When love dies episode 16

When love dies episode 16
I gently ca-ressed her l@ps, my arms went a bit further upwards into the forbidden arena.
It was entruiging, alluring and mind b!owing, but unfortunately , Dami was alre-ady fast asleep- bad luck and alcohol effects.
In as much I wanted to dive into her, it would be termed r@p£ and far from love ma-king.
*I still have a bit of self respect and dignity , we are not a Menagerie in human form.
I carefully untangled my arms and moved a few paces backwards. Turned and open the door, only to glance back at her for a while, beheld her curves then
shut the door firmly..
I hoped so dearly for the best and still afraid of the worst case scenario- loosing my husband to his work. He was within reach but I couldn’t grasp him even though I tried . The thought was scary enough.
I sat down. The chairs pinched me and I stood up immediately. My heart raced fast and I prayed: Lord bring him home safe tonight. Just let him come back.
” Mum? Is daddy back yet? Dave said as he wiped his face , getting rid of any sleep hangovers.
I must have woke him up with my frantic pacing up and down.
I glanced surreptitiously at the wall clock. The big Joe said” 11: 45 pm.
“No son” I said ” Go to your room and rest OK?.
“I’ ll wait for your father, until he comes back”
I felt hvge amounts of sympathy in my bones, his facial expressions made me quiver with fear.
“I want to wait with you , plea-se”
” No honey, I ‘ll be fine . Don’t worry about me” I said as my arms smoothly brushed his left shoulder ,raising him to his feet.
” Get up….let’s get you to be-d. Its really late”
Dave sighed. Looked at the dinning table and said ” Mummy who is going to eat all these dishes you prepared? Too bad Daddy is not back yet and my appetite is gone”
I paused for some seconds , my eyes bec@m£ heavy, a tear trickled down leaving the white ba-lls glas-sy.
“Mummy, now you are crying” he continued ” Its my birthday and I should be sad, not you”
I felt a t©uçh of ambivalence , laughter c@m£ forth and pain disapperaed.
I chuckled ” Haha..I’m sorry Dave… Mummy is too emotional”
Hisl-ips brightened my cheeks with a t©uçh of love.
“Goodnight Mother..I love you so much”
“Goodnight baby, I love you so very much” I said while standing from my squ-atting position.
My mind tried to give answers to the rhetoritical questions in my head. *All of them would be answered tonight. **

The door creeked open I immediately feigned sleeep . I shut my eyelids perfectly without flin-ching .
I could feel his heart beat, it was really him. His breath was fresh. I sniffed his shi-t like a rabbit when he k!$$£d me on the forehead. Clean, no sweat and suspicious.
I opened an eye and saw him scanning the room with a surprise look on his face.
Oops!!! He nearly caught me peeking. I shut my eyes again penultimately before he turned.
“Love, love wake up” Gabriel tapped me on the shoulder.
“Wake up its late. Let’s go to be-d”
I let one eye open like I was indeed arou-sedfrom a de-ep sleep.
“You could have at least called ” I began.
“Let me explain…..”
I cut him short and said” plea-se do just that! Your son was worried sick waiting for you since yesterday. You just c@m£ back this morning at 1am to explain. Explain what exactly?
I said checking the time.
*Calm down now Kate. Take it easy,* my mind was fas-ter than my ton-gue. I wanted to let it all out. The anger overflowed . Oh help me lord.*—–
” Kate listen… ” He began again.
” I’ve tried listening for the past seven years. I have been listening…. I know we nee-d money… Yes.. But what’s the ess£nce of it ,if we can’t be happy?
His eyes betrayed his thoughts and I wanted an apology. *say it goddmit, just fuvking say it…say you ‘re sorry.
Then he unexpectedly shouted” OK fine , I go to work early and come back late.. So what’s the big deal huh? What?
I couldn’t believe my eyes , this was not my husband . This is not the Gabriel I gave my vir-ginity , the man I sacrificed so much for. His eyes were blood sh0t with anger.
” Everything I do, I do for you and our son Dave” He continued ” its not just about me .. Can’t you see I’m tired huh? Cant you see ? I’m sick and tired of this poor life. I’m sick and tired of eating from hand to mouth”
” I grew up without a father, my mother and sister was all I had . I begged for food all my life. Now I’m trying so ha-rd to give us a better life and you call me selfish?. Go on, tell the whole neighbourhood that your husband doesn’t sleep at home because he is working very ha-rd ” He said.
I was stoned with silence but then I got a bigger shock.
” Gabriel what happened to your ring? Where is it? I said trying to refrain from the thought.
He sighed.. ” Its in my bag”
” why would you put your wedding ring there? I said this time a bit calm but de-ep down I boiled with anger.
” Safety measures at work” He said.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Could my husband’s love for me be dead alre-ady? Did he place his work before us- me and my son? What have I done wrong?
He walked out on me and I caught his arm ” plea-se Gabriel, plea-se….. What’s happening to you- to us? Tell me I want to un-derstand” I said with tears in my eyes.
He brushed me off and said” Im being truthful and sincere, your problem is that you are doubting me”
I watched as he ban-ged the door loudly behind him and broke down terribly into tears , crying my eyes out.