When love dies episode 21

When love dies episode 21
* Mind game *
* The heart of man is a battle field. The raging war between good and bad. It never ends**** it never does**
” What will happen to the chicken? David asked.
I gave him a big smile and ru-bbe-d off the blood of the poor fowl on its feathers. I made sure it bled out properly and no blood missed the hole in the ground.
” You see” I began ” I don’t really know but I’m certain it will be in a better place after here”
He grinned and brushed his f!nger ti-ps on the back of the bird’s corpse.
“Daddy? ” He said” Will it go to heaven? I want it to be happy in heaven”
I picked up the shining silver coated knife and we made for the kitchen throu-gh the back door. All the while , I thought of a perfect answer for his question.
” Maybe. Wouldn’t want it to go to hell, now , would we ? I replied, pouring a h0t kettle of water on the chicken which was now in a de-ep bowl.
I was once inquisitive and curious, just like him. My mother would always find hope in any thing possible. Even when it seemed impossible , she saw a bright spark in the dark.
” Daddy. Our teacher said that bad people always go to hell” He said , raising his eyebrows.
” Often times , they do ” I said ” but our friend here isn’t bad . So we are hopeful, it ends up in heaven”
I smiled again and watched as he tried to pu-ll off the feathers, in the steaming water.
I prepared a dish which I knew was Kathy’s favourite. The stew pasta was delicious and alluring. We set the table for lunch and by some chance of coincidence, Kate arrived with my mother and Yvonne.
Everyone sat at the table and we had a really wonderful family time. I missed this.
” Gabriel’ Mother said” plea-se , tell me . When do you plan to give me another grandchild ?
She was serious and sm-irked herl-ips.
” Hah!! Mummy ” Yvonne scolded her ” you are being too harsh on him. At least let them decide if its the right time for that—–”
“It is o! David is almost 7 now, and he nee-ds a sibling” Mother cut in.
I blu-shed unexpectedly. A bone nearly went down my throat. I looked at Kate who was now red all over with blus-hes. It suddenly felt like we were kids. I could feel the tension in the air. I tried to remain calm.
” We are actually on it , mother” Kate replied. Her gaze locked up into mine.
” Another baby means more expenses”. I said, looking shy and cooked up” Besides we nee-d to raise money for mother’s surgery”
” We can manage. A girl will do. Right Love? Kate uttered those words that kept me spinning in the atmosphere.
” Yeah!! ” David exclaimed ” Finally , I’ll have a sister”
” Yes you will, soon. Now eat finish you food first. ” Mother said, pointing to spoonfulls of rice grains on his plate.
We had not planned for another baby, not yet though. I felt uneasy about the idea. And the concept of a baby girl, brou-ght Funmi to mind.
They continued with their chat, while I slowly drifted off in thoughts. Yvonne queried Kate for upd@t£s on her latest beauty ti-ps. Dave br@gged about his prowess in the clas-s room. Mother mesmerised them on how she was the prom queen back in her days.
I watched. Then my phone rang. It was Kemi on the calling end. I dared not pick this call in front of everyone. I excused myself and left throu-gh the back .
” She wants to kill herself , plea-se help me o.” Her voice c@m£ hurriedly.
” who wants to commit suicide? I said ” Why did you call? And why are you crying?
I could hear her snivell. She was crying. Her voice started to sink de-ep in whimpering.
” Gabriel, plea-se I nee-d you here o . Its a matter of life and death o….. plea-se ”
” Why? I asked, confused.
” Dami tried to kill herself this morning….. I rushed her to the hospital and she has not been revived yet o. plea-se help me, I’m confused o. ” She said.
A truckload of shivers swam upstream my nerves. Why would Dami have suicidal tendencies? And why did Kemi call me? Doesn’t she have other relatives?.
I stole back into the house . They were still on with their discussions. I gr@bb£d my car keys. And made for the door like a sheep to the slaughter.
“where to ? ” Mom asked.
I st©pped abruptly at the door.
” I have to take care of something.” I said.
” The something has no name? Mother continued.
” I’ll be back soon ” I said, and dashed out to the streets.
Why take painkillers to overdose ?. She had really lost her mind.
The traffic was meandering and cars honked left and right.
I finally got there and went straight to the reception. The nurse had a babyish look and from her facial features I as-sumed she was one of those newly certified graduates from nursing school. Probably un-dergoing internsh!p.
” Damilola , Akehinde. plea-se? I enquired.
” Take a turn left, down the hallway. The third door by your……”
She was halfway when Kemi popped out from God knows where.
” This way…Thank God you are here.” She said dragging me along.
I thanked the nurse and followed the frantic human being in form of Kemi. She pushed the door open and the sight of Lola woke feelings in me, that I thought were alre-ady dead.
” Daddy!!!!” Funmi exclaimed with joy and hvgged me ti-ghtly, like her life depended on it.
“How are you doing, princess? ” .
“Fine daddy. plea-se make mummy wake up.” Her eyes were heavy. She had been weeping bitterly.
I had a soft sp©t for her . No doubt I c@m£ running as fast as I could. If not for Oluwafunmi, I wouldn’t blink twice to kill Dami myself.
The doctors c@m£ later and it was almost evening. I had to leave and this time for good. Then , a voice in me kept on saying: don’t leave the poor girl all by herself. Have pity on her. She is still a child.
I k!$$£d Funmi on the head. She was now sound asleep in my arms. I pas-sed her to Kemi on the opposite chair.
“I’ll be on my way now. Call me when She wakes up.
Kemi nodded in approval.
” Gabriel…?.” Dami called out in a weak tone.
” Gabe.. is that you? She continued” I’m sorry… I really am”.
I turned and took her arms , folded them in mine. I wanted to stab her with a syringe. Yet, I couldn’t help it but have pity on her.
She blinked. Herl-ips were now pale and dry. I could tell that she had really drugged herself to insanity.
” Why did you do it? You could have killed yourself.” I said” And your daughter will grow up not only without a father but also a mother”
” Tell her o. She is stubborn” Kemi blurtted out from behind.
” Gabriel..Gabby..” Lola stammered as she squee-zed my palms firmly.
” Shhhh..don’t talk too much. You nee-d to rest” I said and put my index f!nger on herl-ips.
” I will be on my way now. plea-se get well soon. For your daughter sake. She nee-ds you.”
I tried to move but again, Lola’s palms hindered me. She drew me back and looked de-ep into my eyes.
” plea-se don’t leave me . Don’t leave again. plea-se , I nee-d you. We nee-d you. ”
” Dami—-”
She cut me short ” I know. You are married. It doesn’t matter to me. I won’t f0rç£ you to work for me anymore. Just stay… I love you …Gabriel”.
She paused . maybe she saw the shock in my eyes.
” Yes I do.. ” She continued ” I’ ve loved you from the first day we met. plea-se stay. Don’t ever leave me. I might die if you do”
I was stoned into silence. I tried to refrain from emotions as they surged de-ep into my blood. I could see them again , in her eyes. Just like the night I nearly sle-pt with her. The fire burned and this time she wasnt drun!k, she was sober. She was in control and that alone scared me the more.