When love dies episode 2

When love dies episode 2
In ess£nce of being the best husband and father, I made efforts to recieve bank loans and used our home as collateral-it was’nt much but enough to get me 500 grand- then it was time to actively make use my talents. I put up posters of employment. Yes I bec@m£ the boss practically. Day and night , we worked tirelessly at the little workshop near the house…. Some days when I sleep off while working late, Kate is always there to make sure the ball was kept rolling, she was my lineline throu-gh out the turbulent waves.
The craft sto-re was getting bigger, the payout increa-sed. Sh!pments doubled and income bec@m£ stable, my few employees were able to the task. The ride was long, but in a while we could afford to buy a truck car. Kate is one dynamic person and she could adjust to any situation without stress. This made her take up the wheel as our new driver.
For months things were working fine and everyone seemed happy than ever. Just as I thought life was becoming easier so c@m£ the bitter realization that changed my life for good.
We took another batch of consignment to the seaport just to supply as usual, but this time I was alone and I got a shock revalation that got me thinking for days..
” Whats happening Tayo? A question that c@m£ simultaneously from my mind and mouth, because I was still confused why the Police was shutting down the vicinity. The Seaport was put un-der total lock and key
Everywhere,people crowde,d either trying to complain or convince their clearance officers to do something and save their containers.
”Gabz I’m sorry. They found some cocaine stocked up in one our containers. According to report I gathered, they put it in the wooden toy horses you made…”
Tayo was not done with his speech when I cut in
” what? Tayo you are joking right? I mean; how come? Who put drugs in my crafts?
This is insane.”
Tayo knew the pain I was going throu-gh at the moment and he knew exactly the right words to say ”bro calm down, its not the end of the world. Remember I put you in this mess, dont worry we’ll figure out something. Just relax” Those words didnt hold enough water in them but I could atleast take sympathy in his words. How am I going to get the installments to settle my bank loans- like hell, it was a monthly issue- and to make things worse I didnt save enough.
Crying wouldnt help matters, at most a Man of my age (I was still 30 ) should not be easily defeated by trials.
It took some time before I snapped out of my de-ep thoughts ” so what do we do now? ” my mind was not yet made up but the mouth took a turn after the shock.
”I’ll figure out something. Just hang in there. Gabz dont worry.” Tayo concluded.
I tried to open the driver’s seat-door but my mind and b©dy were not in sync, a chord had been detached from my medulla, and the b©dy was ma-king and taking actions on its own. The road home was now shorter because I wanted nothing more than to get home and sleep- I was devastated -to be frank.
“All will be fine, love. Dont worry. We will survive” Kate tried to calm me down after I narated my ordeal to her immediately I got home.
” Remember, we’re in this together Gabriel, I will stand by you.” she continued.
I looked at her and couldnt un-derstand why this Ibo woman had no love for money. It was incredible and yet fascinating. All my life I was made to believe the Ibo women had nothing but crush for wealth-they cant keep a blind eye to money.
My mom c@m£ by the house and she was there all throu-gh,listening to our conversation. We sat at the dinning table. Mama was still young and her beauty shone with a radiance of unspoken magnitude. Even her words made it worthwhile to appreciate her as a mother.
”Gabriel my son, dont worry. You nee-d to focus more on your wife and child. Now is not the time to sulk in your mishaps, rather look to the brighter side of life” Mom nailed her point with a revolting s-en-se that demanded self-applause.
So blessed by God for giving me two lovely women in my life. I was thankful and showed it in a genuine way.
I thanked the both of them.
Meanwhile, we were had dinner and it was getting late.
The night was cold and Katherine knew exactly what to do. She stro-ke my che-st with her left arm in a gentle soothing manner. ”Come here to mama” she said.
My mind was re-ady, I obeyed like a sheep to the slaughter. Rolling over I found myself un-der her unclad b©dy-d–n my wife is a h0ttie-
She rocked me steadily while m0@n ing. Her V.G was ma-king a palatable covering on my joystick. She was simply amazing.’