When love dies episode 36

When love dies
episode 36
I pu-ll-ed the car over and entered the lonely house, I’d been a bit shaken up but I had no idea what it was. I was feeling guilt but the silence in the house tormented me even more.
I remembered my last conversation with Johnson and what I had said to him,
” Then count yourself among the dead, ‘cos you’ll be a dead man…”
I realised what loosing Kate had done to me, it unveiled the true side of me. Why did I let her go in the first instance? It was her choice ,so I cant blame her for choosing such.
I thought about my son David, what kind of Father had I become to him? What lessons did he learn from my actions?
I sat de-ep into the cushion and looked round the silent house. I Poured myself a glas-s of wine and paced up and down the parlour.
”Hello, Yvonne? ” i said into the phone after dialing my sister’s number.
‘yes…How is mama holding up? Maxwell? Is he fine? ” I sat down and ran my f!ngersround the cu-p’s ti-p.
” I know she is still mad at me…Kate will come back ,trust me” I got up and looked outside.
A car had st©pped, and I knew exactly who it was. What was she doing here?
” No ,David is fine with his grandparents, he cant stay here with me alone..” I continued ” I’ll find time to visit — Ok for your sake , I’ll try to get them back.”
I moved outside .” Let me call you back, yea. I have something to attend to” . I hung up the line.
She walked straight to my doorstep and smiled.
” what are you doing here?’ I barked. ” you are not supposed to be here”
She smiled again.
She c@m£ closer, and her sunshades went off revea-ling her pretty eyes. Why? She so loved tempting me at every slightest opportunity, what had I done to deserve this purnishment?
” Gabe, we are family now” She t©uçhed my chin ” this house is too lonely for you, why not come over to- ”
I frowned and she noticed it, then said
” I know how it feels . To be left alone, ” Her voice bec@m£ ro-mantic ” to sleep all night in the cold sheets all by yourself, lets make it easier for us. You know what I mean. Go home to us, we are waiting for you”
I laughed.
I had no idea, but s£ntences like that started to get on my tickle bone. She hadnt seen anything yet, only time will tell.
I dragged her arms and opened her car door, ” Get in and get outta here” .
She struggled and tried to break free. ” Gabe, what are you doing? Let go off my–plea-se st©p. You know how much I love you ” her voice bec@m£ pathetic.
I slammed the door, put my head throu-gh the window and looked at Dami in the eye
” ofcourse I do. And I will be heartless if I dont appreciate your love. If I want you, I’ll come to your house, not the other way round. ” I turned to get back into my verranda.
” Gabe, your problems wont st©p, not until you accept me, even after I gave you wealth , you still treat me like rag.. What kind of a man are you? ” She nearly cried.
I stood there at the entrance, silent as she reeled the book of judges into my ear.
” wont be long ,until your other nee-ds start haunting you” she laughed ” then we’ll see who is more tough” .
With those words, she zoomed off , raised debris and dust leaving the atmosphere in a displaced state in the ecosystem.
I couldn’t believe my ears anymore , his words hit ha-rd onto my skull and I had to take it as a mistake. He was not serious, he definaltely was not . He tried to come closer and grasp my arm, he probably saw how terrified I was. I least expected such from him.
” plea-se , un-derstand me here “He tried to t©uçh my cheek, which I dodged. ” Kate, don’t get me wrong here, I was only pointing out an instance of what could happen if –”
” it was a very stupid one ” I said and moved even backwards ” You were joking right?. Like, what kind of a person wishes a pregnant lady, a miscarriage ? Are you for real? I just hope you didn’t mean a word of it”
It ate de-ep into my soul , and that was the first time Andy said something really foolish . I picked it as a sl!pof ton-gue, he wouldn’t even think about hurting me not more ,wishing me evil.
He closed in the gap between us , his fresh breathe and perf did magical things on me, which I couldn’t explain
” I’m just a bit stressed out- believe me, I am here to protect you and not scare you ” his voice bec@m£ calm and he continued ” Kate, I don’t like seeing you suffer like this, it hurts me, and truth be told , I will stick with any decision you take”
I sat down and looked at my wrist watch, I had to leave, the discussion was getting me nauseated and Andy bluffed even more. If he loved me truly , then he’d be matured enough to know that I carried a living soul inside me , not something to make instances of death, with.
” I’m disappointed, Andy ” I said ” But its good to know you still care. ”
I got up and dusted my Sk-irt’s ti-p and behind, made for the door and he followed closely ,his arms trailed my back and he t©uçhed me on the shoulder.
” Let me give you a ride ,home. And I am sorry if I scared you. ”
“. I’m OK. Don’t worry , I can manage ”
” I hope we are cool ? We can still be friends right? .
He streched his palms out to shake mine.
” yea ” I smiled back and shook him ” friends.”
I sat quietly in the restaurant’s corner ,gazed at Elisha as he was telling the dark skinned girl what he would have. We had gone out that eve to spend sometime together and escape the reality of the problems that faced us. It was supposed to be fun time but I was confused and felt awkward.
* To forget someone whom you thought you loved is like trying to remember someone you’ve never met in your entire life.*
” Get me a bottle of Amarula and — excuse me” Elisha t©uçhed me when he noticed my solitude . He paused on his order.
” Kate what’s up ? Talk to me , sister .. ” he looked at Mimi who was typing her life away ,on her ipad ” Hey ! Will you drop that stupid thing, our friend nee-ds your attention here”
I shrugged but didn’t say a word. I had nothing to say, the two men whom my world revolved round were such d!ckheads and it gave me sleepless nights.
” You can go now ” Elisha said to the girl who stood to wait on orders” just bring me the bottle ,the big size.”
He turned and faced me, empathy showed all over his face and his arms gently brushed my shoulders.
” Talk to me dear, what’s up ?
” Nothing is down ” I said and smiled , drank my jui-ce and relaxed a bit.
“Really? Well , a problem shared is one solved. Isn’t it?– Mimi? He asked Mimi again, but she was buried de-ep in her activity.
” I will soon fling that useless thing ”
He bec@m£ very furious.
Mimi giggled and exclaimed with joy ” Yippee!! Highest score ever! ”
She dropped the pad on the table and looked blankly at our faces ” What were you saying?
I grinned and chuckled a smile .
Elisha frowned with disgust ” We were actually talking about cutting off your ears and replacing them with antennas . Nons-en-se!!!”
I laughed my ribs out until they started to ache. The joke was unexpected.
Mimi waved her f!ngers” Whatever ! ”
” You are so annoying ” Eli said.
” Yea ! Yea ! At least . I. Don’t. Wear . Pads .On .My. bu-tt. Unlike. Someone. Here . ” Mimi shook her head and enjoyed her leisure.
He nearly turned red with anger “Kate , did you hear what she just said?, can you–”
I laughed out so loud that I forgot that I had been sad some minutes ago. These guys were hilarious and so funny.
” Mumu ” Elisha blurted out after casting a prolonged gaze at her .
” Boy-girl ”
” I don’t blame you , scarly wag ”
” I blame you , Monkey f@g ”
“Its alright , plea-se” I cut in ” You guys should st©p , we are in the public-” I ba-rely finished the statement when I saw her.
oh my God it was her , I coudnt believe my eyes , It was the little girl I ‘d had seen in a picture with Gabriel.
My resolve changed as my mood bec@m£ worse again, I looked at her and the two women that sat with her,both with their backs facing us.Their table was across the restaurant hall . one of the ladies had to be her mother.
” Kay ? ” Elisha said , he noticed something ” you look like you ‘ve seen a ghost.”
” Eli, someone will become a ghost today, by the time I’m throu-gh with her”….I said and carefully got up from my seat.
When I pushed the door open, I expected someone to pour me h0t water or even a sackload of gabbage. I sighed a relief , when none of the above happened, at least not yet.The thought was loud in my head.
I had called Yvonne to pick up David from his grandparents house , I didnt want to go there , not at that moment, given the circu-mtances of Kate’s disagreement with me. It was better to let things cool off a bit .
I wanted to see my son, but it had to be in Maxwell’s house, and I hoped for the best but prepared for the worst, just in case someone loosed it and poured me a pot of stew.
The sitting room was quiet and I thought a mutiny or coup d’etat was about to occur and my head was the state of emergency for the process. I was afraid though, then suddenly
” Daddy!! ” c@m£ David’s voice as he rushed in from a room adjacent the parlour.
I was so glad to see him. The joy in my heart leaped to hundred degrees , when I launched him into the air repeatedly and he laughed and smiled at every dive.
I exhaled de-eply and carried him like a baby into my b0ss0m.
” I’ve missed you so much, daddy ” His eyes shone with joy ” And so has mummy”
I st©pped to as-similate his words ” Really? Did she say so?
He shook his head in dissparoval, and I bec@m£ disappointed, so how did he know she had missed me?
” she cries every night and calls your name ” He said.
I put him down and looked him in the eye ” Now David, I want you to be strong for daddy, ” I stro-ked his hair ” I want you to look after mummy , while , I’m away ,OK. Can you do that for me?
He saluted ” Yes sir”
” That’s my soldier . OK where is ?- ” I was about to ask him of Yvonne when I saw her standing at the corridor ,arms akimbo .
“I envy you both ” She t©uçhed her abd0m£n ” I wish God had alre-ady blessed me with even one”
It had been almost five years of marriage for her ,without an issue and I felt it too, as it ached me internally.
” Don’t worry ” I hvgged her briefly ” you will soon have yours. where is Mama?
She told me that Mama was in the Kitchen and Maxwell was in his room.
I looked at David ” OK , little man run along , go and pla-y. Your aunt and I want to have a word ” He was about to move ” here , I bought you snacks ”
I gave them to him and he was so happy . He k!$$£d me on the cheek when I bent down a little and disappeared into the big house.
” Gabe, your son will suffer badly if you don’t mend your marriage ” Yvonne started when we took seats in the living room.
I scratched my head a little and looked at my wrist watch, somehow , it felt like everyone wanted me to be perfect, but overlooked the fact that I was human and also fallible.
” Yvonee ” I began ” It’s not as easy as you think , things have gotten real messy and comp-”
I paused when Mama c@m£ out from the Kitchen throu-gh the dinning room . She held a spoon in her hands and I thought she had me in mind, maybe she wanted to konk me with it ,because our previous argument was so rou-gh.
” Good evening Ma” I greeted in Ikwere.
She shrugged and replied, gave me a prolonged look and dashed back into the kitchen , she hadn’t said much, it was very unlike her to do so.
” The situation is very complicated ” I continued
” How bad ? Gabe , I hate to admit this to you but I just have to. I don’t know what your plans are , the truth is that you will end up hurting a lot of people if you choose to split up with your wife. Not only your son will be hurt but me also ;Maxwell ; Mama( especially mama- ) And don’t overlook Kate’s parents too, they are alre-ady hurt by your actions . Don’t make it worse”
I kept silent and let the words sink into me.
” But its not my fault ” I barked ” Why is everyone blaming me?
” Whose fault is it then? ” She retorted and even louder.
I stood up, and moved round the spacious room, my f!ngersru-bbe-d the furniture and it felt very expensive and smooth. I turned to Yvonne
” You are lucky, you married a wealthy and Kind man”
“What does it have to do with our discussion ?
” Nothing- but I’ve heard you. I will try my best. I can’t promise yet, but I will try.. “..
” You better–”
” Little sis,I alre-ady told you. I will try, now let me breathe plea-se” I barked out again.
I sat into the cushion and thought de-eply about how my life had broken into tiny pieces. I had to fix it soon, time was flying and I was behind ,trying to overtake it.