When love dies episode 3

When love dies episode 3
The next morning was even more dramatic. I was still on the be-d trying to figure out how to get a down-payment for my new truck which I had alre-ady describe-d as ”FOR SALE” . The nee-d was urgent and no Jupiter or Mars was st©pping it. To avoid the harras-sment from the bank I nee-ded a plan. This was not the life I wanted, not like this.
Still de-ep in thoughts and confusion, I ba-rely noticed when Kate c@m£ from the living room to get me out of the be-d ” Love , st©p this you’re doing , I know its ha-rd but we will make it somehow” Kate was sure of herself.
The ceiling fan was now a thing of wonder to my eyes- the cyclic rythm somehow seemed to take away the thoughts and they bec@m£ bu-tterflies in my head. ” Love, we nee-d money, Dave has to pay his school fees and we have to pay the bank” these words managed to escape myl-ips when I tried to sit up on the be-d.
” I know Gabriel, thats why I will look for a job. Any job that will bring money”
” Dont worry Kate, you nee-d not do that. Things will be fine”
” but atleast ,let me try, than sitting all day in a sto-re hoping that someone buys even a matchstick box” she sounded bitter and serious.
I kept quiet and let her win the arguement but de-ep down I knew what I wanted….
* The remaining art crafts in my sto-re I started taking to the market. Found a sp©t along the road and quietly squee-zed myself in between two women. There was going to be my pivot to a goodlife (I GUESS) .
Everyday was a story for the Gods. I could ba-rely sell even just a toy. The Sun scoarched me in the afternoon, rain would cool my nerves in the evening. This continued for two days ,until I met the lady that turned my story around.
Sometimes we think that the universe doesnt hear our heart de-sires. Its just ha-rd to realise that we are innocent of anything Karma brings our way. That was my mindset but this changed when a lady in a new suv saloon car st©pped right infront of me.
She c@m£ down and walked straight to my stand (at least I can call it that, I was practically standing . And no time to sit down) and her voice was nice and calm when she said ” How much are these horses?
” Ma’am just 350 per horse” I said reluctantly.
” Hmm they are cheap”
” I ‘ll take the eight of them” she concluded. ”ma’am thats nice but all these cant enter your booth, so how will you take them? ” I suggested while still looking bitter (maybe the sun scoarched even the s-en-se of humour out of me.
” I’ll pay for them now and you’ll deliver them to my flower farm. I nee-d them as a gift for my daughter-her birthday is coming up” the lady persisted.
I could’nt believe her . ”ME , deliver it to your flower farm” I thought out loudly to myself.
*”ma’am but I dont do home service delivery”
” dont worry, I will pay you 50% for downtime and inconviniences…and did you make them yourself? She was quic-k to question my patience which was about to Peter out.
”yes I did” was an answer that best suit her rhetorical statement.
” they are lovely. Here, take the money and thats my card so you will locate the farm” she gave me her complementary card and then took a picture of me with her iphone 7.
”and what was that for? I asked
” so you dont run away with my money…uhm ?? She tried to guess
” Gabriel, its Gabriel” was good enough to make her st©p seeing me as a thief,who will be so eager to abscond with her money.
* ”oh nice. Am Damilola and it was nice to meet you” Dami was eager to shake me. I stretch forward my arms and enclosed her soft palms. It felt like tou-ching a teddy bear-they were so soft.
After she shook me and turned to get back into her car, that was when I noticed she was very beautiful. Her hair was blonde and probably fixed but it was a perfect suit to her very fair skin.
Her h!ps looked like they had been un-der surgical blades( they were too good to be true). The high-heels that adorned her feet shone brightly in the warm sunlight, ma-king a compliment effect of her perfect match red go-wn.
”whats happening to you Gabriel” I quic-kly questioned myself. ”Let it pas-s. You’re married now, its a by-gone issue” the thoughts were loud in my head and I stood there jaws down and watching as Dami zoomed off with her gray coloured car.
” this cant be happening, no no. Its just infatuation or lvst-yes lvst-for heaven sakes you are married” I admonished myself the more, still trying to dissociate my mind from the worst : Having feelings for another woman.