When love dies episode 7

When love dies episode 7
The night was cold and harsh, but, I found comfort. Comfort not of my own ma-king, rather a spark of as-surance that I was safe.
Here I am with the man that captured my heart. The thoughts were skirmish-not with my feelings, but within their lacunae of affairs- and incoherent.
The love ma-king endured and was my best experience ,ever.
” Kate… Kate?? Hey , we are here alre-ady. Snap out of it. You are always wandering off in thoughts” .
That was Mimi’s voice. She had been driving us both ,all these while.
I hesitated a little .
” Oh! Sorry.. I was thinking about something”.
I am not the type that would give away my thought so easily. Mimi was speechless. She turned off the ignition. Made for the door and then briefly glanced at me .
”Kate , you are something else ,really. I cant believe you” she said ” believe me , I dont un-derstand you a bit ”
The Bell rang. In a blink , the entire parking lot was almost full. Mothers ma-king way to their cars, with kids in the arm or behind them.
” Solid Start Montesorri” had a unique look right from the gate to the inner walls at the back. The owner must have an eye for aesthetics, by building such impressive structures in this small piece of land.
He was excited to see us. I am also happy to see him neat and healthy. Dave c@m£ running towards our car. His first reactions was what I expected.
”mum. Mum!. Aunt Mimi ! . ” . He exclaimed.
Why she followed him, was not clear to me. I could not decipher the reason. I patted Dave on the head and he hvgged Mimi.
”oh Sweet Dave” Mimi said ” I’ve missed you so much”.
Mrs Edeh was still coming towards me. A woman in her early fiftees. Nevertheless, she still dressed to impress.
*She was Dave’s teacher in clas-s 2, but now the headmistress.
Her ha-rd work really paid off. It was easy for her to be nominated or should I say hand-picked, by the school owner, to be the new Headmistress. This was because the former lady in the position resigned.
Mrs Edeh exchanged plea-santries ” Good afternoon ladies”
” Good afternoon ma” I chorused with Mimi.
” Mrs Egedege, its always nice to see you”
I blu-shed .” And you too , ma”
”I was about to leave, when I saw you” she said
*Oh that was the reason. Ok. Dave didnt do anything wrong after all* I thought out loud to myself.
Mrs E. noticed my sudden silence. ” are you ok? Whats the matter?
”Nothing ma’am. Its just that….”
”Just what? She cut in.
”I uh….”
” You see ma’am. My friend is searching for job vacancies, and she nee-ds it urgently. We would appreciate any little help from you” Mimi intervened and chuckled with a big grin.
” well we have an opening. And you are? Mrs. E asked
It then occured to me that both of them had not met before. ” She is Mimi. My very good friend”
” I see. Nice to meet you”
”the plea-sure is mine” Mimi said and shook hands with Mrs. Edeh.
She- the Headmistress turned my direction and was straight to the point.
” We have a space available for a school service bus and also a cook, for the canteen”
”Ma’am. I am capable” I said with joy.
”unfortunately, the cook position is just a half day job” she added
”I can still drive the school bus ” . The joy in my voice was obvious.
She looked at me,was surprised and said ” Are you sure?
This time Mimi pla-yed a role as my guarantor.
”yes ma. Ofcourse she can. My friend is a workaholic ,you know”.
We laughed.
The car infront of me was stagnant- literaly- and seemed like a resistance to my motion.
Horns are being hunked left and right. The traffic looks heavy.
My appointment will be delayed. I picked up my phone and dialed Kemi’s number.
”hello. Kemi?
”yes. Lola, why did you call? The voice replied.
Kemi and I had attended the same college together . She was and still my bestfriend . A lady like her was rare to come by. She was very good with maths and statistics, always there to save me at the dire minute.
This friendsh!pextended to business and she bec@m£ my P.A.
”Kemi, someone will deliver paper Maché horses at the flower farm. plea-se makes sure he is comfortable untill I arrive”
” Where are you now? She enquired.
I was definately stuck in a traffic jam. Only if she listened carefully, it would have been obvious.
”Traffic. Dont worry, I will be there soon”
”OK. Drive safely”
phone line cuts.
The next thirty-minutes. Am in the Plantation. My flower farm. I parked my car right infront of the reception.
I locked the car doors. Then made for the reception and my heels – the shoes were now burdensome- almost made me stumble. Thank God.
I exhaled !
Art crafts adorned the reception-just the way I liked it- and a fresh bevy of flowers neutralised the air conditioned atmosphere.
Then she appeared.
” Oh Damiiiii. You didnt tell me Gabriel was so handsome”Kemi blu-shed.
I dont remember mentioning his name earlier. So how did she know? Women!
I smiled.