When love dies episode 14

When love dies episode 14
I watched as the poor lad scrambled off the floor and fled for his dear life.
How could this be? Why him? He is always there to rescue me from problems? I thought out loudly.
* why? I asked , when the thought transformed to words.
‘Why what? Andy said.
He wore a brown packet shi-t , with a well ironed pitch black trou-sers.
I was impressed by the shiny shoes he wore. They reflected the rays of the sun and I thought I saw them glow- probably a mirage or something.
‘Sorry…. I meant thank you, but why? I said .
‘Why what ? He replied again, and gave me my hang bag which he got back from the thief.
‘Are you in anyway , following me? I said.
‘Obviously not and you’re welcome’ He scoffed.
‘I just happened to be at the right place and time’ He said.
This is the second time he did me a favour, and I hoped dearly that he wouldnt asked for any, in return.
‘ Thank you…for this… I… I really appreciate’ I said ,feeling shy and took my eyes off his direction.
‘No problem Kate’ He said ‘ Now you owe me two cu-ps of coffee’
*Is that all? He must be a comedian indeed.
I grinned and gave a hearty smile thinking of reasons why he wanted to have a coffee d@t£ with me.
”What? Kemi’s voice echoed in my ear drums.
‘, Kemi plea-se help me out here, I’m confused’ I said.
— fondling with my pen on the table, and my other hand held the phone to my ear.
The Sunday morning was blissful. Birds chirped from a distance and I could still hear their melodies. The air smelled fresh.
I used to be a Kirk- a bornafide church goer- but all that changed the day my mother was humiliated by her so called fellow members.
I never wanted to remember the past, but it kept hunting me both in dreams and reality.
‘ I just got an e-mail yesterday’ I said.
‘ what were the contents?
‘Kemi ,it is so horrible..’ I began
‘How do you mean, is it that bad?’ She said.
‘ Kemii!!, my mom was arrested for drug trafficking in New york, and you are asking me if it is that bad? I couldnt believe her.
‘Listen to me Dami, dont get too fused up, we can still do something’
‘What, ? What can we do? I’m confused’. The tears began to roll down my cheeks as I wiped them off gently.
‘So how did you get the get the pictures?
‘Remember I hired a pri-vate investigator to keep watch over her? I said.
‘Yes..yes, I remember. John Foster, right? Kemi said.
‘yea, thats him. The one we met at the convention in New York’ I said.
The tears bec@m£ unbearable. I just had to let it all out.
‘ Kemi why are all these happening to me? ‘ I said ‘ Why me? Just when I thought everything was getting better’
‘ Its not your fault, Lola plea-se st©p blaming yourself’
‘ It is.. ‘ I sobbe-d’ If only I didnt allow Mum to stay back in the states, knowing fully well she was now a drug add!çt’
Kemi sighed. I could feel her breathe de-eply on the other end of the line.
‘ You had to. She requested it, besides the humiliation from St. Jude’s members, left a dent on her personality. Nigeria bec@m£ too unbearable for her. She nee-ded a change in environment’
‘ I cant take it anymore’
‘I cant , I just cant. Before it was Funmi who suffered, now even my mum is in a dee-per mess’ I cried.
‘ It will be fine.’ Kemi said.
‘So where is Mami Funke now? ‘ She asked.
‘She is in the police net , un-dergoing detainment’ I said’ I will try and pu-ll some strings to get her re-leased on bail’
‘ I’m always on your side. Remember’ she said.
‘OK. Thank you Kemi. You are a true friend’
‘ Awwwn! What are friends for? She joked.
‘ok bye’ I hung up the line.
Thoughts flash into my head like thun-der bolts stabbing the very ess£nce of my existence.
‘ Mummy? Are you ok?
Funmi c@m£ into the room and I didnt notice her pres£nce.
‘I’m fine. Mummy is ok ‘ I said.
‘ You’re crying mummy. Did daddy leave us again?
I wiped away my tears and smiled.
‘No baby. Daddy didnt leave us. Mummy just has alot on her mind , it will be fine’
‘OK mummy. I promise you, I wont ever make you cry. I will take care of you, mummy’ Funmi said and cleaned my face with her arms.
Joy overwhelmed me. My cheeks c@m£ alive again . I hvgged my daughter and held her firmly.
‘I love you Funmi’ I said’ You are really God-s£nt. You are mummy’s angel’
‘ I love you too mummy’