When love dies episode32

When love dies episode 32
” You are the worst human being ever” She shouted at the t©p of her voice and flung objects at me.
I dodged the attack but a book which she launched at me hit my left ear, the ha-rd cover brushed my skin and soon I felt pain grow there .
” My dear let’s just st©p this drama” I said while gr-abbing her arms.
She was yelling out at me and I couldn’t take it anymore. The urge to l@yhands on my woman consumed me. I ba-rely un-derstood what demon was manipulating my actions and I saw as my little boy was crying his eyes out with some grains of rice in his mouth which was wi-de open. Kate had demanded to know where I got the money from … I was not on a payroll neither had I any tangible business ,so how come I miraculously surmounted with a pure gold pendant as a Christmas gift for her.
” Leave me ” She tried to break free ” Let go off me .. I can’t believe you anymore.I have been listening to your lies. I wont do that again. You have turned into a beast, a thief and who knows ,maybe you are now a drug dealer or a criminal…”
” Is it not better? Huh ? Why can’t you see that am doing this for you. I love you Kate . I so much love you ”
Tears nearly escaped my eyes and that was the last thing I wanted . My son shouldn’t see me weak as it would mar his regard for my masculinity.
” You are a lier ” She said when I let go of her and she fell gently on the floor.
I went backwards and sat involuntarily on the soft chair in the parlour. My world was gradually coming to a c—-x . Dave joined his mother and both of them cried their eyes out. I had inflicted pain and sorrow on the two people who mattered most to me in the whole world. I was indeed a monster. Lord have mercy !
I surged ahead again, this time to do penance for my bloated sins.
” I’m sorry , ” I began ” I’m de-eply sorry . Love I’m — ”
” Get your hands off me ” She blurted out and wiped the tears of her eyes..
” I can’t believe why you have sunk de-ep into evil- who knows what terrible things you have been doing that I’m not aware of..and this night you nearly hit me…”
” But I didn’t ” I cut into her statement and tried to gra-pple her hands to calm her down.
” Yet you almost did . Why ? Gabriel why?
I couldn’t tell her why. I dared not tell her why — I saw myself loosing evrything if I did so. I shook my head and sat silently, then went down on my knees and tried to hold her again. This time , she gave me a h0t sl@p and it echoed de-ep into my ear drums. I virtually heard the ” Beetles ” boy band pla-ying rock and roll in my ear.
” I’m disgusted with you” Kate retorted and this time mean with every syllable of the s£ntence…
I stood up and dragged myself into the be-droom.. I kicked the art work which I had sculpted sometime ago . It was a masterpiece and I had kept it in my room for its glory. That night it bec@m£ my anger toy, as I took it up and scatteerd the entire room with rage… The artifact broke into pieces and I bled on my palms. That not withstanding , I landed my clutched fist into the mirror on the divider and it pieces shattered into my knuckle. . The entire room turned into a den for anger dispensation as I unleashed it bitterly on every single object.
I fell asleep in the ru-bble that I had created out of the belongings in the room. I would rather do that anytime , anyday than l@ya f!nger on my wife . I couldn’t stand it, I would even kill if any man dared it towards her..h0t tears trickled down my eyes. I only wanted what was best for my family, I realised bitterly that all that glittered was not gold.
” What is this? ” Kate’s voice called out to me and I could here it so loud and clear.
I sparingly opened my eyes and to my surprise she was holding a picture of me and Funmi. It even had a sticker which re-ad ” I love you so much daddy– with Love, Funmi”. How did that picture get into my room?
” I dont know— where did you see that picture? I asked
” I found it in your scattered belongings , of course you had hid it somewhere.’ She waited for me to bluff.
” That picture is not mine and I don’t know how it got here” I said and sprang from the floor immediately.
” You cheat—- I hate you” She cried out.
” its not what you think okay” I began. ” Let me explain, its—”
” So this is the same reason why you have been behaving strange…And this little girl, she is the same Funmi ? Your daughter with another woman right? Oh God …” She wimpered as the words choked her even more.
“Gabe ,I so hate you right now . The same Funmi you were calling in your sleep.. Remember I asked you who she was and you said she was Tayo’s cousin’s little—-Imagine the guts you had to lie about it”
” I can explain” I cut in.
I fell on my knees and begged her to try and un-derstand. She sl@pped me repeatedly and walked out of the room.
” Kathy- Love ?, plea-se try and un-derstand , its not what you think it to be, there is more to it than the obvious” I shouted with clouds of tears in my eyes.
I ran after her in the dead of the night , she had taken her belongings. She took Dave along with her. She flung the bags into the bus which she drove and entered the driver’s seat .
” plea-se don’t leave , dont leave me” I held the door to prevent her from closing it.” We can still make this work…where will you go now?
” I hate you– ” She said ” and I’m obviously in no position to continue living with you . Never , I’d rather die than do that–”
” Mummy , plea-se dont leave daddy…plea-se” Dave intervened for me. ” Let’s go back into the house , plea-se”..
” Love ,listen to your son, plea-se don’t leave. I can explain everything . Let me explain…”
” Its too late for that.. You had your chances but you kept on lying– you are a devil, let go off my door”.
She brushed my arms off and ban-ged the door , started the engine and I watched as she zoomed off . I could have followed them but I had no car again , I had dropped Dami’s car earlier that day to prevent suspicion.
I fell kneewards to the rou-gh stones and sand on the street… What had I done… What kind of mess had I put myself into?
” Kate!!!!!!!!! — “I called out.
My voiced echoed and I put down my head in shame, She was gone and was never coming back.
Observing someone you know will neither be better than you expect him or her to be, rather their situation would wors£n if you tried to intervene was like b!tt!g your ownl-ips to st©p pain. It was medicine after death…I looked at Elisha from head to toe.
What did he even want that made him to drive two kilometres that night just to see me?
He still behaved like the childish and girlish Elisha I knew He was now even more pronounced, a g@y than he was before leaving for the states… I could not fathom why a young gentleman would simply choose a path of stupidity. Well his choices and none of my business. Yet I could not help it but ask…
” Eli? How do you cope with peer pressure and all that stuff?
He glanced at me and sipped his coffee then crossed his leg( the normal lady style) His eyelids and lashes had been trimmed , he even applied mascara , I sighed and waited for him to say something.
” I would say– I’m getting used to being the way I am. I can’t change it for anyb©dy”
” You can bet on it,” I said ” Remember how uncle nearly cut off your deek because he caught you wearing a Sk-irt in the bathroom… What were you even thinking then?”
He gulped down the h0t coffee and spilled the rest on the table. I laughed and felt sorry for him.
” Seriously ? Don’t remind me of how evil papa was ”
His dad was evil indeed , the twin brother of saddam Hussien who projected into the black p@rt of the earth. He was the pure definition of strictness and injury infliction and I remembered him for the scar he left on my arm . I glanced at it one more time before continuing..
” I wonder how your male friends and as-sociates view your personality ”
He said he had none except his inti-mate friend. I pinpointed it to be his” lovers..” But then he had a lot of female friends and during his stay in America he was always hanging out with the ladies…
He was not yet to tell me why he c@m£ all the way from Eleme junction down to GRA that night, just to see me. I kept quiet and listened.
” Its just what I see as being able to express myself—” He blabbe-d when suddenly his phone rang .
” Yes ,.. Mimi?….. Who ? You don’t mean it… Aawwnnn I’m so sorry for her right now… Where is she ? At your house … But she could have gone home to her parents .. She is still in shock? Ok I un-derstand…..”
I was confused and got bothered myself. I s-en-sed danger and I was eager to know what was happening …
” What is it, Elisha talk to me—”
He waved at me and finally hanged the line. His face bec@m£ red all over and that was the effect of the cream he used. He reluctantly dropped the phone on the cushion.
“I have to leave.. I have to go home now– in short I have to be somewhere”
“So soon? But you have not even told me why you visited.”
” Some other time , brother ‘
I asked him to tell me the nee-d for the sudden rush..why was he so worried ?
” Talk to me”
” Brother Andy, ” He began ” My friend Kate just had a fight with her husband.She just found out a bitter truth about him. Turns out he had a daughter with another woman …. Its nothing you should worry about”
Did he just say that I shouldn’t worry ? He was indeed joking and I couldn’t blame him , he knew not of my intentions towards Katherine. This seemed like the perfect time and Gabe had finally scre-wed up, just like I expected…
” Where is she now?
“At Mi—wait , why are you so concerned about her ? He asked me with a suspicious look in his eyes.