When Love Is Not Enough 2 – Episode 12

Episode 12.


Mirabel was setting out her wares with her sales boy when she saw a car parked at a distance.
She recognised the it. It was the same car that splashed mud on her few months ago.
She looked to see if there was someb©dy in the car but saw no one.

Mirabel st©ped what she was doing at that moment and walked to the it.
She looked at the car properly and was certain that it was the same one but nob©dy was inside.

Mirabel searched around the place and that was when she saw him.
Her heart skipped immediately she noticed the man was holding a little girl in one hand and a shopping bag in the other.
 He was walking down to his car.

Mirabel tries to hide her face but it was too late because the man has seen her alre-ady.

She bent her head in shame and started walking away slowly.

“I knew it, I said it…he is a married man. What is wrong with me. Every where I go is bad luck. I’m never lucky with men…why can’t i get a single man. anytime I see some one I like… boomm just like a knockout, the man will be married and if I try to claim him by f0rç£ my life will be at stake. Since I did not die years ago I will never die again. I am just unlucky in life… is not fair. Is really not fai…..

“Hello…excuse me. Madam… Hello ooo

The man called out to Mirabel who refused to turn back. She kept walking slowly
Despite she knows the man has seen her standing very close to his car she will not give him the space to reddicule her.

“Daddy… she can’t hear you. Should I go and call her…

“No princess, let’s go…

He carried his daughter into the car and drove off.

Mirabel heard when the girl called him daddy, her stomach ti-ght£ñs up in sadness.
She was right after all.
He was married with kids.
“What an unlucky world I was born into… mtcheeewwww…

She sighed sadly and went about her business.

“Why can’t you arrange those catons in order. what kind of lazy boy are you, at the end of the month you will start expecting salary but to do things right you can not…

Mirabel lashed out at her sales boy angrily.
Everything around her began to irritate and annoy her.
She was more angry and disappointed at her misfortune and her sales boy was the closest person to transfer the aggression on.

Mirabel got home after the close of business and felt so lonely than ever.

That night as she l@yon her be-d to sleep all she could do was to hvg herself and try to suppress her raging anger and emotions.

She has gone to be-d early that day.
 lost interest in her usual television series.
Nothing at all interest her.
She has planned to sleep early Just to escape her troubles and battered heart but sleep was far from her eyes.
And when she couldn’t take it anymore she boast out crying all by herself.

Many times she has tried not to fall into depression but it appears she couldn’t escape it today.
The world feels so empty and everything seems to be against her even the universal itself.
She cried into her pillow and suddenly pause when her phone started ringing.

She did not bother to check the caller because the normal calls she received was either customers asking for early morning supply, having a complain to l@yor how they will have to del@yher payment until the supplied goods are sold.
She was not in the mood for any of that.

The phone started ringing again.
She picked up angrily just to turn it off.
She pause when she saw the caller.

” Hel…hello…
She cleared her throat repeatedly just to sound convincing…

” Mirabel, are you alright…

” Sure… ofcurse. I was jus..just about to sleep before your call c@m£ in…uhmmm… How is everyone over there?

“We are good. Just c@m£ in from Katie’s baby’s dedication.

” Really, wow…I never knew she has conceived. Sorry…i mean I never knew she was pregnant. That’s a great news…

” Yeah, she gave birth to beautiful baby girl. Very cute… I have alre-ady booked her down for one of my sons… hahahaha… It won’t be bad if we also become in-law aside being friends… hahahaha.

” Hahahaha…that will be great. your first child was a girl and same with Katie’s too. I’m happy for them. Finally Timothy will be a big daddy… I’m happy for him and his wife. I…wi…wish someday too i will be a mother but I don’t think God is re-ady to make me one. I’m not sure God even have plans for me. I mean plans of having a life p@rtner… I’m not included in the list of those he planned to bless with real Love bu…but I will be fine. He just have a way of punishing me for my past wrongs…I’m…I

“Mirabel… I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you about Katie. I was just over joyed with the news… you can’t imagine how long we have prayed for the miracle before she finally arrives. Listen to me, God never fails and do not disappoint like humans do. It can only take time but it will definitely come to past. plea-se don’t cry… plea-se don’t. God want you to forgive and Love yourself first then Love will find you. Don’t allow the enemy to make you feel God was punishing you for your past sins, despite there’s consequences for every action but Gods will is for us to find happiness while on earth and trust me yours is just within… alright? plea-se no more tears… I nee-d you to believe, I nee-d you to have faith even if is as little as a muster seed it can still move mountains…

“Thanks Michelle, I feel better talking to you alre-ady. You always have a way of ma-king me feel alright with myself. Your call c@m£ in at the right time and I’m happy that you called… thank you and congratulations again on Katie’s and her husband’s new addition. Even though I feel left out sometimes I will build myself on the positives things of life…

They spoke for sometime before the call ended.

Mirabel muttered few prayers after the call

“Whenever my strength fails plea-se remind me of your grace. don’t make me feel left out in your blessings…I don’t know when or how it will happen but I’m determined to focus on you and only you, not in my strength, not in my past, not in any man but only in you Lord…

And she sle-pt off.
She continued with her businesses as weeks turns into month.

There was a man who has being coming to her shop regularly, he tries to be friendly with Mirabel
He made his intentions obvious to her.

He told Mirabel that he likes her and will like to d@t£ her but she do not feel connected with the young man.

The man kept asking.
 she later told him that she will like to think about his offer.

One night she just l@yquietly in her be-d thinking to herself not knowing what to decide.

“He is okay, not really my spec but he looks nice enough. He apears like a womaniser and talks too much… well majority of men this days womanize, there’s nothing surprising about that. Maybe I should Just accept him after all I will have someone who cares about me…I will not feel so lonely or unloved. He will fill in the gap and even if I don’t love him now I will get to love him later…. maybe he is God’s will for me. Time is moving so fast on me. I know with time he will also change will never want to look at another woman except me…

Mirabel kept on thinking to herself.
She thought of calling Michelle but waved it off because Michelle may feel different and will not want her to settle for less
She was tired of being alone. What if the man was God’s will for her.

The next day Mirabel accepted to d@t£ Steve.

Immediately they started d@t!ng
Steve comes to her shop takes anything he wants without paying and sometimes ask Mirabel for money which she gives freely
Steve answer his other girlfriends calls right in Mirabel face.
Steve goes to Mirabel’s house and do not feel like leaving.
He spend days and weeks while Mirabel feed him.

Her business was going down gradually yet she doesn’t want to let go of Steve. She felt no one else will love her or stick with her.

She asked Steve what the future holds for them Steve told her that the future is very far and nob©dy can tell what it holds.

Steve gets angry at every little misun-derstanding and threatens to leave.

He invited a lady to his house and told Mirabel that he traveled, he was out of town and she shouldn’t come looking for him.

Mirabel suspected since that was not the first time he was doing that.

She left her shop for her sales boy and went over to his house just to confirm.

Mirabel caught Steve with another woman.
She bec@m£ very angry and attacked the younger lady she met at her b©yfri£nd’s house.
Steve sl@pped her and pushed her out.
Mirabel cried back to her place feeling heart broken.
Few days Steve c@m£ begging.
Telling her it was a mistake and it won’t happen again.
Mirabel was afraid of loneliness and forgive Steve.
They started again

Her business was going down yet She couldn’t let ago of the person draining her because she didn’t want to be alone and do not want to start from the beginning again of having nob©dy at all.

Her business was almost coll@psing.
she wanted to dismiss her sales boy because she couldn’t pay him again.

The sales boy refuse to go and said he will be helping her to look after the shop or even hawk for her. She shouldn’t bother paying him all he wants is to atleast see food to eat daily.

Mirabel was moved to tears and kept the boy

She decided to open up to Michelle about her pres£nt relationsh!pand how she was afraid to break up because Steve makes her feel wanted.
And Michelle said few things that got to her de-eply.

“Mirabel, you don’t have to settle down with every thing that looks like a man Just because you are lonely. That relationsh!ps is toxic, ask yourself is this the way you want to live the rest of your life. You are seaching for love in the wrong person who is not re-ady for commitment. he will keep pla-ying with your emotions and gradually draining you off until there is nothing left of you and then he will disappear. the earlier you end that relationsh!pthe bette for you. Because if he eventually leaves, you will be more heat broken than you have ever been. I’m sure this is not God’s plans for you. think it throu-gh Mira… plea-se pray about it, sit down and think de-eply…

Mirabel did as Michelle suggested and decided to end things with Steve.

He c@m£ to the shop that day and Mirabel was around.

“Baby, i nee-d some money…I have a place to go but don’t have enough cash with me…I nee-d money.

Mirabel angrily replied him.

“Steve there’s no money. I don’t have any money to give you as you can see my shop is almost empty…I have not sold anything today.

“Baby, don’t tell me you haven’t sold anything since morning. What have you being doing. I really nee-d money. Go and borrow from someb©dy and give me whenever you sell you return back to the person.

Mirabel refused and Steve bec@m£ violent and beat her up.
Mirabel decided to use that opportunity to end the relationsh!p.

“Steve… I’m done with you. This is the last time you will ever l@ya f!nger on me or take my money and give other girls. Get out of my shop. This relationsh!pis over… over between us.

Steve laugh before saying.

“Old cargo like you, I was even managing you. You will die of loneliness… look at your veins are shooting out. You are not even grateful that I decided to be with you when you know that the things in your b©dy are expired product. no man will look at you twice because there are alot of fishes in the ocean and yours is old fish…get lost. Foooollll

He turned and left.
Mirabel felt like crying after the whole insult.

She wanted to call him back and apologize but held herself from doing that.

As she got home she spoke with Michelle who encouraged her to move on.

Two months later she ran into the same man that splashed mud on her.
He was buying food items and Mirabel c@m£ to the same place without knowing to buy things.
Immediately she noticed him she try to leave but the young man saw her and exclaim.

“, Hey…I know you. I have seen you before…not just once…ooh I remember now. The muddy lady, hahahaha….I know is being a while but I apologize again. I also saw you twice here in the market. Do you still remember me…

Mirabel wore her fake smile as she tries to dismiss the conversation and be out of his sight

“Yeah, I remember you sir. Nice to meet you again…byeeee

“plea-se don’t go. I guess you have a shop inside the market or you have a relative who does because I buy most of my things here and I have seen you twice inside the market before now.

“Yes, I have a shop which was more into wholesale before but not again. I’m retailing now. Business have not being so good but I’m grateful to God…

“I’m happy to hear that. I don’t know if you remember my name but I’m Raspa. plea-se remind me of yours again…

“My name is Mirabel. Raspa, what kind of name is that… haven’t heard of it before. Are you from this state?

“My Dad is not from this p@rt of the country. My parents separated when I was a teen and I was meant to stay with my Dad while my mum returned. Dad later pas-sed out and mum remarried. I c@m£ back here and fell in love with the city and I have being here for a long time. I still travels and come back. But I find home right here in the heart of this big city. we can get to know each other better if you don’t mind maybe some other time….over a drink. what do you think of my offer. oh sorry, are you married…I don’t want to trespas-s…

Mirabel breathed out before saying.

“No, I’m not married. You? well I don’t nee-d to ask because I alre-ady know that you are.

Mirabel look around as if she was searching for Raspa’s wife

“Why… what gives you that impression that I’m married. I’m not wearing a wedding band so how do you conclude with that….

“Is not by wearing a wedding ring sir. I just know you are married. My instincts never lies and I saw you one day. Long time ago with a small girl who…

Before Mirabel could complete her s£ntence Raspa interrupted her.

“Yeah, that’s my daughter but I’m not married. Your instinct was wrong about me. I have a daughter whom I adore so much. I even nee-d to go pick her up from her karate clas-s within the next hour… plea-se we can talk more next time. The time is running with speed. can I get your contacts or a business card…I may be your next good customer, you may never know…

He smile ex-posing a well set of teeth
He was very cute but Mirabel having had lots of experience did not want to get pla-yed or allow her emotions to dribble her.

She gave him her contact before walking away.

When she got to the shop Steve was waiting for her.

“Baby, I’m sorry. You know how much I love you… eeh. plea-se forgive me…my life is incomplete without you.

Mirabel gave a heavy sigh and said.

“Steve what do you want? How can i help you…

“I just want you back, I know you are lonely and is all because of me. Baby sorry…I will never hit you again. plea-se i also nee-d small cash to settle the cab man that brou-ght me here… plea-se baby don’t turn me down I know you love me we can make things work out again if you will give me another chance. Remember a fish in hand is better than millions in the sea… plea-se give me another chance baby…

Mirabel Just stood there staring at him and wondering the perfect reply to give to him.

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