When love dies episode 18

When love dies episode 18
*The truth is scary*
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In the aftermath of our arguement , I did everything possible to save my marriage for the sake of David.
He was little , innocent and unaware of the possibilities of his parents spliting up. The shock would be unbearable for a boy of his age.
Gabe, tried to pacify me after ma-king me look like a fool for weeks. I wished for the earth to open and swallow him up.
A voice in me kept on saying “You just can’t do without him, you might die without him…Save him the trouble and accept his apologies alre-ady”
This night was just like its predecessors. I pretended to be asleep when he crept in ,again, like a thief. He hadn’t knew but, I always stayed awake and watched with an eye peeping, while he moved around in the room, before coming to be-d.
Gabriel denied me marital bliss and satisfaction. Not that I cared about the S-x, but I had a bad feeling he was getting it somewhere else.
You know a man can ha-rd ly live without S-xual relationsh!ps.
I just wanted to be sure he wasn’t celibate all of a sudden.
He c@m£ un-der the sheets. A de-ep skirmish affair went all throu-gh my mind and b©dy. A tussle for power and freedom to un-dertake what I had cooked up.
Fortunately , he wra-pped me from behind like a woolen coverlet. His breath was a fresh vanilla flavours and pierced throu-gh my ninety-nine percent broken heart.
I turned forty-five degree radius , facing him . There he was, my once loving and kind hearted Gabriel. I hated the man he had become.
” what happened to you ? ” I thought , wishing I said it out, but it was all in my head ” Were did you bu-mp into ? Gabriel , where is the original you- The man I fell in love with?, Why do I still love you even when you are such a j£rk?
I felt the urge pas-s down throu-gh me. It was hilarious, wanting him de-ep inside me and still hating his sudden change of attitude. I cared less about the latter.
I k!$$£d him on thel-ip. He didn’t move a bone. His eyes did not even blink a light of surprise.
I pu-ll-ed my hair behind , which stood in between me and my goal. His unclad che-st made me breathe nervously.
Those white glas-sy eyes, I wanted to see them. Even just a blink , but Mr. Man was far from eager to shake a f!nger.
I sighed bitterly. Stimulating myself with my f!ngers, I went for his lower abd0m£n with my right hand.
His arms c@m£ like lightening , sl@pping mine off. He was anticipating such attempt. What a kill joy!
” Kate…. I’m…. tired Ok. plea-se …let me sleep” He said calculatively, still closing his eyes and facing me.
” Tired ….of me or slee-ping here on this be-d ? I asked very confused and angry.
I pushed him away and pu-ll-ed up my night trou-sers, which I took off initially just to entice him . Those didn’t work either.
“I’ m tired from work ” He said and continued ” Let’s just sleep beside each other. I’m really tired”
” Sleep alone then” I said taking my pillow ” I’m not your sister . Neither am I a l£sb!anto just sleep “beside” you. Mtchewww! Goodnight!
Picking up my mobile , with the stuffy pillow firmly held at bosom angle , I made for the door.
” Good night ……, Funmi..” He replied turning on the be-d sheets.
At first I thought he was sleep talking or maybe dreaming. ” Who the hell ….was Funmi? ” I thought out loudly and paused, while my arms on the door handle loos£n its grip.
I sl@pped him so ha-rd on the left cheek that I could feel the pain on my palms.
” Has it gotten to that stage? ” I said “Eh? Wake up . Gabriel, don’t pl@y“slee-ping” with me. It has reached the point of you forgeting my own name. Who the hell is Funmi?
He stared blankly at me . His thoughts must have probably ran wild! His eyes betrayed his actions as I waited for him to reply.
“Ohhhhh!! What is it again nah? He yelled out softly .
” Why did you sl@p me? He said “Who is Funmi? OK she is…she is…. the daughter of one of Tayo’s cousin..like I told you before, I’m tired . It was just a sl!pof ton-gue.”
He hissed and went back un-der the sheets. I wanted to bounce a JP tank on him, or perhaps pour him a resovoir- full of water to make him talk.. Or perhaps maybe he was saying the truth. He had Better be , only God will save him if I found out that he had been lying to me.
The reports I had been waiting so patiently for finally arrived.
The investigator ,after weeks of trial and error methods got me a tangible lead on the subject. The anticipation killed me emotionally as I feared the worst.
Kemi sat on the couch and crossed her legs like a queen and spoilt br@t she was. No wonder she was named Oluwakemi. Her f!ngerswent probably numb, while she replied messages and pushed notifications on her Infinix S mobile.
Even before Mark Zukerberg founded Facebook , Kemi kept tabs with all her friends. An extrovert and mathematics wizard. I envied and admired her at the same time.
” Kemi?” I asked ” what will you do, if you helped someone financially ,thinking he or she was a real. Only to find out that he/ she was nothing but a fraud”
I really wanted an answer to that question.
She furrowed an eyebrow. ” What do you mean? She said still busy with her leisure time.
” When you want something, and you give everything just to get it. Then you realise you had been fooled” I said ” you get hurt and broken, and regret your actions in the first instance”
I waited for her reply.
She tossed her phone on the side of the chair, looked at me and said ” Why? What happened. ….Your question … Its all in parables…”
I wanted to say the words, it choked me and every time I tried they just won’t burge out.
” Its …its ….” I began, with a nervous look.
” Its what ? Did one of your Clients side track you?” She said ” Tell me something, …. what is it?
” Kemi … Gabriel is … “I said..
” What did he do ? She said while sitting up properly. To her it was getting interesting.
” I.. uhm..He..uhm…” I said but was cut short by the knock on the door.
” Yes , come in plea-se”
He walked right in, smiling and feeling too confident of himself.
” Speaking of the devil…” Kemi said abruptly.
I didn’t hesitate to air my thoughts and let the words flow.
” Gabriel how is your…” I paused .
” My what? ” He said still confused by Kemi’s words.
” Why did you lie to me in the first place? I asked ” It would have been easier if you had said the truth”
I wanted to be angry but a p@rt of me was calm and civil. His eyes went cycling the entire room, from me down to Kemi and back to me.
” I don’t un-derstand! He blurted out.
” Spare me the nons-en-se Mr. Egedege. p@rt of our agreement was that you must be single. Instead you hid that p@rt from me, a breache of contract punishable as a criminal offence un-der the law.”
He was suddenly dumbfounded. Kemi dropped her jaws down in surprise too. She had no idea what had transpired between me and Gabriel, but she was no fool- Her worst fears had come to pas-s.
Everyone , including myself was in de-ep recession of words, waiting for the the other person to drop a pin on the floor.