When Love is Not Enough 2 -Episode 13

“…eeh baby. give me the money let me settle the cab man that brou-ght me here after that we can sit and talk better. I really miss you my baby and I will appreciate if we start again…

Mirabel stood there looking at him and wondering what exactly to say.

Despite Steve may not be the right man for her but she hates loneliness.
Being alone makes her feel like everything was against her.

But is far better to be alone than be with a man who incapacitates her.
Always wanting her to do his biddings.
quic-k to anger and violent.
He insult and called her names that moves her to tears. “Old cargo, no man will ever want you”

Steve made her feel he was doing her a favour by being in her life.
No matter how desperately she wanted to be loved or to be de-sired, Steve will not be included in her options.

“plea-se leave my shop Steve. tell the cab man to take you to your other girlfriends house so that they can pay him. I’m still old cargo and I reject every of your type in my man. I will rather remain single than to give you another chance to m©l£stme and empty my shop again…

Steve looked at her with a straight face.

“Baby, forget all the bad things I said to you. I’m here because I realised I shouldn’t have said those things. I know what the future holds for us. Ones you give me another chance I will change Just as you have always wanted. I will never cheat or raise my hand on you. Our future will be beautiful. We can even plan our marriage…yes I know you want to be married I can make it come true for you. all I ask is for another chance and give me money to pay the cab man because every seconds that pas-ses he is adding it to my bill…

“Steve, what is wrong with your ears. I said I am not doing again, why not leave me alone. you opened your mouth and called me an expired product…well, is obvious that you are not different. Coming here to beg for taxi fare and another chance, aren’t you ashamed of yourself. You were feeling like a Demi god before but now you are acting like a house rat begging for cheese from the same person you insulted. Get the hell out of my shop… your girlfriends should be able to foot the cab bill.

The cab man walked up to Steve demanding for his money.
Steve try to plead with him to calm down but the man was not having it.
He told Steve that he has wasted enough of his business time waiting for him and nee-d a certain amount for all his time wasted

Mirabel felt pity for Steve.
She sighed sadly before going inside her shop.
She c@m£ out again and hand the cab man the exact money that he was demanding.
The man took his money and left.

“Thank you baby…I know you will come throu-gh for me. You don’t have a wicked heart or mind to watch me get disgraced.

Mirabel ignored him.
 Steve found a place outside to sit and wait for her.

“plea-se get up and leave my shop. I have paid your fare so leave.

“Aah ah baby…I thought you have alre-ady forgiven me. I want to wait for you to close so that we can go over to your place…I miss you baby or don’t you miss me… hahaha. I know you miss me. We will go home together let me keep you warm throu-gh out the night, mas-sage your shoulder and mak….

” Heeeyyy… St©p it. Mirabel shouted at him halting him to a pause.

“Leave my shop and I mean now… don’t come back here Steve. When I said it was over I meant every word of it. I’m done with you so stand up and leave.

Steve stood when he saw she was very serious.

” Can I atleast get transport fare back to my house. I did not come out with any money and I can’t possibly trek back… you know the distance from here to my house. I can’t trek it… if not I would have.
plea-se give me money for transport and if you have more you can add to it so that I can buy some food items…

Mirabel who wanted him to leave by all means rushed inside her shop and c@m£ out with some cash which she threw at Steve.
Steve looked from her to the money on the ground.

“Is it because i begged you for money you decided to use the it to humiliate me. Is very disrespectful to my person. Baby pick up the money and hand it over to me. show some respect and st©p being rude…

“Steve I can see that you are not interested in the money. That’s very nice… let me take back my money back.

Mirabel called her sales boy to pick up the money and bring to her.
As the little boy bent to pick the money Steve gave him a ha-rd push.
The boy fell to the ground and bruised his knee.
Mirabel after seeing how Steve pushed her sales boy bec@m£ very angry.

“You are so heartless Steve… how could be so inhuman. I’m happy I left you because you are absolutely worthless… God have mercy on you. plea-se leave my shop and if you try to become violent with me I will carry one of those big sticks and break your head and I will tag you a thief who c@m£ to steal in my shop… you will experience what they do thieves in this market…

Steve bent down and pick the money and started walking away.
Mirabel shouted after him.

“Make sure you don’t come back here next time. Use the change from the money I gave you and get your yourself a good meal, and while eating just know that is the last meal you will be eating from me… Shameless man.

Steve Pause and shouted out so that other people can hear him.

“, You will die of loneliness. I know you want me but I don’t go back to my vomit. You are begging me to marry old cargo like you. You are not my type so st©p begging me because it won’t work… I’m over you so go and die… fool.

Mirabel who was surprised at the way Steve was shouting and displa-ying with his hands in a dramatic way.
She decided to throw her own insult back at him.

Steve later left.
Mirabel gave a sigh of relief.

She went about her business as usual.
Few days later while she was watching a gospel programme on the television. She was also singing along the songs when her phone rang.
She checked the caller but no name, the first thing that c@m£ to her mind was Steve.
He was probably using a strange number to call her knowing well that his number was alre-ady blocked from her phone

“, Hello… hello. plea-se who is this?

“Mirabel is me… Raspa. Sorry I haven’t called ever since I got your contact. I’m sorry and hope I didn’t wake you up from sleep…

“No, is fine. I appreciate you for calling.

“, Thank you. So, will you be free over the next weekend. I can come over and pick you up.

Mirabel agreed to hang out with him.

It was a smooth outing
She kept laughing and nodding to everything Raspa was saying.
She only told him that she was single and was not in any inti-mate relationsh!p.

 Mirabel was happy that evening.
 she dre-aded talking about her sad past.

Steve noticed Mirabel’s discomfort, he noticed she doesn’t want to say much so he decided to keep talking about himself, his business, the city and many other things just to make the outing lively

Mirabel also got to know that Raspa’s ex girlfriend who was alre-ady married to another man was the mother of princess, Raspa’s daughter.
Raspa was right. He was never married but had a daughter.
It was a great relief for Mira.

They hang out most weekends but never got inti-mate. It was as if Raspa was trying to build a good friendsh!pbefore involving in anything inti-mate.

One day after there usual outing, Raspa drove down to her place to drop her.

As he bent his head to pe-ck her cheek, there was a tap on his car.

Mirabel was shock to see Steve again.
He was at her place waiting for her.
Raspa whined down his car glas-s.
Steve immediately started talking.

“, Mr man what are you doing with my girlfriend. She is my woman and we are planning for our future together. What kind of man are you, do you want to snatch her from me. What is the big deal in going to get your own woman… It was because of you she has being acting rude to me. Painting her new catch to my face. Is all because of you

Mirabel face turned into a puzzle.
Raspa began to apologize to Steve.

“I’m sorry man. I never knew she was taken….

Mirabel spoke out immediately

“Is a lie. Raspa he is lying. Don’t listen to him. He is my ex.. I ended the toxic relationsh!pwith him…

Raspa did not hear all Mirabel was saying. He was listening to Steve’s loud rage and threats.
Mirabel got angry and c@m£ down from the car.
She walk into her house and lock the door.
Raspa later drive away.
Steve c@m£ to her door knocking and begging her to open.

“Baby, plea-se open the door. What I did was all for your own good. That guy look like a gold digger. He can not love you the way I do. Baby I may not have car now but I will have tomorrow. That guy’s car shouldn’t freak you at all. He looks and sounds like a fake guy. Baby plea-se open the door I’m hungry, i have not eaten since morning… plea-se open…we nee-d to talk. I want you baby… plea-se open let me come inside. is getting late and darkeness everywhere. I’m very hungry…

Mirabel ignored him.
She put on her ear piece and sh0t out every noise coming from Steve.

Mirabel totally ignored Steve. She knows when Steve gets tired of knocking he will either go home or sleep outside her door.

Steve kept knocking and refused to leave Mirabel’s house.

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To be continued

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