When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 3



Katie and Michelle sat in a place while the children p@rty was going on.
The MC was entertaining the children, there were bouncing castle and different games.
The caterers were serving food and drinks. Every were was bubbling up with music.
Tim, James, doctor Ken and few others were chatting and laughing loudly.

Katie and Michelle were busy talking

“… Katie, is probably because of the work load that is ma-king him to act up. you know me and James had our own share of drama but here we are…

“Babe, James do not run from his responsibilities. James satisfies you and even when you were not interested he f0rç£s you to do it… James will not point your past mistakes to your face or allow you to go to be-d sad. he as-sist you and supports you..he wants you to be a stay at home wife and still buys you a car. James will do anything to for you because he loves you. Tim is just opposite of all this. Even if I try to f0rç£ him most time he will pick up quarrel and tell me how his work is more important than me. I wanted kids after we got married but he said he was not financially re-ady for it, we should work for up to two years by then everything will be in place but is over two years and things are getting worst. babe, you have being my friend for so many years and you always open up your marital crisis to me even when I was still single and thinking Pascal will be the one. I’m S-x starved, I’m loosing the urge for my husband… this is not how I plan my life but I definitely can not live like this for the rest of my life. like Tim always say “forever is too long to cry”. He doesn’t ask how my day goes or have a quiet talk as couples do. No he doesn’t. he comes back and straight to his l@pt©p…he will work till midnight then sleep for few hours wake up and leave for work… even most weekends he is busy with work… Mich tell me why I shouldn’t complain…

Michelle breathed de-eply, she can s-en-se the sadness in her friend’s voice.

“Katie do you think there’s another woman… do you feel he is having affair.

“No…no. Tim is not having affair… the only woman is his work. And he is devoting more to work than to me. he forgets my birthday and anniversaries. If I initiate a conversation it will end with quarrel…he is trying to keep timetable on how many times we should mate so that he doesn’t loose focus at work. He once told me he does not have the energy to be in be-d every time with me…

“I’m so sorry Katie. Tim is not perfect, he doesn’t want to breed kids that will suffer, I guess that’s why he is delaying. he is trying to work so ha-rd to give you everything you want but not withstanding I do not support his constant devotion to work and skipping his wife’s nee-d. You know when I told James years back that I nee-ded to abstain from intim-acy for spiritual purposes it wasn’t funny, despite he still find his way to me but he wants to have me all the time. I was not re-ady for such which made him to move to Mirabel, the lady he had affair with… when I found out that he was seeing another woman I bec@m£ broken and quic-kly sit up. I allowed him have me anytime he feels Just for him not to have a reason to cheat… well we all know the rest of the story. Your husband is not being fair and i wish James will talk to him about it… you should also take it to God in prayer. commit your home into God’s hand…

“Mich, I’m not like you, I’m not the praying type but I will try. plea-se, i will be glad if James talks to Tim. That Mirabel lady what even happens to her. Nob©dy heard of her again. If Tim get involve with another woman that person will be so unfortunate. I’m not as cool as you babe. I will tear down any who-re who gets close to my husband. Did you know what becomes of the lady?

“After she was bailed out she disappeared. I guess she left the State because she was f0rç£d to sign an un-dertaking never to trouble us again. She is far away to start a better life for herself because if she keep going after married men, hmmm it will be so unfortunate for her….she will be digging a de-ep hole for herself. I’m sure she will never want to get involve in such games again.Tim will change just be patient and give him time.

After the p@rty was over, Michelle and Katie were arranging things.
 James and Tim stood with a bottle of drink talking.

“You are not planning for kids yet? Tim there is no time to waste. money will come definitely. family first before everything, when your home is at peace your mind will be also at peace. Hope you are not putting work before your wife’s nee-d… at least you know what it took me to get my wife back. I don’t wish that for any man… do it right before it’s becomes too late.

“Hmmm… Katie is not so un-derstanding. NSC withdrew their contract and you know for years that they have being the be-drock of my company but right now things are beneath the surface and they are not looking too good for me but my wife c@m£ to me demanding for car, can you imagine that. She is aware of my pres£nt predic@m£nts but yet will not reason with me. An old friend of mine… Female friend though said she will help me get back on my feet but my wife is always cooking one dish of problems or the other. James, this whole problem started after we got married, I’m not blaming her for all this but she wors-en-s it up for me. Katie wouldn’t mind if I stay all day in be-d with her… isn’t that crazy.

“No Tim, is not crazy. there is nothing wrong with having a wife who is S-xually active, you knew that before getting married to her or don’t you. There are ways you can balance your work life and family Life and none will be affected. I was the active one but Michelle wasn’t but later blended with me and I’m glad God has being blessing my home. Also pray in good and in bad time pray. I will deposit some money tomorrow to your account to help you bounce back to your feet and I will also try and connect you to other big coy in your field. NSC can keep their contracts, you don’t have to station your happiness around them. You and Katie were a great blessing to me in the past and this is just the little I can do to thank you both. I will speak to Michelle about it first because I don’t keep things away from my wife but be sure that by tomorrow your account will be credited and I will start looking for a way to connect you to better organisation. Surfing and sourcing for them will take a little time so be patient with me and don’t fail to let me know if you nee-d anything. You will buy a car for your wife soon even if I have to contribute money for you to do it but Katie deserve a car. Timothy trust in God and care for your home. Start planning for kids because time Waits for no one.

Timothy was very grateful to James before leaving with his wife.

James did as he promised by crediting Timothy’s account with a hvge sum of money which made him screamed in shock.
He called James and thanked him.
He decided to invest the money into something else that he thought will yield profit.
He didn’t tell Katie immediately about the money he wanted a profit turn up from his investment so that he can surprise her with her dream car and tell her how he got the money.

Timothy thought within him that if he tells Katie now about the money that James s£nt she will make a Long list of what she wants and all the money will disappear. So it was better to hold on until a good turn up from his investment.

Mirabel recovered the contract back and Timothy was over filled with joy. He even hosted a p@rty in his work place to celebr@te.

Mirabel gave him the list of what she wants for compensation which includes a car and to be his personal as-sistant.
Timothy agreed to the car but asked her to work in another dep@rtment but not as his personal as-sistant.
Mirabel insisted and even threatens to tell the MD of NSC to take back the contract.
Timothy later agreed to her request.

He later bought the car for Mirabel just as she wanted, which was p@rt of her compensation and she solely becomes his personal as-sistant.

Timothy did not tell Katie the full story of bouncing back, he told her p@rt of it.

“…a good friend of mine helped me to recovered the deal with NSC and we are handling the contract again.

“… wow, that is good news, that your friend is so kind, God will bless him for going out of his way to do this.

Timothy never told Katie that is a lady and not a man.

“We will celebr@te this Tim and I don’t want to appear greedy although I still prays someday you will have enough money to get me a car but can you afford the Givenchy designer handbag… plea-se

“Katie, I checked the price online and is really expensive. I can’t afford it right now…I invested in another deal because I don’t want to put my egg in one basket. So once that deal cli-cks I will get you everything you want. I nee-d to repaint my own car and also change the engine. I also nee-d to do the interior decoration of this house so bear with me and I will surprise you… I will give you money to go and do small shopping for yourself just to make you happy… alright?

Katie smiled and collected the money that Tim gave her for shopping, she was happy that things are turning around for them.

Katie was hoping that Tim will improve and start having time for her and they will plan towards having children but Tim did not say anything about kids and he even dedicate more time to work than before.

Tim and Katie quarreled again because of that.

“… Katie, why don’t you un-derstand that I nee-d to keep up with work, I have to work ha-rd in maintaining this pres£nt deal before it sli-ps off from my f!ngers. You want Givenchy bag and even a car how will you get them if I don’t work more ha-rd than before. I don’t like it when you nag Katie…is gives me headache. Constantly nagging of love ma-king as if we don’t. over leaving work and being with you, how is that even possible. over kids which I asked you to give me time….

“Tim, what time are you asking for, is obvious you have the money for us to start a full family but you are still waiting for millions more to come. You said when all this contract thing is resolved you will create more time for me but instead you are de-eply buried into work more than before. This is not fair Tim…is not.

“All I ask is for you to un-derstand, plea-se… I’m not running away, we have forever to enjoy ourselves. Have two kids live big. I will fulfill all your de-sires. I did some expenses which I’m trying to recover back from, I have to pay the staffs salaries. and also keeping up with NSC…is not easy on me. Sometimes I’m stressed out plea-se try and un-derstand because when everything is finally okay you will relax and enjoy yourself and you will not have to share me with work or anything… I’m all yours Katie.

Katie was at work and Pascal who she has refused to pick his calls was calling again.
He st©pped calling for a long time after Katie refused to answer any of his calls and later resumed again.

Katie ignored the call twice but on the third one she picked up.

“Katie, what do I have to do for you to forgive me… I’m sorry. st©p treating me like a criminal plea-se. Don’t end the call… hear me out first plea-se… just this ones…

“What do you want Pascal, what is your problem…say what you have to say and get off from my phone I’m busy at work.

Pascal spoke with Katie for sometime before she ended the call.

One day after Katie closed from work she couldn’t leave immediately because it was raining.
When the rain st©pped she c@m£ out to wait for a commercial bus.

She was standing close to a pothole which has dirty water in it.

Katie saw a fine car coming down with speed, a lady was driving and targeting on the mud water in the hole.
Before Katie could run back the car went straight into the pot hole, splashing Katie with the mud water.

Katie was soa-ked up, her b©dy and hand bag was filled with mud.

The driver moved front and st©pped, Katie thought the lady wanted to apologize but instead She looked back at Katie stick out her ton-gue in mockery and started laughing before driving off again.

Katie knew the lady did it intentionally. she angrily searched for a big stone to fire at the car but it was too late.
The lady has drove off and other cars maybe affected if she throw the big rock in her hand.

Katie bought a bottle water and clean her self up a little before taking a bus home.

To be continued….

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