When love dies episode 11

When love dies episode 11
Nothing hurts more than taking a decision when those whom you did it for, gets hurt in the end. Its like commiting suicide
when you are subjected to be hanged at the same time.
I went home and could not st©p thinking about my incident with with Dami.
It wore me out gradually and Kate noticed the tension in my voice and behaviour .
I could have chose to hide it, but it was there.
I bec@m£ disgusted with the food on the table. Nothing felt right , nothing seemed in place .
I ba-rely ate the macroni and fresh fish which my wife prepared . Somehow my taste bud was defaulted .
“Love you ba-rely ate anything, something wrong? Kate asked while she fondled her fork on the plate.
I made no attempts to answer , but somehow I was obliged to ” Nothing, my Love. Its just work. I’m stressed out”
“OK then, maybe you should eat a little and go take a good shower. After that I’m sure you will be fine” Kate continued
” Love , but tell me , is there something I should know?
“Uh? What? Its nothing really” I said , feeling guilty that I lied to my wife.
Dave , being a happy fellow like always encouraged me to eat. (Imagine , my own child treating me like a baby, hmm how sweet)
“You better eat. Dad its good for you. Our teacher says “a balanced diet makes the b©dy grow” He said
“Oh I see! So you want daddy to grow bigger than this? I joked about it , with my hands placed few inches above my head.
The laughter on his face was awesome. ” You are funny. That’s not what I meant,You are alre-ady big , tall and handsome. All you nee-d is to eat healthy”
” That’s alright, son eat up. The left over will be put into the fridge for tomorrow” Kate interrupted us.
I c@m£ out of the shower, feeling fresh and energetic as ever. The pillows on the be-d had flowers designs on them- Damilola c@m£ to mind.
Kate is beautiful , but even more when she starts combing her hair in front of the mirror.
I hanged my towel to dry . With only knickers on, went un-der the sheets.
“Gabriel? Tell me something ‘ Kate began.’ What happened today? Why are you so moody?
I felt a shock running down my legs. Then I was f0rç£d to reply “Uhm .. My friend Tayo..’
‘Yes what about him? She asked
“You see, Tayo has a friend who…. Kate what do you know about “DADDY FOR HIRE? I asked her without thinking twice.
Her face gave a surprising look. She dropped the comb, turned and looked at me .
” what? Daddy for hire? What stupid work is that? ” she was surprised indeed ” I know about Nanny for hire, but “dady for hire”?
That’s stupid and absurd”
I swallowed my saliva and it didn’t go down well though. ” Well , you see..’ I began
” Tayo has a friend , whom a lady hired as a daddy for her daughter. According to him, the lady wants him to pretend like a her child’s father.
Just for a year”
‘ That’s crazy. So what’s he going to be doing? Wipe out di-per or babby -sit her child?. I don’t believe you Gabriel’
“Not that , Love. The little girl is six. Besides no man in his right s-en-ses would be a nanny” I said. Feeling de-ep guilt and disgust.
Kate put off her night go-wn cover, remaining her lingerie. What a sight to behold. How S-xy and beautiful she is.
She c@m£ to be-d with me, wra-pped herself un-der my arms with her nose un-der my ampit.
” hmmmmm… Smells like trouble” she said , with the most beautiful smile ever.
I grasped her firmly and looked de-ep into her brown eyes. I was not sure what I felt but I knew one thing : I did all I had to do for her.
” To be honest love, I don’t think its wise . What if he falls in love with the woman? Kate asked
‘what can I say ? I replied.
Kate suddenly noticed something. Pushed me in a serious but funny manner ‘ Hey ! Are you sure its not you? If I find out you have another woman
and you just using this as an excuse…..’
“No love, I’ m not and besides I will never set eyes upon another woman ‘ I said ‘ but only you’
At this point ,the guilt enveloped me. The more I tried to hide it, the more it bec@m£ obvious. I turned to the other side and
I could see throu-gh the reflecting glas-s on our cu-pboard .
My wife raised her arms like she would punch me or something , bit her lower l!pthen said ” You better not , because if you do that.. You will get it from me’
It really made me laugh…
The guy waited for me to say something .
The speakers were a bit loud but I could still hear my heart beat fast.
The club was deem lighted with red rolling bulbs. It seemed like everyone there was red in complexion.
A glas-s of Martini and gr@p£ fruit slice stare back at me, my eyes were down . I can’t look at him, No! How Ami going to say this?
Tayo ‘ s blue jacket complimented his brown chinos trou-sers, he just got a new hair cut.
‘ Bro ? Gabz? …. What is it man? ‘ Tayo asked after being so impatient ‘ Its been ages you put you head down and you are not saying anything’
I raised an eyebrow , ” Bro I’ m confused ‘
“I am all ears ‘ He said , while crossing his arms.
” Tayo , am in de-ep pepper soup”
He gave out a hysterical laughter and coughed before looking at me again.
” how de-ep? Eat all the meat and drink the soup. I am sure you will survive’
You think this is funny? I asked , feeling nerdy and drun!k.
‘ OK am sorry..what is it ?
My back rested upon the leather cushion. I sighed a de-ep relief but still not looking at his face.
‘ Bro , I’m in love with another woman.’ I shook my head in regret.
” That’s impossible. You are not the wom-anizer amongst us.. Maxwel is not , rather I’m the Kingpin in that field. So how come?
He looked really surprised.
‘ Tayo, The worst p@rt is that she doesn’t know and now she even offered me a job’ I paused and took another gulp of matini.
‘ what kinda job?. Go on, I’m listening ‘
” She wants me to pretend I’m her child’s father. Kate doesn’t even know abut this. I lied to her for the first time in my life, that it was your friend
who got the job.” I looked at him for a moment and as-similated the fact that he would un-derstand.
‘ Man this is complicated ‘ he began ‘ So what do you intend to do? Will you take the job?
“Of course I will. I nee-d the money ” I ejected the feeling right away.
” what about the little girl? So you will lie to her too? And Kate ,what happens if she get to know about this eventually?
“Honestly bro, I don’t know’……