When love dies episode 17

When love dies episode 17
A friend once said that being in the bigger picture as a minor character , complicates the plot and extends the story.
I never un-derstood what Charlie Tamuno meant by those parables he always tossed at me; It was all clear now after three decades on earth.
I could have st©pped myself from dreaming and hoping, sacrificing my emotions at the alter of stone cold-heartedness . I would have done this ages ago after countless futile and unsuccessful relationsh!ps.
Nevertheless, character speaks better than physical appearance and as an activist in estate management, my theory was propounded.
Its fascinating how just one recent character caught my fancy eye.
I wished bitterly that our paths had crossed earlier than now, maybe my story would have not been told like this. Now all I could do was be a friend and un-derstand her personality.
*******I was de-ep in thoughts and behind the wheel, doing a sixty- five on a thirty -two highway along Rumuokoro cosmopolitan area. I ba-rely took into mind what was happening around me when all of a sudden.
” Hey watch where you are going! A tricycle driver yelled his lungs out , at me.
” Sorry!! ” I Said feeling a bit guilty as I squee-zed the steering wheel. A smile was obviously occuring on my face.
” Idiot” He continued ” You will die first before you kill me” .
He sighed loudly and looked away.
As I pushed the glas-s door of Yinks Links Agency ,open, I tucked my keys de-ep into my pockets and the bunch went ” thud onto the fabrics of my trou-sers.
The air conditioned environment in the lobby left a s-en-sation of freshness and life on the mind’s eye….It was simply a bullevard of sweet aroma and energy.
“Good morning sir…” ” Good morning sir” , “Sir Andy, Good morning—– The words Flew from every angle of the office work stations, as I walked towards the elevator.
” Morning sir” Becky said adjusting her yellow blouse and her f!ngersfidgetted. It was not unusual to see her do it.
“Morning Becky” I said smilling casually towards her direction ” how are you?
She blu-shed.
“Fine , sir ” She said ” Sir Mr Charlie and other board members have been waiting for you in the conference room”
I st©pped and glanced at the wall clock. “8 : 58 am.
” OK ” I said shaking my head ” I’ ll be there in five minutes”
I made for my office door then st©pped abruptly ” And yes, lest I forget . Becky I want to see the reports of the first and second quarter. Include that with the weekly performance of every dep@rtment”
I paused just to make sure she flowed with me.
” Yes sir” she replied like a military cadet while she took the phone line from its compactment.
” Hello?…Yes, he just arrived.. The CEO said he will be there in five… ” Her words cut short as I closed the door behind me..
” GggggggggRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. The sound was frustrating , but I could use its help, especially on weekdays like this when I had hangovers from the previous night.
I reached for the alarm and silenced the bu-mmer.
My head spinned virtually like I a pu-lley drawn by Usain Bolt in an endurance four hundred metres cross county race.
I tried to remember but it seemed blurred and ambered. Did we do do it?—- did he ?
I checked my br@ and they were in place.
Maybe he feasted down below, I thought as my f!ngersinvestigated my V.j just to make sure she was unscathed by Gabriel.
Getting up from the be-d was a thvg of war and I c@m£ crumbling on my back with just two attempts alone.
I hated the feeling but It was still very nice. That painful feeling when you want to cry but the itch of the wound was irritating and tempting. You can’t help it but m0@n and laugh at the same time.
Richa-rd left a bad influence on me by introducing me to alcohol and booze. I was reluctant but I enjoyed the feeling . It helped me forget that my mother was always downcasted crying her eyes out over nothing.
I would come home every school day off or holidays just to see her at near death experience. She starved and scolded her b©dy in a manner that was alarming and demonically possessed.
Glas-ses and sharp object would litter the entire house from the front door to the little wire fence at the back yard. It sacred the devil out of me.
One Night I nearly stabbe-d her thinking she was a bugler as she paced back and forth in the dark parlour.
We stayed in a two room self con and the nagging landlady was always coming for her fees..I couldnt help it but tried working as a student.
My mom had a bipolar disease and her state was unstable. I tried giving her reasons to keep on living.
” Mom st©p it plea-se” I said horrified by the sight of her ‘ ‘St©p doing this to yourself. Daddy left us , doesn’t mean you will die because your second drun!kard husband(I hated him, with pas-sion) is also useless”
She was drenched in agony and self pity , furrowed an eye brow then tears tricked uncontrollably down her left cheek.
” Dami , people think I’m a good for nothing mistress ” she said ” But am not, I’m just a lady that wants to be loved. Is that too much to ask?
She m0@n ed and cried that I was almost iritated. Why would I despair ?, she was my mom. I hvgged her and helped her stand up from the rug. It was a sight feasting in the room: misplaced objects everywhere. Just like a habitat of a lunatic.
” Ma’am , ma’am Lola” Bisi ban-ged on the door and her voice woke me up from my second doze.
I g@sped a bit for air then I sat up on the be-d.
” Yes Bisi what is it? I clenched my l!pti-ghtely with my f!ngersand squee-zed my face in pain.. ” Hmmmmm.. Come in”
She stood like the statue of liberty without saying a word.
” What is it? I asked now confused
” Ma… Sir… Sir… ”
“Speak up you fool”. I was indeed annoyed.
She j£rked and said” Ma. Sir Gabriel didn’t come today. And Ma, Funmi has been asking me funny questions…” She paused.
” Questions like?
” Is sir Gabriel really her daddy?, If I had seen him before? When she was a little baby? She said.
At first I had no clue which to be worried about: the fact that Gabriel did not come to “work” or that Funmi was too inquisitive ?
” Keep quiet” I shouted at her” Is that why you are fidgeting? Will you go back to your work and st©p being silly” I sighed.
She left the room and I dragged my legs sluggishly to the bathroom with my arms navigating my closed eye.
The morning was different from previous ones. Maybe it was my early morning escapes that made the house seem different this time around.
I promised Dave that I would take him out, later in the day. He was happy and I loved to see him smile even more. Little chdren easily forgive and forget.
Kate kept a cold face and mood towards me. It ached my heart because I thought I was heartless, cold and unsparing but my heart was soft , loving and caring. I still loved this beautiful and wonderful lady.
We went out later as promised , I spent the lot I could just to prove to my wife that things were better now. She never looked towards my angle. Even when I cracked jokes she previously adored.
It was a dull moment for me but I had to do it. Just to make up for my son.
A lady pushed the fast food open. At first , I thought it was just a normal resemblance but it was not.
” Yvonne?? I said surpised. I could sp©t her anytime and anywhere with her pretty black mole above her upperl-ip, a little bit near the division.
” Aunt Yvonne!!!! David exclaimed and rushed to hvg her ti-ghtly.
” Happy birthday ,my sweet David” Yvonne said k!ss!nghim on the forehead ” I’m sorry I couldn’t come yesterday, to the house I mean. My hair styling business consumes my time these days”
” No problem aunt” Dave said” since you re here now come and join our table. Daddy bought me alot of ice cream and chicken stew”
” Oh really?? Awwwn.. Your daddy is so sweet, just as he has always been since we were little” She said.
Kate hvgged Yvonne and it took sometime before they untangled. If she hasn’t been my sister , I would have thought she was a lesbian. I sighed.
“Hi Yvonne” I said
“Hello big brother. ” she was shocked and said” Hmm you look different , what have you been feeding me brother , Kate?
This time she was grinning at Kate who managed to pretend a happy smile.
” Join us Yvonne” Kate said .
I sat down silently and watched Kate and Yvonne chat and jisted like sisters. Kate tried as possible to avoid her sad side from being too obvious.
She was suddenly cold towards everything that concerned me. The thought made me shiver and nanobots of electricity voyaged down my neuro spine.
Maybe I was blinded, but I knew money and Love were vital. I Couldn’t have one and deprive my soul of the other. Never! If it meant selling myself to the devil, so be it, but I won’t st©p loving my wife.
Just like Tayo would say ” The mind forgets, but I tell you Gabriel, the heart doesn’t. Money can buy love but not a peaceful home”