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When love dies episode 22

When love dies episode 22
*BON Appetité Restaurant.
The waiters dashed to and fro in different directions. The pattern which they moved was spectacular. Their attire resonated brilliance and mastercraft combined with a t©uçh of excellence.
” Bon aprés midi, Monsieurs ” A waiter cut me short in my thoughts. He stood tall in his 6” physique. His teeth adorned his welcome royalè of a smile. In their grandeur and all splendour( the typical French taste)
” Bon aprés midi, çava? ” Tayo replied.
I was not surprised to hear him speak the ton-gue. (He bagged a Bsc in international studies and diplomacy) . He was fluent and just then I admired his style.
Even when he was into sh!pping biz, he was versatile in languages.
ӂava bien, Merci, et toi? The waiter said.
I stared blankly as the duo chanted endlessly in a ton-gue I was not so interested break even a chalk for- Not today ,atleast.
The waiter left. He returned minutes later, with french delicacies.
Words alone cant describe what the aroma did to my g@stric chamber.
I consumed the food like it was my last meal on earth. I savored the thrill.
I went back into time. (literally, it was a mini flashback)
My last encounter with Damilola.
She had begged me to stay, promising me wealth and a comfortable life.
The machines in the room seemed to follow my heart’s pace. I had been resistant and impervious.
The stench of drugs and sickness bullied my nostrils. Kemi and Funmi were alre-ady on the bench, dosing off with sleep.
I looked at Lola ,who was bent on ruining my life.
” Lets just keep our distance” I said ” We tend to loose in the end if we keep seeing each other. Our loved ones would suffer”
Her eyes had this look, that could instill fear and pity at the same time , into a man’s soul.
” Then have two women in your life” She encouraged me. ” I cant stand loosing you”
I pu-ll-ed away my arms from her sick be-d and went backwards. I just couldnt give in to her wishes. It was now all complicated. I wished I had not accepted her initial offer.
” plea-se…. We have to…we have to st©p this madness ” I said, squinting my eyes and stammering.
The room radiated heat all of a sudden. I could feel my P@nts get w€t with sweat. My de-epest fears had come to p@ss.
I hurriedly pushed the door open, and ran like a thief pursued by his own waterloo( nemesis).
Off I went , into the barren night and forgot I c@m£ with a car, only to remember when my legs started to hurt.
” Vouz comfortablès?
” oui…Merci…..” Tayo yanked me out of the thought in my head.
He was thanking the waiter who just left a moment ago.
I had’nt noticed him standing there as he waited to take more orders.
Minutes Later…..
We stood at the entrance of the gl@ss-walled restaurant. Tayo’s car was parked a few centimeters away from mine.
I was about to pu-ll the driver’s door when I saw a familiar figure.
Kate?? I asked myself.
She was alighting from a 2015 model End of discussion Jeep. She was not alone: A man c@m£ down with them- Mimi was there too and I could s-en-se foul play.
I heard a motorbike engine reving from afar. It sped like it was doomed to beat time, and escape enternity.
” Get down… ‘ Tayo shouted as he jumped me with f0rç£.
Bullets rained our direction from the man behind the rider on the bike. He was masked and his Short machine gun vomitted bullets that tore the gl@sses of ” Bon Appetite”, leaving a map in its trail.
They zoomed off in a blink.
I landed head flat on the concrete slab, feeling a cold s-en-sation. My skull was bleeding, so was my che-st( red and bloody.
Tayo’s whole m@ss rested on mine. He was motionless and his white shi-t soa-ked from the right shoulder downwards.
” Gabriel!!!…. No ooo oo!!
A voice called out
The voice was familiar.
Everything bec@m£ blurred. People popped out from their hideout.
I could only see thre-ad- like figures moving in a mirage.
” Are they dead?.”
” He is bleeding…”
” call an ambulance… Call an ambulance”
voices c@m£ and echoed in my ears. No one seemed to come to our aid.
Then I remembered….
” Adetayo?…Tayo? I said, tou-ching him. But no! He was brick silent.
We layed in a pool of blood. I was not sure if it was real. He was unconcious (or maybe dead). He didnt move.
People gathered.
” love? Can you hear me… Stay with me…hold on…. Help is on the… Dont leave me now… Stay …stay” kate cried as she covered the blue skies with her face.
Her face was blurred.
I g@sped for air , staring blankly into oblivion.
” Tayo?? …tayo… Tayo…”
I was more concerned about him than myself. My head bec@m£ heavy. My eyes ached. My eyelids shut. I saw nothing . Just black…pitch Black…..
Everything else bec@m£ nothing, but darkness.

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