When love dies episode 8

When love dies episode 8
Finally.. She is here. Now I can go home. I stood up as a gentleman . ” hello madam, I’m here with the toys”
” yes, thank you. Kemi plea-se show him where he will put them” Dami continued ‘ and meet my friend Kemi. Kemi this is Gabriel”
‘ No nee-d ma’am, we talked alre-ady” I said
” Nice ,nice” she said ” I’m not surprised . Kemi is a good conversation starter”
Kemi did not utter a word. She kept silent, smiling from cheek to cheek. Her eyes gazed upon me like she was lost or something.
” I enjoyed her company, ma’am Damilola”
Dami sighed ‘ plea-se will you st©p calling me that? Just Dami or Lola will do’
‘ok. Sorry Ma’am… I mean,sorry… Ok Dami ” I felt stupid.
Dami noticed something funny going on. Kemi was busy pouting and wi-nking at me. Shook her head in a kind of way , then draw her hair backwards while she raised her che-st up a bit. It was as if to say ”come get these baby boo”
‘Kemi?..kemi? Ah!!! ‘ Lola beckoned her to s-en-sibility ” plea-se st©p that and show him where to put those down’
‘Yes ofcourse. This way plea-se” kemi said.
” Gabriel? How is things going with you and Kate?
”we are fine ,Maxwell, just money issues thats all”
Max is a nice guy. I’m lucky to have him- a brother in-law and a friend. He got married to my younger sister Yvonne. Maxwell is rich and comfortable but after five years of marriage , they still had no issues.
*Here we are ,catching up in a bar. As much as Maxwell is willing to lend me money anytime, I prefered not to ask( it was embaras-sing).
” bro . Take it easy ok. Money will come”
” when Max? When will that be? I’m running out of patience here’
‘dont be harsh on yourself’
I couldnt care any less. ” To hell with harshness”
‘let me get this straight, so you are willing to do anything for money? He asked
‘yes man. Anything’
‘you sound desperate’
‘I sound confident” . I corrected him ‘ I have to give my wife a good life. She deserves it’
‘easy man. Easy now”
*my phoned beeps*
Text message from Kate
” My love, I and Dave will visit mother and father today, so we might stay out late. See you soon. Love you”
I dropped the phone on the table, but immediately ,another text c@m£ in :
‘Hi . I have a business proposal for you. Maybe we could meet tonight. Will that be fine? plea-se call me. DAMI.’
‘Now this what I’am talking about’ I shouted.
‘Gabriel, low your voice. People might think you’re crazy ,man’
‘I dont care. Max, I have to leave. I’m meeting someone” I said ” plea-se greet my lil’ sis Yvonne.
He was surprised. ‘wait, why so sudden, Gabriel? Gab….?.
I left him there at the bar.
Dave and I are in the new school service bus. I am driving and he is pla-ying with toys, next seat ,beside the driver’s.
He looked at me and said ” Mom. ‘
‘yes David. What is it?
‘Why couldnt father come with us? I wish he c@m£ too’
‘Dont worry son. You know daddy is busy with work. And its just me and you, visiting your Grandma and Grandpa’
He relaxed then c@m£ again. ” I miss grandma Nneka, and Grandpa Orji too.’
I smiled .’ you see? There you go again. Dont you miss me too?
‘Mum?!! You are always with me. Just even now, you are here. If you had your way, you might still follow me to the clas-sroom’ Dave said, jokingly.
‘you know I love my baby so much. I cant bear to miss any moment with you’
I laughed.
‘ I know that. And I wish, you ,me and dad, we will always be together. Just one big family’
The sound of that made me happy, but then again de-ep thoughts would still glare me in the face. I had to concentrate.
‘ofcourse Dave’ I said’ daddy and I will always be with you, forever’
‘I love you mum’
I k!$$£d him on the fore-head. ‘ love you too baby’
Dami seemed nice and she was a potential business p@rtner.
The waiter was taking her orders.
”….and I will have red wine, also bring me the fried Egg with Jollof.. Dont forget the salad . Ok thanks..” Dami said.
*OH MY! What a consumer* I thought to myself.
”Gabriel what will you take? She asked.
It was embaras-sing for me. I just managed to say ”get me dried meat and a bottle of Star lite,plea-se”
The waiter noded and zoomed off.
‘So why did you invite me here, Dami?
‘Business’ she said.
‘explain ‘
‘I want you to make wooden vases for my flower shop’
‘Hmm. Really? I said.
‘yea, cant you do it? YOU Know moulded vases are expensive, and easily get damaged. ‘ she continued ‘ the cost alone could be used for better course’
‘ok. I un-derstand’ I said ‘ And what will be my job description…..oh thank you’ The waiter brou-ght my bottle of beer, with dried meat in a bowl
‘you know, you are different’ Dami said ‘ not everyman would be this natural with a lady, on a first d@t£…’
‘huh?First what?’ the meat in my mouth nearly fell off. My mouth was wi-de open with surprise.
She stared at me, like she wasnt sorry for it. Only if she knew I was married. TROUBLE