When Love Is Not Enough 2 – episode 14

Episode 14.

She walked round her sitting with her phone in hand.
Got tired and sat down.
She put the phone aside and try to concentrate on the television show.
She kept taking a peep at the phone as if she was expecting a call. Her mind was not on the TV show rather it was on her phone which she picked up again and held in her hand.
She began to talk to herself.

“Maybe I should call him again…he has not called for two days. Oh my God! I can’t even do anything reasonable, he occu-pies my every thought…I can’t concentrate again. I have to call…I nee-d to call him before I break down completely…

She g@sped out before s£nding a call to him.
 the person did not pick.
She stood up and moved to the window.
Later c@m£ back to sit down before s£nding the number again.
Her heart was racing as the phone kept ringing.
She silently prayed that he will pick her call but the phone rang to a st©p.
He didn’t answer the call.

She decided to s£nd him a message.

“Hi Raspa. I have being trying to reach you but you are not taking my calls. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way but whatever that guy said was never true. He is my ex and have being pestering my life. I may not have mentioned him to you and I’m sorry about that. Not hearing from you is ma-king me go crazy, I can’t think straight because you occu-py my every thought. I’m not forcing a relationsh!por myself on you, I’m only expressing how I feel. If you think that we are not heading anywhere plea-se open up to me, let me know rather than suffer me with your silent. Kindly pick my call so we can talk things throu-gh or reply to my messages. If you are not interested in anything inti-mate with me just open up, let me know my stand. plea-se Raspa….

She s£nt the message and waited for a reply but none c@m£.

Her phone suddenly beeped, it was a new message.
Mirabel quic-kly picked it up and frown as she saw it was a message from her network provider asking her to dial a certain code to be able to win airtime bonus.
She sighed sadly before deleting the message and tossed her phone aside.

She held her face with her two hands, showing sign of de-ep thought.

She suddenly move with speed to her phone again the moment it started ringing.
Her disappointment on seeing the caller gave way to a painful tears.
Steve was calling her with the new number he got after she blocked his old one.
She end the call but Steve started calling again.
Mirabel picked up the call and left the phone on the chair. She can hear Steve saying “hello” at the other end but she did not say a word.

He ended the call and later called again, Mirabel picked it and left it to keep re-ading while his airtime was going.

“Baby…are you there, hello… baby hello. Can you hear me. Baby if you can hear me I just want to sincerely apologize for the other day. I shouldn’t have told your new man any of the things I said. I wish you can give me another chance but I un-derstand if you don’t. That girl you saw in my place one day, she said she is pregnant for me… she is carrying my child. Well i don’t believe her because is you that I want. That girl is lazy but you are ha-rd working. Baby I also want to tell you that what you did to me the other night is very bad, you refused to let me in after all my plead. Is not fair oo. You know i love you and I also want to know if you made food in the house. I enjoy your cooking and I can’t get over it. plea-se let me know so that I can come with a food flask… The girl that is pregnant for me also want to taste your delicious food, I told her about you and your cooking just to show you how much I love you. Baby after collecting the food I will be on my way and I will not bother you again except if you want me to stay… baby. Hello… can you hear me…helloooo…

Mirabel never said anything. Steve ended the call and quic-kly block the new number.

She kept waiting for Raspa’s reply but none c@m£.
Mirabel called him twice again but when he didn’t answer the call her frustration and anger grew.

Mirabel angrily threw her phone to the wall.
The phone scattered on the ground, she realised what she did and quic-kly rushed to the phone.
She gathered it up and started fixing it back.
Her phone screen had a big crack.
Mirabel began to sob silently while still sitting on the ground.

Just when she thought she has found happiness it turns out to be a shadow of what she has always experienced in the past.

“Life is unfair. why did it chose to favour some and punish me. Why can’t I also be favoured. I want to be happy, I want to feel belong, I want to be loved… real love. Why can’t I have the good things of life. Why am I so unfortunate… Just why. Why me… God why are you silent to my tears and prayers. Is this how sad you want me to be for the rest of my life, lonely, broken and bitter. God is that the plan you have for me…the bible said that your plans and purpose to your children is for good and not of evil, to give great future and expected end. That is what I re-ad in the bible verses Michelle s£nt to me. I re-ad many good things and yet my life haven’t changed one bit. Sometimes I just doubt your existent, sometimes my faith is not even up to half of a muster seed. I’m sorry…but everything that I have ever suffer, the disappointments, the heart breaks, the 6months behind bars after trying to destroy Michelle’s home, lying in the hospital after been beaten by Katie and fighting between Life and death, God all this things makes me wonder why I was really born. Maybe you shouldn’t have created me in the first place. It would have being far better than going throu-gh so much hurt. I used to be terrible, I know my sins are always before you… nothing is hidden but for how long do I have to suffer, how long do I have to cry and we-t my pillow with tears… Lord, how long. I’m trying to believe that you have better plans for me but sometimes my faith gives way for my sto-red up trouble. God if you really care about me plea-se help me, help my unbelieve, I don’t want to centre my happiness around a man yet I look forward to spending my life with a caring man. help me to find purpose in my existence… fill me with your Love Lord…

Tears poured down from her eyes.
She sniffed severally before taking a tissue to b!ow nose.
Her eyes was alre-ady red from crying, she try turning on her phone but it refused to come on.
Due to the way she smashed the phone on the wall it couldn’t turn on.

Mirabel was weak and couldn’t do anything.
She quietly l@ydown on the ground and kept staring at her bad phone which was also lying close to her.
Mirabel sle-pt off and was awakened from the noise coming from the door.
Everywhere was dark, she didn’t know when she sle-pt off.

Mirabel searched for her phone to be able to turn on the t©uçh light.
She suddenly remembered that her phone was bad.
She wondered what happened to the electricity light which was okay before she sle-pt.

The knock on the door c@m£ repeatedly.
Mirabel sigh heavily before saying.

“Steve from the pit of hell, devil’s incarnate will not leave me alone and face his pregnant girlfriend. What is he doing here again… why can’t he Just let me be. He will stay out there with his food flask today since I have become his Cook… ru-bbish.

The electricity light suddenly c@m£ back on.
Mirabel turn on her television, tune the volume high so that the person at the door whom she as-sume to be Steve will not distract her.
She heard her name but did not pay attention to the voice.

Mirabel heard a car sound, she lowered the volume and heard the sound clearly.

She ran out with speed and saw Raspa’s car.
He was driving away.
Mirabel started shouting his name while running after him.
 before he could drive away she caught up with him and he st©pped.
She was breathing ha-rd after the shout and run.
Raspa reparked and step down with a bag in hand.

“I have been knocking at your door no response. Trying to reach you after I got your message and miss calls but your phone is switched off…I gave up and decided to leave. I thought you are angry with me and do not want to see me…

Mirabel was trying to catch her breath as Raspa walked up to her.
She did not say anything immediately until she was relaxed to talk.

“, I’m sorry, I heard the knock but I thought it was my ex, I did not bother to check who was at the door. My phone got spoilt, it refuses to come on…

“Ooh, I’m sorry about that. I should have called you since but my daughter caught flu from school so I have to rush her to the hospital. Her temperature was so high, she was really burning and complained of head ach too. I have to get some medication down for her nanny, who will give it to her just as prescribe-d. I’m really sorry of not taking your calls or replying your message. I just couldn’t wait for today to come before I see your charming face but when I c@m£ and knocked severally and no response…I felt bad. I thought I offended you. I’m sorry if i did. about your phone maybe I can check it and probably get you a new one tomorrow.

Mirabel smile. She breathed de-eply and they went inside.

They sat down as Raspa checked her phone and concluded on getting her a new one by tomorrow.

Mirabel asked him what she will offer him and he said.

“I actually got food and drinks on my way down. I noticed you enjoy grilled chicken with potatoes cheep so I decided to get you some with some vanilla yogurts, I know you took strawberry flavour the last time and you love it but I want you to try vanilla. You will love it more…

Mirabel collected the pack and thanked him.
She felt overwhelmed with his kindness and they freely talked.
Mirabel told him about her ex and few other things she never said before.
Raspa listened.
They ate together and he later stood up to leave.
Mirabel walked him to the door, they stood by the door without opening it.
Raspa later said.

“I couldn’t get a pe-ck the last time because your ex interrupted us. Can I get it now..

He said while smiling and looking at Mirabel who blu-shed before nodding her head

Raspa gently drew her closer into his arms and pe-cked her cheeks before moving to her mouth.
He k!$$£d her and later opened the door.

Mirabel walked him to his car and he drove off.

Raspa bought a new phone for Mirabel, he supported her business and her almost dead shop c@m£ back to life. she went back to wholesaling instead of retailing.
Everything was turning out fine for her. She even increase her sales boy salary.

Raspa took her to his place most weekends where she gets to pl@yaround with Raspa’s daughter who got use to her.
Princess loves having Mirabel around and Mirabel loves the little girl.

Her life was finally coming together with good meaning
having a man who loves and adores her, a man who supports her in everything and encourage her to be better, is a prayer answered for her and she hopes that this her happy moments will not turn sour ever again.

Mirabel st©p we-tting her pillow with tears rather she sleeps with a de-ep smile plastered on her face.
She was at peace after a long wait.

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To be continued

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