When love dies episode 31

When love dies episode 31
* The real temptation begins*
I watched as Kemi paced the room in anxiety. She turned round and moved to the door, c@m£ back , sat down and got up only to repeat the sequence.
” What’s it? I asked .
The terror I had experienced in recent weeks had left me shaky and all fussed up. Dr. Johnson had been giving me home treatment. He was also taking me on thera-py .
Dr Johnson was named the doctor of the year after he performed an open br@in surgery on a woman who had a set of twins in her. The lady was mentally ill. The medical staff hadnt known before the operations that she was pregnant. They had taken result scans and did xrays but somehow it seemed the results were tampered with, like someone wanted the woman to die in the theatre. It was when they stated the operation and Dr Johnson took charge of the situation that they discovered she had two pronounced foetus growing inside of her. Her blood pressure had spiked and the cardio team discovered blood circulation was random and ra-pid. Everyone wanted to st©p the operations but Johnson proceeded and after a tasking job of saving both mother and unborn children, he got an accolade for his brilliant and gifted craftsmansh!p.
” I don’t trust that doctor ” Kemi said.
” Why? I asked.
” He seems to be up to something..” She crossed her arms together .
” But he is my personal doc–” I was about to say when she cut me short.
” Even that Gabriel..He is too sweet to be true. Trust me Dami he is planning something big.. And now you have given him full access to all your properties .”
I shook my head and pinched my nose , the last thing I wanted was someone reminding me how much I was willing to do to get love from Gabe. He had requested that he wanted full control over my wealth. I gave him everthing including my heart. On a lighter note, it would have been difficult for me to do but somehow it was as if my eyes were closed when I did so. I had a plan.. It was far from failing…
” The decision is final” I said to Kemi who was now getting on my nerves and ranting endlessly.
” You can’t be serious — He is a golddi—”
” Don’t ever call him that, ” I shouted at the t©p of my voice .
” Why? Because he promised to love you in return if he gets access to your wealth? I’m laughing so ha-rd right now Dami– honestly”
” Its not what you think’ I replied .
Indeed it wasn’t, I did what I had to do. There was no reason why I couldn’t give him my bank accounts details , my house occu-pancy details and every other thing. I knew what I wanted in return and a little sacrifice won’t hurt.
” Don’t tell me you have settled for that cheap love he is willing to offer ” kemi blurted out again.
” He will love me soon,everything is falling in — ”
I paused when I saw Tayo’s ghost. He was not dead yet but in a coma ,why was he disturbing me? He was shaking his head as if to say ” your own is strong o” . His eyes were fixed at me..Blood soa-ked his left shoulder. I got confused , I wanted to scream…. But it was just an illusion and the wind blew the cotton briskly revea-ling the lampstand behind it that had the shape of a human head. I got up and re-moved it from the table ,near the window. It was a bit dark outside. Kemi didn’t notice what just happened .
” Are you sure? You are still hallucinating my dear, wake up— That reminds me : are you still seeing that man , what’s his name again ?
” Tayo?
” Is that his name? Well whatever ” She said ” But I’m suspecting you Lola because I think you had something to do with his predic@m£nts”
” Why would I want him dead? Tayo is useless to me. I won’t stoop so low to committing murder…abeg talk better thing”
” You are such a terrible liar you know, Dami I am your friend and I can smell your lies like they are bre-ad crumps garnished with sweet honey. And I didn’t say anything about death…”
” What’s that supposed to me–mean ” I said while I sat on an arm length stuffed chair. I felt a sharp pain on my arms, where Johnson had been giving me sh0ts of sleep inducers.
” Now that’s what I’m saying” Kemi said ” You are too cunning and evil, but as your friend — as your sister : I will advice you to st©p this game ”
” He gave me conditions ”
” Who ? What conditions?
I told her how Gabriel had placed a contract on the table for me at the office of Dr. Johnson . kemi was abs£nt then, she had gone to the reception to fill in details of my scheduled home treatments. Dr Johnson had given her the list of things she was to fill in the form.
” So .. He pla-yed his cards on you…mhen this guy is smart.”
” His motives were clear , He would take care of me and Funmi ,if only I had him calling the sh0ts. He was to pay my bills and run my activities in an anonymous way ”
Kemi was shocked , she shrugged and chuckled a smile. ..
” And you agreed to that? Even the crook of a doctor was there too?
I shook my head.
” You’ re either foolish or this mental situation has made you blind. For God’s sake he is taking advantage of you .He is just going to use your money and take care of his family and when he is done he will abandon you..”
” Why are you quic-k to judge me? come over here lemme show you something.. You too have skeletons in your cu-pboard… I’m not a fool and Nob©dy is a saint.”
I brou-ght out my iPad from my hand bag. I unlocked it and opened a video of Gabriel and Kate arguing in their parlour. ..I had a hidden c@m£ra placed in his house . It was on real time and they were having dinner at the moment… Obviously Kemi had un-derestimated me, but then she was shocked and speechless at what she saw…
” You are the devil herself ..” She acknowledged .
” Am not ,I’m only protecting my investment” I said smiling endlessly. …