier to pl@ythe game. I have being pla-ying for a long time now and the highest amount I ever won I used little to take care of my personal nee-ds and used the remaining to repl@yagain… this game is eating my money and I’m thinking of quitting the whole thing and look for a better job. I don’t have money to p@rticipate in this one. Even if I do how can I win a competition among thirteen h0t contestant who are alre-ady into this game as I am…

The young lady across the counter smile to him and said.

“Pascal, don’t give up now. You have more experience than any of them. You have being pla-ying this game for years without quitting. all you nee-d to do is predict the right thing and the wining will be all yours. You alre-ady know as it goes. plea-se look for money, anywhere you can…ask your friends to loan you… just get the money and come and p@rticipate…I really want you to win.

“Lona, what if after borrowing the money and I loose the game… how will I be able to pay back.

“Pascal, st©p being so pessimistic, be optimistic that you will win but if you don’t feel like it then is okay. I don’t have enough money I would have borrowed you to show you how much I believe in you…

Pascal left, he asked few friends to loan him money but none agreed to. Some reminded him of the previous debt he was still owning them.

Pascal has only one person to call and his chances of getting anything from the person is very slim due to his pas-s offences but he was re-ady to try.

Tim noticed his wife was acting cold towards him.
She did not say anything since he c@m£ back from work.
And went straight to be-d after she was done with dinner.
Tim closed his l@pt©p and went to her

“Kat… Katie…what is the problem this time, what did I do wrong?

Katie ignored him and remained still.
Timothy breathed de-eply and moved closer to her thinking his wife wanted him as usual but Katie sl@pped off his hand from her.

Timothy retreated, he quiet left her alone and went to his side of the be-d before saying

“Do we have to fight all the time Katie, you are either nagging, arguing or angry over things you are not supposed to be angry over. What did I do wrong again…I don’t un-derstand you.

Katie sat up from the be-d and said.

“I left for work this morning cleaned and tidied but I returned back with a bath of mud all over me. From head to toe I was covered with mud if not for the bottle water i bought to wash off some of it…now my phone is affected. My mobile was in my hand when the foolish lady deliberately splashed mud on me and now the phone has gone bad and refuses to come on…

Timothy sighed and looked at his wife

“But Katie am i the one that splashed mud on you, why are you transferring the aggression on me…I was not there but here you are acting as if I caused it all.

“Tim, is that all you can say… And yes, you caused it all. if you have gotten me a car or even picks me after work I wouldn’t have to be humiliated like that.

“I’m sorry about the incident Katie, is probably not deliberate as you are thinking. This things happen and the man may not even know…

“Is not a man, is a very stupid lady. I guess is her sugar daddy that bought that car for her because if she spends her ha-rd earned money she will have s-en-se but she doesn’t have any s-en-se at all. she even st©pped and stick out her ton-gue at me, laughed before driving off. Her face is registered on my head…if I see her anywhere or see her car.. her second name will be sorry because I will so deal with her beyond recognition…

Timothy did not say anything as Katie went on ranting and threatening. She even describe-d the lady and the car and kept talking.
Timothy was surprised that her description fit into Mira but he didn’t say anything.

The next day he called Mirabel into his office.
Her dressing was not appropriate for an office work.
Timothy has noticed her way of dressing severally but ignored but today he decided to address it all.

“Mira, first of all this your dressing is not right. You can’t be dressing half n-ked to the office everyday. Change your way of dressing because is not right and another thing is… did you splash mud on my wife yesterday with your car?

“Tim, Your wife… what is my business with her. I don’t even know your wife except from the pictures on your desk. I have never met her before and why will I do that. as for my dressing, this is the way I love dressing but since you feel uncomfortable with it then I will change for your sake…

Mirabel turned and started walking towards the door. She suddenly bent down as if she was trying to pick up something from the floor.
In the process ex-posing her full th!gh to Timothy who was watching her.
She stood up again, turned and looked at Tim who quic-kly looked away.
She smile and cat walk away

Timothy rou-ghen his hair as Mirabel shakes her w@!st uncontrollable before walking out.
He pu-ll-ed at his bears before going back to his work.

When he got home, Katie complained about her bad phone. She asked him to get her a new phone because she can’t make use of her old phone which got spoil from the mud bath.
Timothy who was not in the mood for another quarrel told his wife that he doesn’t have money to spend on a new phone.
He asked her to use her money to buy the phone he will pay her back later.

Katie agreed and bought a phone with her money with the hope that Timothy will pay her back
Anytime Katie reminds him about the money he will tell her he doesn’t have the money yet

One day, Katie got a call from Pascal while at at work.

“Katie, I desperately nee-ds your help, plea-se I promise not to disappoint…

“Pascal st©p calling my line, I’m a married woman don’t you get that. i have forgiven you, I thought I alre-ady told you that the last time. I will block you if you keep up with this… leave me alone and move on with your life.

“plea-se Katie, I know you are married and I totally respect that. ‘m just calling for a little favor, plea-se don’t say no to me because I’m hopeless right now. you are my last hope Katie. I promise to pay you back…I will swear with anything if you want me to do that. plea-se… I’m pleading Katie.

Pascal told Katie how much he nee-ded. It wasn’t so much and Katie decided to risk it.
She later s£nt the money to Pascal and asked him not to call her again for anything.
Pascal was very grateful.

Katie didn’t bother her husband again to pay back the phone money. she was more focused on getting pregnant even though Timothy asked her to wait for a little while
She was not re-ady to wait again. It was better to start a family now because time is going.

Katie talked about it with him but it also ended up in quarrel.
Which made Timothy not to come back on time the next day.

While Timothy was working late in the office, Mirabel noticed and c@m£ to meet him.

“Tim, you are not going yet…is there a problem, I’m your P.A you can talk to me.

“Mira, I talk to you about anything concerning the job not about my personal life.

“Why are you always harsh to me, I’m only trying to help. Why do you hate me Tim… no matter what I do you still won’t acknowledge me. Which made me wonder if you are really a man. Why are you acting like a stick.

“Mira, I don’t nee-d disturbance. plea-se go home, the office is alre-ady close for the day. I just nee-d to be alone.

“St©p treating me this way Tim, I helped you to recover the contract from NSC. You suppose to be grateful to me and treat me very special…

“You recovered the contract with a condition Mira, a car which I bought for you and to be p@rt of the company… not just that being my personal as-sistant, even with your as-sistance I still do most of your work. You asked for too much yet I gave it to you so don’t remind me about recovering the contract because I have paid you for that, go home Mira. Leave me the hell alone…

Mirabel was shock at the tone Timothy used in replying her.
He sounded so pained over something.

Mirabel acted as if she was about to bur-st into cry because of Timothy’s harsh tone on her

“You hate me Tim, why… why do you hate me so much. The same way you hurt me back then… you are still hurting me now. What did I ever do to you…I don’t deserve to be treated this way…

She pretend to be so sad and quietly started sobbing.

Timothy st©pped what he was doing, he breathed de-eply as he saw Mirabel sobbing silently.

Mirabel angrily stood up from her seat and slowly started moving towards the door hoping that Timothy will call her back.

Timothy eventually did, he stood up and went to her.
He lowered his voice and talk in a calm way

“Hey… Mira, I’m sorry. I don’t hate you. I have no reason to hate you. All I want is for you to stick to the job which you have not being concentrating in. I see lots of mistakes in most of the work you suppose to do better. I end up doing them myself…I don’t like that. I asked you to dress responsible but you are yet to take up the correction. Mira we can’t work like this…if we continue this way there won’t be any positive result. I didn’t mean to shout at you but plea-se you nee-d to sit up… alright?

Mirabel nodded and went into his arms.
She k!$$£d his n£¢k and straight to his mouth.
Timothy did not respond immediately but later did.

Mirabel gently pu-ll-ed down her dress, which dropped carelessly on the floor.

 she move her manicured hands to Timothy’s che-st, then down to his belt.
As she tries to pu-ll off his belt Timothy got himself and gently push her back.
He adjusted his belt and said to Mirabel.

“Mira, I’m a married man now… and this is an office. do you want me to have S-x with you right here in the office, no. this is not proper. plea-se pick your cloth and put it back on. I feel stupid right now to have responded to the k!ssbut let’s pretend that this never happened and will not happen again…

“Timothy, if you want we can go to my place or to a h0tel. plea-se i nee-d you. Is being a long time I make out with a man and we have a thing in the past it will only be normal if the old feeling resurface. I want you Tim…I have always wanted you. My b©dy yawn for you… plea-se let’s go to my place for old time sake.

“No Mira, I can’t do that…I feel enough guilty alre-ady. I’m going home. plea-se let’s not engage in anything outside work. Let’s keep it professional and pretend that nothing happened. Sometimes I love working late if you want to stay behind next time plea-se don’t try to bring what happened today up. Let’s focus on the job.

Timothy went back to his table, packed up his things and left.

One day Katie’s boss who happens to be female s£nt her to go deliver an office project to a client.

She took a cab which pas-sed throu-gh her husband’s office to the client’s place.

After delivering the package, she started going home.
It was almost getting dark when another cab taking her home pas-sed throu-gh Timothy’s office again.

Katie decided to st©p to check if Timothy was still at work.
She asked the security who told her that her husband was inside.
She asked them if he was in a meeting or busy
The securities replied that he was probably working with his PA.

Katie went back and paid the cab man off.
She entered the gate and c@m£ face to face with the car that splashed water on her.
Katie walked round the car to be sure she wasn’t mistaken but it looks familiar.

The two securities watched her from where they sat. wondering why Katie was walking around their boss PA’s car.

Katie nodded to herself before going into the main building.

To be continued

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